Sailor Swordians

Chapter X


Location: Mt. Necar, Kingdom of Vin-Shar, Eborian

Mt. Necar's towering peaks rose toward the skies, its black surface dotted with massive caverns. Legends spoke of a young woman, who ruled over the monstrous Scorpions, Serpents, and Hell Dragons that made their home within the towering peaks of the mountain. Some say she had the ability to traverse dimensions, others that she could turn into one of the massive Scorpions she commanded. Some stories of her origin say she was an exile from the Mid-Verse, who arrived in Necros by accident, still others clam she was at one time a Necromancer, who dared to question the Order's elders and was banished, the only thing that was truly known was the name she called herself: Scorpina.

Necar's surface was coated with the remains of the various legions that had attempted to storm the mountain and bring this Queen under the Empire's control, the shattered remains of Cytoks dotted the sides, their Demonic Technology proving no match against an enemy that seemed to pop out from no where, and then retreat into the darkness. Nightmare's armored fist slammed into the map on the table, as yet another Legion returned from the mountain in shambles. The campaign was beginning to take a toll on the force.

"Seems like you're having incredibly bad luck," Chaos said, taking note of Nightmare's frustration.

"You'll do well to remember your place General Moonheart," Nightmare replied, "This is my campaign, not yours, why the Queen sent you here is beyond me."

"Just because the Queen is your mother," Chaos replied, "doesn't mean you're fit for this command." Nightmare clenched his fist, but had learned to bite his tongue, of all the Generals in the Imperial Army none was more effective in battle then Chaos Moonheart, but like his master he wasn't to be trusted.

"Send the new Air Strykers in," Chaos ordered, with a hint of disgust to his voice, of everything in the army he hated nothing more then Cytoks, especially when they had to participate in battle, "have them target as many caverns as they can, hopefully we can force the Scorpions and Serpents out, and then we'll give them a little surprise."

Location: Scorpina's Palace, Mt. Necar Necros

The woman who sat upon the Scorpion shaped throne had a gaze almost like ice, her black hair was covered by what appeared to be a scorpion like helmet. She was dressed in a single pieced red armored suit with a clawed armored gauntlet extending up her right arm and down her right leg. At the side of her throne was a sword shaped like a scorpion's tail. At one time her name was Acheron, at one time she was training to become a Necromancer, but she had far grander plans, and had abandoned the order. Now she had a new name, and a new purpose, now she was known as: Scorpina.

Scorpina gazed into the bright red orb in front of her, with a smile creeping across her face.

"Stubborn as always," Scorpina said, as she stroked the massive Scorpion that slept beside her throne, with her armored hand she motioned for some one to enter the room. Slowly a figure emerged from the darkness, it was a Sailor Scout, but unlike the ones who served Sailor Moon the shoulders of her uniforms were shaped like massive Scorpions, and a scorpion's tail wrapped itself around her, this was Sailor Scorpia, Scorpina's personal enforcer.

"I assume you know what to do," Scorpina said.

"Indeed my Queen," Scorpia replied, as she made her way from the throne room.

High above the mountain the Gunships slowly approached, below them elements of Chaos's Blood Moon Legion made their way up the mountain side, with Chaos in the lead, flanked by two flag bearers, each clutching the Imperial Insignia, most of Chaos's legion consisted of pure-blood Demons, the Blood Moons were one of the few pure legions left in the Imperial Army, the rest had been integrated with Cytoks, a fact which Chaos was immensely proud of and one of the few ideas of Larxene's he'd supported.

A few feet up the mountain Chaos suddenly motioned for his troops to stop, and gave the signal for the Cytoks to fire. The Air Strykers picked up speed, and one by one they opened fire. Missiles, acid, and raw energy slammed into the mountains side. Some of the attacks found their marks, striking the floor of the cavern entrances, and causing them to cave in.

"Somethings wrong," Chaos said, as he surveyed the devastation, "where are the bodies?" Suddenly a long Scorpion like tail shot through the fog, striking one of the Air Strykers in the tail, severing it completely. The wounded Air Stryker careened toward the ground, but not before colliding with another, taking both to the ground. Suddenly the same tail once again shot through the fog, this time striking one of the Hell Trolls in the front of the column, killing him instantly.

"Stand your ground," Chaos ordered, suddenly he saw the fog parted revealing the attacker.

"Scorpia," Chaos snarled, "I should have known."

"You seem surprised Chaos," Scorpia snarled, she waved her hand, instantly no fewer then twenty Giant Scorpions emerged from the fog bank.

"Mistress Scorpina will reward me handsomely for your head Moonheart," Scorpia said, as a smile crept across her face. Chaos though, could barely look at her, he raised his crescent sword high over his head, and gave the signal to fire. A group of Oni crossbowmen, in the back of the column immediately stepped forward, and formed a firing line. The Oni squeezed off a single burst, sending a stream of arrows toward the Giant Scorpions, however the arrows had little effect against the Scorpions' armored hides. The Scorpions suddenly extended their long tails, which stroked toward the gathered Oni, and one by one the stingers punched through the Oni's armor, injecting them with venom so strong that it began eating them from the inside out, till one by one their bodies began to fall apart.

