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Neji yawned. His clear eyes opened to find himself staring at the ceiling of his bedroom. He blinked, then covered his head with his pillow as his alarm sounded right on cue. Knowing it was time to wake up and go down to Gai and the others, he groaned and shut off his alarm.

Getting out of bed and changing into his normal clothes, he opened the door and walked out into the kitchen. He opened the pantry and grabbed a bowl of cocoa puffs: something he didn't enjoy very much, but didn't mind nevertheless. He yawned once more and took his cereal and milk to his table and sat down. He chewed in silence, seeing as he lived alone and seeing as he was still more than halfway asleep.

His head nodded lightly, daring to fall into his cereal bowl and sleep, but something caught his eye.

Looking to the right, halfway awake now, he noticed Tenten's backpack sitting innocently on the stool right next to his front door.

'Oh yeah... I remember now. Tenten left that at the training grounds yesterday. I suppose I better return it today...' The Hyuuga gulped down the last of his cereal and put his dish in the sink. He walked out the door, grabbing Tenten's backpack on the way out.

"Damn sun..." Neji shielded his eyes from the morning's newly shining sun rays. He hated mornings. "Ugh... I can't stand today's fate..." He moaned, still half asleep. Not paying attention, he hadn't noticed something that sounded like Velcro ripping at Tenten's backpack until he heard the 'thud' of the objects within it. He stopped, surprised and newly-awake, and turned around to see what had happened.

Looking on the ground he saw many items. He noticed they were all from Tenten's backpack. "Ugh..." He knelt down to pick them up and put them back into the backpack which had opened. "Hair dryer. Nail polish, nail filer, eye liner..." Neji listed the things as he put them back in. "...ribbon, book, diary, hea-..." He stopped. "Diary...?" He put the small book aside and hastily piled everything else into Tenten's backpack.

He put the backpack back on and picked up Tenten's diary in his hands, eyeing it with great interest. "I shouldn't..." He sighed, walking slowly forward.

"Hey, Neji!" He heard the voice of Kiba say, as he wheeled by on his bike. Neji looked up and waved lightly, not looking where he was going.

"Woah!" The Hyuuga almost tripped but caught his balance by grabbing onto a street lamp before falling over. In the process, he happened to drop Tenten's diary. "Uh oh..." He shut his eyes tight. The diary's lock had cracked and it was laying on the floor wide open to a written page. Neji gulped and opened one eye, blushing slightly. "No, Neji! Don't!" He yelled at himself, but, being a young and 'healthy' boy (as they would say), he let his suspicion get the best of him. "Ah! Dammit Neji..." He told himself, picking it up and letting his eyes scan the entry in purple ink and fancy cursive:

Dear Diary:

Today was really fun! When I woke up, I was sort of depressed... I don't know why! But the second I got to the training grounds, I cheered up! Heh. You probably know why from the entries I've done before, but it was because I saw Neji-kun there! Yes, I know I'm being obsessive, but I suppose it's because I love him so much! Haha! I can't wait to show these diary entries to our kids! Wait until they see their mommy had been obsessed over their daddy her whole life! (lol!) Well, I guess I'm rambling again! OMG! I think Neji just looked at me! Omg! I'm blushing so hard right now on the inside! I just can't help it! I wish I could hug him... no wait. I wish he'd smile! Yeah. That'd be so nice! I'd LOVE it if Neji-kun smiled... oh well. I guess I'm fantasizing. Again! Oops! Gai-sensei just came! I gotta go! Ttyl!


"Neji?" The Hyuuga looked up with wide eyes.

'Oh no...' He thought to himself. He had walked right into the training grounds and there was Lee and Gai and... Tenten. He immediately shoved the diary furiously into his pocket and looked up guiltily, hoping no one had noticed. "Uh... hey..." Neji spoke.

"Was that a book?" Lee cried happily, bounding up to his friend. Neji's eyes widened to the size of plates.

"Um... book? What book...?" He twitched.

"Ah! So your youthful soul has finally awakened to the full bloom of reading, Neji?" Gai beamed. Neji exhaled a sigh of relief.

"Sure," He said bluntly, trying to remain neutral and emotionless as usual. 'Good. It looks like Tenten hasn't noticed yet...'

"Hey, Neji! Is that my backpack?" Tenten asked, walking up him. He suddenly remembered he had Tenten's backpack on!

"Oh... yeah," He said, taking the small backpack off of him and giving it to Tenten. She smiled.

