Title: Hated Salvation
Author: Batsutousai
Pairing(s): Tom(Voldemort)/Harry
Rating: R
Warnings: Slash, AU(pre-OotP), child abuse,
Summary: Lily Potter had not created enemies when she died, but a bond that would change the world.
Disclaim Her: Hardly.

A/N: Fic idea came to me while I was sleeping. Decided to make it pre-OotP for various reasons. You'll find out as we go.
I'm working on too many projects... -.-

The twice-fathered son...

Harry Potter touched the side of his face with a touch of confusion before glancing above him. Vernon Dursley towered over his nephew, eyes raging dangerously. Harry was reminded of the only other time his uncle had ever hit him, back when he was four. He'd burned some eggs, and Vernon had smacked into a wall. The difference between now and then was that, when Harry was four, Vernon had stopped before he'd hit him again. Now...

Vernon reached down and dragged his nephew to his feet by the front of his shirt. "Little freak..."

"Whatever I did, I'm sorry," Harry whispered desperately.

Vernon paused, eyes narrowed at the too-small teen. He appeared to be thinking quickly, though one might debate his ability to do so at times. His eyes gleamed rather suddenly and he turned and started dragging Harry towards his old cupboard. With a great heave, Harry slammed into the back wall, mops and brooms raining down upon his head.

"Freak," was the last thing Harry heard before his world spun down into darkness.


Science has shown us that, when growing up, the first crush of a child is one of their parents. For boys, it's usually their female caretaker; for girls, their male caretaker. There are exceptions to every rule, of course.

Take Harry Potter, for instance. He had never known love from his relatives, so he never crushed on his relatives.

The human mind is a strange place, and, often times, does unexplainable things. Harry might have questioned the strange man that appeared in his dreams as a child, the strange man who was his first crush. But Harry was a smart boy and knew that the human mind could do strange things.

The only thing Harry could remember was silken hair and strangely coloured eyes.

He hadn't dreamed of the man in years, but he knew he'd know him when he saw him.


"Mr Dursley?" the silky voice managed to cut through Harry's cloudy mind and the teen worked hard to shake the sleep from his thoughts without moving his sore body.

"I am. Welcome, Mr Riddle," Vernon's voice replied pleasantly.

"Your family is out?" the silky voice inquired as the front door shut. Harry slowly tested his limbs, not paying any attention to the discussion.

"Yes." Vernon sounded a bit nervous. "My wife and son went to the theatre."

"Ah..." A pause, then, "I was aware that there was another boy living with you. Is he also at the theatre?"

Vernon was definitely nervous now. "Err... Yes, yes he is. Heh. I-err-always seem to forget about him. Quiet kid, you know."

"Really..." the silky voice was slowly becoming icy.

Harry's head shot up when he realized that the guest was just outside his cupboard. Then he winced. He head was pounding from being slammed into the wall so hard. Damn Vernon.

"O-of course!" Vernon agreed, giving a nervous little laugh. "Won't you come into the living-room? I have tea and biscuits prepared."

"I'm sure it's lovely," the guest responded, tone sarcastic.

The door to the cupboard flew open with a 'thud'. Harry rose his hands to ward off the blinding light that shattered through his broken glasses. He was faintly aware of Vernon shouting in the background.

"Petrificus Totalus," murmured Vernon's guest before the man knelt before the too-small boy. "Harry?"

" 'S too bright," Harry slurred, still keeping his eyes closed.

"Nox," was murmured as a gentle hand slipped off his glasses. "Try again, Harry."

Harry opened his eyes cautiously. He found himself gazing into strangely coloured eyes and frowned. "Who you?"

Worry creased the man's brow and he reached up to gently touch the back of Harry's head. When the boy flinched, the strangely coloured eyes darkened with fury. "You're hurt," he whispered, voice the opposite of his gaze

Harry felt the need to defend his uncle. " 's no' bad..."

The man gazed at him for a long moment before sighing. "For you, I suppose not." He moved back a bit, which made Harry realize just how close they'd been. "Can you stand? I'm taking you out of here."

Harry frowned, a thought pushing through the haze of his mind. "Dumb-door..."

"I'll worry about your Headmaster. Come. You're obviously not safe in this house." The man held out a hand for Harry to take.

