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Chapter 22: Blissful Respite

Jack's Inn

"Why did you send her to my father?" Claudia burst out.

"Was that wrong?" Vincent asked with exaggerated innocence.

"Bastard," Claudia growled, enraged at his smugness. Vincent merely smirked. A lesser man might have been intimidated by the look of rage on the pale blonde's face. Not him. He was far too used to it.

The minute Claudia entered the motel room, Vincent knew his gamble had worked. At last that bastard Leonard was dead. Good riddance. Perhaps Claudia's father truly was a great man, once, but the Leonard Wolf he had come to know personally was a deluded, petty, tyrannical monster who beat his own daughter into submission and raged against anyone he didn't approve of.

Vincent knew that first hand. More than once had he found himself on the receiving end of a vicious scolding from the supposedly wise "Father Leonard". He harbored no remorse over orchestrating the old parasite's demise. Leonard was nothing more than an animal; an insidious beast who preyed on victims too weak or reluctant to fight back. Now that justice had finally been served, Vincent hoped the bastard spent eternity rotting in Hell like the depraved garbage he was.

Claudia should have been equally as thrilled. And yet, Vincent sensed she was genuinely outraged. That surprised him. More than anyone, Claudia had earned the right to be elated over Leonard's death. The torrent of abuse, both physical and mental, that she had endured at his hands was abominable. Vincent suspected often strayed into sexual assault. No, scratch that. He knew Leonard crossed that boundary long ago. The signs were all there. Especially if he took into consideration the few nights of earthly passion he and Claudia had shared before her descent into madness. She was terrified of any sexual contact, and a person didn't reach that point without a history of molestation.

In Claudia's case, such punishment probably started when she was very young. And that led to another unsettling conclusion. Claudia only had one single friend as a child and that was Alessa. From what Vincent knew, the two girls spent a lot of time staying at each other's houses. Therefore, if Leonard took advantage of his daughter during that time, there was a sizable chance he took advantage of Alessa as well.

The thought made Vincent ill. Again he felt a strong current of anger and hatred. A depraved, embittered fool like Leonard didn't deserve to experience the delights of the Holy One's body, especially so many years before she matured enough to even learn about sexual pleasure, much less appreciate its beauty for herself.

Alessa deserved better than that. She deserved a loyal follower, not a hideously perverted tormentor. Someone who would worship her and treat her like the Goddess she truly was.

Someone like him.

"You knew what would happen," Claudia accused. "It's your fault that he-"

"But surely it's a good thing. It means that he was one of God's beloved, no?" Vincent said. The tone was mocking, but there was a hint of legitimate curiosity. Apparently it was lost on Claudia. She gave Vincent a steely glare.

"Those who mock God shall never receive salvation," the pale woman bit out. You'll go to Hell, Vincent! You'll never feel the joy of God's everlasting paradise!" She felt a rage she had never known before, knowing this man had manipulated her father into meeting his doom. Vincent stared at her with an asking glance, and she met his gaze right back. She was outraged, and by right she should be! What kind of daughter was she, if she didn't defend her own father? But it wasn't perfect by any means. Vincent's sardonic rant had brought up a very valid point, one she wasn't prepared to face. A nagging little voice whispered at the back of her mind, telling her that he was stating the truth. She had tried to ignore it, but it was there, pushing her at every turn. By any means, she should be outraged. She knew that. But it was a conflicted feeling ultimately. She was confused. Claudia looked down from his gaze. Her father was an unstable man, but the idea of Alessa shooting him, stabbing him, and mauling him to a pulp, like Claudia knew she had, was disturbing. It just wasn't right.

Vincent rolled his eyes. "Oh not that crap again! Damn it, isn't it enough that's all you rant about nowadays? Can't you leave it alone for just one second?" He knew he was pushing it, but he didn't care. He was tired of hearing this utter garbage day after day.

Where did I go wrong? He asked himself. Why couldn't I preserve her?

Claudia scoffed. "Oh, what do you know anyway?" Foolish man, she thought. Why couldn't he just stay out of this?

Vincent offered her a feral smirk. "I know about the pleasures of this world. The same ones I introduced to you so proficiently."

Claudia felt herself blush, a bit of color flushing her pale features. She knew full well what he was referring to. And truth be told, she still couldn't bring herself to hate him for it. Not in the least.

"And I want to find my happiness while I'm still here." Another knowing look. "You hated your father, didn't you?" Claudia avoided his gaze. "I saw the way he hit you, kicked you, and made you cry. And," he paused dramatically. "We both know he did much more than that."

Claudia's breath caught in her throat. She felt like her heart stopped, prompting her to place a hand on her chest to make sure it was still beating. No, she told herself. He couldn't know. That…that was her darkest secret. He couldn't know.

But he did.

"What did he do to you, Claudia?" The question was merely rhetorical. Vincent knew full well. He just wanted to hear her say it.

"I…I don't know what you're talking about." Her voice was weak, enough so for Vincent to perceive the trembling…the fear…belying the denial. She was afraid. Afraid of her shameful secret being exposed.

"On the contrary. I think you do," he countered. "Tell me what he did to you, Claudia," he ordered, allowing a surprising amount of authority into his inflection.

"…I can't." Claudia choked out.

Vincent nearly growled. Foolish woman. He would have to do this the hard way. "Well, I'll tell you then. He raped you, didn't he?"

The pale blonde looked stricken, as if Vincent had slapped her right in the face.


"He raped you and Alessa when you were children. And after Alessa escaped her torment here, he continued to do it to you."

"No…" She was close to sobbing now.

"Yes." The word was a dagger on the tip of Vincent's tongue, cutting deep into Claudia's soul. "Don't lie to me, Claudia. I'm not so easily blinded. You know it's the truth."

The harsh rebuke broke her. "Yes! It is!" Claudia cried. Without saying a word, Vincent took her into his arms. He held her close, but not out of sympathy. More like pity. Claudia cried briefly into his vest, before glancing up with the same hardened, fanatical eyes Vincent had come to know so well over the past few years.

"And that's why we need God," she insisted. Tears continued to flow down her cheeks. "Why can't you understand that?"

Vincent sighed. He could almost sympathize with her. Almost, being the key word.

"Perhaps because it's you who doesn't understand." Vincent shook his head. "Claudia, Claudia. Don't you see what you're doing to yourself? You're driving yourself insane looking for the ideal solution to your problems. No, let me rephrase that. You're looking for the easiest solution to your problems, the one that won't require you to put any effort into fixing your own life. That's what you want to do, isn't it? Just put all your 'faith' in God and let Her take care of everything, right?"

Claudia didn't answer.

"There are other ways, Claudia. Other paths to deal with the ghosts that haunt you. Don't you realize that?"

Claudia avoided his gaze. She didn't notice the way his eyes trailed over her body, taking in the curves barely visible through her uniform dress.

"Like what?"

Vincent leered dangerously at her. "I've already shown you one of them." He clasped an almost vice-like grip on her forearm. Claudia drew back in alarm.

"What are you doing?"

His glance was fully suggestive. "You know what I'm doing," Vincent said knowingly, guiding his hand up her arm. He surveyed her appraisingly through his spectacles. "Perhaps I should show you some of the pleasures of this world. Maybe it'll dissuade you from this foolishness that you've embarked upon," he said smoothly, guiding her towards the bed.

Claudia grabbed his hand. "Stop this," she pleaded.

Vincent paid her no mind. "Why?" He spoke the subversive thought. "Isn't this what you want?" he mocked her, while acknowledging what he knew were her true desires.

Claudia shuddered all over her body. "Ah," she found it hard to speak.

He shook a finger at her. "Don't be like that, Claudia. Don't be like the stupid, barbaric Christians, the heretics who tarnish our beliefs," he admonished her, taking a harsh tone. "Our Order doesn't even require you to be celibate. Don't be like them, Claudia," he told her; there was a definite hint of urging this time. He didn't want her straying too far into their beliefs, and toying with her mind's stability like Leonard, but going too far in the opposite direction was also dangerous; doubting herself, and following the will of those wretched, hag-like pagans.

Claudia had no retort to that. There was nothing she could say, because it was the truth. Every single word that he had spoken was the truth.

She let go of his arm. Vincent gently urged her back.

Inwardly, Claudia cursed her own foolish reluctance. Her will was weak. What was it about this man that sent all her defenses tumbling down like cards? She was normally strong in church during her sermons, but somehow she just couldn't gather her thoughts around this man. She knew she had strength; she never would have been able to pull off the events with Alessa if she didn't. Yet somehow, this man always got the upper hand on her. It had always been the same, ever since their childhood, when they had known each other as children. Claudia listened to those around her, and Vincent pushed his ideas on her, and no matter how much she tried, little Claudia was never strong enough to say no. Her will was weak, when it came to him. Damn him. Damn him and his irrepressible will, she thought sourly.

Vincent guided her back onto the bed. She was like a pupil in one of his sermons, staring at him raptly with frightened, yet reluctantly willing eyes.

Vincent stared at her as he looked her over, taking in all her fine details. Dirty blonde hair, pale skin, a slender form ill-concealed by the dark dress she wore; it made it look baggy on her, and he didn't approve of it at all. No, she wasn't Alessa; not by a long shot. But she would do, for now. Vincent smiled roughly to himself, remembering all the times he had misguidedly indulged in nights of passion with this woman.

She would more than do.

Vincent gently laid her out on the bed. Claudia stared warily at him, trusting him, but knowing he was unpredictable. She was like a child in a church gathering, he reflected, wanting desperately to learn something new, but being intimidated by what was going on around them.

