Two Sparrows In A Hurricane

Like two sparrows in a hurricane

Trying to find their way

With a head full of dreams

And faith that can move anything

They've heard it's all uphill

All they know is how they feel

The world says they'll never make it

Love says they will

The journey was long and tedious. Three years it took them. Three long years. The group now returns to the village they all call home. The monk, the demon slayer with her demon cat, the fox demon child, the hanyou, and the girl from the future.

With the help of unlikely allies, they defeated their nemesis. Naraku. It took the combined forces of everybody to bring the hated half-demon down and destroy him and the cursed jewel that he possessed. Kouga, Kikyou, Kohaku, Sesshoumaru. Everybody had a part.


Sesshoumaru, being Sesshoumaru, just disappeared when the battle ended. Kohaku and Sango, riding on Kirara, headed back to the demon slayers village to pay final respects. Miroku summoned Hachi, and he headed back to the temple he was raised in, to let Master Mushin know of his ultimate success. Inuyasha went over to talk to Kikyou, while Kouga tried to convince Kagome to leave with him and be his bride, scoffing at Inuyasha, calling him a puppy following his former mistress while leaving Kagome all alone.

"He doesn't deserve you, Kagome. Look at him, playing innocent with the miko."

"I am not going with you Kouga. I don't love you and I never will. Please, go to Ayame. She loves you and wants to marry you."

"So you're saying you're gonna stay with the mutt, then?"

"I promised him I would never leave him. I intend to keep that promise."

"He doesn't care, Kagome. Look at how close to you I am and he's not even looking this way. When she's around, all he thinks of is her. Not you."

'Maybe,' she thought, 'But I'm with him all the time and he only sees Kikyou every now and then. I can't stop him from thinking about her or wanting to talk to her when she's near.'

"You're not even listening to me Kagome. I promise, I will be back for you. When I rebuild our den, I'll be back." Kouga said as he raced off.

Kagome looked at the dust then realized Inuyasha was standing near her.

"Let's go Kagome.", Inuyasha said as he bent down for Kagome to climb on his back.

"I'll walk for now." Kagome said, then changed her mind when she saw Inuyasha's surprised face, "So what did you and Kikyou talk about?" She asked curiously and the regretted she did.

"Nuthin' much. I asked her what she was going to do now and she said she had a village with orphaned children she was going back to. That's all." Inuyasha said as he sped off.


Since that time, their friends had caught up with them. Obviously none of them had spent a long time at their various locales they had revisited. Soon, they arrived at Kaede's village and went in to the old miko's hut to rest and relive their adventure.