"Enough," a voice shouted from behind, a dark figure, clad in bright red armor, which was modeled after a Scorpion emerged from the fog. This was General Scorpius, the leader of Scorpina's own army.

"What's a Fido doing here anyway," Scorpius said, at first Chaos didn't want to say anything. But no one called a Werewolf Fido and lived, Chaos drew his crescent shaped sword, and lunged at the masked warrior, who responded by drawing his own blade, the two sabers slammed into each other, sending a shower of sparks across the battlefield.

"Picking a fight isn't why I came," Scorpius said, as he gazed into Chaos's blazing yellow eyes, "My Queen wishes an audience with you." The Werewolf didn't say anything, as he slammed his blade into the ground. He motioned for two members of his legion to follow him, while the rest remained behind.

Location: Scorpina's throne room, a few minutes later

"Patience my pet," Scorpina said, as she stroked the rough hide of one of the Giant Scorpions.

"Queen Scorpina," Scorpius said, as he made his way into the throne room, "May I present General Chaos Moonheart, Leader of the Demon Empire's Blood Moon Legion."

"Please," Scorpina added, "General, in the presence of Royalty it is a great insult to remain hidden behind a mask." That one command was enough to get Chaos's blood boiling. In Werewolf society there was no greater honor then to sport one's battle wounds in public, but for Chaos his wound was also his disgrace.

"No," Chaos said "forgive me Scorpina, but with your permission I would prefer to keep my mask on."

"YOU INSOLENT DOG," Scorpius snarled, as he drew his sword.

"Enough," Scorpina replied, holding her armored hand out, "proceed with your message General Moonheart."

"I'm here on behalf," Chaos could barely bring himself to speak the next phrase, "of her Imperial Highness Larxene, Queen of Necros, and Empress of the Demon Empire. She wants to offer you an alliance." Scorpina couldn't help but laugh, at the thought of an alliance with someone she had very little respect for.

"My only loyalty is to Rita Repulsa," Scorpina replied, "not some wannabe Empress." It was then Chaos reached for a small crystal that he'd kept on his belt. The moment the crystal came into view a small image appeared on top.

"Then it pains me to inform you," The figure said, "that Rita Repulsa was executed years ago." Those seven words struck Scorpina like an arrow though the heart, the last time she'd seen Rita, she'd been turned good by Zordon's energy wave and called herself The Mystic Mother who rules over the Magic World in one of the many alternate dimensions.

"How do you know this," Scorpina inquired, as she stroked one of her Scorpions.

"Because I was the one who killed her," the figure replied, "permit me to introduce myself, I am known as X-1 leader of the Black Cobra Movement." Before X-1 had a chance to finish his statement, Scorpina drew her sword, and looked as though she was about to attack the image.

"Please," X-1 said, completely ignoring Scorpina's act, "let me continue, I wish to offer you an alliance, of sorts."

"You killed my friend," Scorpina replied, "why should I trust you, especially after it was Queen Larxene who sent you're friend here."

"It was Queen Larxene who ordered me to kill Rita," X-1 said, "The Empire is crumbling, instead of being one as Ragnarök the Great intended, Eborian is instead split into three warring kingdoms, and Necros, the very heart of the Empire, is crumbling into lawlessness. All the while our precious Queen leads us into a war that we can't hope to win in our present condition."

"You speak of treason," Scopious replied, "besides we know all about you and your attempt to oust Queen Larxene before, why should we cast our lot with you."

"Simple," X-1 continued, "My only goal is to reunite the Empire, and restore it to its former glory. However my Black Cobras have been decimated by the Imperial Army, and are scattered across the Three Kingdoms, agree to serve me and you shall have your revenge on Larxene, and a prominent place in the New Order, refuse and you'll meet your fates." Scorpina remained silent for a few minutes, as she pondered X-1's offer.

"On one condition," Scorpina said, "I want full control over the Earth my friend tried to conquer."

"Then it is agreed," X-1 replied, before changing the subject, "your first mission will be simple, eliminate Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and their allies."

Location: Saffron Studios Entrance

It was suppose to have been the first live taping of an episode for the popular Sailor V TV Show, a chance for the fans to meet the actress who played Sailor V on television, Saffron. Unfortunately before taping could begin the sound stage was seized by members of the Knights of the Demon's Hand terrorist group, their objective, a dormant Necros Biblical fragment that was just about to activate.

The SRF's response to the studio had been delayed because of bureaucratic red tape caused by the studio being located right in the heart of the Jubban District of Tokyo, however it was clear that the local police were unable to handle the attack, so it was decide to use one of the Metropolitan Police Force's SWAT vans to sneak a single SRF Strike Team in, with Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury providing support.

The two Sailor Scouts stood outside the studio's main gate, having been stopped by one of the security guards that was stationed at the gate. The last time they had seen the guard, he'd been called to the Sailor V set to investigate a report that the Demon's Hand terrorists were about to make their move, and he still hadn't been called back.

"I'm worried," Sailor Moon said, as she clenched Damakas tightly in her hand.

"You're always worried, Serena" Atwight replied, "Always whining your eyes out when things don't go your way, then again that's why I," before Atwight had a chance to finish Damakas cut her off.

