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Chapter 70: Be Happy, Inuyasha


"The truth is… we hide so we can be found, we walk away to see who will follow, we cry to see who will wipe away our tears… and we let our hearts get broken to see who will come and fix them."


Oh I'm missing you
Baby I'm missing you

The shrine was silent, nothing able to even muster the strength to interrupt such a heart wrenching moment. The families were all gathered near the base of the Goshinboku. All the families that knew the Higurashis were there to pay their respect, to give their support. But everyone was dressed in black, their bodies blending in together as if they never really wished they were here in the first place.

There were a few tents set up in the big open area in front of the Goshinboku. It shaded the guests from the blistering sun that only tormented their moment of pain. Everyone remained quiet as the priest continued with the prayer. Nothing was said from the families as they all tried to keep their sniffling down to a minimum. But it was hard.

Baby I'm missing you

The priest had opened his arms, chanting a Shinto prayer to Buddha, encompassing everyone seated in from of him. He remained on a small, lifted platform with a podium where he kept his readings on. His eyes moved over the black figures in front of him as he prayed to Buddha. He never met any of their eyes, as most of them were averted to the ground or behind him to the God Tree. He sensed everyone's sadness, as it was a suffocating atmosphere of it, but he understood. This mourning, this loss, was felt by all of Japan. Though he did not know Kagome Higurashi, he knew who and what she was. The whole of Japan did, now. Her death was a shock to all, once they found out who she was, and now they all mourned for her death. For many had just found out who the High Priestess was, and to know that she had died was a shock. The priest took a deep breath after finishing his chant and turned around.

The Goshinboku stood proud in its height, glad to be sheltering those below it. The shade of the Goshinboku's leaves made a pattern on the ground, but it barely put them at ease. Only a little, from the sun. The priest then stepped off the platform just as everyone got to their feet. Shuffling could be heard as everyone fixed their tuxedos, hakamas, robes, dresses, slacks. All of which were to be respectful to the Higurashi family.

The priest walked forward, his hands clasped together in front of him in prayer. The families waited for the Higurashis to move first, as it was their loss that brought them here. Once the family moved, the Takahashi followed close behind and the others followed suit. They all walked quietly, the women sniffing and the men patting the women's back in comfort. There was nothing much they could do here, nothing much they could say to make everyone okay. All they could do was show how much they felt the sorrow, the loss, the pain.

The priest stopped short of the Goshinboku, as their eyes fell on the figure that they all longed to see again.

Things will never be the same without you

There, before the Goshinboku, stood Kagome Higurashi. Her beauty was so magnificent and pure that it truly seemed like she was underneath all that white stone. The statue remained three feet above the ground on another white stone platform. The platform was wide to accommodate her figure and the writings of her family. The eyes had no color, didn't hold the chestnuts that Kagome was known for, but they seemed kind. Whoever had made this statue had done an excellent job on keeping Kagome's appearance the same. Her eyes were the same big eyes that always glowed, her face without a hint of imperfection on her white cheeks. A small smile lit her face, as she glanced down at whoever would kneel in front of her for blessings. A lock of hair came over her left shoulder and the rest went down her back, some billowing around her as if the wind actually moved those stone-created locks. Kagome wore her miko robes, though held no color. Her hands were in front of her, close to her body in front of her chest yet one was open towards the sky while the other held the weight of the palm underneath. It was as if she was waiting for something to be placed in her arms.

The priest glanced up and bowed his head, starting another prayer. The audience behind him either bowed their heads with the chant or gazed up at the lovely statue of Kagome. Their eyes held tears and their sniffs could be heard above the priest chanting, but the ceremony continued. With the sound of the Goshinboku's leaves rustling in the breeze above them, no one made a comment. Finally, the priest stopped, his voice echoing in the wind, and gazed back up at the statue. He turned around and opened his arms for everyone, gesturing for them to make their offerings and prayers. The ceremony was over, and now the families were able to cry freely.

