Music Descends

Chapter three ♪♪♪ Stories

Purin dashed into her homeroom in haste, her golden blond hair billowing behind her like lingering threads. The heavy door expressed an unholy slam as the young adult briskly took her position at the main desk. She panted dangerously as she dropped her work materials to her left and slumped down on her chair alongside a weak moan. At long last, the scattered tones of self-practicing from her fellow class came to a rest. Their sources' eyes struck directly to the front.

There were some blinks.

Purin gasped brutally, half wheezing.

"H-hello, everyone, sorry to have kept you waiting!" she uttered. "My bicycle broke down right in the middle of my trip."

Her students stole brief glances amongst one another in curiosity. A few whispered softly in private. They then attentively laid their musical instruments down on their laps, yanking their attention frontward.

Purin exhaled gratefully, absorbing fresh air for the vacant areas of her lungs. She organized her items, setting up today's lesson plans in the process.

"Okay class, why don't we begin today with a warm-up?" she offered. "We haven't done a warm-up in ages. I'm all up for suggestions!"

The students gaped a tad longer, not registering. Something obviously sucked their animation out. Purin twisted her face into a few expressions of puzzlement before reiterating, "So . . . any suggestions?"

This time, someone vitally responded, to her delight and relief.

A girl with shoulder length dark brunette hair shot her hand up. Following that, a great few others did the same. Purin couldn't help but smiled at the recollecting liveliness of her ever energetic troop. They were always up for grabs when circling in conversation mode. Only sometimes did a minor "push" or some repeating was required to have them back from their once-in-a-while daydreaming worlds. Other than that, they were good. Generally, there was no need for nervousness of what'd happen if nobody answered to her inquiry. There rarely arrived times when not a single student participated in her discussion.

"Yes, Ms. Shinozuka?" she said, writing down the basic set of music notes up on the chalkboard in a line.

The young lass thought a moment before holding her second finger up as to declare her sudden encounter.

"What about "Beautiful Goodbye"? We haven't recited that one for days now," she interrogated.

Purin placed the chalk back against the wall.

"Hmm . . . interesting, from Amanda Marshall, is it not? A wonderful choice!" she supplied, granting the request. "What a considerate idea! You know, I've been meaning to advise it anyhow but it appears you've beat me to it. We'll play a short version of her piece." She searched through a brown file that held all her printed lyrics, attempting to come across what she was looking for swiftly. "So what do you all sa--" she halted when catching sight of an eager hand waving vigorously in the third row.

"Oh . . . yes, Mr. Nakamaru?" she questioned. The female instructor put aside several books before adding, "Could it be you have a different appeal?"

Kyo Nakamaru shook his head. "No ma'am . . . but I'd like to ask what happened while you were headed to school. I'm quite interested in what occurred during the outing. I never knew you rode a bike. Can you please explain?" he said, a tone of plead in his throat.

Purin stopped, opened her mouth to speak when another one of her pupils barged in.

"Oh, yes, Ms. Fon, we loved hearing your interesting stories!" Tomo Narumi affirmed. "It's fun listening to tales like yours! Every one of them was good!"

"Right on! Can you tell us, please? It'll only take a moment!" Yuna Honda exclaimed. "You always tell us stories based on your experiences".

Before long, the whole team's motive was laid on voicing repetitive begs based on the solo request.

Purin laughed. "All right, all right!" she held up two hands to sooth the voices into silence. "I'll tell you guys about it. Just settle down! It isn't good for you all to start screaming as one. Not only does it increase the risk of having the principal come in, but it also causes damage to your throats."

Everyone sat back calmly and grinned.

"So I was running late from school once again you see," Purin began. "I know I never was a very punctual person, but this time, I had stepped off the mark. If I couldn't get to school, I'd be in a real jam. And it was all thanks to my phone call last night from Heicha, my younger sister, might I add. She kept me up for the longest time. We were chatting thousands of hours away about some guy she met. It's no wonder I awoke belatedly to my alarm clock. I have to say, I was jumping all over the place as I headed out the door. Luckily I had a bike with me, due to the fact that I needed a transportation device to help me run my daily errands. Anyways, like any typical day, I got on my bicycle, packed my purse, and aimed for my desired goal."

She twitched slightly, pondering furthermore for details.

"Unfortunately I didn't realize my wheels were in danger of flattening—or rather . . . I failed to notice. My bike had never been broken formerly, never. I've had it for years. Of course I would never have guessed its choice to break down would be today of all days. Therefore, with my bad luck trailing behind me, I was one third of the way to my destination when the wheels . . . the wheels suddenly . . . well, went ballistic. I was all, "How terribly, enormously, unreasonably, outrageously horrible! The principal would NEVER cut me any slack for this one! And he won't. I've been late far too much the prior year, leading to the fact that gaining forgiveness would be impossible this semester."

A few kids giggled cheerfully at the explanation.

Deciding to drive the deeper facts off, Purin cut the tale short.

"In the end I ended up running here; which, to my pleasure WORKED!" she concluded proudly.

Everybody laughed. One boy asked how that was possible with her elderly age.