"That's enough Atwight," Damakas said, "so far it seems you're the one who hasn't changed a bit old friend." No sooner had Damakas finished his statement, then a jet black police van pulled up in front of the studio, as the rear doors opened, four heavily armed troopers, each dressed in black commando style uniforms, with black flack jackets and helmets. Over their eyes they wore dark brown goggles, and had a black scarf over their faces. Two of the men were armed with an M4 Assault Rifles, a third was armed with a twelve gage shot gun, with the word "Boomstick" carved into the hilt, the fourth carried a Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) rifle. One of the troopers had a small diamond like green crystal embedded in his left hand.

"Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury," one of the troopers said.

"Yes," Sailor Moon replied.

"Major Carter Fox call sign "Hazard," Maj. Fox said, "but you can call me Chip, Commanding Officer Supernatural Response Force Front line Division Team R," he motioned for his heavy weapons specialist, "this is my XO, Corporal Bradely Night, call sign "Bazooka."

"Please call me Brick," Corporal Night added, "everyone else does." Hazard motioned for his tech specialist.

"This is Corporal Nick Williams," Hazard said, "call sign Nitro," he pointed to final trooper, "and this is Lt. Kevin Killagin call sign Kip, our communications officer and demolitions expert." No sooner had Hazard finished the introduction, when the sound of gunfire began echoing across the lot.

"Sounds like that's our queue boys and girls," Killagin said, as he held his shotgun out in front of him, "time to rock and roll."

"Remember Kip," Bazooka added, "our mission is to retrieve the fragment, not reduce it to ruins."

"Sheesh, blow up one fragment and you're labeled for life," Kip replied, sighing.

"You blew up the Palace of Versailles as well as the fragment," Bazooka said, crossing his arms.

"Um guys," Sailor Moon added, "I don't mean to break up the who did what debate, but I do believe we have a job to do."

Location: Sound Stage A, Saffron Studios

An eerie silence had fallen upon the area around Sound Stage A. The group slowly approached the large, brown sound stage. Slowly Sailor Mercury called up her VR Visor and began scanning the stone gray building.

"I'm picking up massive Nega Energy coming from within the building," Mercury said.

"Any ideas on how many Demons we're facing," Hazard asked.

"10 maybe 20 at the most," Mercury replied, "I'm also picking up maybe seven Human signatures, possibly survivors."

"Or maybe Knights," Kip added, it was clear from the look in his eye that he wanted to fight. Almost at once he made his way toward the door.

"Calm down," Hazard said, as he grabbed Kip by the collar of his shirt, "we have no idea what's on the other side, and the last thing we need is for you to shoot up the entire audience of a kiddy show on national TV," he waved Nitro to the front, "standard door breach charge."

"Right chief," Nitro replied, as he removed a circular device from his pack, and placed it on the knob to the entrance. Nitro pressed a series of buttons, and soon the charge detonated, blowing the door knob clear. The commandos entered in a stacked formation, with Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury not far behind.

The room they'd entered was nearly pitch black with the only source of light coming from a flickering set of stage lights near the main set. A vacant set of bleachers was located near the main stage, which was covered with set pieces designed to simulate a town or village, however most of the set pieces were covered with slash marks. In the center of the set they could make out what appeared to be a camera man, dressed in clothing that appeared to have been slashed by a knife. The sounds of chewing could be heard coming from the stage.

"Excuse me," Sailor Moon said, as she slowly approached, but before she could finish her statement, the camera man spun around, and pinned her to the ground with a set of iron claws, the face she saw was enough to send her blood cold, his skin was as red as blood, with traces of his human skin still attached, his eyes had turned death black and his mouth was now filled with razor sharp fangs. With all her might Sailor Moon managed to plunge Damakas under the chin of the Lesser Demon, killing the creature instantly. As the corpse fell to the ground, the commandos suddenly held the weapons up in attack position.

Almost as if on queue, the room suddenly exploded in light, from the catwalk the group could hear the sounds of weapons being made ready to fire, as other Lesser Demons emerged from the shadows. Suddenly the room was filled with the sound of clapping. A man, clad in a bright red robe, with a book in one hand, and a staff toped off with a red crystal in the other.

"Greetings heathens," the man said, as a sinister smile crept over the small part of his face that was visible.

"Who are you," Sailor Mercury shouted, "and what have you done with the people?"

"Foolish heathen," the man replied, "you see them around you, as the Necronomicon says 'only when thou joins with a Heathen can thou walk in the Mid-Verse.' as for who I am, just know that I'm a proud member of the Necromancer Order, and devoted servant to his eminence Ragnarök the Great, as for the heathens you see them around you." A small group of Lesser Demons, numbering about ten, made their way out of the darkness.

"Oh god," Sailor Moon said, "What did you do to them?"

"Nothing," the Necromancer replied, "they've been given the greatest of honors, serving vessels for Ragnarök's chosen people," the part of the Necromancer's face that was visible suddenly turned hard and cold, "annihilate them." The Lesser Demons began approaching the group.

"MERCURY BUBBLES," Sailor Mercury shouted, "BLAST." Once again Sailor Mercury unleashed a stream of bubbles that filled the room with a thick blanket of fog.