What did I do to deserve this
I didn't even get one last kiss from you
Oh baby, God took your love from me
He needed an angel so it seems

Inuyasha walked forward, standing next to Kira and his mother. Kikyo was on his other side with Souta next to her. They all walked forward to the small platform that Kagome was raised on. He couldn't glance up at her. Not yet. His eyes looked down at the words that were written on the platform. It said: 'You have to take the good with the bad, smile when you're sad, love what you've got and remember what you had… Always forgive but never forget, learn from your mistakes but never regret, people change, things go wrong, just remember life goes on…'

Inuyasha squinted as he read the words, feeling the wind hit his dry eyes. He did not cry. He would not cry in front of all these people. He had cried already in front of them at the battlefield, when he had realized that he had lost Kagome in a heartbeat. But he would not cry now. Not now.

Kira moved forward then, her black dress making small ruffles as she walked forward. No one followed her, to give her some time. Inuyasha watched as Kira looked up at Kagome once she got to the edge of the platform. She craned her next up and stared at Kagome for a few seconds. Inuyasha wondered what Kira must be thinking. Did she hate him for letting Kagome go? Did Kira hate him for not trying hard enough to save Kagome? God only knew he definitely hated himself for his failures.

Just then, Kira had dropped to her knees, earning a few gasps behind them. She fell to her knees and draped her body on the cold, white stone. Her body racked with sobs as Izayoi went next to her, falling to her knees to place her hands on Kira's shoulders. Kira's cries could be heard, as if she hadn't cried before. It was so heart wrenching, listening to those cries that tore at the soul. Inuyasha had to look away, his eyes straining as he glared at the ground around him as his ears tweaked towards the two cries. Kagome's figure remained high above them, her soft eyes glancing down with a soft smile on her stone-hard features. Kira couldn't stop crying, as if she just realized that she had lost Kagome. Or maybe, she was realizing that Kagome was never coming back. Never.

Inuyasha turned away, thinking to depart this dreadful scene that was pulling at his heart. His eyes were burning with the need to cry, but he would not cry in front of this crowd. He just wanted to leave. He didn't want to be here. Inuyasha took a step forward and felt a hand on his shoulder. He took a deep breath and turned around, meeting face to face with Kikyo. Her eyes were soft, as if she understood what he was feeling, and her frown on her face spoke volumes. Her eyes were red and puffy like everyone else who was crying. She gave him a painful look.

I need to feel your hands all over me
I need to feel you kissing me
I need to feel you holding me
I need to feel your touch

Taking a deep breath, Inuyasha gave into the temptation, stepping forward towards Kikyo's embrace. He walked into her arms without arguing, embracing the comfort and understanding that she gave him. Once Inuyasha felt Kikyo's arms around him, he buried his head in the crook of her neck. Kikyo squeezed her eyes, tears falling down her cheeks as Inuyasha remained like a statue in her arms. She didn't feel any trembles, so he wasn't crying. But she should have known that Inuyasha would not cry. Not here. Kikyo took a deep breath and continued to cry softly.

She missed Onigumo. She missed him so much. When they had come back, just four days ago, Kikyo was like a walking zombie through her home. Her mother was definitely trying to stay sane for the sake of her, now, two children. She tried to get Kikyo to talk, anything, but Kikyo didn't want to talk. She only knew that she wanted Onigumo back, the love of her life. But he was gone. Not only did she lose him, but she also lost her beloved sister. Kikyo squeezed her eyes shut and gave into her sobs as she held onto Inuyasha as a life savior.

Inuyasha tightened his hold on Kikyo once he felt her squeeze him harder. He understood her pain, the two of them the same. They shared each other's pain. For they both felt the same loss, the lost of a loved one. Their lovers. Inuyasha took deep breaths of Kikyo's scent, while his brain automatically began to compare it to that of Kagome's. He erased that thought from his mind as quickly as it came. The only thing now left with Kagome's scent was her room. The scent from her hakama that was wrapped around their son was gone. Inuyasha still was having trouble grasping the fact that he was now alone in this world, with a child.

There was a rustle in the crowd as everyone began to move aside. The priest walked past the crying people to step up behind Kira. Inuyasha lifted his head at the priest's approach. He could see Souta in his side vision next to his father and brother, the little boy shedding tears of his own. Inuyasha couldn't smirk at the humor of it, Souta being able to cry and not him; he just couldn't muster the strength to lift his lips into a smile. Inuyasha watched as the priest bent down and placed his hand on Kira's shoulder.

'Cause I miss your love so much
And I can't keep on living this way
I need you here with me
Why could he take you away, from me?

