Author's Note: This is a completely random story I just happened to think of the other night before going to bed. I wanted to use it for one of my fic challenges, but couldn't find a prompt that it fit, so here we are, a completely new story. Hope you enjoy!

He notices the small things about her. The way her chocolate hair shines when she tilts her head. Flecks of gold in her otherwise dark eyes. How she smirks ever so slightly when reading over case files, one corner of her mouth upturned like a folded page corner serving as a bookmark.

She notices his little things, too. The slight grunt he makes under his breath during meetings when someone else is speaking. Scuffs on his shoes, showing his human side, the side of him from outside work. How he strides as though he has a point to prove, but is really trying to hide it all...

If they only knew, could sense that they were brough together for a reason, THIS reason, that they should be two bodies but one soul. There's an eternity shared between them, one where no one else exists but him and her, and even she can't reconcile how that works.

There's a very clear image of them falling through space, at different intervals, because they haven't found each other yet. Haven't found the love they're meant to share. And I can't tell you why it's so hard for them to accept it, realize it, love it. Once they decide to be, they'll stop floating, and just settle to the ground. Ever drifting no more, absolution will be complete.