Summary: Everyone thinks that Wyatt is following the path the of evil yet again. But is that really the case and with the charmed ones dead and no time travelling allowed who is going to save him this time. A Charmed/Dragonball Z crossover. Set in the changed future R and R

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A young Chris Halliwell sat comfortably on the window seal slyly peering out the curtains looking through the window of the living room of the Halliwell manor to look at the new family that had moved in next door to his own family a day or so ago, there was a mom, a dad and also a little girl who looked about the same age as himself there was something about her that totally memorize him, she had long, straight jet black hair that reached the middle of her back and the most piecing crystal green eyes he had ever seen, she look up meeting his gaze giving him a shy warm smile, two pair of green locked together, it took a gentle but firm tug from his mother to break the intense contact between the two. He looked up expectedly at his mother as she informed him that they were going to meet the new neighbours.

The Halliwell sisters along with nine years old Wyatt, seven years Chris and also Phoebe's four and a half years old daughter Prudence Melinda better known as Prue went over to welcome the new family to the neighbour hood. Piper rang the doorbell of the house, and waited for it to be answered it was answered moments later by a young woman in her early 30's with her dark hair in Marilyn Monroe style curls and a long, white dress, hiding behind her mothers leg stood the young girl that Chris had seen earlier on.

"Hello…I'm Piper Halliwell; these are my sisters Phoebe and Paige, my two sons, Wyatt and Chris and also my niece Phoebe's daughter Prue… we live next door, we just wanted to welcome you all to the neighbourhood," Piper spoke as she introduced the majority of her family

In Piper's hand was an apple pie she had baked earlier, as a welcoming gift. The woman smiled warmly at them all and opened the door wider so they could enter the house while taking the pie from Piper's hand; The Halliwell's was led and seated in the living room.

"Thank you for the pie," the woman said

"I'm Jane Walker and this is my daughter Casey," she continued as she tried to coax her daughter from behind her leg.

A tall man with dark hairentered the room minutes later and was introduced as Shawn Walker. Phoebe's empathy power was in overdrive, she was sensing something about the family she sensing that they were good, but also that there was something magical about the family. It was as if Jane had read her mind when she began to talk.

"You are the Charmed Ones," she stated

Piper was about to argue

"I to am a witch," Jane informed them

"I am a descendent of the Saiyan bloodline," Shawn said after his wife made the revelation. He couldn't explain any further about his heritage as he himself did not know the information, Saiyan were few and far between and the knowledge of the once great race had been lost along the way.

Piper was still ready to deny what had been said but Phoebe confirmed it for them sensing that the family were nothing but good.

Wyatt and Chris stood to one corner of the living room; Prue being so young had decided that she wanted to stay with her mom and aunts, so it was just the two boys and Casey. After finishing off the milk and cookie Casey mom had given them a few minutes ago, Wyatt thought of something clever to ask Casey as it wasn't everyday he got to meet a magical family.

"So what powers do you have?" Wyatt asked finally

"I don't have any powers," she lied trying her best to put on her most innocent face her mother had always told her not use or talk about magic in public.

"Yeah you do…your mom said that she is a witch…that would make you a witch too," he replied in a matter of fact tone.

"Show me your powers first," she counted wanting to make sure he actually knew her secret

Wyatt disappeared in a swirl of blue and white lights and reappeared seconds later with a smug expression on his face.

"That's not a Wiccan power, that a whitelighter ability," Casey said placing her hands on her hip showing him that she was not impressed, by his display.

"Okay…" he said as he took a moment to decide what power to display after a moment a two of procrastination he brought the photo of theWalker family that was on display towards the three of them. "I have loads of powers,"

"Oh…just ignore him he is a show off, he thinks he so special cause he's twice blessed" Chris said inputting into the conversation for the first time Casey looked at him and smile, so once again green eyes locked with green eyes as they once again became locked in a yet another trance.

"So what is your power then," Wyatt asked once again

"Oh…" Casey started as she slowly broke her gaze with Chris "I can do this,"

She closed her eyes in concentration as she focused all her energy on her hands she rubbed her hands together first then she held her hand out in front of her palm facing upwards both Wyatt and Chris saw that there was a small tornado forming on her palm, and watched intensely as it began to increase in both magnitude and strength and it swirled around for several seconds before it she decided to stop as control was not her forte.

"But I got this power a few weeks ago," she informed the two of them as she following the same procedure as before this time a lot more concentration was needed as small flickers began in to form in palm until it turned to a small flames which whither away seconds later.

"Cool…" both brothers exclaimed in unison

To be continued…

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