A new project, since my exams are finished for the summer and there's only so long one can spend twiddling their thumbs and staring at Days of Our Lives. 100 drabbles,100 words each. Prompts taken from a variety of sources. I'm having fun so far.

All you recognize is the brilliant Sherwood Smith's; I'm just dabbling (drabbling?) in her world.

Prompt: Can't Find My Shoes

"Have I lost my wife?" Vidanric asked to an empty bedroom.

A dishevelled-looking Meliara flung herself out from the closet. "Can't find my shoes," she said. "Shoes. They've all gone missing." She disappeared.

"Ah," Vidanric murmured, leaning over to lace up his boots. "The mysterious palace thief has struck again. Last week it was gloves, this week he's moved onto shoes. I'll alert the guards."

A plumed hat sailed out of the closet and hit Vidanric in the chest. His wife appeared at the tapestry, looking exasperated.

Vidanric pulled Mel into his lap with a low laugh, and kissed her.