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Hidden by the Fox

Chapter 15: Bones, Demons, and Ice

The Ninja's Guide has this to say on the Village Hidden in the Coral Reef: a hidden village based out of Ocean Country. The Hidden Coral goes to great lengths to make sure its village stays hidden and have been known to kill anyone who has even an idea where the village is. Coral-nins are infamous for their use of poison. They coat nearly all their weapons in poison and some even carry a tank of toxic water, to give their water jutsus an extra kick. The Coral's poisons are known for their power, and even now, no other village has been able to recreate them.

"Damnit!" Haku swore under his breath. "We're too evenly matched. He blows away Gaara's sand before it gets close to him, and sends my needles off course at the same time. If only I had some water... Damnit! I don't have enough chakra to make water, and there are no water sources near here!" Haku took a careful look at his surroundings, noticing many large red flowers clinging to the trees. "Wait, bromeliads collect water in their flowers! Gaara, cover me!"

Gaara nodded, "Dessert Sand Storm!" Sand whipped around Gaara in a haze, obscuring both him and Haku.

"Demonic Ice Mirrors!"

Water from the flowers flew into the air and formed a dome of Ice Mirrors around Zaku. Zaku raised his hands and blasted an ice mirror. The mirror shattered and then re-formed.

Zaku noticed a tendril of sand creeping towards him and promptly blasted it. Haku took that opportunity to launch a crossfire of sebon at Zaku. Zaku didn't dodge in time. His body seized up and he collapsed, sebon sticking out of him like pins in a pincushion.


Kaimaru dodged two kunai and struck Naruto with a Jyuuken punch. Naruto jumped back and began a series of hand seals. "Flamethrower jutsu!" He then blew a stream of fire at Kaimaru.

"Kaiten!" Kaimaru spun like a top as a dome of chakra formed around him. Naruto's flames struck the Kaiten like water hitting a dam. "You won't catch me by surprise again. 64 Hands of Hakke! 1 strike! 2 strikes! 4 strikes! 8 strikes! 16 Strikes! 32 Strikes! 64 Strikes!" Naruto fell to the ground. "You can never beat me," Kaimaru snorted, as he turned around. "Wait, killing intent!?"

"I'm not that easy to beat!"


"So traitor!" Shisha spat, as she launched a kick at Sasuke. "You're just as weak as I thought! I guess nothing good can be expected from traitors who disgrace the Uchiha!"

"Shut UP!" Sasuke roared. "Fox Fireball!" He then took a deep breath and blew a giant bluish fireball at Shisha. She dodged effortlessly and watched the fireball sail past her and strike Kimimaro, who was sneaking up behind her.

"Pathetic. Its no wonder your father committed seppuku. You can't even stop yourself from hurting your team mates."

"SHUT UP! I'M NOT WEAK!" Sasuke roared in rage as he charged at Shisha.

In the blink of an eye Shisha was behind him. "You're weak. I expected nothing better from an Uchiha trained by traitors. If you were raised in the Leaf then maybe you might have been better…" She then delivered a blow to his head, knocking Sasuke out. "That was pathetic…"

"Dance of the Fireweed!"

Shisha moved just in time to stop Kimimaro from ripping open her chest, but not enough to stop him from hitting her leg. The bones protruding from Kimimaro's forearm tore the flesh from her leg.

Kimimaro looked worse for wear. Patches of skin were lightly burnt and blood dripped down his face.

"Never assume you have won before you HAVE won," Kimimaro said. "Dance of the Flytrap!"

Bones burst from the ground and snapped together like a bear trap. Again Shisha dodged, but not quickly enough. The bones snapped shut on her arm breaking it completely.

And back we go…

Kaimaru gazed in horror at the demonic chakra emanating from Naruto. In a flash Naruto was in front of him, dealing him a blow to the neck. He flew backwards into a tree, just in time to see Shisha get her arm snapped.

"Damnit!"he swore. "Shisha is out! I never thought we would be overpowered!"

"Wait!" he yelled, raising his hands surrender. "I give up! I'll give you my teams other bone tube if you let us leave!"

"Kaimaru!" Shisha yelled. "What are you doing?"

"Damnit Shisha, we're overpowered!" Kaimaru yelled, as he tossed a bone tube to Naruto. "Now, go get Zaku and let's get out of here!" He watched as Shisha grabbed Zaku and limped off into the jungle, before leaving himself.

Naruto immediately rushed over to Hinata and checked to see if she was alright. "Haku! Come here!" he yelled at the ice ninja.

Haku ran over to Hinata and used a diagnostic jutsu. "She's alright," he proclaimed. "She managed to fix the worst of it before she blacked out."

Naruto sighed in relief. "Good, lets head to the outpost, we have two bone tubes. Hopefully we can have some peace so we can patch ourselves up."

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