"I'm not that old!" Purin exclaimed, falsely pouting at the student's poking remark. "I'm very athletic, mind you!"

More mirth.

Comments of "Good story" or "Neat" washed the classroom galore. Purin couldn't resist but chuckled. It took that much entertainment to drag them all out of glooming mode.

"Okay, then! Now that that's out of the way, shall we get on with our schedule?" she offered, nosing some music sheets from her yellow binder.

"Yes, Ms. Fon," the team chorused.

"Wonderful! On with 'Beautiful Goodbye'! Everybody by their pianos," she cheeped.

Not one student disobeyed. Quick and slick as ice, the group proceeded on with the directions. Before a single second surpassed, each person was already standing in front of a piano, hands placed gently on the keys, ready to begin limbering up.

"Okay, you guys ready?" she asked, stapling the large song page on the board for the children's viewing. "Remember, if by any chance you happened to stumble across a mistake, don't stop. Continue on with what you can."

"Yes, Ms. Fon," a fair number replied.

"YAY! Okay, let us begin!" she chirped lively, not to point out child-likely.

She took her position by her chair, leaning against its left side and striking her awareness on the incoming tunes.

"And on one, two, ready, go!"

Melodies fought the empty air instantly, filling the atmosphere with beautiful emotional tunes. Notes traveled along the walls in high and low, sprinkling a sweet scent for all. The wave of stretching music splashed through everyone's ears like soothing fog. On and on, high and low, sad and happy, the stream washed. It was truly a wonderful feel as the players picked up their paces.

The sorrowful, slow, calm beats soared above the ceiling, bouncing softly onto objects nearby. Speed and power easily accelerated and decelerated through-out the moving piece. The grey music was touching.

Purin shook her head to the tempo, soundlessly marveling at the comforting noise created by her hard working team.

A few miscalculations could be visible to her ears; most of which was most likely caused by slippery fingers or perhaps having received the incorrect notations from their memories. They were incredibly noticeable, yet Purin said nothing in advance,

The sounds sustained their running. The moods changed vividly as they did so.

Bereavement, exhilaration,

Tragedy, revulsion,

Misfortune, joy,

When the composition was eventually done with, she broke off in a single applaud.

"Wonderful, wonderful, that was great, everybody!" she squealed, dismissing their weak spots tolerantly. "Wow! I can't believe how much you've all learned in just about three weeks! Why, I am utterly stunned!"

As a teacher, Purin preferred working at the pace her students went. She never overlooked inner potential. She believed strictly that success could not be frequent if mistakes didn't come up. Aside from telling her learners their errors like any other tutor would have done, her style was to ask them. If what they played wasn't perfect or far from commendable, she'd simply tell them to regurgitate. And because of this patience, Purin earned the reputation for being the most understanding educators in the entire junior high. Kids old and young loved talking with her when they were dampened with tough circumstances. Sometimes, they even preferred her assistance more than the regular counselor on the fourth floor.

"Okay, what should we do next?" she interacted.

The rest of the remaining period passed along quickly. After overcoming numerous practices, trying three new songs, earning an educated talk about the instrument known as the "Ocarina", the full routine was over.

Purin received an overwhelming amount of resisting faces as they slowly exited her room. It appeared that nobody wished to leave just yet.

Several complained about their second period classes and pleaded to stay with Purin's for another full period.

Purin, of course, simply chuckled. She glanced at the wooden clock to the south as the last student exited the room.

She squinted slightly, noticing she had apparently let her students off seven minutes early. She wrinkled her eyebrows regrettably discovering this impractical and uncalled for mistake.

She could only hope the students didn't mind terribly on waiting in front of their classroom doors a while.

"Oh, well, seven minutes isn't too much," she murmured. "Walking up the steps probably soaks up at least five. Besides, I'll have the clock to blame."

She strolled over to the blackboard and began lowering the materials she had put up earlier during the lesson to her individual keyboard case. She then cleaned the rest of her music pages up and fished out new ones for later.

She cycled around to match the facade of her empty classroom, all set for her next group of pupils. She scanned the room half-heartedly, checking for any signs of leftover work.

There were none.

The sets of girls and boys were so responsible these days, just as she anticipated from the beginning.

Most teachers ended up screaming for stillness, or whining of the painful clean-ups they had to do after their classes due to abnormal behavior. At certain times, it was a wonder to all how Purin gained her peace.

Her mouth formed a minor smile, awakening herself for the task that laid five minutes ahead.

However, now that she opened her eyelids fully, there WAS something that caught her eye. The moment she caught sight of it, she wondered miserably how she couldn't distinguished it earlier, as it was so obvious and right there.

"Anna, Yue?" she said confusedly, mentally scolding herself for being so absent minded as to miss two human beings who hadn't departed with the remainder of the class. "I thought you already left."

Anna and Yue stared. They both had their backpacks on, signaling to Purin bluntly that they couldn't possibly be running late.

"I'm sorry; did I shut the door before you two got a chance to exit?" she asked, feeling an abrupt rash of discomfort rush through her head.

It was Anna who stifled the response.

"Uh, no . . . We wanted to talk to you about something in addition," she mumbled, shooting Yue an influential, "let's tell her", glance.

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