But Harry, dazed as he was, was having none of it. "P'enty safe 'ouse. No Vol'mort."

The man gave him a strange look. "Just because there is no Voldemort doesn't make a place safe. Come, Harry."

Some part of Harry's mind was telling him he should find that proclamation worrisome, but he was too tired to worry about it. "Can't stan'."

The strange eyes blazed anew with fury. "Then I'll have to carry you," the man spoke, voice gentle. He eased Harry into his arms carefully, cradling the boy against his chest. Harry rested his head against the warm body and let his eyes slip shut. "Harry, have you anything important in this house?"

"Mmm..." Harry blinked his eyes opened tiredly. " 'm wan' an' cloak an' album..."

The man nodded. "Accio," he whispered. Harry's possessions flew into his hand. "Hold these," he whispered, setting the bundle into Harry's lax arms, which immediately tightened around it. "Don't go to sleep, Harry. I'm not sure if you have a concussion or not."

"No' s'eep," Harry replied drowsily.

The man carried the small teen out the back door to where a line of men in black robes stood in a line. "Burn it," he spat, voice dangerously sharp. "Then let the fool know I've been here."

"As you say, my Lord," the men all murmured as one before slipping past Harry and his saviour to the house.

"W'at's happ'n?" Harry slurred, blinking up at the man holding him sleepily.

"Nothing of any concern to you, Harry," the man offered soothingly.

" 'kay." Harry sighed and closed his eyes again.

A soft chuckle kept him awake. "No sleeping, yet," came the gentle order as the man rummaged around in a pocket. "We're taking a portkey back to my home, alright?"

"S'eep then?" Harry murmured.

"Yes. Then you may sleep."

" 'kay." Harry sighed, flexing his fingers around the precious bundle in his hands.

Suddenly, a burst of light set the house behind them ablaze. Harry cried out and buried his face in the shirt of his saviour. The man frowned in concern as he slipped a ring onto one of Harry's fingers. "Pretiosus," he murmured.

A sharp tug pulled the two wizards away from the blaze even as a shower of green sparks flew up into the air over the burning house.


Harry drifted in and out of consciousness for an un-clock able amount of time. Each time he was conscious, the strange-eyed man was there, watching him, except the last time.

Harry sat up quickly and searched the dark room he was in with wide eyes. He couldn't find the man anywhere!

Just as Harry was about to get up and totter from the room, the door clicked open and the man he'd been looking for slipped in, quickly closing the door behind himself. He froze in the doorway, eyes on the small form sitting up in the bed. "You're awake," he murmured before moving over to the bed.

Harry eyed the man warily. Now that he wasn't suffering from a banged-up head, his caution kicked in. "Who are you?"

The man settled in the chair sitting next to the bed easily. "I think you can answer that for yourself, Harry."

Harry's brow furrowed. "I've seen you in my dreams."

This seemed to surprise the man and he leaned forward. "Really?"

Harry frowned. "Yes. Since I was really little."

"How interesting." The man leaned back in his chair with a smile. "But you know me from a place outside your dreams, Harry."

Confusion danced across green eyes as the small teen's frown deepened. "...no..."

The man looked amused at this. "Would you like a hint?"

"Please." Harry nodded.

"My name was Tom Riddle."

Harry's eyes widened in horror and he inched backwards on the bed until he reached the far edge. "N-n-n-n-no..."

The man stood carefully, eyes shadowed behind his black hair, which had fallen in his face. "This is your room. If you wish to leave it, I suggest you take the sunglasses on the table behind you-"

"Why?" Harry snapped out.

The man cocked an eyebrow at the small teen. "Because your eyes are sensitive to light, or don't you remember that part?" Harry's eyes narrowed. "Just trust me."

"Why should I?"

"Oh, you are a feisty little bastard, aren't you?"

"Leave me alone!" Harry screamed, picking up a pillow and throwing it at the man.

The elder wizard ducked under the projectile with ease. "Very well." He turned and slipped back out the door.

