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Previously, on the season two finale of Phil of the Future...

"In other Phil-related---I mean..." Keely paused painfully, eyes wandering down to rest on the engraved silver saltshaker in front of her. Her eyes widened just as the realization hit her, the biggest mistake of her life finally unfolding right in front of her eyes. "Phil..."

"I can't not say goodbye to Phil!"

Before she could even get out of her seat, though, the Broadcast Lab door burst open and there he stood, and for a fleeting moment she believed that he was staying...

But he had only come to say a final goodbye.

And as his lips met hers, she lost herself in her first kiss with the boy she had been seemingly waiting for all her life...

"In the future...will you wait for me?"

And as fast as he had come, he was gone.

- - - - -

Phil jerked awake in his seat as a sudden, urgent realization reached the back of his mind, and he opened his eyes wide with a single, simple word: "Uh-oh."

Seconds later, Pim was wide awake as well, following in the same procedure as her older brother. Their mother glanced up from the newspaper she was reading and rolled her eyes. "What are you two---"

The newspaper dropped from her hands, forgotten, as she suddenly remembered the one thing---or person---their family had left behind back in the 21st century.


"That's three 'uh-oh's', what's the matter?" Lloyd asked from behind the time machine steering wheel, the irritancy and confusion apparent in his tone.

Phil shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

"I think we forgot something."

- - - - -

Back at the now-empty Diffy household, an unsuspecting caveman stumbled through the door, grinning and mumbling incoherently to himself as he snatched a chicken leg from the refrigerator. Within moments, though, he raised his head to the ceiling and sniffed, apprehension now evident in his eyes.


He paused in the silence, letting out a soft whimper.



The door of the Time Machine RV hissed as it swung open to reveal a flustered Lloyd, who stumbled out onto the sidewalk and rushed up to the present-day Diffy house. Phil was hot on his heels, slamming the door behind him and heading straight to the garage in search of their "pet" caveman.

"CURTIS!" He hollered, wandering into the darkness of Curtis's new "cave" and flipping on the lights. Scanning the area, Phil figured he obviously wasn't there and made his way to the back door of the house.

"CUR---Dad...what are you doing?" Phil asked suddenly as he stopped mid-stride on his way to the living room, rolling his eyes at the sight of his father's bottom sticking out from the refrigerator door.

Lloyd quickly pulled out and whirled around to face him, a package full of…something…clutched tightly in his hands. "You know, I swear I packed this bag of lobsters in the Time Machine before we left, but---" He caught the impatient stare Phil was giving him--- "Right. Curtis. Got it."

The two of them dashed into the living room and practically fell over Curtis, who was sitting on his stool and knitting yet another scarf for his collection. Recovering from his stumble, Lloyd dusted himself off and threw the package of lobsters over to Phil, hauling Curtis up by the arm.

"Come on, buddy, we have to get going, we don't have all day!" He said swiftly. "Eighth dimension, traffic, gigantic bugs, remember?" With that, he nearly dragged the confused caveman out the front door, scarf and all.

Curtis only widened his eyes in surprise as the RV came into view.

"Time Machine...fixed?"

Phil reluctantly followed suit, turning back once more to gaze at the house he had become so familiar with over the past two years. A light breeze tousled his hair, and for a moment he swore he heard her voice...

"...wait for me..."

And suddenly, he had a feeling that he was doing something horribly wrong.

Lloyd honked the horn from the RV, signaling Phil to hurry up, and he rushed back to the Time Machine without another moment wasted. The RV roared to life, leaving all his doubts behind...

But he didn't notice the world around him give off an unnatural ripple as he climbed into the van and shut the door.


Tapping her foot impatiently as she checked her watch for he tenth time that morning, Keely sighed and leaned against her locker just as her friend Via came into view.

"Hey Keely...what are you doing here?" The British girl asked as she quickly spun the combination to her locker and pulled it open. "First bell's about to ring, aren't you going to be late for your morning Broadcast?" Pulling out a book and swiftly scanning herself in the mirror on her locker door, Via glanced in Keely's direction as she waited for an answer.

Checking her watch once again, Keely let out a frustrated sigh and turned to face her friend, who now had an eyebrow raised. "I know, I'm probably already late. But I'm waiting for---"

Out of nowhere, a chill shot down her spine and Keely shuddered, suddenly feeling very uneasy.

But the ripple around her went unnoticed.