"OPEN FIRE," Hazard shouted, almost at once all of the troopers in Hazard's squad began squeezing off bursts from their weapons, at the exact same time the Demon's Hand operatives on the catwalk also opened fire. While Mercury's fog attack prevented the Demons and the terrorists for getting an accurate lock on the Sailor Scouts and their SRF allies, it also prevented them from getting an accurate lock on the Demons until they were right on top of them. The sounds of gunfire echoed through out the sound stage, as the Commandos had to fire not only at the Demons charging at them from the front and from the sides, but also at the Demon's Hand troopers who were returning fire from the catwalks.

Sailor Moon hadn't been paying attention, when a Lesser Demon suddenly jumped her from behind. Sailor Moon struggled to break the Lesser Demon's grasp, but couldn't.

"Sailor Moon," Damakas shouted, "Kill it." At first that was the thought that had crossed Sailor Moon's mind, but then she spotted what the Demon was wearing and it was clear that the Demon had at one time been a child, the thoughts of what she had done to her best friend suddenly came back to her, though it had been an accident Sailor Moon still hadn't forgiven herself for it.

"Sailor Moon," Damakas shouted, trying to get her attention, but to no avail, she was simply too petrified to do anything. Suddenly a single shot rang out, and the Lesser Demon seemed to just freeze, slowly the creature fell over, it's head torn open by a single round from a shot gun, and landed right on top of Sailor Moon, covering her in blood.

"IT BURNS," Sailor Moon shouted, as she tried to get the blood off of her.

"Not surprised," Killigian said, barely able to contain his laughter, "Demonic Blood is acidic."

Mercury kept scanning the room, trying to lock down any trace of the Biblical Fragment. However she was so caught up she failed to notice the Demon's Hand Guardsman eying her from the catwalk, from the corner of his eye, Hazard spotted a small red dot just above her neck, it didn't take him long to realize what it was. With out even saying a word Hazard pushed Mercury out of the way just as the Guardsman squeezed off a single round, which struck Hazard in the shoulder.

"HAZARD," Mercury shouted, as she raced to his side.

"I'm fine," Hazard replied, as he grunted in pain.

"You," Mercury said, with a hint of concern to her voice, as she ripped off a small part of her mini skirt and tied it around the wound, "you risked your life for me?"

"My pop always said no poor sap ever won a war by dying for his country," Hazard replied, smiling, "he won it by being all he can be." With all his remaining strength Hazard raised his rifle, and fired a single shot which tore through the Guardsman's face plate, showering his face with shrapnel, the trooper let out an ear splitting scream as he fell from the cat walk.

"Moon Tiara Magic," Sailor Moon shouted, as she removed her tiara and hurled it at a pair of Lesser Demons that were advancing out of the shadows, the tiara slammed into the necks of the two Lesser Demons, completely severing their heads. Before Sailor Moon had a chance to recover her tiara, another Lesser Demon leapt from the shadows. Sailor Moon managed to duck, just as the creature's claws came within a hair of slicing into her face; she clenched Damakas tightly, and with all her strength plunged the blade deep into the Demon's abdomen. Sailor Moon gazed into the Demon's pitch black eyes, as it slowly succumbed to the wound she inflicted, she then noticed streams of white energy beginning to emerge from the Demon's body, slowly the white energy began heading toward a small spot in the wall.

The fog Mercury had created with her bubbles was beginning to thin, allowing the Guardsmen on the catwalk to get a better view of the group, Kip and Nitro were providing covering fire while Mercury and Bazooka pulled Hazard clear, suddenly out of the corner of her eye Mercury spotted Moon heading toward the far wall of the building.

"What is she doing," Atwight asked, however when Atwight spoke, her words were over heard by a Guardsman standing above Sailor Mercury. No sooner had Atwight finished her statement, all of the Guardsmen turned their attention toward Sailor Moon.

Bullets were striking the wall all around her, as Sailor Moon used Damakis' blade to pry a small piece of paper from the wall. On the surface the paper seemed like any other old manuscript, faded and in extremely poor condition; however it was the blood red rune in the center that identified it as a fragment of the Necros Biblical.

"STOP THAT GIRL," the Necromancer shouted, but before anyone had a chance to fire, the sounds of helicopters approaching in the distance caught the Necromancer's attention.

"Retreat," the dark Wizard snarled, as he faded away. The surviving Demon's Hand Guardsmen attempted to make their way toward the nearest exit, however before they had a chance to flee, the emergency exit blew in, and more SRF troopers stormed in, one by one the Guardsmen threw down their weapons and raised their hands.

Location: Outside of the Soundstage, a few minutes later

The three surviving Guardsmen were being loaded into one of the SRF trucks, as the other SRF Teams began sweeping the studio. The Operation's Officer had told Sailor Moon and her companions that the SRF could handle things from there. For the next few minutes Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and the commandos who had fought with them had a chance to catch their breaths.

"Man," Sailor Moon said, breaking the silence that had fallen across the, "I could really go for some burgers and fries at the arcade, so who's with me." One by one the troopers raised their hands.

"You know what I wanna eat," Nitro said, with a smile creeping across his face.

"What?" Sailor Moon inquired

"I'll take a couple of nice, greasy pig's feet, some pickled monkey brains and one of them big elephant eyeballs. Raw. So they pop when you bite into them, so that tasty fluids just drip onto your tongue," Nitro replied. Sailor Moon though was doing all she could to keep from losing her own lunch.