Harry took a moment to calm his erratic breathing. 'Okay, Potter. What we've got here is a creepy situation. You're the prisoner of Voldemort, but he's letting you keep some forms of freedom. He saved you from the Dursleys, too. So the bastard's acting weird. Nothing new there. You've got to calm down and try and figure this out without losing your head.' Harry took a deep breath and stood from the bed, unconsciously blowing a long lock of hair out of his face. He took a moment to steady himself before starting towards the door.

'Wait, sunglasses...' Harry sighed and returned for the glasses. He may not like the git, but he'd been right about the light still hurting his eyes the last time he'd woken. Best not to chance it.

Sunglasses on, Harry poked his out into the dimly lit hall. 'How...thoughtful...' he grunted to himself as he scanned the hallway. Not seeing anyone, he inched out of the room and - clinging to the wall - down the hallway. He had to get word to Dumbledore.


Tom Riddle tossed himself onto his throne with a dark look. All but one of the men in the room busied themselves with whatever they'd been doing quickly. Lucius Malfoy, though, stepped up to the Dark Lord, bowing beneath the man. "What?" Tom growled.

"My Lord, how is the bra-Harry?" Lucius inquired.

Tom frowned, but didn't call him on the slip. "Being the Harry Potter we all know and love," was his dry reply.

"Oh, dear." Lucius settled himself on the steps at the Dark Lord's feet with a dramatic huff.

The Dark Lord shot him a faintly amused look. "Go do something creative, Lucius."

"Ah, but my Lord, I am doing something creative," Lucius replied innocently.

Tom's amusement grew slightly. "Is that so?"

"Why, yes, my Lord. I am attempting to make you smile. No mean feat, let me assure you," Lucius agreed brightly.

Tom slipped a hand over his mouth to hide the smile the aristocrat had tugged from him. "Off with you, you fiend. Go annoy Narcissa."

"As my Lord commands," Lucius agreed. He gave a sweeping bow before slipping back among the working Death Eaters.

The Dark Lord shook his head at the Malfoy's retreating back. Lucius was a Slytherin through and through, and he always knew just how to bring a smile to his lord's face, no matter what had gotten Tom down. If Tom hadn't know the Malfoy since he was a wee thing, he might have believed that Lucius put on his little act just to keep him from Crucioing everyone in sight. In reality, the stern Malfoy enjoyed practical jokes and bringing smiles to people's faces. It was through his connections with the Malfoy family that Tom had learned to always look beneath the surface. No Slytherin was ever what they appeared at first glance, especially not Lucius Malfoy.


Harry was surprised to find the door to the bright garden open and unguarded. He stepped out into the sunshine with a touch of elation. However, after only a few moments under the warming light, he had to retreat to some shade. Not even his sunglasses could protect his eyes from the natural light.

Wanting to cry at the loss of direct warmth, Harry slipped through the garden by way of the shadows that the trees flowering throughout the garden provided. His eyes were a dangerous weakness. Harry's thoughts were heading towards self-loathing when he, literally, tripped over someone.

Draco Malfoy moved quickly to catch the falling teen, secretly surprised at how light he was. He knew his boyfriend back at Hogwarts had often said that the Boy-Who-Lived was small for his age, but he hadn't been aware just how small his rival truly was!

Harry steadied himself weakly against the one he'd tripped over before glancing up to apologize for his clumsiness. The words died in his throat, turning into a single, choked word, "Malfoy?"

"Fancy meeting you here, Potter," Draco replied dryly, not letting go of the shuddering form. He was afraid that the small teen would fall if he didn't support him!

"L-l-let me g-go," Harry demanded shakily.

"You sound like Longbottom." Draco snorted, letting the small boy go, but keeping himself prepared to catch Harry if he fell. The last thing he needed was the Dark Lord furious at him for not taking care of his precious ward.

"Leave Neville alone," Harry growled, eyes narrowing behind his sunglasses at the slight to his housemate.

Draco threw his hands up in defence. "Okay, okay. Longbottom's off-limit. I got it." Harry dropped to the ground in a sitting position faster than Draco could react. "Potter?"

"Why are you being nice to me?" Harry asked, gazing up at the blond. Draco swore he detected a touch of confusion behind the sunglasses that hid the too small boy's eyes from the light.

Draco sighed and settled on the grass before the dark-haired boy. "Look, things have changed a bit since the end of the school year, okay?"

"Like Voldemort looking like a human?" Harry bit out.