Kira glanced up through her red, puffy eyes at the priest above her. She sniffed and blinked rapidly, trying to give the priest her full attention. She felt Izayoi behind her shift so that she gave the two of them enough space to breathe. Kira frowned up at the priest.

"Why do you cry, child?" the priest asked, his voice filled with serenity. His eyes were soft with kindness as they gazed down at her. The others watched silently, wiping the tissues against their cheeks to catch the falling tears.

Kira sniffed softly and shifted her weight onto her knees so that she was kneeling instead of draping herself on the monument of her daughter. "I have lost my daughter, Father."

The priest smiled as he straightened to his full height and placed his hands inside the sleeves of his koromo. "She is not lost, child. She is still with you, though you cannot see her. You can feel her spirit wherever you are, as she has given you the life to keep living." The priest then glanced at the white platform at Kagome's feet, his eyes moving over the words. "Do not mourn for our Priestess' death. Think of her not as the loss you have now, but as the days that you remember her to be the child that you knew."

Kira blinked, her eyes widening at the priest. He was right, in a weird way. And though she knew it was true, it was still hard to think of Kagome's life when it was ended. She sniffed and felt a bit of strength coming back to her from the help of the priest. He reached down and helped her up, Izayoi following Kira. The two women then turned around, gazing down at Kagome's feet.

Inuyasha released Kikyo and the two then followed the gazes of the three in front of Kagome's statue. They all glanced down at Kagome's feet where there were carvings, more carvings underneath Kagome's last words. The statue was made by her five Brothers back at the Naiku Shrine. Though the Brothers didn't say how it was made or how they did it, they did say that they did it with their own hands, so it was pure and blessed. The Brothers had said that Kagome had wanted the carvings of her family's and friend's final words with her own, to remind them of their feelings for her. To remind them of the times when she was alive. To remember those times instead of times like these.

Inuyasha remembered that day when Kagome had asked them all to write down something that they wanted to tell her. Anything that came to mind on how they feel about her prophecy or whatever they wanted to say to her. This was after they had found out about her prophecy, so they were all still raw with the knowledge of losing her. Inuyasha walked closer a bit, stepping a little in front of Kikyo to get a better look at all of the quotes from everyone. The quotes all went in one line, written in kanji.

"I am a man of my word, I promise to love you, I promise to cherish you, Just don't take away the one thing I hold dear, You." -Inuyasha

"My beloved daughter, For you, I will smile for the days to come and even though my body is here, My heart and soul is with you always, Holding you close." -Kira

"Through our bickering, I loved you even more, My beloved sister, I gave you my love while I could, Just remember, You're forever in my heart." -Kikyo

"Through all the times you and I would fight, My love for you grew stronger, I love you so much sis, Don't leave me forever." -Souta

"It's impossible to say how much you mean to me, But you are my best friend, Stay with me forever, And share our last days laughing with me." -Sango

"Like a sister, You made your place in my heart, My understanding of your being is known, So I will make you laugh and smile, Give you everything to remember." -Miroku

"Your smile is worthwhile, I love the way you look at me, And even though I wish I could have had you as my own, Don't leave me alone." -Koga

"A best friend like no other, How could I ask you to stay, Please remember our friendship, I know we will meet again." -Ayame

"You have shown me true friendship and I cherished you like a sister, You are a rare rose that blooms even in winter." -Rin

"The wind that brings new life, That's what you are, I will always love you like the daughter you mean to me, You, That shining star." -Izayoi

"Such love and fire you hold, You are still that little girl I knew, A daughter, And a new light in my life." -Inutaisho

"A sister, I will always know, You have opened my eyes to new possibilities and I will never forget the kindness that you shared with me." -Sesshomaru

"Even though the time we spent together was short, You still made a place in my heart, And I ask for you to stay, But I know that we will part." -Onigumo

Inuyasha looked behind him at his brother. Sesshomaru wore all black, just like the others, though his eyes were shinning with its golden liquid. Sesshomaru would not cry, Buddha forbid, it was totally against his nature. But he knew that his brother had deep feelings for Kagome. She was the first one to open up his heart for another, and Inuyasha always loved Kagome for that. She had opened his brother's heart so that he could feel emotion, feel what it was like to love, to live and to be happy. He opened his heart to Rin. Kagome was the first person to ever show him true happiness, and Inuyasha will always be in her debt. He sighed and turned around from his brother when Sesshomaru's eyes fell on him. He didn't want to have another reason to feel like he failed. Not only did he fail Kikyo and Kira for letting a member of their family die, but he also failed his family and his friends. Everyone here felt a special bond with Kagome, as they all shared the same feelings now for the girl they lost.