"Keely...what's wrong? Are you okay?" Via gently put a hand on Keely's shoulder and shook her, the worry obvious in her tone and expression as she took in her friend's sudden faint reaction. "Keely!"

"...Phil." Keely managed, putting a hand to her head in confusion. "I was...waiting for Phil."

"Oh." Via furrowed her brow in concern, no longer interested in Phil's whereabouts but instead taking note of the way Keely was acting. "Are you sure you're alright, Keely? You seem a bit..." She trailed off, unable to come up with the right words.

"I'm fine," Keely replied as firmly as she could, giving a reassuring smile that obviously wouldn't convince anyone, including herself.

Via eyed her skeptically and was just about to protest when the shrill ringing of the bell interrupted. She let out a defeated sigh. "If you say so..."

The hallway slowly began to diminish as students rushed off to their classes, and Via quickly shut her locker.

"Well, I'm off to Math, then." She gave one last look at Keely and smiled reassuringly. "You should probably get to the Broadcast Lab. Don't worry about Phil, he always manages to pull through for you in the end. I'm sure he'll show up later on." And with a wave, she was on her way.

As she watched Via leave, the smile on Keely's face faded as a familiar feeling of dread sunk into her skin. But there was nothing to worry about, right? Absolutely nothing to worry about...

So why was this uneasy feeling telling her that she would never see Phil again?


Pim groaned loudly as her eyes shot open in irritancy, and she spun around in her seat to face the source of the noise that was keeping her awake.

"Curtis, KEEP IT DOWN! I'm trying to catch some shut-eye here! Do your stupid clickity-clicking somewhere else!"

The caveman behind her only gave a chuckle as he continued to crochet his half-finished scarf.

Disgruntled, Pim let out a growl and slouched further down in her chair. "Should've left him behind," she muttered, before raising her voice to a whine. "Dad, are we there yet?"

Phil, on the other hand, stared at Curtis in bewilderment as he admired the scarf in his hands---

"Hey, wait a min---Curtis, can I see that scarf?" Phil asked suddenly, unbuckling himself from his seat and quickly making his way to the back of the Time Machine, much to Barb's dismay ("What have we told you about unbuckling your seatbelt while the Time Machine's in flux?").

Curtis shrugged and tossed the scarf into his hands, and Phil studied the design as his brow furrowed in confusion.

"Curtis, haven't you made a scarf like this already?" He asked, eyes still focused on the strangely familiar design. He swore he had seen this same scarf sometime before, but---

"Curtis never knit same design twice," Curtis replied in a grunt, finishing Phil's exact thoughts as he folded his arms across his chest with pride.

"But I've seen this before, I know it!" Phil argued, wracking his brain for the proof. "It...it was the morning I left for school, I remember seeing you sitting in the living room knitting this exact scarf...that was the day Kee---"

Phil eyes instantly widened in horror mid-sentence as an unbelievable thought crossed his mind. The scarf, the lobsters...suddenly, his brain went into overdrive as the pieces fell into place. And if he was right, that meant that everything that had happened...and Keely...

His heart raced out of control as Phil nearly ripped apart the scarf in his clenched hands, a dread he had never felt before in his entire life seeping into his gut within seconds.

"Dad…we need to go back."


Keely fought the urge to roll her eyes as Owen waved energetically from his spot behind the camera, his inner child apparently shining through at the opportunity of being the substitute cameraman. As he flashed her a grin and the thumbs up sign, though, her expression went blank...an image of a certain brown-haired boy doing something almost similar to what Owen had just done flickered in her mind, and once again Keely forced the inevitable questions begging to be answered out of her head before---

"Dude, where's the Diffster today, Keels?" Owen asked in a whisper loud enough for the entire Broadcast crew to hear. "Did something happen to him or something? It's not like the little dude to disappear without some reason, he like...never misses a day of school!"

Almost instantly, the dread Keely had been suppressing until that moment deepened tenfold.

But before she could even begin to react, Owen was counting down and signaling the start of the broadcast...

And the camera started rolling.

"Good morning," she began shakily, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. "It's 8:15, and time for our Morning Wrap-Up Digest. I'm...Keely Teslow."

Shutting her eyes momentarily, she forced a weak smile and slowly opened the envelope Owen had given her before the broadcast had started.

"First up...your results of the Yearbook voting."

"In the category of funniest student in a classroom or hallway..."


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