Draco cocked an eyebrow at the Gryffindor. "That's one thing, yes." He let out a soft sigh. "What all do you know?"

"What do you mean, 'what all do I know'?" Harry snapped.

"I mean, what do you know about the situation? It's easier to explain things when I know what all you already understand," Draco responded, doing his damnedest to not snap back.

Harry scowled. "I know Voldemort kidnapped me from my aunt and uncle's house, which he then set ablaze. I know that he's being oddly nice to me."

"In other words, nothing." Draco sighed.


Draco gave the black-haired teen a dry look. "You were hardly kidnapped."

"I didn't agree to it!"

"From what I've heard, you weren't resisting."

"I wasn't thinking straight!"

"Yeah, you had a concussion from being thrown against a wall," Draco shot back, his temper wearing thin. "Case closed. Next complaint."

Harry's mouth opened a closed a few times in a rather good fish impression before he managed to speak again, "Why?"

"As far as I'm aware, there is more than one reason," Draco replied evenly, having regained his control while Harry fished for words. "I think they all have to do with your mum, but I can't be certain."

Harry frowned deeply. "I have a feeling I'm not going to like this..."

"Nope," Draco agreed with a smirk.

Harry let out a sigh. "Tell me, then."

Draco paused long enough to give Harry a look which the teen couldn't decipher before hopping right into his explanation, "Well, for one, the bond you and the Dark Lord share wasn't created because of a curse that backfired. Rather, the curse backfired because of the bond."

"Whoa, wait." Harry frowned. "So, the ancient magic mum used created a bond between Voldemort and myself that made it impossible for him to kill me?"

Draco rubbed at his arm. "Something like that. I'm not perfectly clear on how everything fit together, really. I just overheard everyone talking about it."

"You mean you were eavesdropping on their conversation in hopes of learning a few new things," Harry shot back, a small part of him amused. It was strange to be on the blond Slytherin's good side, for once. He was almost likable.


Harry's lips twisted with a faint smile. "Okay, so, do you know what the bond does?"

"Nope." Draco smirked. "I got caught before they got that far."


"Language, Mr Potter," a silky voice slid in as a dark shadow detached itself from the tree the two boys were seated under.

Draco immediately leapt to his feet. "Sev!"

Harry blinked up at his Potions Professor quietly, not really able to muster up the strength to stand. 'Why am I not surprised to see him here?'

Severus Snape was giving the small boy a strange look, something flickering in his dark eyes that neither student could figure out. "You look tired, Potter."

Harry nodded slowly. "Yes."

Draco rolled his eyes at the two. "Merlin's beard! You two are impossible!"

Harry's brow furrowed in confusion while Severus shot the blond a sharp look. "What do you mean by that, Malfoy?" Harry inquired.

"Look in a mirror," was Draco's haughty response.

"I don't have one," Harry shot back.

Draco pulled his personal mirror out of the pocket of his robes. "If you break it, I'll murder you," he threatened, then handed it over, ignoring the sharp breath from the man next to him.

Harry took the mirror with a suspicious look, then glanced into it. His eyes widened as he took in his pale complexion, thinner face, and longer hair, which had been tied back while he slept. "Wha-"

"That's the other thing," Draco offered cheerfully, ignoring the murderous looks from the Potions Professor. "James Potter wasn't fertile, due to a childhood illness. He called in a favour to my lovely godfather and, whuala! Harry James Potter was born!"

Harry blinked up at the two Slytherins standing over him with a strange look in his eyes. He rose calmly and handed the mirror over to the blond. "I see," was all he said before wandering off into the trees.

Severus smacked the back of his godson's head. "Imbecile!" he spat, piercing eyes cutting through the air to Draco.

Draco just frowned at his godfather. "Sev, look. He was going to find out sooner or later. Why not now?"

Severus just glared in response.

"You're worried about him," Draco deducted. "I get it." He shook his head as the potions maker opened his mouth to respond with a cutting remark. "I don't care. I'm going back into the manor. You keep an eye on your son," the younger wizard ordered before spinning on his heels and stalking back into the house.

Severus scowled, but took off after the small boy who he'd spent four years protecting to the best of his ability.


