Title: Up Against The Wall

Authoress: Demonic Reivun

Warning: This is a boy x boy fiction. If you do not like that fact, please leave. You had your warning.

Notes: This fiction doesn't revolve around magic at all. It is a Alternated Universe based on the characters from Harry Potter.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. J.K.Rowling is the owner.

The initial story plot was incorporated from a book called Raw, by Scott Monk.

Pairings: Ron x Draco, Seamus x Blaise. Occasional Ron x Draco x Seamus x Blaise.

Summery: Molly decides to surprised Ron by sending him to Summer Camp. However, it turns out to be more like Hell as he find himself roomed with a couple of boys who just loves to hurt him. Ron x Draco, Seamus x Blaise

Up Against The Wall
By Demonic Reivun

Summer camp……. Summer Camp! What? Did he hear it right?

He looked back at his mother in utter horror who could only beamed back at her son with even more enthusiasm. "Hogwarts Summer Camp. I know you'll love it there. It has all the facilities that you'll enjoy and more."

Ron started slowly as it was usually the best tactics in these situations. "Summer Camp? Ma I do-"

"You'll be able to meet new people, build strong friendships-"

"But Summer Camp mum?!" Screw the tactics, act desperate!

"I'm sorry dear, is there something the matter?" Molly stopped short as she looked her son over who was flailing his arms above his head in hopes to catch her attention.

"Yes, I think there bloody well is something the matter." Ron yelled in a rather hushed tone. One did not raise their voice over the mother in this family, it usually concluded in a rather resounding loud and painful slap. "Summer Camp? I'm not five okay, I do know how to socialize if that's what you seem to be worrying about here."

"Don't be silly, Ronald. Of course you're not five. You are going to be eighteen soon, you are far from a child." She smiled warmly and lunged forward to grab Ron in a tight hug while the teen flailed his arms helplessly once more. "But you will always be my little Ronnie-baby-kins, wont you?"

"Mum will yo-" He tried to push her off. "Ma! Let go, you're ruining my hair!"

She laughed heartwarmingly as she let go of him and fixed up his hair for him by patting it down. "You're still going." There was firmness to her tone now that Ron knew there really was no point in arguing anymore. "I have already paid for the five months duration, and you leave tomorrow."


When he had meant that he wanted a holiday after high school, he wasn't expecting this.

The large country house in front of him smiled cheerily down upon him but Ron knew better, he knew better for the fact that, inside that warm smile was a set of large sharp jaws awaiting…. awaiting for him to submit. Glancing back behind him with a look of hope and perhaps apology for whatever it might have been to piss off his mother this badly to have him treated this way. But there was no luck what so ever, because his mother was already easily a few miles away, driving back down the dusty road to which will take another more few more hours to reach main road. He couldn't help but feel abandoned.

Squaring his shoulders and turning back to the face the slaughter house before him, he gulped down and picked up his large, heavy carry-bag and slug it over his shoulder and started to stagger towards his new prison, each step being dragged deliberately in hopes never having to reach it. Unfortunately, no more then ten minutes was he already at the front door, attentively pushing down on the handle and the door swung wide open away from him on its own accord. "H-Hello?" It's a house for God's sake, it wasn't like it is haunted, so stop acting like a whimp!

A tall woman stopped on her way towards a destination and turned to look at Ron with a surprised look marring her rather stoic features. "Oh, hello there, can I help you?" Ron winced at the amount of forced sugary sweetness that was pressed into that sentence.

"Erm…" Ron looked down to his right pocket and started to fish out a piece of paper his mother had handed to him and he unraveled from its scrunched up state. "My mother just dropped me off here and-"

"Ah, I see. What's your name then?" She asked politely with a warm smile. Ron would bet a hundred bucks that she forced it.

"Ronald Weasley."

"Ah yes. Your mother rang a few hours ago to tell us that she'll be dropping you off today." The lady turn around and started to make her way towards the kitchen again, leaving Ron to wonder what the hell was he supposed to do, stay where he was or to follow. He didn't have to decide for long because soon after, the lady popped her head around the corner and simply just said. "Won't be a moment, dear."

Sighing irritably, he leaned against the wall behind him and hitched his bag higher on his shoulder. 'Maybe it won't be that bad'. He let him self hope as he stuffed the paper back into his pocket. With his eyes closed and arms folded, the redhead attempted to try and get back some sleep he had lost due to waking up early of having to come here. He could have slept in the car if his mother hadn't gone on and on about how much fun he was going to be having. Oh yeees. This was fuuuun alright. Look at him, not even five minutes in and he was already falling asleep. As his mind started to slip away into darkness, he was suddenly jerked out of it violently as doors shut close roughly revving the teenager out of his trance. A rumbled of laughter could be heard coming from the direction of the main entry and Ron closed his eyes tighter, choosing to ignoring them. If he didn't see them, they won't see him. Simple.

