I'm sorry for having everyone wait so long for this chapter, but here it is. Enjoy.

Note- Akkalia- Yes I know it's not true, but it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Hermione was simply trying to get Ron to think of other places that would be more hazardous. However, I have re-written that section to make it clearer.

"First, I'm going to get my eyesight back and then I'm going to murder you, then my mother and then my brothers for good measure." Grumble, grumble and grumble… that was all the redhead ever did, but the last remark spark a slight interest in the blonde.

"Brothers, you have siblings?" During the last hour or so, Draco had remained silent for the rest of the track even to the point of not laughing at Ron's misfortunes of tripping or walking into things. On the other hand, Ron had been complaining all awhile to have missed anything. "How many?"

"Why so interested?" Ron snapped back, turning around to face his hiking partner. His vision hasn't let up a bit since the mishap, while the pain has subsided; his ability to see was as good as nothing, but now he had an irritating throbbing on the right side of his head that was getting more and more painful.

Dropping his backpack and letting his shoulder roll to release some tension between the joints as the blonde sighed irritably at the other. "You were going on and on about everything on nothing earlier and now that I am taking slight interests in your garbage you're refusing to elaborate." Ron having heard the bag being thumped onto the ground followed suit before sitting upon it. "Why do you keep doing that?" Draco asked when Ron gripped the side of his head for the umpteenth time.

"Doing what?" Was the mumbled reply as he hissed out in pain, now gripping both sides of his head, the throbbing was making him feel nauseated.

"Holding onto your head like that? Headache?" Draco asked as he rounded the smaller boy who instantly back away on his makeshift seat worried that in his moment of vulnerability, the blonde would strike.

"Yeah." Ron admitted somewhat flatly as he let out another pained hiss. "Got any painkillers or is there some stupid list of herbs on that guide McGonagall gave us that we have to find for me to chew on so I can get rid of this thing."

"Herbs?" Draco shook his head not that Ron could see anyways. "Herbs and rubbing wont cure crap, Tiger." Ron would have bristled at the name if he hadn't been so preoccupied on the pain that was pulsating through his brain. "Pinch the pressure points to rid the pain." Draco pulled up his backpack in front of Ron to imitate the redhead for a provisional seat. "Back to the question, how many siblings?"

"Is really isn't any of your business to know." If he could see, Ron would have gladly thrown a punch in the blonde's direction by now.

"I don't see why not. I'm simply asking a number off you, not about a bank account or house number, just asking how many brothers you have, it really isn't that personal." Draco rolled his eyes as he stared at the redhead with a bored fashion. "Besides, I would happily answer anything you'd ask me and I won't even lie to you. I said pinch the pressure points, it's distracting talking to someone who keeps hissing in pain and grabbing their head."

Ron gave a strangled muffle. "What pressure points?"

Again stormy grey eyes rolled in their sockets as he slapped Ron's hands away causing the redhead to cry out in indignation but before the boy could voice out anymore of his annoyance he felt a cool finger run up the side of his face with slight pressure towards his temple. "Where?"

"Where what?" Ron growled as he reached up to push those hands away only to be slapped upon again. "What are you doing?"

"You want this headache gone or not? Where does it hurt?" Draco asked with impatience.

Ron seems to be silent for a moment before answering. "Behind and above the right eye." He felt his breath catch in his lungs as those nimble fingers moved along his face coming to a rest as they positioned themselves directly onto a throbbing vein that was the source of Ron's discomfort. "Do you know what you're doing?"

"No and I might just screw up and press the wrong pressure to kill you." Despite any truth that may have been held in Draco's statement the redhead dismissed it and allowed the blonde to continue as he waited in silence and darkness. The pressure of Draco's fingers increased gradually, pressing onto the center of the ache so hard that Ron was now starting to have second doubts. "Hold still, Tiger." Draco said warningly as the redhead started to squirm uncomfortably. The pain didn't subsides at all, instead, it double……then tripled…. Ron felt a tear squeeze through his tightly closed eye and trickle its way down his cheek. It was getting unbearable and just as the redhead was about to forcibly break away from the blonde, Draco released, smirking.

"What the-" Ron breathed. "That fucking hurt you ass, what were you trying to d-" Wh-what? The pain? It was gone! Not lessened or reduced but completely gone. "How?"

"Pressure points." Draco said in a matter of fact tone as he pushed away from his seat and pulled his bag into an upright position and started to zip away at the pockets and holds on the material.

