There is a good reason why Jedi have lightsabers. That reason is that trouble comes looking for Jedi and sometimes Jedi come looking for trouble. Some Jedi were one or the other, most were both. It is quite easy to decide what type of Jedi Revan is.

The lightsaber could be used to defend or attack. It was one of the most prominent symbols of the Jedi Order. The lightsaber is a marvel of technology and its blueprints are guarded fiercely. The lightsaber was an extension of the Jedi, a part of who they are. Like the Force, it is their partner.

Early the next morning, Revan repaired his lightsaber. In fact he redesigned the pair, inside and out. He took them apart, centered himself and started building. It was quiet, no one was around. With his mind focused like a laser, he was able to banish any outside thoughts. It was a relief; with one lightsaber broken he also felt a part of him was broken. His lightsaber was an extension of himself, his friend.

His hands moved, fingers expertly working on the two hilts. Time flew.

When he finished, Revan stood up, working out the kinks in his body. With each flex, a loud crack sound was heard as his joints bent after much disuse. He looked at the two hilts on the table before picking them up. The metal shined in the lift, without scratches or dings. It was a glossy metallic blue with black horizontal lines. There was also a rubber strip, along with ridges to improve grip. This hilt had a tassel on the end, an accessory that was unnecessary but Revan didn't care. Compared with this hilt, the other was plainer.

If he were to be philosophical, he would ponder that the hilts were a reflection of his soul and his duo set of memories. One the more decorated and the other a pale imitation of the mind that is the product Jedi reprogramming. Or it could be the other way around, since parts of his memories were not there. Nothing is set in stone, change always occur.

After the lesson last afternoon, he went dumpster diving. He looked for metal scraps, and after much searching he managed to find some objects that held his interest. Since it was the temple trash, he didn't need a guardian. After he was done, he took a long and cleansing shower. He liked being hygienic.

He was rather lucky that he got such quality materials. Revan found materials, using another being's trash. He could find the glimmering treasure and meld it, bend it to his will. It was just like him, born from the ashes sculpted into something anew.

Revan turned both lightsabers on, twirling them. A bronze with yellow core flared to life, simultaneously a cyan blade with a silvery glow ignited as well. With the tiny twirl, he flipped them around for a few turns before turning them both off.

The only remaining problem was the robes. Revan didn't like the brown and white robes, he figured they were traditional. The design hasn't changed much through time. Revan also knew that unless the clothes were destroyed beyond repair, you wear them unless you outgrew them. Revan knew he wasn't going to grow anymore.

He already figured out a way around that. One, buy some nice leather clothes, with pockets. Two, give the temple back their robes. Three, maybe scare some Jedi by wearing all black. Okay, maybe not the third but the other two definitely.

Revan hooked his lightsabers back onto his belt, turning the light off with a flick of his hand. He exited the room, only encountering a few robbed Jedi in the hallways before returning to his room.

Later in the afternoon, the door chimed.

Revan stuck his head out from under the covers before sticking it back in. It was Fay behind the door. He could feel all the fuzzy feelings that she imitated. Revan did not want to open the door and let her in. He had a feeling she was going to be the bearer of news from the council. He was not their obedient kath hound. He was only doing what they say so far because it suited him.

The door chimed again.


Five minutes later.


Revan groaned under his breath, he rolled out of bed and walked to the door. The door slid open revealing the ever calm Master Fay. A flash of joy flashed in Revan's mind when he saw a slight twitch on Fay's face. The reason was simply this her eyes had went from his face, down to his chest to his legs and up back at his chest for second before her eyes focused on the wall behind him.

"The council wants us to go on a mission. Meet me in the hanger." She paused. "You can't take the droid."

Revan snorted in his head, his intuition was never wrong. "I'll get dressed. See you in five minutes."

The door closed.

Five minutes later, Revan was fully clothed and armed. He ordered HK-47 to do a few errands for him discreetly of course. The homicidal droid was all too eager to do it.

After everything was prepared, Revan went down to the hanger where a ship was waiting for them all prepped and ready. It was a Jedi starfighter, with room for two people.

