Sailor Swordians

By ShadowHawk and Dragonfang33


The time was glorious, it was over a thousand years ago, and it was a better time back then, the time of the Silver Millennium.

A time when each planet within the solar system was beautiful places.

Each one offering its own uniqueness to anyone whom visited them. A royal family, each with a Princess whom had a dual responsibility, ruled all nine of them.

The first responsibility that they had was to be the heirs to each of their worlds and the second was that they were Sailor Scouts, soldiers of love. Despite these dual responsibilities, there was no one to fight. At least not until she came.

That person was Queen Beryl with a being named Queen Metallia and their armies consisting of brainwashed people from the Earth. The people living on Earth had a hidden jealousy of those living upon the moon.

It was because deep within the dark canyons of their hearts they wanted their happiness, their beautiful forms, and most importantly, their immortality. It was this dark desire that Queen Beryl had played on to brainwash enough people on the Earth to join her and to do her bidding.

The times of the Silver Millennium were coming into its twilight and the question among those living on the peaceful worlds throughout the Sol System was if anyone would survive.

It was the night of the masquerade ball inside the palace of the Moon Kingdom. It seemed odd to have such an event with the enemy massing their forces on the Earth ready to attack at any moment.

Yet, the queen was wise when she decided to keep the ball as planned.

She knew that the last thing that she should do is panic the people.

Still, the queen had her concerns about this threat, but she never allowed anyone to see it. Not even her own daughter, Princess Serena.

"Good Evening." The Queen had announced from the top of the luxurious staircase. "Welcome to the Masquerade Ball of the White Kingdom. Please enjoy yourselves."

The Queen came down the steps of the staircase and greeted her guests.

As she came down the staircase, several of the guests remarked about her with great reverence.

These guests were the Princesses from the other worlds; they came to the party with their escorts or to be more accurate, their Guardians.

These guardians were a very small and elite group of soldiers, who had their sacred vows to their duties of each royal family of each planet. Their duties included to teach each Princess in the ways of a Scout or a Soldier. The other was to protect them from any harm in any form.

In the hustle and bustle of the crowd each princess from all the worlds were scattered. First there was Princess Ami who stood at the punch bowl filling up her glass in the best manner that was taught to her.

Behind her was her guardian, Atwight one of the few women who were serving among the Guardians. Despite the fact that it was a formal gathering, Atwight (like the others) was dressed in her armor, made out of the best metal that the world of Mercury could offer. It shined a metallic deep blue silver color in the lights coming down from the chandelier as it contoured her upper body.

Atwight was attractive with her relatively short black hair that came down to her shoulders, normally she would let it all hang out but since it was such a formal event she tied it up into a small ponytail.

She always kept a good eye on the girl she was protecting with a pair of sapphire-like eyes. She was ready to strike at anyone who attacks with the weapon at her side, a two-sided katana with a metal handle that was the same deep blue silver as her armor.

At her other side was a very trusty tool of hers, a small palm computer and upon it was the emblem of the planet Mercury. Though, Atwight was never cold-hearted, she had a warm heart about her especially since she had her skills as a healer. To be more accurate, she was a doctor. So, in other words she had more than one vow, her vow to the guardians and her vow to her patients.

Over at the edge of the dance floor was the Princess Mina and her guardian, Aphrodite. The Princess was gazing out across the dance floor looking for the perfect man to ask to dance with her, but alas there was no such man there. Behind her, the beautiful Aphrodite was helping her in her search for just such a man.

On the other hand she might find one for herself. After all who could resist such beauty she had, her shimmering blonde hair that was wrapped up into a partial bun while the rest shimmered down the side of her slender face, past her eyes that were green like creamy jade.

Her armor was like that of shinning copper, a brownish orange color, but her weapon at her side was a Greek sword. A sword just as equally beautiful as its user, a golden hilt wrapped in leather and diamonds studded into its U-shaped guard.

Dancing out on the floor was the Princess Raye, from Mars dancing with a handsome boy relatively older than she was. She danced to her hearts content while at the edge of the dance floor was her guardian, leaning against the wall in his armor, Dymlos.

He reached up to brush his deep brown hair away from his brown eyes that were set into his broad face. He returned his arm as he crossed them against his deep red metallic armor as he watched Raye from a distance.