He began to undress her. Claudia laid back in slight uncertainty. He climbed on top of her, and captured her mouth in a kiss. The kiss was affectionate and gentle, meant to easily lull her into the situation. Vincent moved down her body, kissing her on the neck, collarbone, and chest, kissing the covered areas right through the cumbersome material. He knew he had to go slowly for her sake. Any aggressive action and she would crack. He gave up on trying to wrangle her out of the constraining dress on the top. He didn't need to have her fully undressed for what he was going to do. Vincent traveled lower down her body until he reached her apex. He hiked up her dress, pushing the material upwards until he had exposed the entirety of her lower body, abdomen, pelvis and legs. Claudia was trembling under him, subtly but noticeably. Vincent approached closer to her smooth, white stomach. He took a sniff of her skin, unable to resist testing something out. Hmm, she smelled pretty good. He would have feared she had stopped bathing by now. It was nice to know she hadn't let herself go completely. So why then doesn't she wash her hair, and go barefoot? He thought privately. He would never understand Claudia; she was beyond his understanding now.

He ran his hand across her stomach. For all her flaws, Claudia had always had incredibly smooth skin. She wasn't toned like Alessa like he had felt, fit or powerful, but she had her own special qualities. She was soft and beautiful, beyond her militaristic cultism. He wouldn't have traded her for any other way, and his only wish was that she could shake off the beliefs that were keeping her from being so much more.

"Vincent," came Claudia's soft reply, barely audible in the room. He didn't know if she was pleading or urging him on. He didn't care. She was going to enjoy this, whether her religious background protested against it or not, because she needed something to think about other than those crazed ravings of hers. And it had been far too long since he had someone, waiting for Alessa to pop into their lives. It had been too long since he had her. He needed this.

He began to kiss his way down her stomach. Every inch of her soft skin was like heaven to him. Claudia drew in a sharp breath, from the feel of his lips on her skin. She hadn't been touched like this in a long time, he was sure of it. His warm breath rippled across her skin. He could see it reacting to him. With her smooth stomach and soft skin, she almost would have been classified as cute, if she allowed herself to think of herself that way. He reached the apex where her legs met her waist and stopped.

Vincent sat back and admired the view of Claudia's whole body. She was pale, the skin having taken on a heavy pallor from years of not seeing sunlight. And where the certain special area was, there was a thick region of blonde hair. Vincent smirked to himself. She didn't shave herself. Perhaps she thought it was beneath her. Or maybe she was too ashamed to do it herself. The hair covered most of her area, and he could only see the barest hints of pink lips. Vincent smiled to himself. He had left the top of her dress on with the material pushed up to just below her ribcage, so he couldn't see her breasts. Not that it mattered, he already knew what they looked like, and they tasted good. He leered at the thought. He had worked his knees down to the floor to get more comfortable, while she laid near the edge of the bed. It definitely made it easier to pleasure her. The legs weren't bad either. Long and lithe, with pale skin running down the surface of them. Although they weren't as great as Alessa's probably were, strong and powerful.

Claudia's heartbeat took on a definite quickened pace, as Vincent slid between her legs...

The two girls still sat on the steps of the hospital. Lisa leaned in close to Alessa, smiling at the young woman beside her. They had talked about everything, sitting there for the past couple hours or so. Alessa had talked about her life, her parents, her background, high school, the places she'd been to, at length; anything that Lisa could deem it fit in her mind to ask about. Alessa had asked Lisa about her life in Silent Hill, the things she'd seen in the town, the places she'd been in, and some of the situations she'd found herself in; there were some fascinating stories there, to be sure. All of which Lisa was eager to answer. Alessa didn't mention Leonard, and Lisa didn't ask. If Alessa wasn't ready to talk about it, then Lisa wasn't going to bring it up. She forgot all about the matter entirely. She moved in close to Alessa, whispering to her when necessary and knowing when to adjust her tone depending on the conversation. She was curious about this young woman and her life. Eventually, Alessa had settled down enough to where Lisa felt comfortable asking her the obvious question, and not having it seem awkward.

"Are you okay now?" Lisa asked her gently. She had stayed by Alessa's side for about two hours, keeping her company and comforting her whenever possible; she was happy to see her calming down a little.

"I'm all right now," Alessa said, wiping a few stray tears away from the corners of her eyes. She felt like she had been crying for a long time, and she was physically drained from the experience. It had helped a lot having Lisa there to talk to her, and reassure her a bit. She was mostly all right now, with the stray sniffle and bleary misty eye here and there. She found she was growing used to having the nurse's presence nearby, and she wondered if she would have to go away again anytime soon. Because she was not looking forward to that at all. Alessa straightened herself up on the steps, sitting a little straighter with fresh energy. She was okay now.

Moments later they sat in silence on the bed, Vincent straightening out her hair, Claudia thinking about whatever was going through her mind. Both of them were having questions pop in their minds about what just happened, but neither one was willing to voice them, unwilling to break the fragile truce. It was a fragile truce, and they were so rarely on the same page, that neither one of them was willing to argue about it. For Claudia's part, she was wondering why it was this man had such a hold on her, and why she was willing to allow him to do things to her that she would never do with anyone else. For Vincent's part, he was wondering why it was that he felt a bit of affection for this woman, and didn't just look with lust at her tits and face whenever he saw her. He wasn't one to love, but he looked at her with more than just a bit of lust and he wondered what that affection meant. But neither one was brave enough to admit it, so it went unsaid. It was a moment of peace, when they had often been so at odds with each other. And so they savored it, enjoying the lack of arguing for once, not willing to break the silence. But the issues in the background were still there. The tension was still lingering in the atmosphere, and there was nothing that was going to make that little fact go away, no matter how much pleasure they took in physical distractions.

If they could only find some way to address it…

"Come on, it's time to go," Lisa said, urging her up a bit. It wasn't that she didn't appreciate this moment of calm and resting, but they had lingered here too long. She liked seeing the town calm and the fog soothing rather than threatening, but they really needed to get to a more secure place. She stood up casually from the steps, stretching her legs a bit and working out the kinks.

"Do you need any help?" Lisa asked her, putting her arms close to Alessa in case the girl needed her help to stand. She didn't stumble, but Lisa still maintained a certain close distance anyway. She looked exhausted, and Lisa could only imagine how tired she was after everything she had fought and the things she had been through.

"No, I'm fine," Alessa replied. She was tired, and she was bruised, and she was aching everywhere from the day's ordeal, but she wasn't dead yet and she could still stand. They had lingered here long enough. She needed to go back to fighting again, and Douglas was waiting for them at the motel. Well, her. He was going to have quite a surprise when they turned up. She would tell him that.

They walked off the steps of the hospital. There were still no monsters around to attack them. The fog rolled by harmlessly alongside them, almost enveloping them in a protective cloak. Alessa knew something was wrong here. The town wasn't normally this placid. And yet, she couldn't bring herself to care. She had had far too many frightening battles and struggles, to not appreciate this moment of calm.

They wrapped an arm around each other, Lisa sliding an arm across the small of Alessa's back, and Alessa did the same with Lisa's body eagerly. They leaned in close, holding each other up for support. It was nice to have some human contact in this vacant, accursed town. Alessa, in particular, didn't want to let her go. She had waited six years to see this woman again in her lifetime. She didn't want to let her go now, not this time. They broke the weak grasp after a while, but they didn't lose the close contact. It wasn't something they could give up easily at this point. They walked arm-in-arm as they headed in the direction of the motel, where their next objective lay. The fog continued to pass them by, as they walked further into the abandoned shambles of the town, clinging to each other tightly in case they needed to defend each other. Visibility was poor in the mist, but there didn't seem to be any monsters around. Thankfully so, they needed the break from any disruptions. Hopefully it would last until they reached the motel.

Twenty minutes later, Vincent was still at the motel room. Claudia had departed for the chapel across the lake. She wanted to prepare herself for the inevitable confrontation with her 'sister', or at least that was the excuse she gave. Vincent suspected she was simply scared of getting caught here when Alessa returned. Either that, or seeing how much she still enjoyed the pleasures he could offer her disturbed her more than she cared to admit.

He had opened the door for a bit, and then fixed things up accordingly. It was a necessary task, though he loathed to do it. He wanted to leave no trace that Claudia was here, for Alessa to find. The last thing he needed was for her to question him about it, and jump on him in rage for hiding Claudia from her. He knew the woman had a serious grudge against Claudia and she was going to kill her if she caught her, and that was why he wanted to protect her from her. Unfortunately, Claudia was still unwilling to consider the possibility that Alessa would seriously kill her. She seemed to think that despite all she had done, Alessa would embrace her ideology in the end and they would be a happy couple together, with all that sweet-and-sugary nonsense. As if anyone would forgive you for killing their parents and completely ruining their life, Vincent scoffed. You'd have to be completely out of your mind to forgive that.

It was ironic, if Claudia had only suppressed her cultist tendencies, approached Alessa as a human being and reminded her of their childhood, Alessa would have easily been hers. Vincent knew a bit about Alessa's background, and he knew the woman would have reciprocated her feelings. Instead she had gone straight for the sacrifice method, indulging in her neo-zealot urges and tearing down everything Alessa had built, and now here they were on the verge of her being killed by Alessa. She just couldn't resist herself, Vincent shook his head. Claudia had no idea how easily she could have had Alessa's heart, and now she never would. She had taken the hard road, and now she was paying the price for it. No matter how hard she tried, Leonard's bullshit got into her head and she was driven to do unconscionable things she never would before. Vincent was almost tempted to smirk at her ignorance and stupidity in handling the matter, if the situation wasn't so dire. Ah well, he couldn't help those who wouldn't help themselves, he thought.

It didn't matter. While he would always care deeply for Claudia, she wasn't the woman who captivated his heart. Perhaps she could be, if she only brought herself to let go of the past and her blind crusade for "Paradise". But she couldn't, and that meant Vincent could take things no further with her.

No, his heart belonged to Alessa now. And she belonged with him. Whether she realized it or not.