Out of habit, Inuyasha reached up to his neck, his fingers touching those cold beads that were wrapped around his neck. Sometimes it didn't feel like it was there, and he had to reassure himself that the magatama was still there, light as a feather against his chest. Inuyasha ran his fingers along the comma-like beads and round Jades that Kagome had taken precious time to make for him.

It's hard for me to tell you I love you
As I'm standing over your grave
When I know I'll never hear your voice again
Why did you leave me
Why couldn't you just stay
Because my world is nothing, without you
Now I don't know what to do with myself

"Remember the child that you have raised. For Kagome Higurashi was a very special child, one that should be remembered for the lives that she has saved and the breath of life that she has given us. It is always respectful to remember these for the dead since that is all that they have given us." The priest bowed to his waist towards Kagome and made a silent prayer. He then turned around and placed one hand on Kira's shoulder, offering her his strength and guidance. Kira smiled at the priest and nodded as he then went back through the crowd to head to the shrines to make more offerings and prayers before he left the shrine.

Kira sighed and glanced back up at the statue. The face was so beautifully made that it looked so much like Kagome, and it broke her heart. It would have been easier if the Brothers hadn't made this statue of her. It was only a reminder of what Kira has lost, another one of her family. But the Brothers had insisted that they make this of Kagome to remain here at the shrine that Kagome lived and was brought up in. For now that Kagome's face was known in Japan as the High Priestess, people will be flocking this shrine. They would not bother Kira and her family, so the Brothers had told her, but they would come looking for guidance and send their prayers to Kagome. So they had to have something of Kagome here for the people of Japan. It's what Kagome would have wanted.

'What Kagome would have wanted…' Kira looked at Kagome's hands. One hand lay under the underside of the palm above it as it faced towards the heavens. An offering. Or waiting for something. Kira turned her eyes away, glancing to the side of her to see the rest of the families gathered here. She had almost forgot that they were still here, right behind her. Her eyes went over every face there was.

The Takahashis were in the front of the group and Souta was at Inutaisho's side. Sesshomaru was on the other side of Souta and Rin was to his right, her hands up to her face as she dabbed away the tears. To the side of them was the Takamiya family. Koga stood next to Ayame while his father was at his right and then Kazuko was next to her mate, Ichiro. She smiled at the wolf family, noting the way their eyes were solemn and their faces in a frown. The Houshi family was next to Kazuko, Kichiro's short figure draped with his miko robes. He had his Ju wrapped around his fingers as he stared up at Kagome's face. Miroku was at his side, a frown on his face, as he held Sango in his arms. The girl was crying as her body shook in Miroku's arms. Her father and mother stood at her right as they held each other for comfort. All of the families were here, supporting her family, supporting her daughter. As they have known her through the good and the bad.

Kira smiled, her eyes watering. "Thank you all for coming today. Please… if you want to make offerings or prayers, now will be the time. Lunch will be ready soon." The people nodded their heads and said their thanks, as Kira walked through the crowd with Souta at her side. Kikyo watched them leave. She turned to Inuyasha and smiled as he glanced at her.

"I'll go help my mother…" That said, Kikyo turned and left to follow her mother to their kitchen where the food waited.

Inuyasha turned around to look at everyone. But it was Kichiro who was the one to go up first. Kichiro was the one with the most bravery to walk up to Kagome's statue and get to his knees. He chanted a prayer as everyone listened, the wind drifting the voice to their ears. His voice was calm and even as he prayed for Kagome's soul to remain in peace. And as everyone watched, Inuyasha felt a need to get away. He felt alone in the crowd, filled with his family and friends. He felt so… alone.

I would have given you anything
Just to make you happy
Just to hear you say, that you love me, one last time
I'd go to hell and back over and over again

The black crowd remained behind him as Inuyasha walked away from them. Their auras were starting to fade, when all that time it felt like they were suffocating him. Kagome's statue was so real, that it felt like she was actually staring at him. But he couldn't feel her aura or smell her scent. Nothing. That's what he got. He got nothing when she left him that day in Hokkaido. She had not told him that she loved him, that she would miss him… anything. Just, to be happy. 'How the hell can I be happy without you, Kagome?' he asked himself, feeling his feet make their way to the empty shrine houses.