He didn't exactly join in the festivities, mostly because he wasn't the greatest at social functions. Dymlos was more of the strong silent type, never having a way with words. Usually if he needed to make his point about something, he used his own type of "aggressive negations", basically diplomacy with his broadsword that was set at his side.

Then there was the Princess Lita who was standing side by side with her guardian, Clemente.

Both he and Lita were very close, almost like brother and sister they were. Even though Lita was rather tomboyish or an Amazon as some call her, Clemente had taught her his ways. He taught her to be strong but also to have compassion for people. They did have similar tastes, such as for the color green.

The Princess with her formal dress in the shades of hunter green and

Clemente had his armor that shinned like a green Christmas ball. Lita did have to restrain herself several times since she was so captivated by Clemente's looks.

He had the most gorgeous set of blue eyes, but they weren't too bright or too dark. Just the right shade of blue that a pair of eyes could have set into his heart- shaped face and his reddish-brown shortly cut hair along with his little scruffy goatee. As with all the other guardians, he had a sword of his own. It was much like that of a Viking warriors' sword with its handle engraved with lightning bolts.

Then there were the Princesses Hotaru and Trista who were sitting on a nearby set of chairs. The two of them seemed so alike that it bordered upon frightening, Hotaru and Trista both having such raven black hair and dark eyes. Some have even said behind their backs that they could very well pass for sisters.

Though their guardians were very different. There was Hotaru's guardian, Atropos who was one of the most reclusive of all the guardians. Even though she was a recluse, she knew the importance of being in a team. But in certain social situations like the one that she was in, she kept to herself, much like the girl that she was asked to guard.

She was also like Hotaru even more so than Trista. Atropos could pass for Hotaru's twin. Her raven black hair coming down the sides of her head and ending at the top of her neck. At her side, was her sword that was just like an Arabian Scimitar but with the dark violet colors like her armor that contoured her shapely upper body, but she had more than just her scimitar. She also had a long staff-like weapon, a tall weapon that slightly towered her with its u-shaped blade crowning its staff.

Then there was the young and handsome guardian for the Princess Trista, Berselius. He stood straight up like a soldier standing ready for inspection before a great general. His loyalties to his order as well as to his duties as a guardian were his life.

For the princess that he was asked to guard, he would lay down his life without question. He guards her with his katana like sword as well as a very special weapon forged on Pluto. It was the Key of Time, a tall silver staff that had pieces of metal coming out of its side towards the bottom just like an enormous key.

Yet, crowning this weapon was a very special part of it, The Garnet Sphere. It was a red orb that was said to see through the mists of time, but all its secrets are only between two people. Berselius and the one that he was asked to train, Princess Trista.

Last of all, there were the last two guardians, Chaltier and Igtenos.

Igtenos was a very levelheaded man, possibly the most reasonable of the guardians. Both he and the Princess Hotaru get along quite well since the two of them think quite a lot alike. The two of them had races of all kinds while she was in training. It didn't matter what kind of race it was, just as long as there was a finish line and both of them were competing. Sometimes Hotaru would win and other times Igtenos would win.

The two of them even had battles of the sword against one another; Igtenos would use his own sword, a very fancifully designed golden hilt rapier. Though this was only one of two swords that Igtenos had. The other was a golden jeweled scimitar, known as the Space Sword or The Sword of Uranus. It was that sword that would be handed to Amara, once she is deemed ready to wield it.

Then there was the guardian for Neptune, Chaltier. One of the most musical of all the guardians, for him he could play just about any instrument that he could get his hands upon. As long as the instrument could produce any kind of pitch or tone, he could play it like a master. He was also a great swimmer as well as boat master.

That's something that could be summed up about Chaltier, a mater of music and water. Even his sword carried that same theme of the water in it. It was a long sword but it was curved back, like a katana but the blade was wide like a scimitar, but the handle was really special. It was contoured so that a person could fit their hand (right or left) into it and the handle was carved in such a way that it looked like a wave rolling onto an ocean shore with all kinds of sea animals carved into that wave of a handle.

Still, like the other Outer Guardians, Chaltier had another weapon. It was rather embarrassing to him sometimes to carry such a weapon around with him all the time. It was a mirror, an old-fashioned hand mirror with gold trim and a green back to it with the symbol of Neptune. This was the Mirror of Neptune, a weapon that would be given to Princess Michelle.