Vincent was well aware that most worthless Christians outside the Order had little of value. But he still appreciated the gifts the world had to offer him. Food, sex, and money were all paramount. They were what made life worth living. Even so, it was never far from Vincent's mind that most people outside the Order were worthless. But Alessa was different. The time spent outside the Order had made her valuable and intriguing. She was special. She wasn't the tallest, strongest, or most beautiful he had ever seen, but she had a spark about her that Vincent found excitingly intriguing. The time spent outside the town had made her stronger, and more powerful, and she was sexy too, Vincent thought! He knew how rare that trait was, someone who commanded both power and beauty, and Vincent appreciated that heavily. He looked forward to breaking her, and showing her exactly what he could do for her with the pleasures that he knew.

He was waiting for her now. She was late, though. Of course he wasn't worried. It was a long walk from here to Brookhaven, and depending on how tired she was, she might have stopped somewhere to rest. The logical part of Vincent's mind accepted that reasonable explanation and told him he should just be patient. But another part of him was getting restless. He needed to see her again.

And here she was. Just when he was pondering whether to go out looking for her, the door opened and Alessa finally stepped inside.

Vincent barely managed to contain his smile. Upon noticing his presence, a confused frown marred his Goddess's beautiful features.

"What are you doing here? Where's Douglas?" she asked sharply.

Vincent allowed a small smirk to touch his lips. She still didn't trust him, and rightfully so. Alessa was no fool. She had to recognize that this was a game, in a way, and one he was determined to win.

But Alessa had proven to be more resistant to his charms than he would have expected. He would have to tread very carefully. One wrong move and she could very well shoot him, leaving him just another rotting corpse in the hell that was Silent Hill's alternate realm.

"He had to go out again," Vincent said casually.


"Yeah. He left you a message, though," Vincent said.

He was too casual in his stance. Something was off here. "Was there someone else here just now?" Alessa asked suspiciously. She could sense…something in the air, a sense of someone, but she wasn't exactly sure. It was most irritating.

"No, no, just me," Vincent assured her, holding up his hands. Alessa regarded him suspiciously.

Vincent maintained that cool, arrogant smile in his stance. Alessa wanted to deck him, but there was something about punching an unarmed man, who wasn't threatening her, that just felt wrong. She didn't know why, but it just felt wrong. If only he would make a move, she thought. "Why are you helping me out?" Alessa asked suspiciously. It was most interesting that this man was going out of his way to help her, and it was a mystery that she was determined to solve.

"I told you, Claudia and I disagree about her methods. I don't want her causing any more trouble or harm to others than she already has. She's heading down a troubled path, and I don't want her to get hurt. And I know what you're going to do to her, if she gets caught by your anger in the middle of your little quest. She's acting like an overzealous cultist. Is it so wrong that I'm looking out for her? I'm just concerned about one of my flock," he said, trying to sound innocent. He had an ulterior motive, of course, but she couldn't be allowed to know about that. Not yet. His earlier flub had embarrassed him enough.

And probably cost him the ability to have children, he regarded her silently.

Alessa stared at him. "So, you want mercy for her? Do you think my mother got mercy, when she begged for it!? Huh? What about Cybil, the police officer she murdered? Did she get any mercy, from whatever the hell that thing was that killed her!? Claudia's not going to get anything close to mercy from me; I'm going to make her regret everything when I find her," Alessa said, slamming her fist back in the air. She couldn't believe it, the idea that this man would want her to go easy on Claudia, after everything she had done. Was he completely insane? Or maybe he was, being from the Order there was no way he was anything resembling sane.

"You see! That's what I'm talking about! You're going to kill her. And I don't want her to die. And I don't want that for you," Vincent said, pointing at Alessa with one perfectly justified finger of accusation. "I want to resolve this peacefully between the two of you, with open communication and compromise," he said, putting on his best smile.

Alessa shook her head. "It's too late. There's no mercy for her. I've already decided it," she said.

"She was your childhood friend. Doesn't that matter at all?"

Alessa gave him a flat look. "No," she said. No hesitation, no remorse.

"I see. That's rather sad."

"I didn't ask you for your opinion," Alessa bit out.


"Is that the only reason?" Alessa asked, giving him an appraising glance with her hand on her hip.

"Of course. What other reason would there be?" Vincent tried to play it safe. He gave her his most trustworthy grin.

Alessa stared hard at the suspicious man. "You do realize that I'm a lesbian, right? I have no interest whatsoever in your gender," she said. It was a lie. But it was easier than explaining her complicated feelings about how she vastly preferred women due to her experiences, and her slight attraction to some males, namely ones who were shy and more withdrawn, and not musclemen. Besides, she couldn't give him an inch.

He looked shocked. "What? Of course that's not it!" Vincent protested, reassuring her with his hands up. He was trying to sound innocent, but failing miserably. "That thing earlier was…I was just overwhelmed by your beauty, and didn't know how to respond to it. You are the Mother of God, after all, and we do worship you," he said lamely. He gave her a winning smile. He was trying to maintain an impassive stance, but he knew the gig was up, for now. Alessa wasn't fooled, and he could see it on her face. She loathed him; she was disgusted by him. He had come on too strong, pushed too soon, and now he was paying the price for it. Oh well. Vincent felt the sting of disappointment.

Alessa scoffed at him. That was the lamest excuse she'd heard. "Yeah, right," Alessa said. He didn't fool her one bit. That had as likely a chance of being true as the other cult members did of coming to her and apologizing to her for their treatment of her. She wasn't a little girl, or goddamned naïve. She couldn't believe he'd be stupid enough to believe she'd even fall for that.

Maybe he wasn't. Maybe he was just desperate.

Alessa looked at him suspiciously. "Let's get back to the message from Douglas. You said he left one for me. What is it?" she asked, getting back on track with the important stuff.

Vincent pointed at her with his fingers.

"Right. He said to go to the church on the other side of the lake."

"The church on the other side of the lake…you mean that old chapel?" Alessa asked him, remembering the structure she used to pray at during her childhood. "It's still there?"

"Oh yes, it's most definitely still there," Vincent assured her. "In an improved state, I might add."


"Thanks to yours truly, Father Vincent," he answered haughtily. Alessa's face twisted into disgust as she finally pieced his full identity together.

"'Father Vincent?' You mean you run that insane cult now?"

"Don't sound so shocked. I'm much more capable than I look," Vincent chided. "And I prefer that you not refer to my organization as a 'cult'. We're far more sophisticated than that."

Alessa scoffed. "Whatever. I suppose Claudia's there right now?"

Vincent raised his eyebrows. "Very good. I didn't even have to give you a hint," he praised.

"Don't sound so shocked," Alessa said mockingly. "Is that all?"

"It is concerning Douglas."

A cryptic response; her eyes narrowed. "Meaning?"

"You know what I mean. Are you honestly telling me you haven't considered my offer?"

"No, I haven't. Because there's nothing to consider. I won't go back to the Order, especially not for you," Alessa declared. Vincent shifted uncomfortably under the daggers she glared at him. "Don't you get it? Your so-called 'God' is nothing more than some demonic monster that nearly ruined my life. You don't have the slightest idea what that beast did to me, how it tormented me night and day, every single day, for seven goddamn years. That thing put me through Hell incarnate, until I wanted so badly for somebody, anybody, to just kill me so I could finally die and escape that agony. And after all this, you expect me to come back and play out the same bullshit all over again?"

Vincent was taken aback at the level of hatred in her voice. Alessa was shaking with emotion. Her eyes showed a depth of torment he couldn't even begin to fathom, and for a moment, he wondered if he should seriously listen to her.

Was she right? Was their God really just some hideous abomination the likes of which he couldn't even imagine? Or had Dahlia simply done something to make her believe that? He wouldn't put anything past that deranged old hag.

For all his vices, Vincent did consider himself a faithful follower of God, if from a somewhat distanced point of view. He had made that offer to broker peace between Claudia and Alessa, so that he wouldn't lose one of his most faithful followers. He was still convinced that it was Claudia's actions, not their God, that was causing the problems here. But at this moment, he had to admit he was feeling something he never had before: doubt. And fear. Fear of what he wasn't sure, but suddenly, he didn't feel nearly as secure in this place anymore.

Oblivious to the conflict arising in him, Alessa continued. "And what about my mother? She's dead because of you and your God! My own childhood friend murdered her! What does that tell you about how sick and twisted you all are?" she screamed.

Vincent held up his hands. "All right, I get it. You're not coming back to us. You're never going to forgive Claudia, I get it," he said. Vincent frowned at the growling young woman before him. She was too full of anger and hatred, he realized, too aggressive and prone to violent actions. There was no way she was going to return to the Order, and even less that she was going to broker a peace between her and Claudia. Taking her was going to be much harder than he realized, he contemplated. And she inspired doubts in him, which couldn't be allowed to progress. He needed his faith. "Let's just move on," he said. For a moment, he contemplated if he should just let her go completely as far as his really imaginative desire, but he decided against it. He wanted her too much. He decided to change the subject.

Alessa smiled pleasantly as if nothing had happened. "So…the church on the other side of the lake?" she asked nonchalantly, with her hand on the side of her hip.

Vincent recovered. "Yes! It's on the other side of the lake," he said, pointing his fingers at her. He was grateful for the subject change. "The north side, specifically," he continued.

Alessa mused on that. "The north side of the lake," she said contemplatively.

Vincent continued with his advice. "If you're going, you'd better go through the amusement park. It's probably the only way in now," he advised her. The young woman listened carefully, wondering what had happened to the other entrances. "Go northwest on Nathan Avenue. It's a bit far, but closer than heaven!" Vincent said, giving her his winning smile. Alessa wanted to punch it off his face.

