Author's Notes

Yup, that's right. A Sonic next-gen adapt. :D Well, more like a prologue to the game, really. This is one half of my birthday present for Sonic (Happy 15th, Sonikku!), the other half being a drawing I made to depict a scene from chapter 3 (link can be found in my profile). Anyway, read on!

- - - - - -

Chapter 1: Fire of Death

- - - - - -

Everything before me is burning.

Forests, cities… the entire planet.

All consumed in a fiery Hell.

I walk through a blazing city, smoldering ash crunching and hissing beneath my boots. This is where it all started. This is how the blue world I once watched with awe was transformed into a gray wasteland.

This is what I must stop.

I can feel the intense heat all around, but it does not hinder me; I have trained my mind to overcome such illusions. My mission is far too important to allow myself to be distracted.

Stretching my feelings out in all directions, I search for my target. I am drawn to a particular building—or rather, what is left of it—near the edge of what would have been the downtown area. As though distorted by a surrealist's brush, it is hardly even recognizable as a building. Girders are warped, some melted completely. What once formed the concrete walls of the building looks as though it has melted and mixed with volcanic rock and ash before re-solidifying.

Atop this coagulated mess of steel and stone stands a lone figure.

The one I seek.

Focusing my energy, I float up to the top of a large pile of rubble to get a better look at my enemy. His back is to me as he gazes toward the city center, the focal point of this disaster. Long quills reveal that he is a hedgehog, like myself, one that I am shocked to see after so many years.

No… it couldn't be him…

The resemblance is uncanny, but I soon realize that this hedgehog's spines are bent differently and lighter in color. It is not as I feared, then. I stare intently at him, memorizing every feature, willing him to turn so that I might see his face. The way his fists are clenched and back arched, set against a backdrop of gnarled metal, billowing smoke, and crumbling rock completes the nightmarish scene.

Then, in the blink of an eye, his head snaps around in my direction. Green eyes that seem to glow in the firelight lock onto me.

And he's smiling.

Amid all this destruction, suffering, and death…

…he's smiling.

It is a sight that I will not forget. A face that I cannot forget, for the sake of this planet and everyone on it.

Then he whirls and leaps off his twisted pedestal, running into the central inferno at incredible speed. My heart cries out to follow and stop him, but my mind knows that it would be futile now. Even if I could catch him, it would not matter. So I simply stand and watch as the volcanic center bursts into blue flame. It spreads in all directions, consuming everything in its path at an alarming rate. I do not move as the wall of fire washes over me.

And then my vision fades.

- - - - - -

Amber eyes slowly opened and focused on the single candle burning before him. He breathed in deeply as the glow around his body faded.

"So that was him," he said quietly. "The Iblis Trigger."

Sitting in a meditative posture on the steel floor, he seemed the perfect image of calm composure—a fact made even more remarkable considering all he had seen. He rose to his feet and strode over to the nearby window. The view was still just as beautiful as he remembered it.

But it would not be for much longer.

The "Flames of Disaster," would be unleashed upon the world, killing most of the life on the planet. He had seen its outcome, and he had foreseen its cause.

"That blue hedgehog," he murmured, gazing at the blue expanse beneath him. "He is the one that will instigate this Armageddon." His right hand closed into a fist, a teal glow emanating from the circle embedded in the back of his glove.

"He is the one that must die."

Turning, he waved his arm toward the candle, a teal glow surrounding it and instantaneously extinguishing the small flame. He walked past it toward the door of the room, no emotion displayed on his face.

"This have I promised. And this shall I do."

The door slid up into the ceiling as he neared, and he exited without another word. The door slid closed again and the lights inside dimmed. Smoke still drifted up from the dead candle, the only light remaining provided by the blue planet beyond the glass.

- - - - - -

Author's Notes

Chapter 2 needs some revision, and chapter 3 is complete, so those will be posted tomorrow.