Music Descends

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Chapter one ♪♪♪Entrance

"Kimoto, high C!"

He tapped at his office desk harshly, glaring at the motionless girl in front of him. Kirika Kimoto squeezed her fists, apparently having trouble performing the request.

"T-that w-would be?" she stammered.

Taruto chewed on his upper lip, delaying the urge to toss the nicely stacked book of song sheets residing on his palm to the floor.

"That would be the high C," he croaked dryly, almost too simply.

Beats of sweat slid down the sides of Kimoto's brow as she stood, intuiting her teacher's 'soon to come' eruption. Helpless, yet having no other choice, she lifted her instrument and connected the mouthpiece with her lips. Quivering, she let out an off-pitched blow.

The instant she did so, her instructor unshackled a brave-shattering snarl.

"That's NOT the high C!"

She stepped back, alarmed at his outburst.

"It's n-not? S-so u-um . . . this then?" she pointed at another note on her flute.

Taruto imploded from his table, face pale in ferocity.

"Kirika Kimoto, have you been studying and practicing your sheets as ordered? It was assigned as homework you know."

The thirteen year old shifted uncomfortably in her spot before stammering in puny squeaks.

"W-well, I-I did but I'm j-just not the m-music t-type so those things slipped c-c-casually out of my hea—"

"Casual is right!" he bellowed. "You are being casual about homework! I will not permit laziness! Either you come back tomorrow with all those notes memorized and played impeccably, or you will be required to stay after school with me for a month! Think of it as penalty for an incomplete homework assignment! This isn't the first time you've come to my class unprepared, I'm not letting my students off the hook any longer! We have a show to perform soon!"

He turned to face the other members of his music troop.

"And that goes for the rest of you!"


"Mr. T's at it again!"

Outside, two students were struggling to hear the conversation from the music room. Their backs were bent forward; the sides of their faces smashed flatly against the wall, draining in every word. Their eyes narrowed as the stimulus ticked in. By what they've just lay their ears upon, they knew the teacher was definitely no joker.

"Did you see how he just exploded from his seat?" Yue repeated in disbelief. He pushed himself from the door, peeling his hands with him.

"Yeah, those poor kids . . . it's a miracle they can even manage to breathe under such harsh regulations," Anna whispered, trying to keep her voice level down. She growled silently, quickly straightening her neck. "Remember what Rui told us yesterday about the new melody educator? Well, he wasn't kidding about him being a monster."

"Just a mere monster, you say? That guy's practically a roaring machine! I thought music teachers were supposed to be, like, "delicate"?

"Nah, you can't expect that from an old man," she replied sarcastically.

"Don't you mean brat?" the boy pointed out. "He doesn't look that old to me. Plus, I thought Rui said he was eighteen . . . or was it nineteen . . .?"

"Who cares? All we need to know is the way that guy's teaching. It's no picnic." She winced in disgust before commenting sympathetically, "I mean, look at poor Kirika, she's creamed again. Damn it! If only she was assigned to our music class instead, it'd be a hundred times smoother."

"Point taken."

Anna and Yue glanced from their homeroom to Kirika's. A comparison between a haunted mansion and a gingerbread house was made in the split second. They groaned, knowing their friend was, without a doubt, doomed.

"All I've gotta say is, Kirika-chan better get hyped fast or she'll be in for a whole month of "song detention."

"But Anna, we three still got that project we've been dying to complete!" Yue cried a tad too loudly. He appeared to have forgotten he was still out in the open, and needed desperately to talk using as less tone as possible. "This is not fair! I'm not waiting for another full month just to mmmph--" He was cut off by something being punched in his face.

"Pipe down! He'll hear you!" His friend snapped; palm slapped over his mouth. "You scream, and Kirika's not the only one getting punishment. One is enough! We don't need two members jailed!"

Yue glared at Anna through the space provided by her fingers.

Sighing, she peeked through the door once more, eyes attacking vigorously at the evil adult. "Ohhh . . . I just hate that teacher!" she hissed. "He's terrible!"

"MMMMMP!" Yue pleaded. His lungs lacked air.

"If I let you go, will you quit whining?" she asked, joints somewhat undoing. Yue nodded in shrill creaks.

Anna darted her orbs around the hall a few times before fully allowing him freedom. Yue tumbled to the ground.

"Ms. Fon is much nicer than him . . . and much nicer than you too!" he gasped, taking in deep breaths. "What was that, a killer grasp? You could have murdered me!"

Anna frowned.

"We all know Fon is kinder," she said. "I'd switched for Purin Fon anytime, anywhere. However, that's not the point. It's no use bleating when you can actually try to do something of good value."

She stopped and cast a quick glance at her hand.

"Oh, and about that "murdering" thing, do excuse me for being so rough. My hands are just too strong."