Summary: Everyone thinks that Wyatt has chosen path the of evil yet again. But is that really the case and with the charmed ones dead and no time travelling allowed who is going to save him this time. Set in the changed future

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Chapter 2

In the Underworld

Casey stood in the ten by ten feet square prison, which was beginning to feel like a second home since Wyatt had been keeping her there for a little over a week. She learnt the hard way that although magic could get there was no way of getting out unless Wyatt let her out which was unlikely to happen. The demon that were guiding had taken pleasure in that piece of information, knowing that they couldn't kill her, but that didn't mean they could not torture her, she vowed that every single one of them where going to die at her hand and she was going to take great pleasure in doing so as soon as she figured a way out of the cage that held her in confinement. Sitting up straight in the cage she clicked her left hand and watched as a flame appeared on the tip of her index finger imaging different ways she could use her powers to kill the demons watching her cage, she noticed their entire demeanour changed as they all stood up straight rigid, fear emitting from their body. It meant only one thing the all mighty Wyatt was around.

He walked towards her cage, pacing back and forth in front of her smiling smugly knowing it would only anger her.

"How are you on this fine day?" he asked in a sarcastic manner

Casey stood up angrily her green eyes giving him a murderous look.

"Why don't you kill me already? What are you scared of Wyatt?" she shouted at him letting her anger get the better of her as she kicked and punched at the cage. She knew that this was what he wanted and she was giving into him but at that moment she wanted nothing more than to grab his neck and shake some sense into his thick head.

He laughed before answering "Me scared I seriously doubt it, I Wyatt Matthew Halliwell twice blessed son of a whitelighter and a charmed one…"

"Yeah, yeah and the Source of all evil…don't give me a history lesson Wyatt I know who you are, remember I've known you since you were nine … and to answer your question your scared of Christopher Perry Halliwell you know him your little brother the one who isn't twice blessed but still manages to foil your every plan," she answered taunting him.

"Shut up," he said angrily and threw an energy ball at her it was low voltage energy ball but still powerful enough to kill a low levelled demon, she flinched and slid down to the bottom of the cell.

"One of these days I'm gonna learn to keep my mouth shut" she thought from the bottom of the cell

She was half right, he wasn't scared of Chris he could kill him not with ease but it could be done, even if he didn't want to, it was the two of them that he fear, the two of them together, she was not a ordinary witch she was a decedent of the Saiyan blood line and that was what bothered him.

Casey sat down in her cell thinking of all the things that had gone wrong in her life her long black hair covered her face as she bow her head down to hide the tears that were threatening to fall "can't let them see me cry can't let them know that they are getting to me". That was what he wanted to break her until she could take no more and take the easy route by joining him but for Casey that wasn't an option.

But still her mind wondered, to all the hands that life had dealt her the first thing that came to her mind was the death of her father, they were so close, he always took the time teach her everything he knew about her Saiyan heritage, from the sensing ability she developed and also her unique ability of transportation being able to travel at the speed of light, he meant the world to her 'a rare heart disease' was what the doctor told her and her mother, then it was the death of her mother when she was thirteen she was on a mission with the charmed ones when she was killed by a demon she remembered the last thing her mother said to her "no matter what happens tonight remember your father and I love you and we will always be watching over you" it was as though her mother knew she was going to die.

She managed to overcome death of her parents and was slowly coming to terms with the fact the charmed ones were no more since there was nothing she could do about death, but this new world was a different matter and she planned on changing it no matter the cost, "I have to get through this too, as long as I have Chris I'll survive" he was one of the few people that she loved that was still alive she just needed to find a way out of here.

Meanwhile Wyatt dark orbs its way to the one of darkest part of the underworld to see the demonic seer. He needed his fears and doubts to be quashed.

"What do you see about the future of the witch I have as a prisoner?" he asked upon his arrival

"My liege there has not been a powerful Saiyan since Goku; he held the most power no other Saiyan has had that much power since him, that includes her" she answered

"So I have nothing to worry about, she is not powerful enough to harm me,"

"She is a powerful witch my lord but her power is not strong enough to harm you," she answered

"Even if she were to join forces with Chris,"

"Even then my liege,"

Wyatt went back to his layer with a sick smile on his face, finding out that neither Casey nor a child between his brother and Casey would not damage his rule he had no use with Casey anymore, having Casey on his side would not be of any use other than to draw Chris to him. He offers her one last chance.

"Join me or die," he demanded

"I will never join you Wyatt," she answered simply as though it wasn't a life of death question

"So be it then, I guess I'll be saying goodbye then... say hello to the charmed ones in the afterlife for me," he said and then formed a high voltage energy ball and threw it at her.

She watched helplessly as it made its way towards her. She guessed it was the end of her journey.

To be continued…

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