Note from the Author: Hi everyone

Note from the Author: Hi everyone. Once again, I couldn't keep my promise. I'm so sorry. Now it's summer vacation, so I'll work on this story more so I can have the chapters out quicker. This chapter is another short one, but I hope you'll enjoy it.

Chapter 18

Megakat City: 10am

"I'm going to be late!" Callie shouted in her apartment as she moved around her apartment, almost sprinting to save time. A small power outage the night before had reset her alarm clock, so instead of waking up at 8:15 she was up at 9:45 with only a little over half an hour to get set and be at the office. She ran to the bathroom and up to the mirror, checking her makeup.


Callie ran her fingers over her hair to check for loose strands and then ran out. The she-kat swiped her purse and headed for the door. But something in the corner of her eye halted her movements. Looking back to the little table where her purse was laid two tickets for the last showing of Hard Shell: the Last Mutation. The feline gave a soft sigh as she looked at the tickets.

I've called everyday for him, but Tai keeps telling me he and Chance are in another city.

Callie stared at the tickets for a few more minutes before reaching forward and plucking them from the table.

Maybe today I'll get lucky.

Calico swiftly put the tickets in her purse and rushed out the door, locking the entrance on her way out.

Salvage Yard

Tai sat in front of the SWAT Kat mainframe, his head resting on the keyboard as soft snoring sounds escaped him. He had spent so many hours trying to research the only clues he had to the Pastmaster's plan, but they were all fruitless. Not being conditioned to stay up, he had drifted asleep around three in the morning. His tail flicked back and forth as he slept peacefully.

"T…take that." The tom muttered as he kicked the air. "We beat Viper guys…"

Ring!! Ring!! Ring!!

A loud ringing awoke the sleeping kat. The tom lifted his head from where he slept and looked around, seeing he was in a totally different place and alone.

"This is just torture."

Tai pushed himself off the chair and onto his feet. He was fortunate that they put a regular phone in the hangar other than the emergency call system. Tai wondered over to the phone and took it off the receiver.

"Megakat Salvage Yard."

"Hi Tai." Callie's voice responded. Tai frowned at the voice, knowing what was going to happen.

"I was wondering if Jake was back?"

"No, I'm afraid he and Chance are still gone."

"Oh." Callie replied. Tai could tell from her tone that she wasn't too happy about the news.

"Do you know when they'll be back?"

"Not really. I'll inform you when they come back. Is there anything I can help you with?"

" No, that's fine. Thank you."

Tai heard the click of the phone followed by the dial tone. He sighed as he hung up the telephone.

"Poor girl."

Megakat Highway

Callie hung up her cell phone as she drove, giving off a small sigh.

I knew he wasn't going to be there. Maybe…maybe I can find another movie he likes and ask him to that one.

Callie continued to speed down the road, checking the clock on her radio every few seconds. Every minute counted to her. As she continued her drive, Callie noticed all the clouds in the sky. Pitch black storm clouds floated above the city, warning of an impending storm.

That's strange. The she-kat thought. Rain in this season. Well, I suppose stranger things have happened …

Suddenly, a loud piercing shriek ripped through the air. Callie pulled her hands off the wheel to cover her ears only to realize what she was doing and grabbed the wheel again.

"What was that?!" The she-kat shouted, looking around to catch the source of the screech. Another roar pierced the air, making her cry out in pain from the sound. But it was because of that roar that she now knew what the source was and where it was located. Leaning to the side and looking out of her window, she spotted it. Up above in the sky flew a massive red-scaled dragon, soaring right over her car.

"Holy Ka…!!"

The dragon bellowed once more, echoing its roar off buildings. The great flying beast looked down at the vehicle below and slowly started to descend upon it, the creature's talons stretched out to snag it.

"I just got this fixed!!" Callie shouted as she punched the gas and turned the wheel sharp, cutting off the person to her right and speeding out from under the dragon. The beast charged after her, flapping its wings hard for speed.


Tai let out a yawn as he lifted a cup of coffee to his lips.

"Glad those guys put a coffee maker down here."

The red kat lifted his glass in the air, making small drops of the black liquid splash out.

"Here's to you guys and to the day we're back together."

Tai lowered the glass and took a long sip. With the other paw, he flicked through channels with the remote control.

Wonder what's on the news.

As soon as he hit the news channel, the remote tumbled out of his hands. On the screen was a bird's eye view of a giant red dragon flying over the highway.

"A large dragon has appeared above Megakat City Highway only a short time ago. While no damage has been done, the Enforcers have been called for this emergency."

Tai's eyes followed the dragon as it soared over the road. His eyes fell below the beast and what he saw forced him to spew out the coffee in his mouth.

"Callie!! It's chasing Callie!!"

The tom set his coffee on the bench and rushed off towards the lockers.

Megakat Highway

Callie drove like a madman as she evaded the flying beast. Anything she could do to avoid him was welcome.

"Come on. Come on." She growled under her breath, looking back to check if she was clear. But the more she ran, the closer the dragon was getting to her.


Suddenly, the sedan shook violently. Callie looked up as a loud screech rang in her ears. Large claws dug themselves into the roof of her car and pulled up. Shifting her vision to the window, Callie saw she was no long on the street, but going up in the air.

"Help!!" The she-kat screamed. "Help!!"

"Don't worry my dear." A familiar voice sounded. The hairs on the back of the deputy mayor's neck went strait. She leaned forward and looked out her windshield to see the great dragon above her, its mouth wide open as it flew off with her.

"You won't be harmed, as long as you sit still and be quiet."

Callie recognized the voice instantly. It hadn't been long since they saw each other. Quickly, she rolled down the window and shouted back.

"Set me down you ugly troll!!"

"I'm afraid that's impossible." The Pastmaster's voice rang from the beast. "I need you, my dear. You are the key to bringing this world back to the dark ages and returning me to power. Do not worry. It won't hurt…much!"

The Pastmaster's cackle flowed out of the beast as it flew Callie towards its master's location. The she-kat could only reach down into her purse and fish out a small triangular communicator.