Harry was skipping rocks at the lake in the garden when Severus stepped up next to him. The boy didn't look up, just asked the first question that came to mind, "Why are my eyes so sensitive?"

"What makes you think I know?" the dark man responded, gazing out over the lake.

Harry shrugged. "It came with the rest of these changes, right? So it's probably connected to you."

Severus glanced down at the small boy and looked at him, really looked at him, for the first time since school let out for the summer. Harry was small enough to be a first year all over again. He radiated sadness and loneliness. His skin had already paled, like every other Prince in his line. He'd inherited the infamous greasy Prince hair, though had been spared the Snape nose. The only parts of the boy that weren't from Severus were his height and his eyes. Even his build, skinny as a blade of grass, was from the Snape line. His eyes were Lily's, his height the aftermath of not having eaten enough as a young child. Severus realized that the boy would never re-gain his lost height; Harry would be shorter than other people his age for the rest of his life. The thought angered him and he turned his gaze back to the lake.

"There's some very diluted vampire blood in the Prince - my mother's - line," he said in response to the boy's question. "It doesn't usually make itself known, though we're notorious for having sensitive eyes and pale skin because of it."

Harry nodded. "Looks like I owe Ron a Galleon, then."

Severus glanced back down at the teen and found him curled around his knees, looking out over the lake solemnly. "Betting on my ancestry, I see."

A faint smile danced quickly across Harry's lips. "Yeah. Suppose you'll take points now for betting."

"Perhaps," Severus agreed.


When Severus sat down at the small table next to Draco for dinner that night, the blond teen immediately questioned Harry's whereabouts. The Dark Lord glanced up curiously as well, awaiting the potions brewer's answer.

Severus just cocked an eyebrow at his godson. "What makes you think I know?"

Draco made a very un-Malfoy-like face. "Because you were the last person with him."

"That doesn't mean I know where he is."

"Severus." Red eyes bore down on the Hogwarts' professor.

Severus bowed his head to the Dark Lord. "Sleeping, my Lord."

Tom nodded absently and returned to attacking his chicken.

"What did you two talk about?" Draco inquired, gazing up at his godfather questioningly.

Severus gave the blond a strange look. "Betting."

Lucius coughed across from his son and, after taking a quick sip of wine, gave his old friend an incredulous look. "Betting?"

Severus nodded seriously. "Yes. Apparently, he and Mr Weasley were betting on my ancestry. I'm still trying to decide whether I should take points for it or not."

"Uhm, Sev, someone bets on your ancestry every year," Draco pointed out.

"I'm aware of that."

"And you always know about the ones in Slytherin."


Draco shook his head faintly. "You're so confusing."

"How else would he be?" a voice inquired out of nowhere next to Draco's ear.

The blond boy jumped and looked around in terror. Lucius, Narcissa, and Severus all pulled out their wands.

Tom just smiled. "Glad you could join us, Mr Snape."

Severus scowled and reached out. He grabbed a fistful of empty air and pulled. Harry appeared from under his Invisibility Cloak, grinning broadly. His eyes sparkled as he hopped into the empty seat next to his glaring father. "Evening!" the teen chirped.

"Harry..." Severus growled. Harry just smiled at him.

Tom chuckled. "I see your father got you a pair of those contacts he's so fond of."

"Yup!" Harry agreed cheerfully.

"I see you're actually talking to me now, as well," the Dark Lord added, obviously amused by the teen's actions.

"Well, I have to get answers from somewhere," Harry pointed out. "I mean, Malfoy can't eavesdrop properly and Professor Snape is like a clam."

"You cheat," Draco defended.

"I am a Gryffindor," Harry declared. "We don't know how to cheat."

"Both your father and your bonded are Slytherins-" Lucius started.

Piercing green eyes locked with Lucius' grey eyes. "What do you mean by 'bonded'?"

Lucius realized exactly how like Severus the young wizard was when he couldn't get out of the boy's sharp gaze. It gave an entirely knew meaning to the phrase, 'Like father, like son'.

"It means exactly what it sounds like," Tom offered, pulling Harry's attention from the elder Malfoy to himself. Green locked with red and the other four at the table watched the silent battle of wills.

Harry looked away first. "Care to explain it?" he asked in a shockingly dull voice.