The empty space between each shrine house was quiet, something that Inuyasha needed right now. No one followed him, thankfully. All Inuyasha knew was that he wanted to be alone. He needed to think things through, like the past couple of days he already tried to think things through. But all that came to mind was Kagome, her face, her scent, her laughter. Everything about her came to his mind every second of every day. And it was killing him. He stopped.

Inuyasha glanced up, tilting his head back through exhaustion. He closed his eyes as the sun glared on him, staining him with the loneliness and sadness that plagued his heart. Inuyasha frowned, a crease on his forehead showing his thoughts clearly. With a frustrated growl, Inuyasha continued walking, letting his feet take him somewhere while his mind continued to plague him with memories of the past. His memories were all he had left of Kagome now. Unconsciously, Inuyasha's hand came up to grace the softness of the Jade beads of his magatama. Her aura still wrapped around the necklace and he had never taken it off once. Not when he showered or fought out his frustration with his brother and blood tainted the precious jewels. For Kagome had made it for him, and he was never going to take it off. It was one of the only things she left him and he was going to cherish it.


"I won't let you go again."

He could feel the way her hands lightly graced his chest, his heart thumping excitedly. Kagome's eyes searched his own, her chestnuts so rich and beautiful that he had drowned in them completely. With the scent of the city around them and the embrace of the night, they held each other tightly as if they would be separated again. But never again did Inuyasha intend to let Kagome go. He had done that once, and he would never do it again. This girl in his arms was the world to him. Even more. She looked at him with so much love that he had a hard time to breathe. And then, he heard her voice, so soft like the rain falling on the leaves of trees.

"Inuyasha… I will stay with you."


The shoes he wore made a clicking noise as the shrine's emptiness mocked his own. Inuyasha looked around at the shrine houses, not really seeing them. Yeah, he remembered Kagome's words that night of the sophomore banquet. She had been so beautiful and he had gotten her back after he and Kikyo had fallen for each other again. But he had regretted it, only wanting Kagome, only needing her. And that night he had realized that he had the only thing he needed back in his life. How delighted he was. She had told him that she wouldn't leave him, and he had promised to never let her go. But then, he didn't know about her prophecy. He was just an average boy wanting to keep the girl of his dreams forever.

But, God, he missed her. He just felt so empty. These past few days were hell. He and the boys had to get back to their lives, as if nothing had happened. The people of Japan would never know that they had been the ones to defeat the army that threatened to destroy Japan. No one would know. But they would know about the High Priestess, about Kagome, and her part in this war. For they would know her prophecy and know that she had rid the evil in Hokkaido, for many have seen her figure flying to the north. Inuyasha fisted his hands at his side as he stopped. His ears perked on his head, listening to the brush of the leaves on the trees and the sounds of sobs and small talk in the distance. He didn't want to hear anything else but the sounds of nature.

Just to prove to you how much I need you here
There is nothing that I wouldn't do
I'd cry for you, I'd lie for you
And there's no doubt that if I could take your place in heaven

Inuyasha glanced around at the shrines and then turned towards the house. Everyone was still at Kagome's statue as he came closer to the Goshinboku. But he didn't turn to look at them as he walked by. He didn't care to see their saddened faces or their tears of sadness. He could smell food, but he didn't care to place a finger on the scent. He just… didn't care.

The Goshinboku towered over him as his feet just kept walking. The shade did nothing to protect him, to wipe away his sadness. Inuyasha just hoped that no one followed him as he went behind the Higurashi's home, retreating to solitude. The family's burial site was behind their home, the family resting together beneath the earth. Inuyasha walked towards the white fencing that went around the graves. The grass was a stark green compared to the white fence and gray tombstones. Inuyasha blinked, his eyes scanning the tombstones. But he didn't see Kagome's tombstone. 'Are they not going to give her one?' Kagome may not have left anything for the family to bury, but she at least should be buried here with her family. Inuyasha's anger wasn't fueled for he was tired. Now that Kagome was gone, he had a hard time sleeping at night. He always saw her face in his dreams, her smile while she floated above the earth on the sunset of her last day. He couldn't get her out of his head.