As all the guardians and Princesses were scattered throughout the ballroom, there was one couple that made everybody's eyebrows raise. It was one of the dance couples that were acting as natural as could be.

It was the Princesses Hotaru and Michelle. The two of them were dressed in the finest gowns made with the greatest of materials that their worlds could offer. They danced as if they were in love, but little did the gawking audience realize that they were in love. Though they never had to say that three- word phrase to each other all the time unlike another couple that would soon join in on the dance floor.

Outside upon the balcony, there was the very last Princess of the Sol System. This was the Princess of the Moon Princess Serenity. She stood out there on the balcony looking up and out at the Earth that rose slowly over the dark horizon.

It looked like a ball, tucked away in the darkness as only half of it peeked out at the moon. Beside the Princess, standing diligently was her guardian and the leader of the Guardian Corps, Damakas, who was dressed in Silver Armor that complemented the black cape that he wore over it and the broadsword at his side.

The times were turbulent between the moon and the earth. The tyrannical ruler known as Queen Beryl had begun to sweep across the Earth, poisoning and brainwashing the minds of the people living there.

The evil queen had preyed upon the Earth's jealousy of the beauty and immortality of the people living on the moon. She knew that very jealousy would prove to be a great asset in taking the moon for herself and so people from the Earth were under suspicion. The timing couldn't have been much worse, especially for two star-crossed lovers from these opposing sides.

"You're thinking about him, aren't you?" Damakas asked the princess

"Yes, I am."

"I must leave you now, Princess." Damakas said as he bowed to the girl that he was responsible for.

"I understand, Damakas." The Princess nodded solemnly as her guardian left her side.

Damakas, being the captain of the guards had a small hand in the playing out of the events that would take place between the Princess and her lover.

He knew that the guards of the moon had their prejudices against people from the Earth, and the princess' lover was from the Earth would pose a great deal of heartache for her. So, this was the reason for Damakas leaving her side, to distract his own guards and clear a path for the lover from the Earth. Though Damakas had a good feeling about the princess' lover, especially since he was a prince himself. Just before he left, Serena asked him something that had been bothering her for a long time.

"Do you think Slayer was right about my sister?" Serena asked. Damakas halted in his tracks. Of all the Guardians he was the one who didn't believe the boy he was training would turn traitor.

"I wouldn't know," Damakas replied, "Larxene hasn't been seen for nearly a year. Besides you know I never believed those charges. The others may say that he was no good, a man whose loyalty was to no one but himself. But I never believed that but the evidence against him was overwhelming," he bowed to the princess, and smiled that kindly father smile Serena had come to know so well, "take care your highness." Serena returned Damakas' smile before turning back to the star filled sky.

As the princess continued to stare out at the Earth she had heard the voice of her love. She looked down and found him, Prince Darien. He looked at his love without a smile on his face and it was apparent to the princess that he was troubled. Of course, it was no mystery of what was troubling him, the prince and his family along with his kingdom had been fighting a very long battle against those under Queen Beryl's force.

"Serena," He called up to her

"Darien." The Princess called out to him. "Oh finally you're here."

"I have bad news princess." he said to her.

"You can't come to the ball?" she asked

"If it only were that Serena! Terrible things are happening. An evil power is taking over earth."

"Then you must go." she said with sadness in her voice

"Yes but by the time I get home, it may be too late. No one knows where this Queen Beryl came from and her warriors are amazingly strong, maybe unbeatable. Time for the moon is growing short; the people on Earth are beginning to mobilize against you."

"Darien." The Princess called out to him.

"Hold it right there!" Someone called out.

"Stop him, he could be a spy!" another called out.

The prince looked and found the guards of the palace. They were all battle ready and if the Prince had seen their eyes he would have seen the bloodlust in their eyes. He turned and ran as the guards tried to follow behind.

"Hurry after him!" one of the palace guards called out.

From behind the Princess came her guardian, Damakas.

"They must suspect everyone from Earth." She said to Damakas without looking at him

"I'm sorry, Princess." He bowed, "I tried to hold off my guards as much as I could."

"He'll be back." She said, "I know he will."

During the night, the princess had to make her appearance at the Masked ball. Of course, her mother asked it of her and she obliged the request. Walking down the stairway, she was confronted by a man in a tuxedo and a very odd type of mask.

It was the kind of mask that looked like a very odd set of sunglasses.

Behind that white mask that only covered his eyes, he approached the princess and he asked her to dance.