Silently, Revan and Fay got into the ship. Equally silent they flew off into space and then into hyperspace. After they were in hyperspace, Revan spoke. "Why are we on a mission so soon?"

"The Force sent me a vision." Fay's soft but strong voice resounded in the enclosed space. "I would've gone by myself but it included you as well." There was a rustling sound.

"Does the council know?"

"No." Fay didn't sound worried. "I left Master Yoda a message. I foresee that this small detour will only take a few days to accomplish."

I highly doubt that thought Revan, relaxing as much as he could in the chair. "I see." He said neutrally.

They didn't speak anymore after that. They exited hyperspace over a commerce world. "Here we are." Fay said without much ado. Revan wasn't exactly impressed. He was dragged out of bed for this?

Once they were docked they went to the market area. "Please wait here." Fay ordered to Revan.

Revan shrugged. Master Fay was a big girl; she could take care of herself. He had his eyes on some new clothes. When she left to do her business, he went shopping. With the credits he had, Revan was able to buy himself some new clothes that suited his tastes. He sent the rest back to the temple with a note.

Now he was wearing a black muscle shirt with a dark blue tunic. He replaced his trousers with black trousers with heavy duty pockets. He kept his boots, Jedi boots were very durable and the ones he had now fit. He found a belt that could hold his lightsaber and placed the rest of his gear in his numerous pockets. He wore a black leather jacket on top of it all. He kept his cloak though left behind in the starship.

When he went to the changing room, he passed by an interesting piece of clothing. Before he did change his clothes, he pondered the pros and cons. After a bit of thought, he decided that the pros overweighed the cons. He bought it.

All of these new clothes didn't cost any money at all. He had credits to spare. Revan also bought some gloves. A good pair of heavy duty gloves could save a person from some pain. After Revan finished dressing, he examined himself and decided he looked appropriate. He couldn't find any armor that he liked or any armor that wouldn't negate some of his force powers. He wondered if his Sith robes survived. Probably not.

When Fay returned, she didn't look as if any trouble befallen her. She looked unshakable.

"Has your business concluded?" Revan asked politely from his the chair he was sitting on.

She spared a glance at him before nodding. Fay didn't say anything about his new clothes. "Let us leave." She went back to the hanger.

Revan followed; quite relieved that Fay's mission was done. He was getting bored and he couldn't wait to play his prank. As they walked, he noticed a commotion dozens of yards away. He could hear someone yelling about a Jedi bitch.

Fay's pace quickened.

Revan took longer strides to catch with her. "Did you make someone angry?" He asked mildly, grinning.

"It was a difference in opinion." Was all she said.

"Un huh."

They arrived at their ship and flew into space. Revan looked down, seeing a torch wielding mob dashing towards the hanger. "Do you always leave angry mobs behind you during your mission?"

"No." Came the curt reply.

Revan chuckled, shaking his head.

"Once." Fay sounded dismayed. "Or twice but…" She sounded unsure. "It had never ended up like this."

Revan didn't respond. Something went wrong on the planet. He didn't have misgivings on the planet but now that they were in space, he was.

As the ship was in hyperspace traveling back to the Temple, it shuddered violently. They dropped out of hyperspace, spinning as their craft was practically spat out.

"Let me take control." Revan asked, as the ship spun the internal inertia dampeners working in overdrive. Fay transferred flight control to Revan. "What did we hit?"

"I don't know." Fay consulted the computers. "We lost Navigation, communications, autopilot and hyperspace." She looked out of the windows. "There is a planet down ahead."

Revan was already adjusting their flight vectors, pointing them towards the planet. They hit the planets atmosphere; the metal on the ship grew hot and turned red. They were going in too fast. No words passed as Fay slipped into a meditative state to assist Revan by helping him slow the ship down.

With the combined effort, the ship crashed onto the desert with a loud thud before flipping over several times. They stopped barely an inch away from the edge of a cliff.

"We should get out." Revan said calmly, breathing in deeply. He pushed the canopy, moving it so they could get out. They were going to need to repair the ship before they could even think of launching it back into space.