"Thanks! I thought I lost it or someone had stolen it! Thanks a bunch, Neji-kun!"

Suddenly, the words from the diary popped into his head. I wish he would smile... 'Smile? Well... it's worth a shot..." Neji tried to smile, but it only came out as a half smirk, half something else. Tenten blinked.

"Neji... Are you okay...?" She asked, concernedly looking at his 'smile'. He stopped.

"Uh, yeah. Why?" He asked, hesitantly. 'Great going Neji!' He yelled sarcastically in his mind.

"Oh, erm... no reason!" She laughed nervously. "Uh, thanks for bringing my backpack to me, though!" Tenten said and rushed off as Gai summoned them. Neji followed.

"Alright, guys!" Gai struck a pose, his teeth gleaming. "Time to start today off with a little hard work to increase your youthfulness!" Lee's eyes sparkled, Tenten stared on, apparently not really comprehending, and Neji stood there, totally spacing out. "We will start off with 100 laps around Konoha! Then, target practice sounds good to me, then we'll practice chakra control, then, I suppose, you may have the last hour to yourselves! How does that sound?" Lee jumped for joy.

"Oh, Gai-sensei!" They hugged.

"How 'bout you two youthful beings?" Gai asked, pointing to Neji and Tenten.

"Uh... sure?" Tenten cocked an eyebrow, then looked to Neji, who still had his mind on the diary entry. "Ne...ji...?"

"WAKE UP, HYUUGA!" Gai yelled in Neji's ear, causing the Hyuuga to fall over backwards.

"Agh! Ow, dammit..." He muttered under his breath, looking up to the smirking jounin hovering above him.

"C'mon, Neji! Get on the ball!" Gai laughed and pulled him back up.

"Sorry..." Neji muttered again and made a mental note to read more of the diary tonight.

"Alright, team! Let's get to it!" Gai yelled, striking another pose. Lee squealed and copied his clone, Tenten sighed annoyedly and shook her head, while Neji started to space off again. Lee took off first around Konoha at the speed of light, Tenten was about to follow, when she noticed Neji wasn't moving.

"Neji?" She looked at him.

"Hn?" He looked up, surprised to see her staring at him. "Oh... coming..." He said and started jogging along beside her, all the while, that one diary entry repeating in his head.

The sun was setting and casting a warm yellowish/orangeish/pinkish glow over the village. Neji trudged home, exhausted from all the work they had done. Gai had said they could have the last hour to themselves, but they ended up going an hour overtime instead. Lee had stayed behind with Gai to do even more training, which Neji thought was absolutely ridiculous! And Tenten walked home with Neji, but had parted with him when she reached her house.

Walking in the door, he didn't bother to lock it and ran up to his room. Shutting the door, he took out the diary.

'Okay... she said she had written entries prior to the one I ACCIDENTALLY read... I know I shouldn't... but I gotta..' Neji opened the front cover to the first page and gazed upon slanted purple ink.

Dear Diary,

Neji was at practice today! Oh! You don't know Neji-kun! Weeeeell... I'll tell you about him. He's the BEST boy in the whole world! I can't stand how great he is! He has these really cool eyes that turn me on! (There're, like... clear!) And, well... if you haven't noticed, I've got a crush on him! I know, I know... I'm too young right? Well, I don't show it around him! I just love looking at him. That's enough for me. The only thing is, I've only known him for a little while, so I don't really understand him yet, but I have NEVER seen him smile! Wtf is up with that? (That's what I've been wondering for the longest time!) Have I told you about his luscious locks of pure dark brown strands? ZOMG! I wish he would grow it out a little more... then I could run my fingers through it when... well, you don't need to know! Haha... I'm blushing right now! And, I've saved the best part for last! I get to be in the same cell as him! Isn't that absolutely perfect? (I've already planned seven different ways I could "accidentally" fall into his arms!) Well, this has been a long entry and I'm getting tired... I'll tell you more tomorrow! G'night!


Neji stared at it.

"Oh my God... when the fuck was this written?" He looked at the date. It was written 4 years ago. "Damn... girls like to write..." He glared at the book, then, incredibly, he smirked. "So, she's liked me for a long time now? Interesting... Let's look at tomorrows entry, shall we?" He talked to himself as he turned the page.