As this masked man held the princesses' hand, she knew who it was already. In those few precious moments, she shared with her prince, the princess was truly happy. Who would have ever guessed it would have been her last?

"I'm happy you came back." She with a smile on her face

"I couldn't leave without one last dance." he said as they began to dance

"All of this is going to change." He said with concern tone "Queen Beryl is more dangerous then I thought. The whole Universe is in danger."

"Even the Moon?" She asked him

"Especially the Moon." he said with a firm tone "Queen Beryl plans to take over, and to do that she must conquer the Moon. Prepare for the worst. Your mother and your Guardian know that I'm not a spy. They asked me to stay and help defend the Moon Kingdom."

"I can't believe this is happening." she said with concern

They are now at a balcony

"Queen Beryl will destroy everything in her way to get what she wants.

I'll fight as hard as I can, but I might not come back."

He took her hand

"I hope you know how much you mean to me."

"I do." She said staring at him with all her love.

"You're in my heart now and forever." he said to her

"And you'll always be in mine." With that they shared a kiss under the moon; Princess Serena shed a single tear knowing of her fate of her people, her friends, her mother, and most of all Prince Darien.

Outside the gates of the palace, the attack had begun. From the Earth rose gray clouds like ash with the soldiers of the earth coming to the moon riding upon them. Every one of them had blood in their eyes as they drew closer to the gates of the moon. The invading army charged up to the gates and with very little effort the gates to the White Palace were torn down and away, leaving the path clear for the armies of the Earth and the Dark Kingdom to invade.

Inside the palace, the cats Luna and Artemis dashed like the cats they were through the ballroom both of them screaming at the top of their small lungs.

"Alarm! Alarm!" The screamed, "They're invading! The Dark Kingdom and the Earthlings are invading!"

The guardians, who had gotten wind of what the cats had warned, acted immediately. Each of them taking a firm grip on their weapons, but before they left their princesses' side, each of them were given their transformation pens.

Use them only in the most extreme of circumstances, they had instructed to their princesses before charging out of the ballroom and to the front gates. They charged head on against the forces of the Dark Kingdom with quick and deadly force. It seemed for a while that the Guardians were winning against the enemy, but they didn't know about the other events that were taking place back at the palace.

On the palace balcony that looked out over the gates, the Princess

Serenity looked to the atrocities that were taking place at her doorstep. She stood there alone; all of her friends (the princesses from the other worlds) had gone off to the battlefield. Despite the instructions of the guardians, they still went out there. None of them could stand the thought of staying behind while their guardians went and probably get themselves killed in the line of duty. So, using the transformation pens they changed into their Scouts forms and charged to the front gates.

All of them had gone except the Princess Serenity, she knew all too well how important she was to the future of all the Sol System, for she would inherit the Silver Crystal from her mother and all the power, responsibilities, and duties that would go with it.

So, the Princess stood there on the balcony watching all the bloodshed that went on down below.

She couldn't help but turn away and be repulsed by all the bloodshed between the two opposing forces. She buried her delicate face into her hands.

"I know its terrible Princess." A familiar voice said

The Princess looked and found her guardian, Damakas.

"I swore to protect you, Princess." He said, "I know the others can take care of themselves, I'm more concerned about you."

As Damakas shared his sentiments there was a great cackling that broke over them as well as over the screaming and rumbling of the battle at the front gates. The Princess brought her hands to her mouth in fear, while her guardian went for his sword, ready to strike at anything and everything that came within an inch of his Princess.

In front of them appeared the wickedest woman in all of creation, Queen Beryl. She came to the Princess and her Guardian with her staff in hand and her eyes filled with sadistic joy set upon the Princess.

"You are Princess Serena?" She asked, "I shall destroy your pretty face!"

She reached out to kill her target.

Damakas had unsheathed his sword and raised it over his head like a lumberjack ready to chop down the mightiest tree in the forest. He was ready to chop off the right arm of the wicked Queen as she reached for his Princess, but something strange happened. The hand that reached out for the Princess was struck by a rose, yes, a red rose. It came out of nowhere and struck her hand as if it was a dart. Queen Beryl's eyes traced the path of where the rose came from and there she found a man, Prince Darien.

"Beryl!" The Prince said to her with narrow eyes, "If you lay a finger on the Princess, I'll make you pay!"

"Darien?" The Queen was shocked and stunned by what had just happened.

