Author's Note: Interpret this as you will, it's only a fairy tale and I am only a rabbit.

Once upon a time, there was a lonely king who lived in a castle all by himself. He had no maids, no servants, no family and not even a single friend. His kingdom was deserted and over all the land there grew nothing but the same yellow flowers. The flowers were lovely but they were all of a kind, and so could not understand his terrible loneliness.

One day the king was out walking through the gardens when he came upon a tiny blue lily growing amidst the yellow flowers. He had never seen such a flower before, and so plucked it immediately and took it back into the castle, setting it in a flute full of water by the window.

All the rest of the day, sunshine illuminated the petals and the king was very happy to have a new companion.

'Little flower,' he said, staring at it in wonder, 'you will live here with me and I will never be lonely again.'

On the second day, when he came to bid the flower good morning, the king noticed that the lovely blue petals were beginning to wilt.

'Little flower,' he said, clasping his hands in dismay, 'why are you wilting away? Aren't you happy here with me? I have given you sunshine and water, and I will give you whatever your heart desires more.'

'Oh my king,' said the flower, for flowers will speak if you listen, 'the sunshine through the window is warm and the water in the flute is cool, but I cannot live in this castle with you. I need to be outside in the earth, where I can grow and you can see me whenever you wish. What can a flower desire from a king?'

But the king had been alone for so very long that he had grown very selfish and did not want the flower to leave him.

'Little flower, I can't bear the thought of you sitting in the dirt and so you shall stay here with me. You are special and brave and I know that you can grow in the castle if you try.'

'Oh my king,' sighed the flower, 'you do not understand, but I will try.'

On the third day, one blue petal dropped to the floor and the king was much concerned. The following day found two more petals on the floor and the king was much aggrieved. At the end of six days there were five petals on the floor, and the lily had been adorned with only seven.

'Little flower, you have but two petals left- what will become of me if you should die?'

'Oh my king,' cried the flower, its stem grown brown and weak, 'you must put me outside or I will surely die with the next sun.'

But the king's resolve was firm and he went to sleep that night praying his companion would be strong.

As the sun rose slowly and roused the king next morning, he was stricken to find that the flower had but one small petal remaining, and was crying piteously in its vase by the window.

'Oh my king,' the flower pleaded as tears of dew poured from its eyes, 'I am dying. Please, won't you take me outside so that I may be put to rest beneath the ground?'

The king's heart was shattered, and he did as the flower beseeched him; the last petal fell to the good earth beneath them and the flower was put to rest in its cradle beneath the ground.

As he sat in the garden and wept, the king realised that once more he was all alone. He lived out the rest of his days by himself in the castle, each day mourning the little flower until he died of a broken heart.

Once upon a time, there was a lonely king.

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