Author's Note: Sorry for this first chapter being so short. It's more of an prologue than an actual chapter. I'll write more soon.


"We're back!" Kim Possible announced as she and her longtime sidekick, best friend and boyfriend Ron Stoppable dragged their feet through the front door of Kim's house, a look of fatigue set in both their faces.

"All I'm saying KP, is that if we just shaved Monkey Fist after capturing him, then he wouldn't really be a monkey man anymore, just some creepy guy who walks funny and doesn't have any hair. He'd totally lose his monkey mojo and we wouldn't have to check for lice every time we get back from fighting him." Ron Stoppable seemed to continue a discussion begun earlier in the trip home as he followed Kim into the kitchen.

"Welcome home, hon." The maternal Possible greeted as she looked up from her paper at the table. "You kids got back just in time. I'm making sandwiches if you're interested."

"Baloney mom. Please and thank you." Kim replied as she achingly dropped herself into the kitchen chair.

"I mean come on; the look on his face alone would be totally priceless. We could take a picture and see if we can get Wade to put it on some business cards for us." Ron continued to sell his point as he sat down next to Kim.

"Ron, unless you want to shave him yourself, there is no way." Kim's eyes told Ron that the matter was officially decided.

"Ron, anything for you?" Mrs. Possible offered.

"Baloney sounds badical Mrs. P."

"Oh boy, huh hu! Four please." A buck toothed pink head squeaked as he popped out of his resting place in Ron's pocket, scampering up to the table top.

"So, I take it your mission went well?" Mrs. Dr. Possible inquired within her rights as a mother as she retrieved bread from a cabinet.

"Oh yeah." Kim admitted. "Check one recovered stolen Monkey Idol, scratch one evil monkey demon."

"You ever notice how Global Justice never gets those calls?" Ron mused aloud. "I mean, cat stuck in a tree, and they send their best man, Will Du, on the job. Ancient monkey prophecy about to end the world, and suddenly ever man they got is busy and we end up having to fly halfway around the world at five in the morning, on a Saturday morning, to save the day. And those monkeys fight dirty!"

"You mean they cheat?" Mrs. Possible asked somewhat confused by the surprise in Ron's declaration.

"No, I mean they fight dirty. That reminds me, can I burn this shirt?" Ron asked.


"I really meant in the fireplace, you guys!" Ron remained frozen in panic.

"Too boring." Jim replied.

"Too plain." Tim agreed as he held the Thermo Nuclear Harness, which as far as Ron could tell was just a fancy word for heat ray, in his hands, steadying his aim right on Ron's chest.

"Doesn't your mother ever talk to you about playing with matches, or lasers, in the house?" Ron asked, the worry in his voice become louder and louder.

"Just don't squirm." Tim assured as he steadied his aim.

"AHHH!" In one swift motion, Ron removed his shirt and threw it up into the air.

"Pull!" Jim cried out as his brother activated the device, causing a bright crimson beam to fire out across the room, hitting Ron's shirt dead on, causing it to glow, before reducing it to spare ashes to sprinkle harmlessly to the ground.

"TWEEBS!" Kim cried out as she came down the stairs, surveying the mess done to the rug. "You are so totally cleaning that or mom is going to remove the left halves of your brains by the time she's done with you!"

"You know what this means." Jim said gravely as he turned from his sister to his partner in all crime.

"Time to give the Dusterminator its first test run!"


The pair then ran upstairs to their room eagerly.

"Why can't they just take up vandalism like normal kids?" Kim asked with a resigned sigh as she came down, holding a shirt for Ron in hand.

"Too many brain cells. It's a Possible genetic condition. No known cure. Thanks KP." Ron replied as he took the shirt in hand. As he did, Kim raised an eyebrow as she got to check out her boyfriend's build. As she had told Monique on more than one occasion, there were a lot of perks to dating a monkey master, and one of the best was the view.

Even as Kim felt the blood rush to her face, she could feel the strength rushing out of her legs. Moving over to the family couch, she plopped herself down. "Ok, new rule. No more rushing out across the world at five in the morning after staying out till ten and chatting on the phone till midnight." Kim decreed as she tried to rub the fatigue from her eyes.