Inuyasha huffed and whipped around, his silver hair flowing behind his shoulder as he walked back to where the others were. Kagome's statue was coming into view, but he kept his head down from the others. He didn't need them to comfort him.

Thoughts of his responsibilities came back, making him remember that he couldn't just give up and join Kagome in heaven. David had called and told the boys that he had an idea for a new album. It seemed that he had a better look at it than the boys, or maybe it was because of their loss that made them sound so miserable compared to him. They were supposed to meet David tomorrow and start talking about that new album he was so excited for. Then the same things will happen. Concert. Interviews. TV appearances. The same as the last time in high school, except without Kagome to help him through it.

Without noticing, Inuyasha looked up and realized that he was standing in front of Kagome's statue. The white stone glowed at him as he took a step back, suddenly afraid. Inuyasha jumped as a hand was placed on his shoulder.

I would die for you, yes I would
I would rather give up my life
Than to see the tears in your eyes
I can't stand to see you cry

"Hey," Koga said softly, as if he had ran out of breath. He took back his hand and kept his eyes on Kagome's statue.

Inuyasha turned his head to glance at Koga, but then looked back at the statue. Even Koga cared enough for Kagome to cry. He probably even felt like him, though Koga could never have the deep wounds that he carried. "How was lunch?" he asked, trying to strike up a conversation now that someone was by his side.

Koga shrugged. "Okay. You didn't eat."

"I'm not hungry."

The sounds of the other families were behind them, all chatting now as the mood became a little less tense. Though the loss and sadness still emanated in the shrine, everyone was trying to look on the bright side in fear of being consumed by the growing sadness. They all sat under the tents put up for the ceremony.

"You have to let her go."

Inuyasha growled low, bowing his head as he refrained from knocking Koga out. "I won't."

"Inuyasha… I'm serious." Koga turned, his eyes serious, though it was obvious that he had been crying and hurting. Though Koga cared a lot for Kagome, he understood that Inuyasha would be the one suffering more than anyone here. Maybe even more than Mrs. Higurashi. "Kagome wouldn't have wanted you to…"

"Shut up," he said deeply, his voice nearly a whisper, though it was filled with warning. And Koga backed off, not wanting to get into a fight here, in front of all their families. Koga sighed and turned back to Kagome's statue, looking over everything. Probably for the hundredth time. From the words that were carved at the base to Kagome's serene face. The statue radiated Kagome's aura, her happiness and purity, yet it could never replace her.

"None of us want to see you suffering like this, Inuyasha. I know you loved her…"

"Love." Inuyasha looked Koga dead in his eyes. "Love."

Koga turned and placed a hand on Inuyasha's shoulder. "But you have to move on. If not for your sake, than for Kagome. She gave you a future, Inuyasha." Koga's eyes were filled with pain but he turned his head away from Inuyasha's sad ones. "Don't throw it away." Koga turned and began to walk back to Ayame, his love. And for some reason, Koga felt guilty.

"But I don't know what to do with the life she gave me."

Koga turned around, shocked, but Inuyasha had turned towards the Higurashi's home, his silver hair flowing behind him. Koga watched him leave with pity in his eyes, though he would never show it to Inuyasha.

Cause it's hard for me to tell you I love you
As I'm standing over your grave
When I know I'll never hear your voice again
Why did you leave me
Why couldn't you just stay
Because my world is nothing, without you
Now I don't know what to do, with myself


The wind rushed past them as Inuyasha ran from his home, Kagome safely tucked in his arms. He was running for them, running from what they had found out about their child's future. Inuyasha felt Kagome's trembling and knew that he needed to get her to a nice place where she could feel comforted. And he knew exactly where to go.

Running through their forest behind the Takahashi's home, Inuyasha found the small clearing in the trees. It was small, yet, the sound of a nearby stream could be heard and some flowers lit the ground in bunches. Inuyasha slowed to a stop and let Kagome's feet touch the ground. When she did, her knees gave out and the two sank to the ground together, Inuyasha's arms still wrapped around her.

"I don't… know what… to do…" Kagome said between sobs, her face buried in her hands.

Inuyasha felt so helpless. He crossed his legs and placed Kagome in his lap. Her body wracked with sobs but all he could do was stroke her back and comfort her with promises. That's how helpless he felt.