"Aye Drake! Look at 'is 'ittle fing." Brows narrowed down as dark blue eyes opened and moved its gaze to a group of trio boys and realized that they weren't at all ignoring him like he was doing so to them and what's more, they were talking about him, bugger. He raised his brow at the person who had his finger pointed at him and nearly growled under his breath. The sandy haired boy who was maybe a few centimeters shorter than him grinned with delight very much looking as though he had found a new toy to play with. And he had the nerve to call him little. "We 'ave fresh meat on the farm, that's wot we 'ave 'ere."

Ron glared at the short male not at all liking the way he was being addressed too. Clutching onto his bag tighter, he turned around in hopes of walking away silently and to ignore them but unfortunately when he turned around, he was faced with a pair of arms crossed and he looked up slowly to see an amused grin flashing off white teeth. "And where do you think you're going? You haven't introduced your self to us yet, we were only trying to be polite and welcome you to Hogwarts."

Ron backed away from the olive tanned boy in alarm, though such emotions were not shown on his features. The said boy only chuckled and unfolded his arms to run a hand through long black hair that was messily hanging around his face. "What's the matter? Afraid?"

"No." Ron snapped, clearly trying to show these boys that he wasn't the least bit intimidated nor was he going to give in to their bullying. "I'd rather you all leave alone."

"What if we don't want to?" Drawled the voice of the last person to speak, turning to face him, Ron threw him a glare as he back up against the wall facing all three males. The blonde haired boy in front of him smirked as he leered down on Ron, using his slightly taller frame to size up the red head. The tallest of the three stood round to his left, with his arms crossed again still bearing that amused grin and the smallest of the trio bounced on his heels in excitement. "All we were trying to do is to be polite and say 'Hello', snapping back at us was very rude, don't you think so boys?"

"I reckon 'e ought ta be put in 'is place." The sandy haired boy said as he rubbed his hands together making Ron show some alarm in his eyes. 'In his place?'

"What shall we do with the little man?" Ron flinched his attention back to the tallest man and for some unknown reason his mind decided to tell him that it had processed the man's accent to be that of Italian. Great, next it was going to tell him that the smallest male's accent was Scottish…. 'Aw bugger, geez, thanks for helping me out here brain.'

"I think you should all bugger off and leave me alone!" Shouted Ron suddenly as he finally snapped back to reality and moved forward to push his way through the three when the blonde suddenly grabbed Ron by the shoulders tightly and slammed him against the wall causing the redhead to cry out suddenly. His bag fell off his shoulder and the long haired teen kicked it away to the side and Ron cursed out after having his head recoiled against the hard brick wall. "What is your fucking proble-" The red-head had the wind punched out of his lungs and then he immediately gasped as he felt the closed fist slammed hard into his ribs again. Forcing his eyes open, he glared into cloudy grey orbs and coughed out. "You miserable … fucks."

"Why, thank you." A sadistic grin was flashed, showing off pearly white teeth before Ron was punched hard in the gut again. "Learn to hold your tongue next time. We don't want people teaching the little ones bag language around here."

Sharp clicks of heel tapped shoes were heard clacking away, coming nearer and louder on the hard wood floor and the echoing across the room seemed to intensify making all four boys freeze for some reason. Immediately all three males backed away from the redheads form and simply started to walk away, sniggering and chuckling as they rounded the corner and probably passed who ever it was that had been nearing by. "Morning McGonagall."

"Morning boys…" Came a sharp response as another tall female stepped around the turn; she was dress in very formal clothing and was maybe in her late fifties? Sixties maybe? How ever old she was, she certainly didn't look happy as she folded her arms looking down at Ron who was slumped on the floor, propped against the wall, eyes shutting now and looking as if he had just fallen asleep and was bored by her presence. "Mr. Weasley?"

"What?" The teen croaked at he looked up at her and received a glare. He cleared his throat in embarrassment and shifted to sit up, ignoring the urge to groan out as a sharp tweak tugged inside him rather painfully. "Sorry. Yes, that's me."

"That's better. I don't tolerate people with horrid manners." She smiled somewhat crudely at the boy and turned to walk down the hall. "This way, I'll show you to your room."

'Maybe it won't be so bad after all, seriously, what was I thinking...'

End Chapter