The New Big Brother

– – Epilogue – –

"Don't Mess with a Winchester"

"Oh my god. Sam…how could you?"

Sam tried hard not to laugh at the ridiculously stunned look on his brother's face. He watched as Dean continued to stare, his mouth wide open.

"Dean, you're being ridic-"

"I want to go back to the hospital."

Dean turned around abruptly and took a step back toward the hospital, but Sam grabbed his arm, put a hand on his shoulder, and gently turned him back around.

"Come on, Dean. You're overreacting. You've wanted to leave since we got here."

"I know, Sam, but…look at it! It's…it's horrible."

"Dean, it's just a minivan."

"Exactly! It's the kind of car that screams 'I'm a high school dork who can't afford his own car and has to drive his mother's car when she's not using it to drive my equally dorky kid brother and his gaggle of annoying friends to their soccer games.' Forget it, Sam."

Sam sighed. They had finally gotten out of the hospital after three long weeks of being bored out of their minds. They were finally free. Now all Dean could do was complain about their getaway car.

"Dean, come on, man. It's just a car."

"Sam, it's a Soccer Mom Van," Dean hissed.

Sam groaned.

"You're the one who told me you didn't care what I got as long as it was ready to 'get us the hell out of here as soon as they free us from this prison.'"

"I know, Sam, but…I mean…look at the color. It looks like…I don't know, some freaky colored Easter egg or something," Dean said, talking fast.

"It's teal."

"Oh, thank god! It's teal! Now I feel SO much more manly!" Dean cried, tossing his arms up in the air in frustration.

Sam couldn't help it.

He burst out laughing.

"How could you possibly think this is FUNNY!" Dean asked incredulously, looking at Sam like he had lost his mind.

Sam got his laughter under control. He couldn't help it. Dean was just being so ridiculous. "Come on, man. It's the best thing they had."

"What, did you go to Hell and back to get this thing?"

"Dean, it's practical. It's got plenty of leg room-"

"It's not my fault you're a giant freak!"

"-and it's really comfortable. The doctors said you still need to rest. You know they only let you out when you promised to keep resting. And you didn't just promise them. You promised me."


"The sooner you get some rest, the sooner I'll stop bothering you about it."


"Besides, it's not even like we'll be in it that long. Just until we can get to Lincoln and get Dad's truck out of impound. Then I'll drive this thing back to the rental place and you can drive Dad's car. We'll have Dad's truck for a few weeks, and before you know it, Bobby will have the Impala fixed."

"But Sam…." Dean continued to stare at the car like he was afraid it was going to eat him.

Sam sighed, his head dropping down in exhaustion. Dean could be so stubborn sometimes.

He had no choice.

He'd have to pull The Face.

"Dean, it's just for a few days. At most. We'll go to Chelsea…." Sam's voice dropped off, not wanting to touch on the delicate subject of going to Chelsea, Kansas to say a proper goodbye to their father, who had been buried there two weeks ago, next to their mother's memorial. He continued.

"And then we'll head straight to Lincoln. Two days, Dean. Two days. That's it."

"Sam…." Dean drew his gaze away from the evil monster in front of him.

He refused to give in to his little brother on this one.

Then his eyes focused on Sam.

"Oh god," he moaned.

Sam was giving him The Face - puppy dog eyes, pouty lips. The "I'm your little brother and you know you can't say no to me" look.

"Sammy, come on…"

Sam didn't let up.

Dean growled.

He was never going to be able to say "no" to Sam.


"Fine," Dean agreed through gritted teeth. "As long as you promise me that it won't be for more than two days."

Sam wiped the look off his face and smiled.

Dean was so predictable.

"Sure. I promise."

Dean sighed loudly and looked down at the ground, defeated. After a minute, he looked up at the car again, and Sam thought he saw the glimmer of a pout flash over his face before quickly disappearing. Dean turned his head back to take one look at the hospital, then turned around to face Sam, and Sam was glad to see Dean's trademark smirk in place.

"Let's get the hell out of here," he said.

Sam smiled at him.


Sam opened the passenger side door first so Dean could get in. He wasn't surprised that Dean didn't protest not being able to drive.

It was all part of his plan to make sure Dean got the rest he needed.