Alessa stared suspiciously at him. Lakeside Amusement Park was a bit far to walk to, but she guessed she would have to go on foot. There was no way she could hotwire a car and drive there. She considered if this was some kind of trap he was setting, but she dismissed it. He didn't seem too fond of Claudia, and she doubted he would be stupid enough to lay a trap to her face knowing the consequences. "Fine, thanks," she said. Alessa considered his following statement and wondered if he was mocking her. After all, she was the Mother of God, and if anyone was supposed to know where heaven was it would probably be her. She hoped not. Nobody mocked her and lived without the consequences of it.

Alessa posed sarcastically. "Is that it for the message?" she asked. She wouldn't put it past him to come up with something to stay here for.

Vincent nodded eagerly. "Uh huh," he said, with a sly smile on his face.

Alessa nodded in satisfaction. "Good. Now get the hell out of here," she responded. Vincent frowned at that, but Alessa couldn't care less. She wouldn't put it past him to try to convince her of something else, and she didn't want to talk to him any further. This man's sheer presence irritated her; like a vile, slimy serpent that slithered all over her body and just wouldn't go away. And she needed the hotel room to rest. She didn't want to spend any more time in front of him than was absolutely necessary. "I need to rest. If I go out there like this, I'm not going to be able to fight her," she said, hoping he would take the hint. She didn't want to irritate him any further, but she also didn't care to be in his presence any longer. Whatever scheme he had cooked up would fail, if she wasn't rested enough to confront the Order. She needed him out of here.

Vincent frowned at that directive; the unspoken question was on the tip of his tongue: 'isn't this my hotel room?' he questioned sardonically. But he let it go, determined to keep his private thoughts at bay. Alessa obviously wasn't feeling any bonds of friendship at the moment, and if he pushed her any further he might lose her. She might lash out at him in anger, and then he would be unable to convince her to come to his side about anything. Distantly, he wondered what sort of life Alessa had lived, that her first response to anything was violence. Regardless, he couldn't afford that, and so he had to keep his mouth shut. It stung, but he would swallow his pride. It wasn't the first time he had done so, for the sake of something better.

Alessa paused, looking at the ground. Vincent sensed she had something to ask, but was uncertain. "What is it?"

The woman furrowed her brow. "Douglas really said that?" Alessa asked, sounding skeptical.

Vincent turned. "What's wrong, you don't trust me?" he gave her a roguish grin.

Alessa gave him a look that clearly indicated it was better not to hear the answer to that. Vincent smirked at her smugly.

Vincent began walking towards the door. As he maintained his stride, he thought about what he expected when he had come here. She was tougher than he expected, and he knew now that it was going to be a challenge to get to her. He had thought that perhaps her outburst at the office was just a one-time shot that was the result of the stress she'd been through, but no she really was that hardened and tough. It was going to be difficult to break her. He knew that perhaps he should just give up that surface attraction he had to her while he still could, but he had come too far to give up now. He was treading on dangerous waters, he knew that. He still wasn't ready to give up, though. But it was clear to him that he was going to need an edge if he was to gain an advantage over her. And he knew just how to do it. Turning around to look at her, Vincent got one last look of ravenous desire at Alessa before he left, his mouth turning upwards in a devious smirk. He walked through the door.

Alessa looked at the door, through which the head cultist had exited. Finally, he was gone. She thought he'd never leave. She sighed. She should have just shot the bastard where he stood. Then, she called out a message to the entity that was awaiting her command outside.

"You can come in now," she said, knowing that the other could hear her.

Moments later, a blonde woman in a nurse's outfit came in through the door. Lisa smiled slightly upon entering the room, brushing away a lock of hair from her face, and locked the door behind her.

"He didn't see you, did he?" Alessa questioned.

The other woman shook her head vigorously. "No. I have ways of not being seen, unless I want them to see me," Lisa answered, reassuring the younger woman.

"Good thinking. You've suffered enough already. The last thing you need is to have to deal with that guy," Alessa said, sighing with relief. She didn't want to encounter any more problems than was absolutely necessary.

There was a moment of silence, while they awkwardly got adjusted in the room.

"You don't want him to see me, do you?" Lisa said knowingly.

"No, it's just…" Alessa waved her hand helplessly. She didn't know how to explain what it was that she was feeling right now.

There was a moment of clarity in Lisa's mind. "Are you afraid I'm not real?" Lisa asked knowingly, with a touch of awe in her voice. She had finally figured it out.

Alessa bowed her head in silence. As much as she wanted to shake her head in denial, she couldn't. In some weird way, she almost didn't want anyone else to see Lisa. She didn't want to know whether she was slowly going insane, or whether only she could see Lisa, whether Lisa was even there. Lisa was a reassuring presence in her life right now, and that was all she needed.

"I am as real as you are," Lisa said, putting a finger under Alessa's chin and giving her a look that might have been called seductive if it were anyone else.

Alessa gulped. That was definitely not a figment of her imagination right there. There was something there, that registered in her core; there was life there, there was passion, and there was comforting reassurance, which above all was something Alessa needed right now. Alessa groaned to herself internally. She didn't know how she could ever think that Lisa was imaginary. There was a ghost here, and it was definitely not a figment of her imagination.

Perhaps it was just best to drop the subject, permanently.

"Anyway, why don't we take a seat? I've been on my feet for hours."

"Sure, I'm feeling a little tired too," Lisa agreed.

Once the two women were comfortably seated on the motel bed, something occurred to Alessa. "How much of that did you hear anyway?"

"Everything. That guy reminds me of every asshole I've ever met in my life. Who the hell is he anyway?"

Alessa sighed, though she was also a little surprised at the venom in Lisa's voice. She didn't think Lisa would ever use language that was so…vulgar. Then again, she had cursed Alessa out a few hours back, so maybe Alessa didn't have ground to stand on, with regards to holding onto that little delusion. "His name's Vincent. He's apparently the Order's new leader. I ran into him in some office building yesterday and he's been following me around ever since."

Lisa made a face. "Eugh."

Alessa stared at her questioningly. "You didn't know he was in charge?" she asked.

"No, I've followed some of them around. I'm not able to enter their sanctuary, though," Lisa said, shaking her head in regret. She wished she had more useful information. "To be honest, I prefer to stay away from there," she said, sheepishly. She wouldn't hesitate to admit it, the Order scared her. They were fanatics, and cultists. And they were fully dedicated to their cause. There was no scarier combination, in Lisa's mind.

"Hmm." That was interesting. So Lisa couldn't enter into the Order's sanctuary? Alessa wondered if it was because of the Order's God. Was there some kind of protective halo around there? Perhaps that was an important clue. Maybe that was why the authorities could never get to them, even when they tried. Not that anyone had tried in a while – Alessa could tell that nobody had cared about this place in a long, long time. Or was it because Lisa was dead? Was there some sort of protective aura around them, keeping out the spirits who would do them harm? Not that Lisa would do that. She didn't know, and it was impossible for her to ever know. There were too many mysteries here, and too many things that she had no way of knowing. She wanted to get out of here to go back home, where things were simple.

Alessa nodded. "I see. So you can't go inside?" she asked rhetorically. Lisa was a little cowardly Alessa was starting to notice, at least when it came to confrontations. That was okay, she could be brave enough for the both of them.

A shake of the head. "No, I'm kept from entering there, for some reason," Lisa said, casting her gaze downward. It was a letdown for her, that she couldn't give Alessa more useful info. She wondered if it was something to do with her dead state that barred her. "Anyway, you said he kept following you all this time?" Lisa asked, changing the subject broadly.

"Yeah, he did," Alessa said, grateful for the change of pace. She didn't want to address such depressing subjects any more than was absolutely necessary.


"Hell if I know." Actually she did, but she didn't want to upset Lisa.

Lisa stared at Alessa like she didn't quite believe her, but she let it go. "Did he hurt you?"

"Not yet," Alessa assured her. "Don't worry, I can handle him."

"I'm sure you can. After everything you've dealt with so far, I'm sure you can handle anything," Lisa said.

Alessa wanted to believe her. But she wasn't so sure of herself anymore. She shuddered, thinking back to the horrors at Brookhaven only a couple hours ago. It had been the worst place yet on her journey. The mall had been a macabre shock, and the office building had genuinely unsettled her, but Brookhaven had terrified her. It was like taking a tour of the darkest, scariest, most disturbing parts of her mind leftover from her original ordeal here. The gore, the decay, and good god, the sheer stench of the place left her feeling sick to her stomach. Even now, she felt as if the evil lurking in the gruesome flesh-covered walls had somehow crawled all over her body.

"I need a break from the insanity," she sighed. "And a shower too."

She shivered again, and this time, Lisa didn't miss it. "The hospital?" she asked simply.

"Yeah," Alessa nodded.

"Take your time. I'm not going anywhere," Lisa said. She paused. "You, uh…you want any help?"

Alessa was surprised, but she shook her head. "No. Thanks, but I think I'll manage," she replied. She was too distracted to really think about the implications of that.

"Okay." For some reason, Lisa found herself a little disappointed. "I'll be here if you need me."

"Alright." Alessa stood up and proceeded into the nearby bathroom.

Lisa watched her go, let down that Alessa hadn't undressed in front of her. The sound of running water soon started up, and Lisa couldn't help but picture Alessa nude in the shower, lathering her body under the warm streams.

Lisa shook her head. What was she thinking?Alessa was her friend, not her girlfriend. Heck, she didn't even know this girl was Alessa until only a little while ago. It was true that she had taken care of the girl for some times, but they barely knew each other. And she certainly had no ideas about Alessa's…orientation.

Boy that's strange, she thought. The little girl she took care of having a sexual preference…

But then, Alessa wasn't a little girl anymore. She had grown up into a gorgeous woman. But there was so much more to her than just looks. She was caring, intelligent, and brave; little wonder that Lisa found her very appealing, after all of the people she had dealt with. Lisa felt something for her, that she couldn't yet identify. It was an intimidating thought, and one that couldn't help but make her a little uncomfortable. Was it just morbid curiosity at how she looked underneath those clothing, after being covered in all those burns? She hoped not; and that it was compassion that was motivating her and not twisted curiosity. Alessa deserved better. It was a little scary for the nurse. Rarely had she felt something like that before, and it was something that she couldn't explain. And yet, it was oddly comforting that she did. It meant she still had some humanity left in her.