Dear Diary,

I loooooooooooove Neji! I'm terribly sorry, but I just HAD to say that! The best thing happened today! I tripped! Zomg! Isn't that great? Oh! Well, the reason that's great is because I fell... INTO Neji! Well... not into, into! But, it was sort of awkward at first, but I LOVED it! Oh, so much! I felt like I was in heaven! Okay... here's how it all happened: I was walking. Yes, walking. I saw Neji and got freaked out! I ran behind a tree and grabbed every weapon I had. I put them all in my arms and walked out in front of Neji. (I think he figured it was heavy for me, but, for some odd reason, my girlish charm didn't work on him and he didn't see me! Ugh...) Anyways... I was walking and I rushed over in front of Neji. You see, I was planning on acting like I couldn't see where I was going, but I accidentally tripped over a rock! Can you believe what great luck I had? Well, when I tripped, Neji, obviously, reacted immediately out of instinct and caught me. Only... I sort of slapped him... I swear I could help it! He, literally, caught me in the "wrong spot"... he grabbed my breasts. Yes... I said it. Breasts! I suppose it really wasn't his fault... but he GRABBED them! I mean... I had to do SOMETHING!

Neji stared at it, blinking and blushing. His nose slightly dripped with blood. "...so...soft..." Was all he could mutter. He gulped and read on.
I sort of feel bad that I slapped him, but he did it on purpose! I know it! I mean, he IS a guy... Well, gotta close up for now. I'll update more either later or tomorrow!


The Hyuuga inhaled, then SLOWLY exhaled. "Tenten... I can't believe she wrote all this about me..."

"Wrote all what about you?"

Neji's heart stopped. 'Oh... my... God... no...' He swallowed, clinging to the diary, but didn't dare turn around. He knew who was standing in his doorway right at this moment.

"Whatcha readin'?" Tenten's voice sounded as she pranced over to Neji and looked at the diary, which Neji quickly snagged and clung to, shielding it from her eyes.

"Nothing! Go away!" The Hyuuga snapped, leaving a surprised Tenten to ponder his strange actions.

"Neji-kun...?" Tenten blinked, looking him in the eyes now.

"What?" Neji practically yelled, throwing the diary into the open drawer of his dresser. Tenten drew back slightly.

"Neji. Are you okay? I mean, seriously?" She asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Fine!" Neji growled. "Now go away!"

"Hmph!" Tenten put her hands on her hips. "Look... I just came over to see if you happened to have seen my diary? The door was open, so I thought-"

"Diary? What diary? I haven't seen any diaries! What makes you think I've seen your diary?" Neji twitched slightly. Tenten looked at him oddly.

"Uh... okay?"

"Okay! Now be gone!" Neji got off the bed, literally pushed her out of his bedroom, closed the door, and slid to the carpet, sighing relievedly. "Damn my conscience. Damn it to hell..." He breathed, annoyedly.

"NEJI!" There was pounding on his bedroom door. "NEJI! OPEN UP!" He was actually having a hard time keeping the door shut.

"GO AWAY! I'M FINE AND I'VE NEVER SEEN A DIARY BEFORE IN MY LIFE!" Neji yelled, trying to complete this awkward moment. He waited. No banging? She must be gone. He opened his door a slit and peeked out.

No Tenten.

"Good..." Neji sighed and took out the diary again. "I gotta read more!" He opened to the page he had stopped on and found a surprise he did not expect.

Dear Diary,

I ran into that Uchiha today... I never knew he was so hott! I mean... it was so weird! All I ever think about is Neji-kun! But... Sasuke! Those onyx eyes... Zomg! He might be... hotter than Neji! AGH! NO! I'm so confused right now! I mean, I love Neji... but Uchiha Sasuke is pretty hott... I don't understand. Am I in love with Sasuke because of his incredible hottness? Well... I don't know. I guess I'll write more tomorrow.


"Uchiha...?" Neji's eyes were wide. He pulled the diary closer. "It...can't...be... No... I'm misreading! I must be..." He read it all again. And again. Again. Again. Again! Again? "NOOO!" The Hyuuga stared at it, his right eye twitching. "It is... WHY? WHY UCHIHA SASUKE?" He yelled cursing out the diary, pointing and screaming at it. "What's so great about him? I'm in a clan too! What the fuck is wrong with her?" He quickly flipped the page and read on.
Dear Diary,

Okay! I've decided! I will write it and then close up for the night. Okay. Here it goes: I like Neji less than Sasuke. There. I said it. Now, I'm going to sleep! G'night!


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