The Prince came to the side of the Princess with the Guardian Damakas standing ready to attack.

"Why do you side with the Moon Queen?" Beryl asked the Prince, "You are the Prince of Earth! If you marry me, you'll become king who will dominate the moon and earth."

"Beryl, you are being used by Metallia's evil energy. Open your eyes!

Cast aside the wickedness!"

Beryl's face twisted as the anger and rage against what had just been said against her rose like a spreading wildfire.

"SILENCE!" She screamed, "I'll kill you as well!"

From behind Queen Beryl rose up a dark cloud, a cloud with a hideous form that seemed almost human like, but at the same time it was demon-like. It had eyes carved into the smoke like a jack-o-lantern that showed a deep crimson color like blood on paper.

Under those eyes was a mouth that looked just like the eyes in its jagged carved appearance, which mouth was smiling in its crooked sadism. That smoke was the evil force known as Metallia, a laugh rose from deep within it that was maniacal and mechanical and the same time as it reached out to take the Prince.

A great wind descended upon them, but it only took the Prince. He flew out over the balcony as the wind shoved him to Metallia. He did not beg for his life, instead he called out only one name.

"Serena!" He called as he drifted away

"DAREAN!" The princess called as she ran out to the balcony, but her guardian, Damakas tried to stop her. With one free hand he grabbed her wrist, but it was no use. Serenity struggled, she struggled so hard against Damakas firm grip that she managed to go free as she fell over the balcony and the wind caught her. She was flying up to meet her prince.

"STAY BACK!" The Prince demanded, "SERENA!"

Yet, the Princess didn't listen; she simply reached out for his hand.

Back on the Balcony, the Guardian Damakas took to his oath and jumped off of the balcony and into the wind that Metallia used. He tried to reach out for his Princess to bring her back. He tried with all that he could to reach for her, but it was of no use, Metallia had done her damage.

From the jagged mouth of Metallia, came a green light, a putrid green like vomit. It rained down upon the Prince and the Princess, but the blast had knocked the guardian Damakas to the ground.

He looked up and saw a site that would come to haunt him for the rest of his existence. He saw the Princess and her Prince floating in Metallia's wind motionless. At first he couldn't bring himself to believe what he was seeing, he wanted to believe that his eyes were being deceived by Metallia or Beryl. That was when the Queen of the Moon had risen up the steps of debris that were once part of her palace.

"SERENA!" She screamed as she saw the motionless Serenity and Darien.

"NO!" Damakas screamed as his sword felt limp in his hand, all the power of this system and he couldn't protect the Princess. He felt his heart break, it was true, his heart broke in two pieces as he saw that girl being tossed around the wind like a rag doll.

Yet, the damage was felt elsewhere on the battlefield. All of the

Scouts and Guardians had seen it from a distance. They saw the damage that had been done. All of them felt their hearts break into pieces, but they weren't going to let this go without a fight. The Scouts concentrated their fire upon the force known as Metallia.

"MERCURY BUBBLE SPRAY!" Mercury called out her attack and on down throughout the Scouts attack went.








All of their attacks had gone onward in a straight beam like a missile being guided every onward to its target.

Yet, it wasn't enough. The black amorphous body of Metallia had absorbed the attacks made by the valiant Scouts in their hour of grief. Yet, all of them sunk into the body of Metallia like rocks into water.

It only amused the vile creature as it again drew in the power of that putrid green attack. It sent out its beam against the Scouts and killed them on contact, while their guardians watched from a distance as their

Princesses, their pupils, and their friends were killed mercilessly.

The grief had taken on its form of rage as the guardians slaughtered both of the Dark Kingdom soldiers and the Earthlings.

They slaughtered them like animals and not caring to even look at their faces as they were killed, it didn't matter anymore. There was no one left to protect.

Back at the ruins of the palace, Damakas and the other guardians limped their way across the debris. They all had fought so gallantly against the forces of the Dark Kingdom, but it still wasn't enough to save the lives of their Princesses.

They came to the place where the fallen Queen Serenity lay. She too, like everyone else who had lost someone in this battle was heartbroken. Her tears had ruined her make up as they ran down her face and rained upon the pieces of rubble. At her feet were the cats Luna and Artemis. Damakas came to them and knelt down beside the Queen.

"I'm sorry, your majesty." He wept, "I couldn't protect her."