"Yeah," Bazooka added, "and some Insect covered pizza, and not dead insects mind you, live ones, I love the feel when as they go down your throat." That was the final straw, Sailor Moon couldn't keep her lunch down any longer, she puked her guts out right there and then.

"Yeah," Kip added, as he fingered with his hand gun, "and Earthworm Surprise, tasty Earthworms, covered with decay, yummy." Sailor Moon once again puked her guts out, as the troopers broke out laughing.

"Rookies," Nitro added, "they always fall for that trick."

Location: Shopping Center, the next day

The young girl emerged from the store, flanked by a crowd of cheering fans. The girl herself had long brown hair, in which she wore a bright red bow. Her clothing was a simple miniskirt and brown business suit, to the crowd though the girl was Saffron, star of the Adventures of Sailor V. TV Show.

"There," Saffron said, with a smile, as she handed a small note pad back to one of the children in the crowd, "my autograph."

Jedite cracked a smile as he watched Saffron head toward her limousine; slowly a new plan began to form in his mind.

"I can use this girl," Jedite thought to himself, suddenly a stream of blue liquid appeared behind him, "you know what to do Derella."

"Yes Master Jedite," Derella replied, bowing, slowly she faded away.

Location: Saffron's apartment, that night

Saffron had just finished her shower, when she heard a knock at her door.

"Hang on," Saffron said, as she finished toweling herself off, once again she heard the same knock, only this time it was far louder, and far more forceful then before.

"I said I'm coming," Saffron replied, as she stormed toward the door, no sooner had she opened the door then Derella unleashed a stream of blue slime that seemed to envelope Saffron's body.

"Saffron you are mine," Derella said, as she forced Saffron to the floor. Saffron screamed for help as loudly as she could but for some reason her screams fell on deaf ears. Derella clawed hand reached toward Saffron, the only thought that was going through Saffron's mind was that she was about to die. Derella's hand was only a few centimeters from touching Saffron's face when suddenly it stopped. Saffron looked at Derella's face, it seemed as though it was locked in a state of pain, emerging from her neck, was what could only be described as a Scorpion's tail. Slowly Derella began to break apart, as the acidic Scorpion venom began eating away at her flesh, reducing her to nothing more then a smoldering pile of broken blue glass. Standing behind Derella was a young woman, dressed in a red leotard and bright gold armor, and a scorpion like tail emerging from her back. The armor she wore covered mostly her left side, leaving her right side looking fairly human. On her head was a scorpion-designed helmet, which matched the designs of her armor scales. The scales were visually attached by what looked like leather straps, making her seem more human than the insect that she was. The sheath across her back was empty, since her sword was transformed into the over sized boomerang that she held in her hand.

Saffron looked on in horror as the Scorpion tail that had killed Derella retreated into her back, slowly Scorpina made her way toward the frightened actress.

"So pretty," Scorpina said, as she ran her clawed glove across Saffron's face.

"What do you want," Saffron asked, as she tried to break free of Derella's cocoon.

"Simple," Scorpina said, as she held her blade under Saffron's neck, "I have a mission that requires your talents, the choice I'm presenting before you is you can either help me, or I can kill you right here, right now." Saffron wanted to scream, hoping someone would hear her.

"What's your answer," Scorpina said, as she pressed her sword even harder into Saffron's neck.

"Anything," Saffron replied, with tears forming in her eyes, "please just let me go." Scorpina simply smiled as she cut Saffron lose.

Location: Outside of Fairview Park, a few hours later

Slayer gazed out over the lake, his mind was lost in thought. It was then he felt a familiar presence approaching him from behind.

"What do you want," Slayer asked, "and if you're here to nag me about your training schedule, it's not going to work Serena."

"Do you always have to be Mr. Minus-Zero in the personality field Slayer," Serena asked, as she threw a small poster on his lap. Slayer unrolled the small tube and read the announcement.

"Saffron's Star Search Contest," Slayer said, groaning, "let me guess you want to take part in it?"

"You hit the nail on the head," Serena replied, "All I need is a partner," Slayer cut her off before she had a chance to finish her request.

"NO NO A THOUSAND TIMES NO," Slayer said, "why don't you ask Amy?"

"I did," Serena replied, "but she's more interested in studying for a math test."

"Shouldn't you be doing that as well," Slayer said

"It's not till tomorrow afternoon," Serena replied, laughing, "so it's no big deal. So how about it, fame, fortune," before she had a chance to finish, Slayer once again cut her off.

"I said no," Slayer shouted, "besides who ever you do get to be your partner, I just hope their life insurance is paid up." Serena silently counted to ten in order to keep from putting her fist through Slayer's face.

"YOU TAKE THAT BACK," Serena shouted, but by then Slayer was already making his way out of the park.

Location: Downtown, a half hour later

Slayer couldn't believe his ears, the only thing the people were talking about was the Talent Contest, a few of the people Slayer walked past seemed to border on a fist fight. As usual Slayer ignored most of the near fights, they weren't his concern, however what drew his attention was the massive crowd gathered outside the local shopping center. Slayer made his way toward the front of the crowd, to see what was going on. Once near the front Slayer spotted Saffron, standing on a large stage, with a large neon sign behind her, spelling out: SAFFRON'S STAR SEARCH CONTEST. A young woman with raven black hair, and dressed in a blue mini skirt and business suit a large black aviator style glasses, was standing below the stage, and shouting to the crowd.