Dean put a leg up in the car and prepared to slowly push himself up the short distance to the seat. Sam put one hand behind Dean's back and the other on his shoulder, and was happy when Dean allowed him to help him sit down. Sam cringed when pain flashed over Dean's face. Sam knew, as much as his brother tried to hide it, that Dean was still hurting. He had seen Dean show signs of pain when he thought Sam wasn't looking. Dean had been hurt badly. He had almost died. He had died.

Sam knew his brother really needed to rest more, and Sam was going to make damn sure he did.

When Sam had helped Dean into his seat, Dean settled in, and Sam thought he heard a faint mumbling. Something about "crumbs" and "sticky stuff" and "don't know where it's been."

Sam smiled as he closed the door. He went around to the driver's side and climbed in, closing the door. He glanced over at Dean, who was gazing silently out the window.

"Dean. Seatbelt," Sam said, indicating the belt that he hadn't put on.

Dean growled and looked at him, his face clearly saying, "You've got to be kidding me."

Sam started at him, waiting for him to obey.

Dean rolled his eyes and began putting the belt on.

"You're killing me, Sam."

"No. I'm just trying to keep you safe," Sam said seriously.

Dean turned to look at his little brother, noticing the change in his tone. Sam was looking at him sadly, imploringly.

A genuine smile lit up Dean's face. "You're right, Sammy. And you're doing a great job."

Sam smiled back at him in much the same way. "Thanks, Dean."

They continued to smile at each other.

It was a tender moment.

It had to stop.

Dean laughed, rolled his eyes at the ceiling, and smacked Sam on the arm. "Come on, dude. Put your seatbelt on and get us the hell out of here."

Sam laughed. He put his belt on, started the car, and turned on the radio, pushing in the cassette that was waiting to be played. He'd made sure to get a car with a cassette player. Dean couldn't live without his music, after all.

Sam turned to gauge Dean's reaction as AC/DC's "Back in Black" started playing through the speakers. Sam smiled when he noticed that Dean had found his sunglasses on the dashboard. He was reclining back in his seat, glasses on, and a smirk on his face.

"Always knew you had good taste in music, Sammy."

Sam smiled as he put the car in gear and pulled out of the space. Dean must have known it was all for him.

As Sam pulled out of the parking lot, he turned at the sound of Dean's voice.

Dean looked at Sam as he said, "Wake me up when we get to Chelsea. No one will ever have to know I gave in to my little brother and his teal monstrosity."

Sam shook his head and laughed as Dean settled back in his seat, head inclined toward the window.

As Sam headed toward the highway, he contemplated where they were headed. They planned to head to Chelsea, Kansas to say goodbye to John. It had been Dean's idea to visit their father's grave as soon as they got out. Sam had asked him if he was sure that was what he wanted to do, if he was really ready for that, and Dean had quietly assured him that he was. After that they would head to Lincoln, Nebraska to get John's truck. They would drive that until Bobby got the Impala fixed.

After returning the rental car, Sam wasn't sure where they would go. He figured they would head off and find a hotel somewhere. Someplace Dean could continue resting. And when Sam gave Dean a clean bill of health…they would start hunting again. They hadn't seen any sign of the demon since the crash. But they would keep an eye out for it and for any signs that it was back in action. And while they did that, they would keep fighting the good fight. Finding evil wherever they could find it and kicking it's ass.

Because that's what you did if you were a Winchester.

As Sam pulled onto the highway, he heard a loud snort beside him. He turned toward his brother and smiled. He was breathing gently and slowly, sound asleep, a peaceful look on his face.

Sam sighed and focused his attention back on the road. They weren't that far from Chelsea. Sam knew they could get there before dark. What he didn't know was what was going to happen when they got there.

Their father was dead. They were alone now. It was just the two of them.

It was going to be hard.

Sam looked over at Dean again. He looked so peaceful, and Sam realized that he also looked…young…and small…and vulnerable.

And Sam knew that sometimes he would have to play the role of big brother. Sometimes, though his brother would never admit it, Dean needed Sam to be the strong one.

Sam would gladly accept the responsibility whenever Dean would let him.

The two of them weren't really alone in the world.

They had each other.

And together, they could get through anything.

After all, they were Winchesters.

And Winchesters were not to be messed with.


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