"Totally worth it though. You were spankin' on the dance floor last night KP." Ron assured her comfortingly as he sat down beside her.

Kim was about to reply when the door bell interrupted. Kim sighed as she pulled at her aching muscles to take her to the door, opening it to be greeted by a brown suited delivery man that Kim was certain she had seen somewhere before.

"Package for Kim Possible." The man announced politely.

"Thanks." Kim took the small package in hand. The package itself was small, and aside from the wrapping, undecorated. No letter or note came with it except for the formal postal tags. "Have a nice day."

"Oh I will, just as soon as I finish at the end of it." The man seemed to sigh with a contended resignation of sort as he walked off. Kim still couldn't help the nagging feeling that this man was somehow familiar, but the package in hand stole her focus.

"What's up KP?" Ron called out as he walked over to her.

"From a secret admirer I guess." Kim indicated to the light package in her hands. "Did you get me an early birthday present Ron?" Kim turned to him with a smile.

"Sorry KP, wrong admirer. But if that comes with a love letter addressed to any blue foxes, it's getting burned along with my shirt!" Ron announced begrudgingly.

Rather than reply, Kim tore at the brown wrapping paper, revealing an otherwise unmarked blank video tape cassette. On it was a label with a simple message.

Play by: 12:43, 10/7/2006

Kim looked up at the clock in the family living room. The label carried the day's date and the time was just one minute till forty three after.

"Ok. Someone has a day planner by their VCR." Kim observed, a little weirded out by the situation. As she looked at the label, the teenaged super hero was positive she could recognize the handwriting, though it escaped her for the moment.

"Well, no point in getting your new boyfriend's underwear in a wedgie." Ron offered as he put the tape inside the family entertainment system, checking the time to make sure it was synchronized with the label's cryptic instruction.

"Amp down the drama Ron." Kim sat next to her. "It's probably nothing like that."

For the first few comforting seconds as the tape played, only static graced the screen. Then, in a horrific moment that froze Kim and Ron's blood at the same instant, a face appeared on the television set that Kim had prayed, rather ironically, never to see again.

"Greetings Kimberly Anne Possible." The distinct, blue skinned face of Zorpox the Conqueror appeared before her, cackling menacingly from within a stone walled lair that Kim assumed to have been the same one where she had last done battle with the twisted doppleganger of her best friend. "If you're watching this tape, then it's quite likely that you found a way to reverse the effects of the Attitudinator, and I'm once again nothing more than your peddling lap dog, panting at your leg!"

"Hey, I don't pant!" Ron argued back against his former self.

"But let me assure you, this dog still has one last bark in him. Woof woof! Bwahahahahahaha!" Zorpox's laugh boomed out from the television speakers, sending a long forgotten chill down Kim's spine.

"Did I really sound like that when I laughed?" Ron asked.

"Oh yeah. It got old fast." Kim assured him.

"If you're watching this tape at the time and date indicated on the label, then at this very moment, the volcanic mountain of Mount Scarem, off the coast of Italy, should be erupting as we speak, sending hot volcanic magma into the air and ocean, trigging a tsunami several hundred feet tall. If you act now, you might have just enough time to rush enough inflatable swimmies to all the affected areas. Booyahahahahahahaha!"

Both Kim and Ron's jaw dropped in perfect synchronization, helpless before the cackling madman on the screen before them.

"It's all courtesy of a littleproject I left behind. Just something for you to remember me by. I call it the Annihilation Wave. It's very fascinating, I'd tell you all about it, but that would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it? Bwahahahahahaha!"

"Man, you weren't kidding. The laugh does get old." Ron tried to make light of the situation.

"While I won't give away the Annihlation Wave's secrets, I can tell you that in exactly twenty four hours, every continent on Earth will feel my wrath, but you Kim Possible, you shall feel my vengence! Bwahahahahahaha!"

With that, the image faded from the screen, leaving Kim and Ron to stare at each other helplessly, their mouths dropped down wide.