"Serenity," The Queen whimpered as she reached to her side and pulled out the Crescent Moon wand with one hand and brought about the Silver Crystal with the other. As she continued to weep silently she placed the Silver Crystal into the crescent of the wand. As the Crystal was placed into the wand it emitted a pink haze like dust through a laser beam.

"Queen Serenity," Luna spoke up to the mourning queen, "If you use the

Silver Crystal, it will cost your life."

"You'll die if you use it." Damakas finished, "There must be another way."

"I'll trade my life for the peace of the Earth and moon." She proclaimed as she rose the wand over her head, "COSMIC MOON POWER!"

From the wand came a pink shine, like a miniature sun, it flooded across the landscape of debris and bloodshed. As its haze engulfed Beryl, Metallia, and her armies all of them began to melt away as if their skins were made of wax and they were being set on fire.

They screamed under the power of the crystal, even the all-powerful

Metallia was screaming in pain because of what was happening. All of them began to melt away into nothingness. Until all that was left was just destruction of what was once a beautiful kingdom.

The Queen had collapsed under the strain of using the powers of the crystal, but the loyal Damakas was there to catch her. He brought her to a set of columns that were lying against each other in a cross-like form. He laid her upon it, but she did not die, she called out to those who were there.

"Luna, Artemis, Damakas." She called softly

"Yes." The three of them said together

"The Silver Crystal is an instrument of peace if used by the forces of

Good. But, if used by the forces of Evil, it can become a dreadful weapon. I was unable to banish Metallia by using the Silver Crystal. But she may revive again." She held the Silver Crystal in her hand that glowed its own brilliance, but she then looked to the wand. "Only someone of this kingdoms bloodline can use the wand. Luna, Artemis. If Metallia should revive again in the future, give this to the Princess Serenity and help protect the peaceful world."

"Yes." Luna and Artemis obeyed

Damakas came close to the Queen's side, "And what of me, your majesty?

What of me and the other guardians, if we are to be reborn in the future, then we must protect them at our best."

The Queen looked to Damakas with tears in her eyes,

"I'm sorry," She wept, "I do not have the strength to do what you ask of me. Once you will be born in the future, all your memories will be lost to you."

"Then, we shall live through the centuries as these." He went to his side and picked up his sword. He held it up to the sky, "Let us live through the ages as our swords."

"Yes." Chaltier second the motion, "We shall be weapons that our

Princesses can use, but they will need more." Chaltier went to his side and pulled out the Mirror of Neptune. "I give this to the Princess of Neptune, this shall be her talisman." He held out the mirror and he watched it glow.

"I shall do the same." Igtenos said as he brought out the Sword of

Uranus and it too glowed

"And mine." Berselius held up the key of time with the Garnet sphere in his hands and it too glowed like the other Talismans.

"And this shall be my gift to Hotaru." Atropos held out her glaive

All four of the Talismans glowed like pieces of light and their forms changed. Each of them shrunk down and down, further and further until each of them were the size of the Silver Crystal. With each gift converted into these crystals, the guardians watched as they floated away to the ones that they were to be a part of.

"Very well," The Queen said, "I shall grant your request. You shall not be reborn on Earth in the future. Instead all of you shall live forever as swords. Each of you will serve your respective princess and protect them."

"Yes." The Guardians said in unison

The Queen then raised her hand to the sky, the very hand that held the Silver Crystal.

It rose softly and slowly into the sky, like a reverse snowflake. She watched, as the crystal grew smaller into the sky, until it finally stopped, and then rained down its brilliant glow.

That was when the full magic of the Silver Crystal had taken place. All those who had fallen upon the battlefield in death were scooped up like scattered toys in a child's room. Their bodies floated upward into the sky where the Earth was and they fell to the Earth in a great stream like paper boats on a river.

"May all of you find happiness," The Queen said with her final breath as her body fell limp and her grip lost the Moon Wand.

As it fell to the ground, the cats Luna and Artemis were encapsulated into little pods like Cat Carrying Cases as they too floated up into the sky with all the others.

Yet, for the guardians, they had a different transformation. Each of them watched as their swords flew out of their sheaths and stood in front of them with their blades pointing to the ground.

Then in a flash of light, the guardians in their human form were no more. All that remained were 9 swords in their sheaths as they flew up to the team of people that were going to the Earth.

And thus our story begins...