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Less innerthoughts, compared to the first chapter, more dialogue, different layout. This is do to me having not watching Fastlane in a while and it didn't come out as good as the last chapter (IMO)

Deaq slowed down and turned down his music as he saw a cop car roll by. "Sucker!" he laughed as he saw a guy with his face buried in his hands in the backseat. Turning into the Candy Store he spotted Hill taking hell from Billie.

He parked his car next to the two, got out, and tried to play arbiter. "Woah guys! Take a step back and relax. 'Woosah'" said Deaq to Billie. "Now tell me what the hell is Hill doing here? Where's Van at?"

Billie stayed silent as Hill grinned and said, "Van Ray was arrested." "Arrested? For what?" Asked Deaq. "Is this about that website he went to a few weeks ago? I swear it didn't mean anything I was just messing around with his computer and the only reason we were on that site for ten minutes was because he started hitting me when he caught me. You guys should be after real criminals, like Michael!" Hill looked disgusted while Billie looked seriously pissed at Deaq.

"Mr. Ray was arrested because he's our main suspect in the murder of Raymond Ray," gloated Hill. "Ray Ray is dead?"

"Yes and the LAPD believe Van is the murderer, the person who killed Raymond Ray. Do I need to talk any slower for you understand?"

"When was he murdered? Billie and I can testify that he was no where near the scene of the crime!"

"Wow two whole witnesses! Let me just call up Officer Reyes and tell him to let Van go! I've got five witnesses who saw Van leaving Raymond's condo before the time of the murder and—"

"We'll we're cops doesn't that count for anything these days?"

"I wasn't finished. There's security camera footage of Van shooting and killing Raymond Ray in the adjacent parking garage."

Deaq turned to look at Billie. She had that look of deep thought. "We wanna see it," said Deaq. He and Billie jumped into his car and sped off towards the station. Deaq looked over at Billie who was still in deep though. He decided not to break the silence.

At the precinct a Detective Reese is questioning Van. "Mr. Ray, can you tell me where you were from ten to two A.M.?" Van looked up at her and looked back down. She was annoyed with him already, ten minutes of general questions and not one answer. She glanced over at the two-way mirror for showing her annoyance. There was a knock on the door and Van looked up curiously. "That must be your lawyer," said Reese, annoyed. The door opened to reveal Billie who saw the disappointment in Van's eyes.

"Lieutenant Chambers I'll be taking over this interrogation."

"Under whose authority?"

"You must be new detective, but I do believe I outrank you."

"I'm going to get some coffee. Good luck with getting anything out of him."

Detective Reese left the room. Billie took a seat on the table beside Van. "You okay?" inquired Billie. "I'll get over it, after I find out who killed Ray Ray. So get me out of here so I can find out who did it already!" asked Van, standing up finally showing emotion. Billie motioned over to the two-way mirror reassuringly.

"We're wasting time the killer could be halfway to Canada by now!"

"Don't get to ahead of yourself, we have to get proof that you're innocent first."

"You and Deaq aren't enough?"

"They've got you on video Van, with your face on camera."

" You saw the video? You honestly think I did this?" Asked Van visibly hurt.

"No and no, I know it was faked. We were together the whole time! Now I need to know if anyone has ever had a grudge against you or your father?"

Van stared blankly at her. "Right, I'll get a pen and some paper." Billie said knowingly. Billie got up to leave. "Billie," called Van "I want to see that video."