Wisdom of the Owl
By SparklyTree3876

Rating: G

Genre: Poetry

Pairings: None

Author's Notes: I have wanted to write a She-ra poem focusing on the sweet koala-like owl called Kowl for a very long time. Kowl is sadly an overlooked character in the Princess of Power series. There are no fanfics, one shots, or poems dedicated to him. I feel he should have a voice representing him among the better known She-ra characters. This little piece is dedicated to him and his wisdom, kindness, inner strength, and caring nature. Here is also a quote by Bahamut12 who did a review for "Spirit of the Unicorn." The quote goes, 'Though the white wings of death shall scatter your days and the strings of the lute no matter how far apart play with the same music.'


A sweet koala-like owl with a strong soul
His wisdom knows no boundaries
And is as valuable as he is to the Great Rebellion
He flies in the skies of Etheria
Among the fluffy white clouds
As free as he can be
And with an inner strength
That will never fade away

Though a bit cowardly
He has a big heart that no one can deny
His heart is as mighty as the river
Flowing through the Whispering Woods
On a warm spring day
He cares for his friends as they care for him
And is willing to put his life on the line
To ensure their safety
He never loses hope
Even in the darkest of times

His eyes have a spark of life
That shines as brightly
As a wishing star at night
And never fades during the day
What he lacks in courage
He makes up in displaying kindness
Toward hopeless Etherians
That just want to have someone to care about them
And giving advice to those who need
A shoulder to cry on

His best friend is Bow
A young archer who is like his brother
And cares for the most out of all his friends
And shares an eternal friendship with
His bond with Bow is as unbreakable
As a wild horse running free across the valley
Bow gives him comfort
In his time of need
And is a beacon of hope
Whenever he feels lost

The wisdom of this koala-like owl knows no boundaries
And will be able to fly forever free
In Etheria's skies among the clouds
Bow will be there to give him hope and strength
As his friend and brother
Wise Kowl
Never lose hope in Etheria's darkest times
And stay strong for your friends.