Taking off her red high heels, Lisa sprawled back on the bed, waiting for Alessa to finish. About fifteen minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom, still drying her damp hair with a surprisingly clean towel. Lisa stared when she saw her. The white vest, jeans, and leather boots that Alessa had been wearing were gone. She was now wearing only a tight magenta crop top and a small pair of silky, dark blue panties. Lisa noted that she didn't seem to have a bra underneath her shirt.

The young woman noticed Lisa's stare. "The rest of my clothes are in there," she explained, gesturing to the bathroom. "They were dirtier than I thought, so I decided to leave them off and wash them a bit. You don't mind, do you?"

"No. Not at all," Lisa quickly replied. "We're both girls here."

"Yeah. Besides, I think you'd be used to seeing people without any clothes on."

What? Lisa gaped at Alessa.

"You know, since you were a nurse and all." Alessa was confused about why Lisa looked so surprised.

"Oh. Oh yeah," Lisa said, feeling rather silly. Alessa hadn't been insinuating anything; she was just pointing out the obvious.

"What did you think I meant?" Alessa asked curiously.

"…It's nothing. Forget about it."

Alessa was still perplexed, so Lisa decided a change of subject was in order. "You must be tired by now. Why don't you lie down for a while?"

Alessa shook away her previous thoughts. "I guess I could. It'll be a while before my clothes dry up anyway."

"Good. Come here then," Lisa said, patting the empty space beside her. Having finished with her hair, Alessa tossed the towel onto a chair nearby. Taking a seat on the bed, she lay back next to her friend. There were no spare sheets to cover herself with, but she didn't mind. The mattress was somewhat lumpy, but not uncomfortable. At the very least, it was something tolerable in a town full of torments.

Shifting on her left side, Alessa faced away from Lisa. She didn't stare at anything in particular; she simply relaxed. Idly her thoughts turned to woman behind her, no doubt watching her carefully. How amazing was it that after all these years, Lisa was still here in this place to take care of her? Had she not been aware of how the nurse got to this state, and how painful it was for her, Alessa might have considered it a miracle. It didn't really matter, though. No matter the circumstances, at least Lisa was still here. That was more than could be said for Julie.


The deep pain was still there, hidden just beneath the surface. She was keeping a tight lid on it; now wasn't the time to get all weepy about it. However, Alessa doubted the feeling of emptiness would ever go away. Douglas told her revenge didn't solve anything, and she realized now it was true. Killing Claudia wouldn't bring Julie back. All it would do was ensure the bitch paid the price for what she had done. But her innocent victim would still be dead. Nonetheless, it had to be done. She still had to kill that person, because no one else was going to bring her to justice.

Her childhood friend…

Moisture stung her eyes, but she kept the tears at bay. She wasn't the only one suffering. The woman beside her was too. Lisa, poor Lisa, who had been through so much for the tortured little girl she was forced to take care of. And despite being dead now, her ordeal still wasn't over. Just seeing Alessa again had to be bringing back some awful memories. Yet she wasn't crying. If she could be strong after the hell she'd experienced, then so could Alessa. She could grieve for Julie after this was over. And Cybil. Poor Cybil, who'd accepted her so thoroughly, after getting off to a rocky start, and then died for her at Claudia's hands.

And maybe, just maybe, Lisa would still be there to help her deal with the pain.

She felt the nurse's gentle touch on her shoulder. "Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Alessa sniffed, wiping away her tears.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I'm just trying to cope with the insanity, you know?"

"I understand." She did. When it came to situations like these, you either found some way to deal with the stress, the agony, or you lost your mind. While her current existence was severely depressing at best, at least she still had her sanity, Lisa reflected. Even if it was more a curse than a blessing nowadays.

Alessa took in Lisa's exquisite visage. She's beautiful, she thought. Maybe Lisa wasn't technically alive anymore, but you would never know it just by looking at her. Alessa doubted she had ever seen a more angelic looking person. She's my angel, always looking out for me...

The corners of her mouth curved upwards. She hadn't really thought about Lisa in years. It was easier that way, to keep away the pain and guilt. However, being so close to the nurse was stirring some very interesting memories in her mind now.

Alessa recalled how her feelings for Lisa changed over time following her rebirth in this town. During her stay at Alchemilla, Lisa had been like the mother Alessa never had. She wasn't there of her own free will, but she was very caring in the way she treated Alessa's wounds. She would spend hours keeping Alessa company, reading her nice children's stories, talking to her about different things, or simply holding her delicate hands, praying that a miracle would happen and Alessa would get better, or at least slip into a peaceful death free of any pain.

She rarely got any response from her patient, but that didn't mean her loving deeds went unnoticed. Alessa appeared hopelessly lost on the outside, but she always recognized the attention she received on the inside. She knew how much Lisa came to care for her, maybe even love her.

Tragically, Lisa never got to know the feeling was mutual. Alessa knew that rotten son of a bitch Kaufmann was the reason Lisa became addicted to White Claudia. Taking care of Alessa was an exhausting, emotionally grueling job. At first Lisa needed only a little help to get her through the days, but that didn't last long. She cared too much for Alessa and it took its toll. The burnt, perpetually bleeding girl lying comatose in that dank, filthy basement was a human car wreck, and Lisa an unwilling spectator who grew more saddened and repulsed by the sight with every day she spent there. Alessa would never get better, and there was no use pretending otherwise.

Eventually…inevitably…she reached the point where she couldn't take it anymore. She had to get away. And Kaufmann, that sick, depraved, motherfucker wouldn't stand for it. She was no longer able to exercise good judgment. She simply had never figured out how to get away, as incredible as that sounded. Lisa was in precarious shape, Alessa could see that now. And Kaufmann took advantage of that. He murdered her in cold blood while that damned Gillespie whore watched with sadistic glee, both of them completely oblivious that they were stealing the only good thing left in Alessa's life.

Strange, where did she get the idea that Dahlia watched while Kaufmann killed Lisa? It certainly wasn't in that little snippet of memory she watched. Was she subconsciously picking up on something? Or was the town trying to tell her something, something that was vitally important to her search? In any case, it was the last devastating blow to her already tragic life.

But just as Lisa reached her breaking point, so did Alessa after her caretaker's murder. She finally snapped out of her coma, shattering the spell Dahlia had placed on her and sending half of Alchemilla's staff to meet grisly fates. She didn't really regret that anymore; most of the doctors and nurses were also nearing the brink of insanity, thanks again to the drug Kaufmann and the cult had spread all over town like a cancer. As harsh as it sounded, she had done them a favor by killing them. Kaufmann and Dahlia had eluded her, but they too had met their deaths eventually from their own evil. And by nothing short of a miracle, Alessa had been lucky enough to survive the carnage wrought by the Order's God.

After leaving the town with her father, she tried to put the horrible past behind her. But trying to start a 'normal' life, or at least as normal as she and her dad could get, proved harder than expected. No surprise there. She was only fifteen, and yet she had already seen horrors beyond the imaginations of most people. It was little wonder she would have a tough time adjusting.

Especially with regards to her revitalized body. Puberty hit her full force, bringing with it all the awkward moments and feelings that came with discovering one's sexuality. When she began masturbating, she felt like a whole new world had just been opened to her. After she got comfortable with it, she started pretending that it was someone else's hands on her body. Most of the time, it was another girl making love to her. And often enough, that girl was Lisa.

She couldn't help it. Lisa was gorgeous, and she had taken such good care of Alessa given the circumstances. Alessa wondered if the nurse would have taken care of her in a different way, had she gotten the chance to see her patient grow up into a healthy young woman. Somehow, something told her she would have. It wasn't difficult to imagine Lisa's soft hands trailing over her bare skin, cupping her small breasts, playing with the soft folds between her legs.

Fantasies like those had given Alessa some of the most intense orgasms from those early years.

But then, things changed. She began to move on from her past in Silent Hill, especially her nightmarish coma. As more people came into her life, most notably her mother, Alessa found herself thinking about Lisa less and less, until one day she reached the point where the late Ms. Garland seemed but a distant memory from another life.

She had never expected to see Lisa again. How ironic was it that her former caretaker would show up again when her life was falling apart for the second time? Nonetheless, Lisa was not at all an unwelcome surprise. And the more time she spent with the nurse, the more Alessa yearned to show her that she still cared. That she wanted her.

Suddenly, it occurred to her that she actually knew very little about this lovely woman she was so admiring of.

"Lisa," Alessa began, turning to face her. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. Ask me anything."

Alessa hesitated briefly. "Can you tell me about yourself?"

For a moment, Lisa was silent. "Myself? That's a tough one."

"Could you start at the beginning?"

Lisa sighed, but seeing Alessa's hopeful face, she found it impossible to disappoint her friend. She began to tell Alessa about her childhood. Lisa's mother was a single mother, originally from the nearby town of Silent Hill. She had Lisa when she was only seventeen. The father wanted nothing to do with her, and Lisa's mother Elizabeth struggled to finish high school. After she graduated, she had to devote most of her time to taking care of her daughter, and as a result, she struggled to attend college. Even so, the family tradition held firm. Elizabeth's mother was a nurse, so it was expected that she was going to be a nurse. Elizabeth's parents helped her as much as they could, and so with help from menial jobs, she was eventually able to make it as a nurse. However, it was still a struggle to maintain a single-parent household, living on her own. Taking care of a daughter, and being a full-time nurse at the same time, wasn't easy.

Elizabeth's troubles as a single parent had a negative impact on Lisa's childhood.

