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The Prophecy of the Child

By: Kaleialohalani


Summary: Kagome and Inuyasha have been best friends but something happened one day. Now that they see each other again, their friendship grows along with new friends and new adventures. But there is evil lurking through thestreets of Tokyoand someone has to stop this darkness from forming, but, not without a cost. With every action, there is a consequence, and this might be a tough consequence to make.


Chapter One: The Child

"Congratulations Mrs. Higurashi! It's a baby girl!"

When Mrs. Higurashi awoke, it was well at night and she surveyed her room. Her husband was asleep, holding her right hand and head on the bed. Mrs. Higurashi tried to move her hand away but that only caused her husband to show signs of life.

"Oh. You're awake, love?" he said groggily.

"Yes. How long have I been asleep?"

"Well over five hours. The doctor said you would need a lot of rest so everyone went home."

"Why didn't you go home?" she asked.

"I didn't want to leave you alone. Besides, I want to see our baby girl."

Mr. Higurashi had a look on his face that showed true happiness at knowing that he had another child. Mrs. Higurashi couldn't stop the approved smile that came to her face in knowing that they had another beautiful girl. They spent a couple of moments in their peaceful surroundings when there was a knock at the door and a nurse stepped in. The nurse wore the regular white coat but she had a pink little bundle in her arms that stood out with its intense color. Mrs. Higurashi's eyes had widened the moment she caught a glimpse of it.

"May I see my daughter? Can I hold her?" she asked.

The nurse suppressed a giggle from her urgent request but replied. "Of course you can hold her. I was hoping you would be up so I could ask if you would like to feed her your breast or bottle."

"Breast" she said.

"Okay. Here you go." The nurse moved closer to the bed and placed the little pink bundle into Mrs. Higurashi's hands and left to leave.

Mrs. Higurashi had pulled the blanket over the child's head so her husband and she could get a good look at their baby girl. They had both gasped for the child was staring wide-eyed at them. She had the most beautiful brown eyes any women would crave and cute, pinchable cheeks. She had a baby cute smile and straight raven hair that started to sprout from her head. Her two tiny hands were currently grasping the pink blanket and she had the most innocent, yet angry, look in her eyes. 'She must be hungry' Mrs. Higurashi thought Mrs. Higurashi and Mr. Higurashi both looked at each other and smiled.

"I should feed her," she said.

He nodded. "Would you like me to leave, dear?"

"No you could stay and keep us company."

The rest of the night was spent feeding the child and they fell asleep in each other's love.


The next morning was interrupted by a wailing sound. Mrs. Higurashi awoke first to tend to her daughter's wails. She started to feed her daughter as the sun peered through the hospital blinds. That had caused her husband to become fully awake, so he had stretched, gave her a peck on the cheek, and walked into the bathroom. When he came back, he found his wife sitting up in bed and their daughter clutched to her chest. His daughter had finished eating and seemed ready to take another well-needed nap.

"We need to pick a name for her", Mrs. Higurashi said.

"Yes. I've thought about that and I would like to name her something that she will be able to express," he said as he sat down next to the bed.

'Something she will be able to express' Mrs. Higurashi thought.

There was a moment of silence as the two parents thought of a name for their newborn girl.

"How about Kagome?" she offered.

"Kagome…" he took a moment to think it over. "Kagome. I like it. She is beautiful so she will be able to express that quality. Okay. Kagome it is."

"Alright." Mrs. Higurashi looked down at the peaceful child sleeping with a content look on her face. "Kagome. I hope you will turn out to be a beautiful woman with a big heart."

"Of course she will", her husband said. He stroked his daughter hair with his thumb and said, "She'll have a big heart just like you. Plus, all of the women would probably yearn to be her."

"Uh oh. That means that you'll have to protect her from all of the suitors", she teased.

He gave a snort and replied, "No one will touch my baby girl without my permission."

She gave a short nod and smiled in return at her husband's protectiveness. He already was protective of their first daughter and now he has another to protect from danger or anything else threatening. But knowing him, she doesn't have to worry because he will keep his word and look out for their baby girls. All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door and the same nurse they had seen last night, was standing at the door.

The nurse smiled to the couple and came to the bedside. "I hope you two had a good sleep last night."

They both nodded in response.

"Good. The doctor wanted me to inform you that your condition seems to be going well and you have asked for a short stay?" Mrs. Higurashi nodded. "Well the doctor said that you may leave tonight but he advises you to get some rest."

"I will. Thank you."

"You're welcome", the nurse then turned and left.


It was at least six when the sun started to set. It gave the room a brilliant orange glow since their room faced the setting sun. The room was all-quiet as the one-day old girl slept peacefully. Mr. Higurashi explained that he was going to go downstairs so he could check her out at the front desk. Mrs. Higurashi nodded to him and went into the bathroom to change out of the hospital gown. When she came out, she realized that her husband wasn't back yet so she figured she should start packing.

She was still a bit sore from the previous day of pushing. Since this was her second child, she wasn't as sore as she was the first time and Kagome came out a lot easier than her first did. Yet the thing that confused her was the fact that she just had her first daughter when she got pregnant. Three months after her daughter was born, she found out that she was almost one month pregnant. This fact had scared her to no end because she didn't remember having any sexual contact with her husband since they just had a child. Yet, she indeed was pregnant so Mr. Higurashi had told her they should go to see a doctor.

A couple weeks later, they went to see a doctor. The doctor had told her that she was pregnant and it was Mr. Higurashi's child. They both were relieved. Mr. Higurashi had a doubt that maybe it wasn't his because they never had sex after their daughter was born. They told the doctor this but he didn't seem to have an answer for them. The doctor assumed that it was just a coincidence. Therefore, they left it at that but remained happy that they were having another child and their daughter would have a baby brother or sister.

A knock at the door brought Mrs. Higurashi back from her memories and she turned to see her husband at the door. He came to her side and kissed her cheek.

"I checked you out so we can leave whenever you want."

"I finished packing so we can leave right now" she asked.

He nodded. "Okay, let's go home."

Mr. Higurashi took the bags from her hands and walked over to the door. Mrs. Higurashi went over to the other side of the bed to get her child. She gently picked up Kagome, with one hand supporting the head, and walked to the door where her husband was waiting. They walked down the hallway, side-by-side, and entered the elevator. When the elevator door opened, they stepped out and Mrs. Higurashi waved to the nurse that had been so kind to them. It was the same nurse that had brought her child to her last night. Then, they exited the hospital doors to head home.


The day I was born was the day a new hope had arisen. No one would have knew that the world was gradually falling into darkness. But there was hope. I never knew my life would be so complicated, yet so full of promises. I will never forget him; the love of my life, the man who gave me a shinning star. My name is Kagome Higurashi, and this, is my story…

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