YES! I've been dying to put this up, and now it's finally time! The long awaited sequel to Capture the Fox! This is only the prologue though. It's a scene that will most likely appear in the story. I will start putting up the actual story in a few weeks when I can get a good few chunks written and put together the way I want them. Also, for you SonAmy supporters, you'll see more of that in this story than you did in the last!

But for now, here's the prologue! I hope to see some of the readers/reviewers from Capture the Fox again, along with new readers. Enjoy!


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Author's note: As I said before, this is the sequel to Capture the Fox, which means that if you haven't read that, there will be a few things in this story you will not understand. I suggest reading it. If not… well, the main plot of the story will still make sense, it's just a few flashbacks and stuff on the events of Capture that you won't understand. Okay, I've talked long enough now. Here we go!


Sonic's breathing came out in hard fast exhales as he struggled to catch his breath. "I'm giving you the choice, Sonic! Don't try and stop me!" Eggman yelled.

Ignoring this, Sonic dashed towards Eggman's Egg-Walker and was about to start spin attacking… but just then the Eggman jerked the control stick and the Egg-Walker looped around behind Sonic. "Huh? What the…" Eggman's swift move had caught the hedgehog off guard, and by the time he realized this, it was too late.

By the time Sonic had spoke, Eggman had already pushed a button in his machine that extended a claw and controlled it in Tails' direction. Sonic didn't have time to register this, once again, until it was too late.

"Ah!" Tails yelped in fear. Just as he turned to run, he was grabbed around the waist by the metal claw and picked up into the air. Instinctively, he immediately started struggling to break free.

"Ah-ah-ah!" Eggman said, waving a finger. "Let's squeeze a bit harder, shall we?" Eggman laughed evilly, and pressed a button.

The claw squeezed Tails even tighter, and he almost immediately stopped thrashing; his movements were beginning to hurt him as he fought against the pressure of the claw's squeeze. He knew he couldn't get away.

"Let him go!" Sonic yelled, but to no apparent use.

"I'm taking him with me, and there's not a thing you can do to stop me." Eggman said, controlling the claw towards a small cage that he could attach to his Egg-Walker. "And this Walker has a flying ability now! I could just put him in that cage and zoom off if you don't behave yourself, Sonic!"

This looks just like last time… Sonic thought. Boiling with rage, Sonic began speaking quietly, but there was a threatening connotation in his voice. "Put him down. Now."

"Sorry, but you wouldn't reason, so I'm making the choice! I'll turn him into the evil that he was again, with a new plan so that Tails won't disobey me this time, for SURE! Or maybe… I'll just torture him! That'll teach you to try and stop me anymore!" Eggman threatened.

Sweat dripping from his head, realizing that Tails was going to have to suffer all over again, Sonic closed his eyes in deep thought… but after no more than five seconds, he made his decision. "Put the fox down and—" he repeated. Eggman put his hand up, signaling for Sonic to be silent.

"I already told you—" Eggman started.

"I'M NOT DONE YET!" Sonic bellowed irritably. In no mood to try and make a complex deal or do much explaining to his side of the plan, Sonic cut to the point. "Whatever you want to do to Tails…" Sonic began, but paused after seeing Tails gasp in disbelief.

Sonic's not going to let him take me, right? Right? Tails thought desperately.

Sonic winked at him reassuringly.

"…You can damn well do it to me first!" Sonic finished firmly.

"Sonic…" Tails breathed, clearly a little more than touched. "You can't… I don't want you to go through what I did, Sonic." He spoke the words as calmly as he could, but his throat was tight and his voice was shaking. Tails attempted to speak in regular tones again, but this time lost all control. "You CAN'T, Sonic!" He pleaded, tears slowly making their way down his face. "I don't want you to! You'll end up getting hurt or turning bad like I did!" Tails paused for a moment, then turned a bitter glare on Eggman, growling under his breath. "Eggman! I won't let you hurt either of us anymore! You leave Sonic alone!"

"Hey, it's okay. Don't worry about me, Tails." Sonic assured him.

Tails jerked his head back in Sonic's direction. "But what if he hurts you?" Tails argued.

"You know I can handle it. I'll be okay." Sonic said, smiling reassuringly. "Trust me, buddy!" Sonic then looked over at Eggman. "Let him down from there." Eggman obeyed, loosening the claw's grip and letting Tails fall to the ground.

Tails stood up and stared at the hedgehog in disbelief. A mere two weeks ago, he had tried to kill Sonic – unintentionally of course – and had caused him some of the worst pain he'd ever felt in his life, physically and emotionally. He had gotten Sonic in an awful lot of trouble over the last two years as well… but here Sonic was, taking Tails' place as a victim of Eggman.