He jumped out as did Fay. As it turns out, they got out just in time. Their ship slid over the cliff and fell. Hurriedly, Revan went over to the edge. A wrecked ship was harder to fix than a broken one. With one hand out before him, he focused on that ship. To him the ship was not a huge cumbersome metallic creation but a small object, lighter than lightsaber and just as easy to grab.

The ship stopped its decent and started to rise in the air.

"May I?"

Revan nodded, mentally showing her what he had done and releasing his control over the ship. Fay pulled the ship up, easing it lightly on the ground before them. She checked the ship, looking for the damage and any other signs of tampering. As a well traveled Jedi, she knew her way around a ship.

As she was doing this, Revan was scanning the planet for life signs. He found them. He could feel force signatures, many. It was like a colony. Revan started planning for any contingency. This planet could be host to Jedi hunters and considering his luck he could be right. Precaution is needed.

The planet was hot and dry. Revan adjusted his clothes; maybe he shouldn't have changed to leather. Then again, he was wearing less so he would be better off than Fay. Of the two, he was the only one with a lightsaber and the only one who needed to disguise it. Once, on a jaunt to Korriban his fellow Jedi hidden her lightsaber between her breasts.

"It will take more than a week to fix communications. Our supplies will only last for a few days." Fay informed Revan as she pulled the packs out. "Hopefully the inhabitants of the planet will be able to assist."

She too felt their force signatures and noted it.

Revan took a pack, shouldering it. "Do you think they are hostile to the Jedi?"

"This planet is desolate, it is harsh and I feel due to this our reception will be something unexpected." Fay took her pack. "This day is full of surprise; I expect we will discover something new."

"I trust your judgment in this situation." Revan drew his cloak on, shading his face from the sun. "Our cover will be simply two merchants." He placed his twin lightsabers into his pack. "They might not be courteous to Jedi."

Fay adjusted her cloak. "Our starship is also an outdated model, it might be reasonable that merchants can buy them as a novelty item."

"And the files are all encrypted." Revan flashed a grin at her. "Besides they might be lower life forms anyways."

Fay shook her head. "Or they might not."

Revan spotted a cluster of rocks. "We should find some shelter. Our loud reentry should attract some curious inhabitants." He started towards them as a slow pace, each long stride taking great bounds.

Fay easily matched his pace. Together they walked in silence.

As they walked, there was a flicker in the Force announcing the approach of four force sensitive humanoids. Revan and Fay did not react having schooled themselves to take things as they come and not to show their hand to others.

The four sensitive people approached them, two in the front and two from behind.

They wore armor and one seemed to be the leader. That person's armor was different and she had the air of a leader. Her presence was stronger than the other three. Revan stepped forward, one hand waving. Revan slipped into a goofy personality, good natured smile on his face. He pulled his hood down, showing his beaming face.

"Excuse me." He began using common, the trade language of the Republic. Who knows he might be lucky. "Umm…our ship is damaged and we need assistance."

"I am Kel'lac Talm." The leader's posture was still in alert mode, her force presence tense.

Revan grinned at her, showing his teeth. "My name is Revan and this is Fay." Fay nodded her hooded head. "We require assistance. Our ship cannot fly and the coms are down."

Kel'lac Talm nodded her head. "The Zeison Sha can assist you." She motioned to her fellow warriors, yes warriors. He had no clue who they were.

"Thank you." Fay spoke; her voice her voice strong. "Thank you for your hospitality."

Revan stepped back to her, placing his hand on her hand. He squeezed. "And here you were saying that there are no good people left in the galaxy."

He beamed as she scowled at him. "Well dear." Her tone became slightly edgy. "The last time we trusted people our cargo got stolen."

Kel'lac spoke. "Do not worry. The Zeison Sha do not condone such thievery. We help those who are in need."

"May I ask what planet we are on?" Fay inquired as she stepped a bit closer, but still near Revan.

"Yanibar." Fay started, surprised.

Kel'lac started walking. "Our camp is a few miles away. It will take some walking. Please be patient."

As they started walking, Revan nudged Fay with a barely perceivable force poke. They had separated hands, now walking with hands on the strap of their backpacks. She shot him a look, her brown eyes narrowed.

I have a bad feeling about this.


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