"Come one come all, and you too can be a superstar like Saffron," the woman shouted.

"That's right, in the Saffron Star Search Contest, it will be you who is the star," Saffron added, "all you have to do is sign up, but remember to sign up in pairs." Slayer couldn't help but laugh a little as he watched a good portion of the crowd head toward a small table located just in front of the stage, but it was the appearance of a young man dressed in a light brown business suit that suddenly drew Slayer's attention away from the stage.

"Hay," the man shouted, gaining the woman's attention, "who are you and what are you doing with my client."

"My name is Viola Sasori," the woman replied, "and I'm Saffron's manager and agent." the man couldn't believe what he just heard.

"That's impossible," the man said, as he removed his glasses, "I'm Saffron's manager."

"Didn't you get the memo," Viola replied, laughing, "Saffron replaced you this morning." the man didn't know how to reply.

"So," Viola continued, "get lost before I call security." The man noticed that many in the crowd were starting to look at him, including a few members of the security detail.

"You'll regret this," the man said, as he pushed his way through the crowd. While most in the crowd turned their attention back to Saffron, Slayer began to follow the man.

Jedite ducked into a near by building and made his way to the roof as fast as he could.

Once he'd reached the roof, Jedite quickly shed his disguise.

"Something's wrong," Jedite said to himself, as he watched the crowd begin to disperse.

"KNIGHTS OF THE HOLY ORDER," Slayer shouted, as he made his way out of the stairwell, "FREEZE." Jedite didn't say anything as he turned to face Slayer.

"Well, well," Jedite said, breaking the silence, "if it isn't Sailor Moon's attack dog." Jedite slowly turned to face Slayer.

"I said freeze," Slayer said, as he drew All's End. Jedite couldn't help but laugh.

"What makes you think you can stop me," Jedite inquired. Slayer didn't say anything as he lunged at Jedite.

"Young fool," Jedite replied, as he discharged a burst of black energy at Slayer. Before Slayer had a chance to dodge Jedite's attack, the energy slammed into his chest, blasting him clear across the roof. Slayer got back on his feet, and prepared to launch another assault on the Dark General, but before he had a chance to do so, Jedite faded back to the Negaverse. The only sound Slayer heard after the Negaverse warrior had vanished was his laughter.

"Next time," Slayer said, to himself, as he made his way back to the stairway.

Location: Near the Shan Shan Plaza, the next day

Serena and Luna made their way down the street toward the seven story office building. Usually Serena and Luna spent most of their time outside of the house talking about the war with the Negaverse, however this time Serena had different plans in mind.

"Come on Luna," Serena said, with tears forming in her eyes.

"The answer is still no Serena," Luna replied, "besides you should get your mind back on what is important, which is fighting the Negaverse."

"But we could be famous," Serena continued, "besides if you can talk then I'm sure you can dance and sing Luna."

"I'm sorry the answer is still no," Luna replied, that answer was all that was needed to push Serena into one of her tantrums.

"WHO NEEDS YOU ANYWAY," Serena whined, as she bolted down the street. Her eyes were so full of tears that she didn't notice Slayer making his way down the street, and plowed right into him.

"That stupid Luna," Serena whined, not even noticing that she was sitting on Slayer, "I hate her. Stupid Amy, favoring studying over fame and fortune, I hate her. Stupid Damakas I hate him."

"Yeah well I hate everyone," Slayer replied, finally getting her attention, "and you're sitting on my keys."

"Slayer," Serena said, as she helped her friend up, "what are you doing here?"

"I'm checking out the talent contest," Slayer replied, Serena's eyes suddenly lit up, maybe there was still a chance she could be in the show, and become the superstar she'd been dreaming of.

"You mean you've changed your mind," Serena said, "if you still need a partner I'm all up for a duet."

"For the record I wouldn't sing with you even if you were the last person on the planet," Slayer replied, "and by the way I ran into an old friend at the promotion for this thing."

"Oh really," Serena replied, crossing her arms, "and who would she be."

"I'm talking about Jedite you blockhead," Slayer snarled, "now get Amy on the communicator, I think we've got work to do."

Location: Saffron's Dressing Room Shan Shan Plaza, an hour later

Saffron gazed at the reflection in mirror, remembering full well what had transpired the previous night.

"Looking good," a familiar voice said, Saffron didn't say anything as she finished applying her makeup.

"What do you want," Saffron replied, as Viola entered the room.

"Just checking to make sure you're getting ready," Viola said, smiling. Saffron couldn't bring herself to form a reply.

"What's wrong," Viola inquired, as she ran her fingers through Saffron's hair.

"Nothing," Saffron replied, trying to ignore her, a sinister smile began creeping across Viola's face.

"Don't worry," Viola continued, "you've outlived your usefulness to me," a large Scorpion like tail emerged from beneath her clothes, Saffron didn't feel a thing, as she plunged the stinger at the end of her tail into Saffron's neck. Slowly the venom from Viola's tail begins to eat away at Saffron's body, causing her to melt and boil from the inside out.