Though her mother claimed she loved her, Lisa was always under intense pressure to succeed at everything she did. In elementary school, Lisa quickly learned to maintain very high grades. Nothing less than an A in every subject was acceptable. Even a B+ was grounds for punishment. Still, Lisa was able to rebel against her. Lisa learned to get her kicks in wherever she could do it, doing petty things here and there to annoy her mother. It surprised Alessa to know Lisa wasn't the picture perfect angel she imagined. She had her naughty side, and it only got more prominent as she got older.

Alessa noticed that some of the stories Lisa told were somewhat vague, like she was hiding some things from Alessa. But that was okay, Alessa would find those things out later. Lisa's rebellious acts definitely pushed the boundaries of what her mother allowed. There were times when they barely got along, and they certainly had more than their fair share of screaming matches. Still, she managed to become a nurse in the end.

And then there was that stint in Alchemilla when she was 16.

Lisa had done some time as a trainee nurse at Alchemilla during the time she was a teenager, before Alessa came into her life. Alessa didn't know that. She had always assumed that Lisa was a new nurse who arrived at Alchemilla and took care of her, having been settled with the gruesome task of doing that every day by Director Kaufmann. She didn't realize that Lisa had already done a stint there before, and knew the Director personally. Kaufmann sent her away to get more training, with the promise of a job if she graduated nursing school. Lisa returned six years later, to undertake her oh so fateful assignment. Alessa suspected Lisa regretted ever taking him up on that offer. She returned expecting an easy job, with guaranteed pay, only to be assigned the most hellish assignment anybody could even envision.

One thing Alessa learned that surprised her was Lisa wanted to be an actress. Lisa's mother wanted her to be a nurse. Alessa didn't think she would be the type. She wondered if she could cast Lisa in any movies, once she got out of here.

She found herself empathizing with Lisa's desire to escape from her hometown and her usual routine. She'd wanted to escape from Silent Hill when she was a child, and it was hard not to imagine what could have happened if she had. She could have had a perfectly normal childhood, with no cult, no bullying, and no supernatural powers, if only her parents had had the courage to take her away from here. It was difficult not to resent them at times, but she knew that they meant well. That was why she didn't resent them. She could empathize with Lisa's desire to escape. It wasn't quite the same, of course, but the situation was close enough.

Lisa found herself staring at Alessa with something she couldn't identify. She had never talked to anyone about herself before. Not even when she was alive, had she been able to tell her story. She found that there was a great feeling of relief, being able to tell someone about herself, and having them sympathize with her situation. It was a great weight off her chest, and gave a great sense of validation. And there was something else. Lisa wasn't sure what she was feeling, looking at Alessa, but it was something she had never felt before.

Alessa noticed that Lisa was staring at her with something concerning on her face. She didn't know what it was, but it appeared to be a fascinating world of emotion that was circulating behind those eyes. Was it curiosity about her or something else? Alessa didn't dare to hope. That was a possibility she wasn't prepared to acknowledge, yet. All she knew was that Lisa seemed unusually serious all of a sudden. She tried to determine if it was anything she'd said, but she couldn't think of anything that would trigger that response.

"Lisa? Is there something you want to tell me?" Alessa asked softly.

"I…don't know," Lisa replied, uncertain.

Alessa looked hard at the blonde woman. This was it, the opportunity she'd been waiting for. The time was right, and Lisa was in the pensive mood that she needed to put her plan into motion. She would never again have this chance to make a move on the woman she had admired since childhood. Summoning up her courage, Alessa leaned in and took Lisa's lips with her own. She softly brushed her lips against Lisa's, giving her a flurry of gentle kisses, enthusiastically showering Lisa with affection. Lisa pushed her away a bit, overwhelmed by the sudden rush of emotion.

"Alessa…" she started, then stopped. The truth was she had exactly no idea what to say.

There was a soft shush. "I want this," Alessa said.

She continued to kiss her. Lisa didn't protest any further, and this time she allowed herself to be drawn into the kiss. There was nothing else she could say. What could she say? This was an entirely unexpected move on Alessa's part, and Lisa wasn't quite sure how to deal with it. Alessa pressed on with her kiss, and Lisa decided to just go with it. She stopped fighting the girl's efforts to show her affection, gave herself over to the moment, and even allowed herself to reciprocate a little. It was…nice. She had never kissed a girl before, or done anything with a woman before, but it was obvious where this was heading. Alessa was a good kisser, if a little…enthusiastic. Her lips were impeccably soft, and it was a much different texture from the rougher feeling of a man, without the stubble. The sensuality of it was actually…interesting. Alessa slipped her tongue into her mouth, and Lisa took it gently with her own mouth, their tongues mingling with a cool, unrushed exploration, allowing her body to respond naturally. There was a tension in the room that was building, and it was growing with every moment, as their actions gave way to a point of no return. It was actually very soft and sensual, and she felt something stirring in her own body.

They knew where this was going.

Lisa nodded uncertainly, continuing to allow Alessa her exploration. Alessa kissed her repeatedly, brushing her lips over her neck, behind her ears, and her upper chest. Lisa leaned back breathless, breathing hard from the barrage of affections Alessa was bestowing on her. Alessa stared her over for a moment, before making a decision. Stretching back, she lifted her shirt over her shoulders, leaving herself exposed in the motel room. She smirked deeply at the nurse, smiling at the wide-eyed expression on Lisa's face.

Lisa stared at Alessa's breasts with an awed expression, enraptured by the sight. They were large, pale white and stood proudly from her chest, with her dark rosy pink nipples looking swollen from their activities. She had never seen the girl she had taken care of like this, and she had never imagined that she would ever see her like this. Her adult body was a sight that she had never conceived of. She had noticed the girl she was taking care of growing as was normal for her age, of course, but she had largely ignored it as it disturbed her to think of her becoming a woman like this. But now the evidence was staring her in the face, almost literally. Lisa was still getting her head around that. Just that particular thought – the little girl she had taken care of had breasts – was astounding! Lisa was still wrapping her mind around that. But Alessa had no qualms about it. Alessa smiled at Lisa, making it quite clear that she was very happy at the moment.

She kissed Lisa deeply, cupping her delicate face in her hands. Alessa pressed her breasts lightly against Lisa, making contact through the fabric that covered the nurse's body. She breathed heavily as she planted kiss upon kiss on Lisa, smothering her lips enthusiastically. Lisa was astounded that she was only less than an inch of clothing away from Alessa's naked body, touching parts of her she had never dared imagine about before. Alessa looked downward and Lisa saw what she needed; it was evident enough from her body. "Touch them. Please," Alessa suggested, smiling impishly at Lisa as she referred to her breasts. Lisa gasped a bit as she realized that she was going to have to touch Alessa's naked body. She had never touched another woman in this way before, in all her lifetime. She was a nurse, but she had never touched another woman in a sexual way before. She placed her hands on Alessa's breasts, and began to ever so delicately massage them. Not bad, she thought. Alessa's breasts were firm and yet soft, with the skin being baby smooth. She was definitely impressive, even compared to Lisa's body. Alessa sighed the slightest bit as Lisa massaged her breasts. Still, there was the slightest expression of impatience on her face. She urged Lisa to make the caresses deeper with her eyes and Lisa obliged, working her hands. She ran her hands deeper over her breasts, feeling every texture of the delicate curves. Her nipples barely touched the crevices between her fingers, but they felt hard and silky. They were beautiful, and Lisa had to admit, stood out proudly on her chest. Lisa knew she needed to use her mouth and bent over Alessa's chest. She took Alessa's right nipple into her mouth, and began to get used to sucking on another woman's breast. She glided her tongue lightly over the engorged peak, and began to suck delicately on the exquisite little peak. It was a curious feeling she had never had before. Was this what guys felt like when they did this? It was curious, because while it was interesting for her, Alessa was absolutely enjoying it, she could tell, from the noises she was making and the gasp she had made when Lisa took her breast into her mouth. Alessa moaned lightly with enjoyment, drawing Lisa close to her with one arm as she enjoyed the sensations and tiny sparks. She arched her back, pressing her breast further into Lisa's mouth, as she asked for more of the sensations this wonderful woman was providing her.

Alessa moaned in pleasure as she enjoyed the blonde nurse's treatment. God, the sensations Lisa was giving her were incredible. She wanted, or at least a part of her wanted to reach down and cup Lisa's ass, but she didn't know how that would be perceived. It was obvious this was Lisa's first time with anybody in a long, long time, and she didn't want to be too overzealous. But she soon overcame that hesitance. She stared down at Lisa's body, surveying the gorgeous body she had underneath. She wanted to taste those. In that moment, she made a decision. She pulled down the front of Lisa's shirt, taking the nurse by shock and spilling the contents to the open air. Alessa drew back as she surveyed Lisa's huge breasts. Oh God, they were the most gorgeous breasts she had ever seen in her life. They were absolutely huge, larger than hers even, with creamy tan skin, and they were absolutely juicy looking. There was no hesitation. She buried her face in Lisa's breasts, furiously kissing every inch of her skin, grasping the mounds and fondling them. She pulled the shirt further down, further from Lisa's breasts and relieving the tension of the cloth, which allowed her to further fondle them. Lisa gasped as Alessa kissed her sensitive breasts, overwhelmed by the intensity of her assault. Alessa enjoyed being this up-close to her. Alessa saw that her nipples were erect, and she eagerly took them into her mouth. She sucked the nipples eagerly, more fervently than with any other lover she had had. She sucked the left breast hard, and then moved to the right, holding the juicy flesh firmly in her hands.