"Don't worry Kagome… I promise you that I won't let them kill the baby." Kagome nodded her head into his chest, believing his words, or maybe, wanting to believe his words. Even he wanted to believe his words, but after hearing what the monks had came to tell Kagome, it was hard to believe his promise.


Inuyasha walked into the Higurashi's home, taking off his shoes at the entrance. That night, Inuyasha had believed his promise after Kagome had spent most of the night crying in the opening. And he had remained by her side, holding her and giving her as much comfort as she needed it. When she needed it. But how broken Kagome was that night. Inuyasha can still remember the look in her eyes when he watched her. She was broken, sad and lost, something that made him feel so defeated and powerless. Inuyasha sighed and walked up the stairs towards Kagome's bedroom. Mrs. Higurashi had said that she never touched anything in Kagome's room. But Kagome had left something for him on her bed. Inuyasha had told Mrs. Higurashi that he would go read it, sooner or later. And as much as he was trying to put it off, he had to read it. Kagome left something for him, something else besides their child.

And though Inuyasha knew he hadn't kept his promise, because he actually didn't save their child from its fate, he felt that Kagome had believed in his promise and would have trusted that he did fulfill it. Because he always kept his promises.

Opening the door, Inuyasha walked inside Kagome's room. He took in the look of it. Everything was where it was, the feel of her room was the same, the same coziness, the same brightness. But it was empty. Though everything she ever had from her four years of living here with her family was still here, the room was empty. Inuyasha let his fingers fall off the knob and he took a few small steps into the room. The bed was nicely made, and on top of it laid a folded up piece of paper and a ring. Inuyasha walked towards the bed and his eyes widened.

It was Kagome's ring. The one he asked for her to wear to wed him. Inuyasha slowly picked it up, the huge diamond glowing with its loss and the sapphires along the band reminding him of how much Kagome loved blue. Inuyasha squeezed his eyes shut, the pain in his chest hurting him too much. They were supposed to get married, he wanted her hand, anything, to make her his. But… 'She had not wanted to…' Inuyasha pushed his thoughts aside before he drowned himself in his sorrow, and placed the ring in his chest pocket. Picking up the paper, Inuyasha slowly sank down on Kagome's bed and looked at the neatly folded letter.

Inuyasha. His name was written in cursive on the front, Kagome's beautiful hand writing. He ran his fingers over the name, and then opened the paper. Inuyasha was surprised to only see four lines of writing in the middle of the paper, but it was enough to make his heart squeeze painfully and make him feel that he couldn't breathe.

"We were together
Only a little while,
And we believed our love
Would last a thousand years"

Slowly, his thought process began to function again, and Inuyasha blinked several times as his eyes became watery. His hands shook, so he placed them on his knees, still staring at those four lines. Kagome hadn't written her name or nothing to show that she had written it. Just the plain stark truth in four lines that summed up their relationship and what he was feeling right now. Emptiness. Inuyasha folded the paper back up, afraid to dwell on those words for too long. Because Kagome was right. They were lovers in another world from everyone. Where they could be free of others, only have themselves and their love to think about. They were lovers who thought that they could fight all who came against their love, and they did. They had gone through so much to be together. Or at least… Kagome had.

I just don't know what to do with myself
I can't stand looking at those pictures on my shelf
Knowing it was just one week ago, we stood there and took that picture
There's just one thing that I want to know
Why would God want to hurt me so bad?
Does he know how much it hurts
To be missing you?

Getting slowly up to his feet, Inuyasha looked around Kagome's room. Photo frames littered her dressers, her computer table and even her bedside desk. Inuyasha walked around to all the photos, some of the frames having words on them which fit the picture held within them perfectly. "Everlasting", "Precious Moments", even "Worst of Times". And that was one which Inuyasha hated, yet loved to remember every single time he looked at that picture. Unknown to him, a smile flirted on his face as he looked at the "worst of times" when he had fallen from the Sakura tree with Koga acting all tough and laughing at him. He had been so mad after that while the others laughed, but deep down, he knew it was a joke and enjoyed it. Every moment of it. Inuyasha turned from the picture and walked towards the others. So many pictures around Kagome's room, some of which she told him that she didn't like.

'I keep them to remind me of what I'm fighting for. Not everyone has a beautiful life, Inu. Everyone has their rough times and good times, and if you forget those bad times, then your life will be filled with false hopes.' Inuyasha remembered when Kagome told him that. He had been stubborn to listen to anything she told him, yet this had gotten through. Because they had their bad times too.