Ron rubbed at his head, baffled and amazed. "Whoa… thanks. I… uh… owe you on-" Ron was cut off as he felt the other male's presence close by, really close. A lump was swallowed as he felt a brush of warm breathe tingle across the bare exposure of skin on his neck and it took him a second later to recoil back. "What are you doing?"

"You said that you owed me one." Ron didn't like that tone in the blonde's voice. It was sly, mischievous and … husky, something that told the redhead to be very cautious. "And in return, I want you to k-"

"NO!" Ron burst out as he pushed away at the warm body before him blindly and stumbling back on his own bag to get himself upright to stand. "Get the hell away from me; I never said you could kiss me … you, you fucking sicko!"

Draco had staggered back a little and threw Ron a confused look. "Kiss you? Who said I wanted to kiss you?" He spat as he pulled on his shirt to straighten them out. "I was going to ask you to keep still! I wanted to see how your eyes were, to see if they were any better, you dolt." Folding his arms and donning a frustrated look upon his face the blonde carried on in a scoff. "And you call me a sicko, you're the one who seems perverted."

Ron flushed with embarrassment but didn't back down as he fisted his hands into tights balls. "No more then you are! You're the one who was harassing me earlier on the other day and then even when I first arrived. What else am I suppose to expect from a pathetic jerk like you! You go around bullying others with those shit faced lackey of yours, if I wasn't blind I'd give you an upper cut right now!"

"Watch it, Tiger, I can give you back that headache along with a few bruises." The blonde sneered as his own fists clenched at his sides.

"So? Go on, do it. It's not like you haven't already!" Ron retorted back without missing a beat. "Huh? Go on! What? Now you have a conscience to not hit me because I'm blind? I thought that you would be that low anyways to hit a disadvantaged person."

"Stop." Ron heard the other male whisper maliciously. How did they suddenly get into such a heated argument within the last five minutes anyways?

Ron knew he should stop or else he'll feel the consequences, but he couldn't stop the next words that flew out of his mouth. "Or do you only hit people when you are surrounded by your two wretched idiots who only claim to be your friends." That was all it took to snap the blonde as Ron cried out when he was suddenly slammed back against a rocky wall that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. The rocks surface was not at all smooth or comfortable as jutted out pieces poked into the redheads back and spine. This time however he was smart enough to keep his head clear from any collision.

"I do not care for what you may have to say to me, but you will not." This time Ron wasn't as fortunate as short nails dug into his shoulders and pulled him up only to be slammed back with even more force, the impact of hitting his head causing him bite onto his tongue. "You will not address my friends in that manner again. Do I make my self clear?" Draco was responded with a blood stained saliva spat onto his right cheek. "Fine, have it your way then, Tiger."

With his shoulders released, the redhead crumpled to the ground, nursing his head feeling that headache returning again as he seethed at the horrid coppery taste that filled his mouth. Shit, he really hadn't meant for things to become so bad like that. Spitting out a mouthful of the metallic taste, he leaned his head back against the cliff to clear his head for a moment as his mind raced through everything that just happened. As angry as he thought he should feel right now, he couldn't help the sense of right and wrong that swirled in his head telling him that he was the cause for the start of this quarrel. After all, Draco had only meant to help this whole time…. Fuck he screwed up big time on this one and all that was left was for him to admit it.

"Malfoy?" Ron croaked as he turned his head to the side a little in hopes to hear the other male. "Malfoy I'm sorry for what I said, I… Malfoy?" Nothing…. nothing but the chirps of birds, the sounds of the breeze rustling through leaves and the music of nature. "Malfoy? You there? Don't play me man, talk." Nothing….

Feeling his heart beat increase, he lurched himself forward and Ron fumbled out with his hands, splaying them across the dirt left and right and it hit against the backpack that sat quietly on the ground. Grasping a hold onto it, he started to run his hand across the dirt again in search of the other backpack that belonged to Draco. It should be close by. "Malfoy, this isn't funny, where are you.? Talk damn it!" Hands were now frantically patting down around him as panic started to bury deep within his skull. Crying out in sudden pain as a stinging sensation pinched at his right index finger he brought his hand close to him as he scrambled back away from what it was that had hurt him. Glass, an insect, a spider?! Fuck, his hand was started to throb. Leaning back against the cliff again, his breathing started to become ragged as he looked around him blindly. Did the blonde just up and go and left him here on his own? "Malfoy, where are you?!" Ron bit his lip as he closed his eyes, panic now made itself feel at home within the redhead. "Draco……."

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