Chapter 11 The Wedding reception

A/N(I decided to make this after the wedding b/c all weddings are the same and I didn't want to make a boring chapter)

Brad and Lily were dancing to a slow song. Lily could see her friends, her parents, and Brad's parents dancing all around them. When the song ended Lily decided to go get a drink. She went to the juice bar and heard someone call her name. She saw her mom, her dad, and Brad walking towards her. "Lily are you pregnant?" they screamed simultaneously.

Lily gasped and noticed that everyone at the reception was staring at her. "Why would you think that?" she asked nervously.

"Well," Sean said. "The day that I went to get the suits from your car, I noticed the bag of pregnancy tests in the back of your car."

"And your father told me that he saw them and I was worried that you were," Claudia said.

"I noticed the empty boxes in the bathroom the other day," Brad said.

"Well all of you are wrong because I'm not. I thought that I was but I was just being paranoid and I'm not," Lily lied.

Everyone exhaled. "Thank god," Sean said. "Well, congratulations Lily think this calls for a toast," he said and raised his glass. "To Lily and Brad not being pregnant." Lily glanced over and Brad and could tell that he looked relieved. He smiled at her. "Excuse me," Lily said running to the bathroom.

Lily was in the stall crying. "What have I done?" she sobbed. "In a few months everybody is going to know that I lied. Unless, I tell Brad in a few weeks and then when I show, it won't be surprising."

That Night

Lily and Brad were laying in bed when Brad turned to Lily and said, "I'm so happy that we're finally married. We've waited so long. And I'm so glad that you're not pregnant. I don't think we'll be ready for kids for a while. Let's enjoy marriage first," Brad explained as if Lily had asked him. Lily smiled. "Of course Brad. We'll wait." Lily was so scared. Now how was she going to tell Brad? Unless she got hi interested in the idea of having a baby before she told him.

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