With a rough sigh, Inuyasha went to Kagome's window and opened it. He needed the air. This room was too comfortable, reminded him too much of Kagome. Reminded him of the passion they had for each other, the nights they spent with each other, the laughter they shared with each other. Everything, it reminded him of everything. Inuyasha took a deep breath and gazed at the Goshinboku tree. The tree was strong and tall, standing there while the others grieved and fell apart. But, Inuyasha did have his duties. Kagome's room was a reminder of what he had to do, what he was living for. 'I guess… I found what I have to live for… Kagome.' With that thought, Inuyasha closed Kagome's window and turned around. He grabbed the paper on Kagome's bed and went to the door. With one last look into the room that he had spent many days and nights in, Inuyasha closed the door on his hopes and dreams.


Baby I'm missing you
Baby I'm missing you

Everyone was talking to each other under the tent as Inuyasha made his way back to the families. Kira turned around and smiled, welcoming him back.

"Did you find what you needed?" she asked, knowing that Inuyasha had needed time to himself. She had told him about the note that Kagome had left for him, but she knew he would have been shocked about the wedding ring Kagome left behind. Even Kira had been shocked to see that little ring sitting there, unwanted. But Kira had left all that for Inuyasha to take in. And she knew that he was suffering.

Inuyasha nodded, a small smile on his face to counsel Kira's fears. "I did." Kira nodded with a smile and ushered Inuyasha to the others. The two went with the group and everyone began to mingle together.

The boys began to talk about their future to the families as they asked about the boys' new future in the music industry. They had informed their families that they would soon get out a new album and maybe even making more stage performances in the future. But college was definitely in the future for them, or at least that's what the parents kept saying. The kids just looked to each other and shook their heads in disbelief.

I love you
Goddamnit I love you
Why did he take you away from me?

Inuyasha smiled as he walked away from the others, going to stand in front of Kagome's statue. He looked up at Kagome's face and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. His ears perked and he turned around to see his son, the scent of his child marking itself in him.

"Sorry…" Kikyo said, a small smile on her face as she cradled the baby in her arms. She walked closer to Inuyasha as his eyes remained on the baby. "He just woke up. I was going to give him to you and then get his bottle."

Inuyasha nodded his head as he opened his hands. Kikyo placed his son in his hands and everything felt right. He looked down at the golden eyes that peered at him through sleepy lids. He smiled, one full of joy and pride. Kikyo watched the interaction with awe and love. Inuyasha was such a softie inside, and she loved him for his devotedness and love for those who meant much to him. She envied what he had, at least he still had someone to love and someone who loved him back. But it felt that these past four days with him had given her something to hope for.

Of course, Inuyasha wouldn't be able to take care of the child by himself, since he was still new at it. So, Kikyo had offered to help him take care of her sister's baby. She had slept over the Takahashi's home the past couple of days and watched after the baby with Inuyasha. Within that time, she had seen the softness of Inuyasha and the love that he felt for his child. But she had also seen how broken he really was. It was something that she dreaded to see, but Inuyasha never completely broke down in front of her or anyone of his family. He never showed his vulnerability to them. Only by himself, and Kikyo understood. Because she also had lost a lover and was broken on the inside. But the child was what kept them believing that there was more to life, a life that Kagome had given them.

"Thank you, Kikyo…" Inuyasha suddenly said.

Kikyo's eyes widened and she nodded with a smile. "Of course."

Because I love you so
I miss you so much baby
I just can't go on baby

Inuyasha looked back towards his son and faced Kagome's statue. "Kazuki… my son." Kagome had her arms outstretch for something, but her face was serene with a smile. She was so beautiful, and he felt the need to put Kazuki in her arms. But this is what she had given him. It was her last plea when she had told them all to be happy. Be happy with the new life she had given them. Be happy with the people who will always be by your side. Inuyasha smiled, Kikyo standing by his side and Kazuki in his arms. He would cherish Kazuki and live the life that Kagome gave him. Because it was what Kagome wanted.

Last Note: Thanks again for reading this story. Since it's my first, it definitely won't be my last. There will be a sequel to this story, so I hope that you will read and enjoy that one as well. Mahalo. A hui hou! (Farewell)

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