Tom shook his head sharply when Draco started to rise. The boy scowled, but remained in his seat. "Harry, look at me." The small teen refused to look up from where he was staring at the table grains. With a sigh, the Dark Lord stood and swept around the table. Then, much to everyone's surprise, he turned Harry's chair outward and knelt before the small wizard. "Harry..."


Tom gently lifted Harry's chin until he could meet the pained gaze. "You're hurting. What's wrong?"

The gentle tone was all it took for the tears to start. "Why me?" Harry whispered. "Why does this always happen to me?"

The Dark Lord swept the boy up in his arms with a soft sigh and cradled him against his chest as he stood. Without another word, the man walked from the room.


Harry found that he was comfortable in this man's arms. The man that had killed both his mother and the one who had been posing as his father was the one who could bring him comfort by merely touching him. Harry didn't know whether to feel dirty or not.

"Feeling better?" Tom murmured. They were seated in a soft chair in one corner of Harry's room. Harry was wrapped up tightly in the Dark Lord's arms.

Harry thought about the question for a moment. "Yes."

"I thought so." Tom shifted slightly so he could meet Harry's gaze. "You were asking about the bond?"

"Yes." Harry nodded.

"It's simple. What I have, you have, and vise versa."

Harry brow furrowed. "Like Parseltongue?"

"Exactly." Tom smiled slightly. "Basically, if one of us is killed, the other will die as well."

"But..." Harry's eyes widened. "Of course, you weren't dead." He blinked a few times. "There's something else, isn't there?"

"A few things." Tom nodded. "For one, the ceremony that gave me back a body strengthened the bond, which is what ultimately made me aware of it."

Harry nodded. It made sense. The Dark Lord had used some of his own blood for the spell. "What else?"

"Our emotions effect things," Tom offered.

"Which is why you know I wasn't feeling well." Harry nodded.

"It was how I knew you were being mistreated at home as well." Tom sighed. "Harry, why didn't you tell someone?"

Green eyes blazed. "Who would have believed me? Perfect Potter!"

"Hush, hush..." The Dark Lord made soothing circles with his hand on the teen's back, smiling again when Harry calmed down. "Alright, forget I asked," he offered. Harry just shrugged in response. "When one of us looses our temper, the other one feels it, you know."

Harry's hand automatically went to his scar, then he winced when he remembered how many times he'd lost his temper in the past few hours. "Sorry..."

"Payback's a bitch," the Dark Lord offered good-naturedly. Harry sniggered. "Yes, yes. Laugh all you want. Brat."

Harry grinned for a moment, but a sudden thought killed the smile almost immediately. "Why did mum cast the spell?"

"A prophecy," Tom offered. "James Potter made it while she was pregnant with you. She cited it in a letter that she'd left for Severus."

"What did it say?" Harry whispered cautiously. He'd learned two years ago to take prophecies seriously.

Tom closed his eyes thoughtfully. "You'll have to go to your father for the exact wording I'm afraid, but it basically said that, you and I would become one and be the hated salvation to a world ruled by a manipulator."

"A manipulator?" Harry frowned.

"Dumbledore, I believe," Tom explained.

Harry frowned. "Maybe."

The Dark Lord shrugged. "Well, whoever it is, we'll deal with it when it comes. For now, you've had a long day and I know you're not recovered yet."

Harry's lips twitched. "You would know too, wouldn't you?"

"I would," Tom agreed, standing. "So, bed for you, Mr Snape."

Harry buried his face in the crook of Tom's neck. "This has been such a weird day."

"I'll bet." Tom settled Harry down in his bed, then stood. "Good night, Harry."

Just as Tom reached the door, Harry's voice floated across the room to him, "Tom?"

"Yes?" The Dark Lord glanced back and the bed and found wide green eyes gazing back at him. Harry's fear hit him like a wave. "You want me to stay?"

Harry looked down. "I-"

Tom crossed back to the bed in three long strides and settled on the edge of it. He pulled out the band holding Harry's hair back and set it on the table next to him before starting to run his hand through the greasy hair. "A shower tomorrow, I think." Harry just let out a content sound, eyes falling shut. "Sleep well, Harry," the Dark Lord murmured and settled in for a long night.



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