Lisa gasped in pleasure loudly as she savored the sensations she was receiving. God, that felt good. Her former lover had never stimulated her breasts that much, choosing to focus on other things; he would play with them roughly, but she had never experienced the type of full prolonged stimulation she was receiving right now. Alessa was good. She knew her breasts were sensitive, but it was entirely different feeling that stimulation firsthand. God, she was making her feel good now. She definitely understood what guys saw in this now, if having a woman scream like this in pleasure was enough to give them a raging hard-on. Alessa was good, and she seemed to be fully enjoying what she was doing. It was almost like she was worshiping her breasts, treating them like some sort of sacred objects. She reached down on Alessa's body, cupping her rear as she drew her body closer to her. She was firm; Alessa definitely worked out, if this was any indication. Alessa arched her body, and Lisa realized in amazement that she was grinding against her, rubbing her covered sex close to Lisa's body.

Alessa drew back from Lisa, smiling eagerly while looking flushed from their activities. "I have to take these off," Alessa said, breathlessly murmuring from the way she was breathing hard. She pulled down her panties past her legs, tossing them aside to the room's carpet. Lisa was shocked at the other woman's boldness, and didn't know what to speak. Alessa sat back and placed her hands over her knees, waiting for Lisa's assessment. Lisa stared at the sight with widened eyes. That was not what she expected at all. Lisa was shocked at the sight before her, and didn't know what to say. There was a dark patch of hair between her legs, covering the triangular area of her sex. She could smell Alessa's arousal from here, and from the dark triangle of hair between her legs Lisa realized fully that this was no little girl anymore. This was a woman, and one who knew exactly what she wanted. Of course, she had already known, but seeing her like this brought that home in a way all the kisses and whispered words of affection didn't.

She had never dreamed she would see Alessa like this. The little girl she had taken care of had grown into an incredible, gorgeous woman, and Lisa had missed it. But a part of her was also glad to see that Alessa had escaped and had a life beyond this, seemingly with all the experiences adulthood could bring. The most startling thing was the complete lack of scarring, or burn tissue like she had – she was not burned in any way: she had recovered completely, and to a degree that astounded Lisa with her fair creamy skin looking so heavenly. There was almost nothing she could say to express the amazement of the situation. "You're beautiful," she said simply, looking at the young woman. Alessa smiled at the compliment, obviously taking great pleasure in being complimented by her favorite nurse.

Lisa moved down to go down on her, if that was what Alessa wanted, when she saw something that alarmed her. Lisa stopped short, as she looked closely. There were bruises along the inner sides of her thighs, over her mound, and along her stomach; just all over her lower body and the middle section of her body. They were black and blue, running along the surface of her mound, and along her inner thighs, and others were just forming. They were pale and discolored, and not yet black and blue, but they were definitely there. Lisa pulled back in alarm, placing a hand delicately on Alessa's thigh. "You're hurt," she said, somehow managing to put a world of concern in that voice.

"It's okay," Alessa waved it off.

"No, it's not. We need to get something to fix these bruises," Lisa said, searching about for anything she could use in the motel room. The motel room was bare, but maybe she could find something outside. "We have to put something on them. Ice, or something. I don't know, we just can't leave them like this," Lisa said, taking the initiative as the sight directed her into action. She was a nurse and it was in her nature to help people. There was no way she was going to leave Alessa like this. What were they doing? Here she was battered and bruised, and they were getting ready to have sex. This town had the ability of manifesting the most unusual items, at certain times. Maybe Lisa could find something, somewhere, as impossible as it seemed.

"Lisa, please," Alessa stopped her, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I need this," she begged her, praying that Lisa would understand just how much she required this right now. She needed something to distract her from the pain. She wanted to feel, enjoy making love to Lisa.

Lisa looked down at the mattress. It didn't feel right, taking advantage of the girl like this, while Alessa was still injured. But then, Alessa was the one who started this in the first place. Still, that didn't make it right. Shouldn't they be getting the girl some help, rather than…getting naked in a hotel room? Lisa wanted to please her, and she wanted to make her happy, even if that meant doing something she wasn't entirely comfortable with. She was struggling with the image of the child Alessa had once been. Still, she couldn't deny that there was a woman with a very real physical need in front of her.

"Don't you see?" Alessa urged her, gripping her by the shoulders. "I've figured it out. Positive feelings keep it away. Negative feelings make it stronger. I have to concentrate on the positive feelings. That's why I was able to keep it away for so long, because I chose to concentrate on what was currently going on in my life rather than dwell on all that past pain. And there's no more positive feeling than being with you, in that way," she explained excitedly. She had pretty much figured out by now that the god fed on negative emotions, and therefore the way to keep it dormant was to keep those feelings away.

Lisa considered that dubiously, while she looked at the anxious Alessa. She wasn't sure at all about what Alessa was saying, and she had her doubts about the whole thing. Could it really be that simple? Lisa was doubtful of Alessa's claim that positive feelings were enough to drive this thing away. But on the other hand, she had to admit that it sort of made sense. This thing fed off negative emotions like hate and anger, whatever it was. If Alessa didn't allow herself to feel any negative emotions, or repressed them deep down, then the god had nothing to feed off of. It was a vaguely irrational hope, but at least it was better than sitting around and waiting for this thing to take her.

"All right," she conceded, and she decided to let it go just this once. It was obvious Alessa needed some attention, and Lisa wasn't going to deny her, even if she wasn't sure about the wisdom of what they were doing.

Alessa smiled, subtly overjoyed that Lisa had given in on this one. Lisa had to admit, there was something about seeing that warm smile, that stirred something in her.

Maybe it was just the feeling of seeing someone else happy, in that state. Or maybe she was starting to feel things she never thought she'd feel as well.

Alessa drew her quickly into a full-on kiss. They fell back on the bed, letting themselves be drawn into a frenzied burst of kissing and affection, rapidly moving their hands over each other. Alessa's hands were all over her, over her back, across her sides, and down her hips, drawing her closer into an embrace. Lisa was marveling at the fact that Alessa was still lying over her naked, and the effect that this wild burst of kissing and rushed affection was having on her.

Alessa smiled as she gave Lisa another peck on the lips, followed by two more. She was having so much fun kissing this woman. If she concentrated hard enough, she could almost forget about all the bad things that had happened to her over the past day. There was something about her that was just intoxicating.

"You're not wearing any underwear," Alessa smiled, a bit of teasing in her voice. Lisa's eyes widened in surprise as she heard that come from her former patient's mouth.

The statement had an expected response. Lisa blushed a bit as she realized what Alessa had just found out. She had forgotten about that particular aspect of her wardrobe. There wasn't much need to concern yourself with such matters in Silent Hill, and she had honestly forgotten about that talking here with Alessa. Still, she had to say something. "Well, it's not exactly necessary around here," she said awkwardly, still uncomfortable with the sudden change in subject.

Alessa smiled at the young nurse. There was that explanation, but Alessa knew it probably wasn't the only explanation. "Sure," she said, causing Lisa to blush a deeper red.

They met in another kiss, letting themselves get wrapped in each other's arms. Alessa gave her several kisses repeatedly, kissing the side of her neck, sucking on the sensitive skin, and kissing the tops of her breasts, brushing her lips along every inch of Lisa's skin. She left no inch of her neck untouched, ravishing every inch of the skin. "I adore you," Alessa said, breathlessly murmuring her desire against Lisa's skin. "Ever since I was a teenager, I always fantasized about making love to you. You did so much for me, you gave me so much to be grateful for, and I always wanted to repay you. You're my angel, Lisa," Alessa smiled, her voice filled with love, completely missing the wide eyed look Lisa gave her. Lisa's eyes widened as she realized the devotion of this woman. This woman was in love with her. This wasn't just a simple case of physical lust, as Lisa might have been led to believe by Alessa's rush of physical stimulation. This woman was 100% devoted to her, on a level that Lisa couldn't even comprehend, and that she wasn't even sure she deserved.

And now she found herself worrying about that. What if she didn't live up to Alessa's ideal? What if Alessa found her to be unworthy of her, or didn't like the way she really was or her personality or something, as opposed to the ideal she had built up for herself? Was Alessa going to leave her here?

Alessa didn't seem to be worried about that, through all her physical barrage. She kissed Lisa with every bit of passion she could handle, smothering her lips over every inch of Lisa's body, worshiping her like she was some kind of goddess. It was a little overwhelming. Alessa helped Lisa rid herself of her shirt by lifting it over her head, freeing her breasts from their restraint. She went back to kissing Lisa's body, giving her the same level of attention she was before. She shared a steamy kiss heated with affection, wrapping her hands around Lisa's hair. Lisa couldn't believe they were breast-to-breast, smothering their bodies against each other. This was more than she ever could have hoped for, despite not really expecting it in any way. Another human being was actually touching her again, and getting off on it, not being repulsed, not being afraid, but simply enjoying it. Lisa had to admit, she had never thought of being with a woman before, but Alessa was actually surprising her. Alessa kissed every inch of her breasts, tasting the soft flesh and sucking on her breasts roughly, before fondling them with her hands. Alessa worked her way downwards, making her way past Lisa's skirt, until it was obvious that she was going to take off Lisa's skirt. She paused in her tracks, breathing hard while smiling at her. "I'm going to go down on you, Lisa," Alessa said, smiling eagerly at the flustered sweaty nurse. Lisa panicked a little bit for a moment. Go down on her - - ? That meant, was Alessa going to put her mouth on…? But she was left with little choice, as Alessa proceeded with her intentions. She pulled off Lisa's skirt, helping the nurse rid herself of the dull fabric by sliding it down her legs. Lisa drew back a bit, feeling self-conscious now that she was fully exposed. She kept her knees closer, not really hiding anything and also not splaying her legs open either.

Alessa looked at Lisa's body, a big smile on her face as she surveyed the nurse's form. She was beautiful. Her smooth thighs were creamy and full, looking very enticing in their smooth plateaus. A full thatch of blonde hair was nestled between her thighs, settled over her sex. It was exactly what Alessa expected. Lisa was modest, conservative in some ways, and wild in others. She didn't expect her to be shaved or anything. The hair was thickly nestled over her flesh and disappeared downward between her curves, making Alessa wonder what she looked like from behind settled on all fours on the bed. It was an exciting image. Looking closely, Alessa saw the barest glints of wetness in her smooth juicy lips. She was restraining her excitement a bit, but there was definitely a hint of it.