"Easy," Viola said, as she took Saffron's melting hand in her own, "It'll all be over soon." Saffron tried to say something, but by now the acidic venom had dissolved her voice box. In the space of a few minutes the superstar was reduced to nothing more then a pile of blood and fluid soaked clothing.

"Poor girl," Viola said, as her tail retracted, "it's a shame you had to out live your usefulness." With a sinister smile to her face Viola made her way to the stage.

The stage of Shan Shan Plaza was filled with the contestants who had signed up for the contest. Most of those who had signed up for the contest were young children, but others were teenagers or adults with dreams of achieving fame and fortune. The costume varied from regular street clothes, to clown suits and ball gowns.

"Okay people listen up," Viola said, coming out onto the stage, "due to professional commitments Saffron is unable to attend the Star Search today but she would like to wish all of you the best of luck, and that no matter who wins today's contest you are all the biggest of stars in her eyes." At that moment the music began to play and Viola made her way down into the audience.

"Excellent," Viola said, as she watched the performance begin, so far everything was going according to plan, the spell the Necromancers had put on the songs was working perfectly, the performers were completely hypnotized. At that moment a large black figure appeared behind her. The figure was a large Hell Knight, clad in bright green armor, with a snake like insignia carved into his armor. His helmet was shaped like a snake's head, two small, snake like fangs emerged from his mouth.

"You know what to do Lord Viper," Viola said,

"This plan of yours had better work," Viper replied, as he motioned for the Necromancer, hiding in the rafters. The Necromancer began focusing his energy into the crystal on his staff, which discharged a stream of raw energy at the stage, which opened up a massive portal behind the performers, streams of white energy began pouring from the portal, one by one they entered the bodies of the performers.

From their vantage point near the entrance of the theater Slayer and the Sailor Scouts watched, as the performers began pealing their skin off, revealing the Demon or Cytok that was beneath them.

"What are those things," Sailor Moon said, as she watched one of the white blobs enter the body of the last performer.

"Demons," Slayer replied

"What," Sailor Mercury asked, "how can those blobs be Demons?"

"Demons can't maintain their physical bodies in the Mid-Verse," Slayer replied, "they require a host, and once a host is possessed by a Demon the only way to remove the Demon is to kill the host."

"That's awful," Sailor Moon said, barely able to believe what she'd just heard, "I mean some of them are children."

"Maybe you should have thought of that before you made us run home for your sword," Slayer replied, before turning his attention back to the stage, "at least we still have the element of surprise on our side, get ready to move on my signal."

"Excellent," Viola said, as she shed her disguise, "we have the bate and all we need now is," as if on queue the lights to the theater suddenly failed.

"The curtain is closed on this den of evil," Sailor Moon said. Scorpina remained silent, as one of the spot lights suddenly came on, revealing Sailor Moon standing on the stage.

"In the name of the Moon," Sailor Moon said, as she drew Damakas. At that moment, Sailor Mercury emerged from behind Sailor Moon, clutching Atwight.

"In the name of the planet Mercury," Sailor Mercury added, and then they said in unison,

"WE SHALL PUNISH YOU." Scorpina couldn't help but laugh.

"I figured out who you two were the moment I saw you," Scorpina said, at that moment she felt another blade appear under her neck.

"Didn't expect that now did you," Slayer said, as he held All's End tightly under Scorpina's neck.

"True I'm not psychic," Scorpina replied, "Seize them." At that exact moment the Demons grabbed the two Sailor Scouts. Before Slayer had a chance to react Lord Viper grabbed him from behind.

"Now," Scorpina said, as she drew her curved sword, "I believe you all have something that belongs to my mistress."

"What would that be monster," Mercury asked.

"A small fragment," Scorpina replied, as she ran her armored hand across Mercury's face, "that rightfully belongs to the Empire." As Scorpina continued to interrogate the two Sailor Scouts, Slayer could feel his own blade begin pulsing.

"Perfect timing," Slayer said, under his breath.

'Blood' the dark sword said, in his mind, 'feed.' Slayer tried to resist the blade's demands, but the influence was too much. Viper didn't notice as Slayer raised his blade, and plunged it into a gap in between the plates of his armor. Viper let out an ear splitting scream, as Slayer pulled All's End from the wound in Viper's side. With all his strength Slayer spun kicked, Viper in the head, knocking the Hell Knight to the ground.

"For once I'm glad you got hungry," Slayer said, he then turned his attention to the Demons on the stage, but before Slayer had a chance to intervene, the Necromancer in the rafter, unleashed a torrent of raw energy at the young warrior, knocking him to the ground.

"SLAYER," Sailor Mercury shouted, she tried to reach Atwight but the Cytok's grip on her was too strong. Eventually Atwight managed to break free of the sheath on Mercury's back, and with one clean cut decapitated the Cytok.

"What are you doing," Sailor Moon said, as Atwight decapitated the Troll that was holding her, "these are innocent people."

"What are you talking about," Atwight replied, "if you mean what they once were, then yes they were innocent people, but if my memory serves me correctly they were just now trying to kill us."

"Atwight's right," Damakas added, as he emerged from the sheath on Sailor Moon's back, "they may have been Human once but they're the enemy now." The memory of what Sailor Moon had done to her friend began coming back to her.

"I can't kill innocent people," Sailor Moon replied, barely able to hold her sword. Scorpina could barely contain her laughter.