"I'll be all right." Sonic said again.

Tails hesitated, closing his eyes. He opened them after a few seconds, and nodded, forcing a smile. Sonic always managed to come through, after all. "But, Sonic…" Tails walked up to him slowly. Eggman pointed a missile launcher at his head, just in case Sonic tried to snag Tails and run. He then whispered something in Sonic's ear: "Sonic, I'm gonna come find you. You know that, right?"

"Don't. It's too dangerous."

"I trusted you when you said you'd be okay." Tails responded almost too quickly, as if he had been practicing the line. "You can trust me too, Sonic, can't you?"

The question caught Sonic off guard. "Tails, I… no. Just, no. It's—" Sonic sighed dismally, failing to counter Tails' statement without making up an excuse. "Tails, whatever you're going to do, be careful. Okay? Don't get yourself into too much trouble." He smiled down at the fox. Tails looked like he was about to cry. Sonic gently ruffled the fur on the young fox's head.

"Sonic… I'm scared! Can't we just beat him? I'm more worried than I was when he captured me! 'Cause I don't know what'll happen to you. When it was me, I knew what was happening to me, but…"

"Tails, relax!" Sonic said as light-heartedly as he could, hoping he sounded more relaxed than he felt. Although slightly nervous, he felt worse for Tails than he did for himself.

Tails nodded again and tried hard to regain calmness. Sonic turned to face Eggman and walked slowly, but not unconfidently, in Eggman's direction. Tails gulped. "Bye Sonic." He said simply, forcing a smile. He slowly raised one hand and waved.

"See you soon, Tails," Sonic replied, looking over his shoulder for a split second. He walked directly up to Eggman's Walker, and looked at the small, three-by-three cage next to it. Eggman put his Walker into hover mode and attached the bottom of it to the small, metal prison. "Lower your weapon from his head. I won't get in that mess of a cage of yours 'til you do. Let Tails get out of here and I'll come." Sonic said calmly. He wasn't one to back down on a promise, even if he put himself in danger by doing it. But Eggman didn't know that.

"You expect me to believe that! How about this… you step inside that door and I won't shoot Tails with this missile!" He said impatiently, now pressing a button to lock his aim on Tails.

Sonic sighed miserable defeat. Deciding to give in, he looked directly at Eggman, then at Tails, then at Eggman again. "If it'll make you happy, I will! But don't close that door until I can see that Tails is out of sight!" He warned. He turned to face Tails one more time, who still had the hand he had waved with raised next to his head absentmindedly. "Tails, run now, before that Egghead changes his mind!"

Dropping his hand, the fox immediately obeyed as he turned tail(s) and ran. That was the last time he would see his hedgehog hero for now, but he had to take advantage of what Sonic did for him, and it was now or never. He ran far, using his namesakes for extra speed. He ran around trees and jumped over broken branches and pits as he dashed through the forest. Why he was in such a hurry, he didn't know. He just knew it was time to run. He decreased speed only when he started losing his breath, and began to slowly come to a stop. And when he turned around, he saw Eggman and the prison he had Sonic trapped in blast up into the sky.

"No!" His emotions were mixed between fear, frustration, and fury. "Darn it… why does this always have to happen?" Tails cried openly, falling to his knees in the dirt. "Why doesn't Eggman just leave me alone for once in his life? Now Sonic's gone!" Hot, angry tears spilled down Tails' cheeks. He was tired of Eggman. He had had about all of him he could take the last time Eggman had tried to take over the world, and he was nowhere near ready to go through anything like that again. "I… I can't be like this! Not now. Sonic needs me! He just saved my life, and that wasn't the first time either. It's… it's my turn… to stop Eggman. I have to save him before Eggman hurts him. It's the right thing to do… but how? Where should I start…" Tails sobbed. He couldn't help being worried about Sonic. He couldn't convince himself that Eggman wasn't going to do the same thing to Sonic that the he had done to Tails himself only a few weeks ago. "I don't know if I can do this alone or even if I can do it at all, but—but I've got to try! He did the same thing for me.. I have to try for Sonic!"

Well, that's it for the time being. Short, I know, but the chapters will be much longer. After all, the prologue's not supposed to be to awful long. Anyway, please review and tell me what you think of the idea so far! …And some of you may think that this is going to be the same story as Capture the Fox but with Sonic's and Tails' roles switched. It's not. I'm adding a different twist to this story that involves what I said in the summary about Tails being in for a shocking surprise at the heart of Eggman's base. If you enjoyed Capture the Fox, you'll surely enjoy this one as well! And don't forget I'm open to suggestions and tips if you have any ideas! Thanks for reading!