Chapter 70

"Who the hell are you?", Mr. Higurashi questioned the figure with silver-hair.

"Your worst nightmare if you don't leave my daughter alone.", Inuyasha replied.

"Your daughter? Isabella's father has black hair not this freaky silver hair.", the man shot back.

'Isabella?', Inuyasha thought, 'Who the hell is Isabella?' Then realization hit him. Isabella must be his daughter in the future. Then this man is ...

"You're Kagome's father?", Inuyasha said aloud, voicing his thoughts.

"Of course I am. And who the hell are you, I repeat?"


Inuyasha turned and saw Kagome and her mother drop their packages on the grass as Kagome came running towards him.

"Inuyasha?", the man questioned, "But, yesterday you had black hair. Why do you now have silver hair. And what is with the ears? They look almost like dog ears."

"Sam," Kagome's mother addressed her ex-husband, "Come inside and I'll try to explain it to you."

"Fine. But, this better be good."

The five went inside the house. Kagome's father was surprised to see five more silver haired children in the house. Kagome addresses the oldest looking one,

"Yasha, please take the other pups to the house in back. We'll be there shortly."

'Pups? Did she just call these children pups?', Higurashi thought.

"Now Sam, let's sit down. You'll need to, believe me.", Kagome's mother said.

"Keiko, I refuse to sit down. Now somebody better start explaining.", Higurashi said, with an angry tone to his voice.

"Well, you see, you know about the ancient well on the property,", Kagome's mother started explaining.

"Yea, so what about it?"

"22 years ago, on Kagome's 15th birthday, she fell down the well and, was, how shall we say it, transported back in time to the feudal era."

"The what?"

"The feudal era of Japan, over 500 years ago"

"Woman, what are going on about? That's impossible and you know it."

"I thought so too at first, but I've seen her go through. She's been traveling back and forth for the past 22 years now. Inuyasha is from that time."

"This is ridiculous. And why does he look different and who are those other children?"

"The Inuyasha and Kagome you met yesterday are the ones that are alive now and living in this time. This Kagome and Inuyasha are the ones from the past. The children you met yesterday are their youngest. These children are their oldest, only back from the past."

"WHAT?", Higurashi held his head, as if he had a headache, "Now I know you're nuts woman. Past Kagome, Present Kagome. What the hell? And what's with the goddamn ears and the silver hair? And why did she call those kids pups?"

All this time Inuyasha and Kagome had been standing quietly, holding each other. Kagome now spoke up,

"Inuyasha is a dog-demon. Well, half-demon. His father was a dog-demon and his mother was human."

Her father looked at her incredulously. "Right.", he said sarcastically.

Kagome gently pulled one of Inuyasha's ears, "See, they don't come off. The children are half-demons too. That's why we call them pups."

"So your saying to me, that his mother fucked a dog and he was born? I've heard of beastiality, but that is sick, girl."

Not liking what he heard, but not understanding the word, 'beastiality', Inuyasha got upset and said,

"Don't you insult my mother, you bastard."

"You're the bastard. You're some kind of freak show gone wild. And you, you of all people Keiko, accept her marriage to this, this freakazoid?"

"Kagome and me have been married for 19 years. We don't need your goddamned approval."

"And if all this stupid story is true, how the hell are you alive 500 years later?"

"Demons live longer than humans. And I have demon blood in me now so I'm somewhat of a half-demon too.", Kagome tried in vain to explain.

As her father ranted on, Kagome heard a knock in the door. Leaving her parents and Inuyasha behind, she answered the door. She was surprised to see the human form of Jaken.

"Jaken,", she hissed quietly, "Why are you here?"

"Lord Sesshoumaru says for you and Inuyasha to take the pups and go back through the well. And he doesn't think you should use the well anymore. This wasn't supposed to happen but now you've changed history."

"Should I usea time spell and reverse it all?"

"No. But, Ai says if you want to come to the present at all, open a time portal in another location, where nobody knows you, if Inuyasha insists on wanting stuff from this time."

"But how do we change this?"

"Don't worry. Lord Sesshoumaru says a simple memory spell will change his memory. Now get Inuyasha and the pups and your supplies and go."

"Right.", she said, as she closed the door. Hurrying back to Inuyasha, her mother asked,

"Who was at the door, dear?"

"Oh, just a salesman. I sent him away."

Her father was still ranting about Inuyasha being a freak and the whole bizarre story that they told him. Kagome pulled Inuyasha aside and explained that they needed to leave. Now. Inuyasha went out to take the supplies to the well, as Kagome went back to her mother and father.

"Excuse me, father, can I talk to mama, alone, please?", Kagome asked. At this cue, her mother walked into the kitchen, with Kagome behind her, leaving the fuming man in the living room.

"Mama, Inuyasha and I are leaving. Now. I think it's best if I don't return through the well anymore."

"I agree. It's beginning to cause too many problems."

"I'll miss you mama. See you in 500 years.", Kagome said, with a tear in her eye.

Her mother smiled, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Her mother walked out into the living room to work on getting her ex-husband to leave, while Kagome left out back to get the pups. Quickly explaining why they had to leave so suddenly, the children sadly went to the well with their mother. After Inuyasha finished getting all the supplies through the well, the family crossed over together.

"Bye, Mama.", Kagome thought, sadly.

Later that night, after the supplies were put away and the pups asleep, Inuyasha and Kagome curled up in bed together.

"I coulda killed that guy for all he said.", Inuyasha said, quietly.

"Don't worry about it anymore, my love. I'm just glad to see that we're still together in the future."

"And why wouldn't we be?", Inuyasha asked.

"No reason.", Kagome replied as she kissed her husband deeply.

He rubbed her belly and softly whispered, "By the way, I smell a different scent on you."

"Oh?", she queried.

"Yea. You're having twins.", he said as he kissed her again.


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