Riku knew everything about Sora. After all, they'd been friends since they were children. He knew about the brunet man's unhealthy obsession with cheese, his inability to work an algebra problem, and his insanely large collection of beanbag toys. He knew the guy snored. He knew about the birthmark on the back of Sora's left shoulder.

There was nothing that Riku did not know about Sora.

That's what Riku thought, anyway.

It was during a rousing game of "I Never" - where the drinks were piled high and being consumed at an alarming rate – that Riku found out that he was wrong.

"I never . . . " Riku started, a smirk on his face, and a glimmer in his eye. He knew that Kairi was guilty of this, and that he was going to embarrass the poor girl. "I never . . . pole-danced in public"

Now, Riku was ready, the second the words left his mouth, to laugh at the way he knew Kairi's face would change to match her hair. What he wasn't ready for was the way the tips of Sora's ears would suddenly gain a pinkish hue. He was even less prepared to see Sora take a large gulp of his rum n' coke. Riku felt his jaw drop, and it was Kairi who spoke up first – even though she had the time it took to take a drink of her own and wipe her mouth – she was more indignant than shocked.

"Sora!" she said admonishingly, "You're only supposed to drink if you have done it!"

Sora's face became more red than Kairi's Bloody Mary.

"I . . . I have." Sora said with a stutter. Riku finally found his voice.

"WHAT!" The silver-haired boy shouted intelligently. Sora giggled nervously, raising the hand not holding his drink to scratch the back of his head.

"The fangirls," Sora started, sighing and pouting. "They said I was 'too cute to be sexy'"

Indeed, this was true enough at the moment. Sora was positively adorable when he pouted like that. Riku thought so, anyway.

"So," the brunet continued, rising to his feet, and grabbing one of the stilts used to keep the house above sea level, "I proved them wrong."

With that, Sora proceeded to wrap one leg around the stilt, lean back, and spin around the pole. He continued leaning in, leaning back, walking himself with his hands into a back-bend, coming up slowly, shaking his hips here and there, and flashing smirks and half lidded eyes in Riku's general direction.

Riku put a hand to his nose to hide the bleeding. Kairi finished her drink in one large gulp. Sora smiled triumphantly, then slowly dropped to his hands and knees and crawled toward Riku.

Leaning as close to Riku's face as Sora could muster without touching the other man, Sora whispered,
"Do you think I can pull off 'Sexy,' Riku?"

Riku could do nothing but sit there dumbly, blush, and try ever so hard to keep his eyes off of his brunet friend's lips.

Sora smiled, leaned in a little closer – just enough that he could hear Riku's quiet gasp – and then puffed up his cheeks like a blowfish, fell backward, and laughed as he rolled around the sand.

Riku just sat, eyes wide, while Kairi joined Sora, laughing.

"Sora, you really shouldn't tease Riku so much." Sora composed himself, looked to Riku, then to Kairi, and nodded his head matter-of-factly.

"When Riku can admit I'm sexy, then maybe I will."