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Hidden by the Fox


There is a book titled the Ninja's Guide to Everything. It is one of the greatest books to ever come out of the publishing companies of Book Country. It is more informative then the Encyclopaedia Shinobi, more guarded then most villages greatest secrets, and more best selling and controversial then Jiraiya's series Icha Icha Paradise. It is so popular that many villages have printed their own versions to be used by their shinobi.

The Ninja's Guide has this to say on the 4th Hokage, Orochimaru: He is a crazy, power hungry bastard. It is commonly believed that the Third Hokage was smoking something bad, when he made Orochimaru his successor. Sadly we will never know if this is true because the Third sacrificed himself to seal the Kyuubi in Arashi Uzumaki's son, Naruto. Arashi, is now Orochimaru's enemy, on any issue regarding the Leaf village and those who live in it.

He was known as Konoha's Yellow Flash, the man that caused the death of thousands of Stone Ninja during one of the Great Shinobi Wars. Arashi Uzumaki stormed through the street, up the stairs of an apartment complex, and into a room. In the room there was a guy with silver hair and a mask covering his lower face, a guy with black hair and a pair of goggles over his eyes, and a girl with straight brown hair and two red strips on her cheeks. The girl was also holding a baby that bore a striking resemblance to Arashi himself.

"Did Naruto cause any trouble today?" Arashi asked the assembled group.

"Nope he slept all day," Rin answered.

"Good, I'm glad I could ask you three to baby sit Naruto, while I listen to that snake bastard's crazy plans. Ever since the Third sealed Kyuubi in Naruto that snake bastard acting like he has free reign over everything." Arashi ranted.

"What he try to do today?" Kakashi drawled.

"He wants to invade Rice Country! Can you believe it? Said something about having access to the bloodlines there! Megalomaniac bastard." Arashi finished his rant then cooled down. "Alright you guys, I'll buy you all ramen, as further thanks for watching Naruto."

Below the village in the sewers, an ANBU with a weasel mask sprinted to the surface

"I don't believe it!" he thought, "Orochimaru, the 4th Hokage himself, is conducting experiments on our citizens! I must tell Arashi, he hates Orochimaru, he will take action."

2 hours later...

"You saw what?" Arashi asked, his face frozen in a look of shock.

"Orochimaru is conducting Kinjutsu experiments on people in the village. I saw it for myself." The ANBU said.

"Hmm… Itachi, find Kakashi, Rin and Obito. Tell them to find everyone they know they can trust and to meet me at the "secret" conference room under the temple. Gather anyone in the clans that you can trust. I don't just mean the Uchiha either. I want to see the Nara, the Akimichi, the Yamanaka, the Aburame, the Inuzuka, and the Hyuuga clans. Do that now. This is of the utmost importance, so do it with great haste and greater secrecy."

Itachi bowed and left the room. Arashi remained seated and thinking. "Orochimaru is powerful; he is the hokage after all. If we try to overthrow him, we will have at least half the village at our throats. The only option is to leave. Found a new village somewhere, but we cannot stay here if we are to live the life we have enjoyed for generations."

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