Lisa blushed at that a little bit. She didn't know whether it was just her body reacting to the intensity of the experience, but Alessa was making her feel things stirred inside her that she had not felt before. She was shaking, she was breathless and trembling, and it was more alive than she had felt in a decade.

Alessa slid between Lisa's legs, determined to give her the same pleasure so many others had given her throughout the years. Lisa was beautiful beyond measure. She deserved every ounce of pleasure Alessa could give her, and more. Her musk was fragrant in Alessa's senses, and sent fiery sparks of arousal down to her loins. She licked every centimeter of Lisa's delicate lips, tracing lines over the velvety pink flesh, and then focusing on her clit. The engorged organ was delightful to lick, and Alessa ran her tongue along the sensitive bump, coaxing the sensations out of her. Lisa's curls brushed against Alessa's nose, as she buried her face between Lisa's legs. The sounds Lisa was making thrilled Alessa to the core, and it only drove her to work more fervently to draw those gasps of pleasure out of her. She slid her hands under Lisa's ass to hold her in place, savoring the feel of her smooth skin under her palms. Alessa continued to lick her confidently with her skilled tongue, until Lisa arched her back and exploded in climax. Alessa delighted in the taste of the blonde nurse's excitement, eagerly lapping up the sweet juices from her core until she had swept up almost every drop. Lisa moaned and gasped from the orgasm, her body wracked by forceful spasms, until she fell back and settled her body on the bed. Her chest was rising and falling quickly from breathing hard, her breasts heaving with every motion of her chest.

They took several minutes to recover, Lisa coming down from the sexual high, and Alessa allowing her to regain her energy. She sat there admiring her beautiful body, marveling at how beautiful she was even in this tired state, especially in this tired state, and thrilled at how she had been able to bring pleasure to her savior, who had taken care of her for so long and guided her out of the darkness that had consumed her life during those dark times, even if it was unintentionally. Lisa lying there sweaty and exhausted, her skin reddened with a fine sheen, satisfied from the sexual experience she had just partaken in, was the most beautiful thing Alessa had ever seen.

Lisa returned the favor. It was more than Alessa was expecting, but it was exactly what she wanted. She started out timidly at first, tentatively licking at the lines of her lips and clit as if testing the flesh. It was obvious Lisa had almost no idea what she was doing, but she improvised and made up for it with sheer zeal in how she approached her task. She licked vigorously at the moist lips and clit, flicking her tongue and trailing it along the very textures of her flesh. Soon enough Alessa was moaning and whimpering at long overdue pleasure from the way Lisa was stimulating her most delicate parts, pleasing them almost lovingly. At one point Alessa had to tell her not to stop, because Lisa was doing such a good job and yet was so unsure of herself, she thought she might have actually been boring Alessa. The idea that Lisa was so uncertain of herself was rather endearing and also very frustrating. Before that Alessa had been rather quiet, but that was when she realized she had to amp up the vocal factor, if she wanted to show her pleasure to Lisa. It wasn't that she was afraid to give voice to her pleasure, and in fact she allowed herself to freely express it, letting the noises emanate from her throat as she moaned and gasped from the fire that Lisa was setting off in her core. She put her hands in Lisa's hair, urging her down even though she knew it was bad form, from the instinctive reaction Lisa was causing in her. She needed more of the stimulation, more pleasure, more of her. And she didn't want Lisa to hesitate. She wanted her to give her every ounce of effort she had, because now wasn't the time to hesitate. Although there was something to Lisa going at her own pace, Alessa needed this release. Lisa continued to work her mouth over Alessa's sex, pushing her further towards orgasm, until Alessa spilled over into that realm of pleasure. The girl felt a current rising up inside her and her entire body tensed up in response. Alessa cried out as she arched back in orgasm, feeling her fluid seeping out onto Lisa's lips, as Lisa continued to move her tongue over her clit and force Alessa to spasm even further from the shocks. Lisa drove her over the edge until Alessa could stand no more and collapsed on the surface of the bed. She was spent, and that was one of the most exhilarating experiences she had had in a while. They kissed feverishly, sharing a long and heated exchange, arms slipping carefully around each other. Alessa felt the heat growing deep inside her again, as she shared the passionate kiss. There were no other thoughts in her mind, of the town, the things outside, or anything else. Only Lisa, and the beautiful experience they were sharing. They ran the gamut from perverse to sweet, but the blonde haired nurse was the only thing on her mind at the moment.

And when Lisa thought they were done with their activities, Alessa slid her leg in between Lisa's and began to ride her. This was unlike anything she had ever done before. The slick feeling of their bodies rubbing against one another, with Lisa holding tightly onto Alessa, was something she had never felt before. It was completely different from being with a man. There was something more intimate about it, Lisa mused, without the roughness of being with a man, the way she and Alessa held each other, the rubbing of their bodies against one another, skin-on-skin, as they pushed each other further towards the edge. It was gentle and firm at the same time, their sexes rubbing against each other thoroughly, bodies sweaty and trembling, as they moved in a concentrated rhythm. Eventually Lisa yielded control to Alessa, letting the younger woman ride her with experience. Lisa felt an orgasm rising, so soon after her previous experience, she thought in amazement, and she could tell Alessa wasn't far behind. She lay back on the bed, and gripped the sheets tightly as she surrendered to the sensations. It wasn't long before the tension snapped. Lisa came first, crying out as she arched back and gripped the sheets tightly. Moments later Alessa followed her, after Lisa had finished her orgasm, pushing her body to its limit until she came against Lisa's drenched sex, spilling her fluid out onto her inner thigh. Alessa rode her orgasm for several moments, moving to lean against Lisa as her body was wracked by several minor quakes, until the pleasure ran its course completely. She collapsed forward onto the nurse, resting her head on the nurse's chest. They cuddled together for several moments, Alessa sucking idly on Lisa's breast. Lisa maintained her arms around the girl for several minutes, pulling her close. Eventually they separated, each one shifting into a more comfortable position. Alessa rolled off of Lisa and came to lie beside her, while Lisa relaxed back on the surprisingly comfy motel mattress. They were right next to each other, resting side-by-side in the calm air that had enveloped the room, hands folded across her stomach in Lisa's case. They breathed hard for a bit, still overwhelmed by the experience they had shared only a few minutes ago, until the silence was inevitably broken.

Alessa finally spoke. "Wow. That was…" she trailed off, unable to form any more words.

"Yeah…" Lisa confirmed, easily agreeing with the sentiment. She was still breathing hard.

Alessa regained her voice fully. "That was amazing," she said, and she hoped Lisa could hear that she meant every word of it. This was one of the best experiences of her life, recent or otherwise, and it almost put all of the crap things that had happened to her over the past few days out of her mind. Almost, but not quite. Still, she was serene for now, and she felt a lightness in her soul that took her mind out of the darkness for a short while. She stopped short of telling Lisa those three magic words, "I love you", because Lisa wasn't ready to hear that yet, and she wasn't going to be that cliché. She didn't remember if she had said it earlier or not, but she wasn't going to say it again until the right moment.

She really wasn't going to be that cliché.

Alessa yawned and stretched her arms over her head. She was exhausted; there was absolutely no way she could go out there like this right now, and expect to fight. She had used up almost all her remaining energy during this encounter, but it wasn't the same kind of exhaustion she felt when fighting for her life out on those streets. Still, she needed to rest for a while, and recover some of her energy. Still, there was one thing stopping her…

"You need to rest," Lisa observed sharply, from where she was sitting up leaning back against the headboard of the bed.

Alessa stared down with a troubled expression. It was what she had thought, but there were numerous thoughts racing through her mind. What if something happened while she was asleep? What if some monsters broke into the motel room? Or what if members of the Order found them? Any number of things could happen, while she was asleep and not watching the door alert, and she wasn't sure she wanted to play that card. What if the…the god awoke during her sleep, and Alessa suddenly found herself powerless to do anything about it – because she had let down her guard?

Lisa seemed to pick up on her anxieties. "Don't worry. I'll watch over you, and if anything of alarm happens, I'll wake you up right away. You can rest up for a few hours, if you need to," she assured her confidently, and offered her what she hoped was a reassuring smile. She could keep watch, monitoring Alessa's condition with her abilities, and if anything happened, or that…thing that was inside Alessa activated all of a sudden and started to overtake her, she would deal with it and do her best to contain it. She was not going to let any harm come to this young woman, no matter what it took. She had had the first human contact she had in ages thanks to Alessa, and she owed her. The gratitude she had for her was depthless. After the joy Alessa had made her feel, it was the least she could do for her.

Alessa smiled at the nurse in gratitude. "Thank you," she said, and the sense of gratitude she felt was enormous. What would she do without her? She was growing too dependent on Lisa already, but she didn't mind it one bit right now.

It was a relief to have Lisa on her side. It was rather heartening, in a way. She could count on Lisa to protect her, if only for these few moments.

Alessa scooted up to where Lisa was and snuggled up close to her. She eagerly put her head on Lisa's breast, enjoying the comfortable feeling she got just from being in this position. Lisa wrapped her arms around her, and Alessa relaxed fully on the nurse's chest. She felt safe in Lisa's arms, she felt secure, and it was a feeling of being loved that was hard to describe; she felt the tension leaving her body as she relaxed in the nurse's grasp. She allowed herself to be drawn into an appealing slumber, as she felt the drowsiness of the past day's events finally gaining an upper hand on her.

She was finally inside somewhere secure after all this time, and she was going to relish that.

Alessa allowed the darkness to overtake her, yielding to its irresistible pull, lulling her into what she hoped would be a dreamless slumber.

AN: Alessa's 'angelic' view of Lisa is intentional. It is not meant to be an objective view of her...