"And you call yourselves Demon Slayers," Scorpina asked, as she slammed the stinger edge of her sword into the ground, causing the whole stage to begin shaking.

Slayer had barely regained consciousness when the stage exploded, showering the entire area with splintered wood and plaster, and sending everyone who was standing on the stage careening through the air.

"Now my pet," Scorpina said, "destroy them all." No sooner had those words left Scorpina's mouth a colossal, black Scorpion emerged from the rubble. The Demons and Cytoks attempted to get clear but the monstrous Scorpion was too fast for them, the ones who were caught in its claws were immediately severed in half, others were impaled by the Scorpion's massive stinger.

"What the hell is that thing," Sailor Moon shouted, as the Scorpion's stinger slammed into the ground barely a few feet from her.

"It's called a Necro Scropion," Slayer replied, as he stumbled to her side, "but every member of the SRF prefers calling them Giant Scorpions." The final word had barely left Slayer's mouth when the massive Scorpion brought it's right claw around, knocking the three warriors aside.

"Easy there my pet," Scorpina said, as she stroked the Scorpion's armor plated hide, before long she turned her attention back to the group.

"Now," Scorpina said, "hand over the fragment."

"Never," Sailor Moon replied.

"Very well then," Scorpina said, the massive Scorpion suddenly lunged forward, grabbing Sailor Mercury and Slayer.

"Hand over the fragment," Scorpina continued, "and I won't have my pet feast on the flesh of your friends."

"Don't do it Sailor Moon," Sailor Mercury shouted.

"If they get that fragment," Slayer added, before he had a chance to finish his statement, the Scorpion's grip grew tighter.

"Let them go," Sailor Moon shouted, as she clenched Damakas tightly.

"Then hand over the fragment," Scorpina replied, as she motioned for the Scorpion to tighten its grip. At first Sailor Moon didn't want to but the screams of her friends convinced her otherwise.

"Okay," Sailor Moon said, as she removed the Biblical Fragment from inside her glove, "just let my friends go." Scorpina simply smiled, as she extended her armored hand. Damakas, Atwight and the others tried to protest, but it was no use, Sailor Moon surrendered the fragment.

"I knew you'd see things my way," Scorpina said, before she turned to face the Giant Scorpion, "Erase them from history." Sailor Moon couldn't believe what she had just heard, as Scorpina motioned for Lord Viper and the Necromancer to follow her.

"You said you'd let my friends go," Sailor Moon shouted, as she prepared to attack.

"Oh yes, I lied," Scorpina replied, laughing, as she faded back to Eborian. No sooner had Scorpina vanished, the Scorpion began tightening its grip on both Sailor Mercury and Slayer. Sailor Moon lunged at the massive creature, hoping to get it to drop her friends but to no avail. It was then Sailor Moon decided to take a chance, with all her strength she leaped into the air, and brought her sword down upon one of the creature's claws. But to her shock Damakas's blade failed to penetrate the Scorpion's armored hide. The Scorpion turned it's attention to Sailor Moon, and just as it was about to bring it's stinger down upon her she felt someone grab her from behind, pulling her out of the way just before the stinger struck her.

"Phantom," Sailor Moon said, as she looked at the mysterious warrior who held her in his arms.

"We need to stop meeting like this," Phantom replied, as he put her down, "now if you'll excuse me." Phantom emerged from the shadows, his own sword grasped tightly in his hand; the Scorpion eyed him with raw hatred in its eyes. The Scorpion lunged toward Phantom; beneath his mask Phantom cracked a simple smile. With one quick slash, Phantom's sword tore into the Scorpion's claw armor, striking it in an area where the Scorpion's armored hide was the thinnest, severing the claw completely. The Scorpion reared in pain, dropping Sailor Mercury in the process. Once he was sure Mercury was clear, Phantom delivered a single salute before taking his leave, but not before delivering one last line. "I'll always be there for you when you need me."

"AIM FOR THE NECK," Slayer shouted.

"What," Sailor Moon said.

"The neck it's the one spot that isn't armored," Slayer replied. Sailor Moon, breathed in and raced under the massive Scorpion, holding Damakas out she watched as the colossal insect fell onto the blade, which ran right into the creature's neck killing it.

Location: Outside, Shan Shan Plaza

"I couldn't let you all die," Sailor Moon shouted, as she de-transformed. But still the look to Slayer's face told her that he wasn't at all pleased with her actions.

"And in the process you've made winning this war all the more difficult," Slayer replied, angrily, "you don't seem to get it, the more fragments of the Necros Biblical the Demons have the stronger they are."

"What makes these fragments so important anyway," Amy inquired

"I don't know," Slayer replied, "all that I do know is the Necros Biblical is one of the most powerful Demonic Spell Books in existence, and thanks to meatball breath over there, they've gotten another fragment."

"She promised she'd release you," Serena said, with tears in her eye.

"She was a Demon," Slayer shouted, "and Demons of any kind, whether Cytok or Pure Blood, are not to be trusted." Before Serena had a chance to reply Slayer stormed off into the sunset. Serena turned to Amy hoping to find a friendly face, but to her shock, even Amy felt Serena's act had caused more harm then good.

Stay Tuned For Chapter XI: Dymlos