Kai: detective

Kai: detective

Rei: thief

Tyson: chief detective

Max: Tyson's best friend

Mariah: in love with Rei, the thief

Lee: Mariah's brother

Yukiko: Mariah's best friend

Yuki: Yukiko's twin brother

Johnny: Yukiko's boyfriend, Yuki's best friend


Kai Hiwatari is the detective out to catch Rei, the amber-eyed thief. Tyson Granger is the chief detective and Kai's boss. Max Tate seems to be everyone's best friend. Mariah Yang is in love with Rei, the amber-eyed thief. Lee Yang is Mariah's brother and a close friend to Rei. Yukiko Moriyama is Mariah's closest best friend. Yuki Moriyama is Yukiko's twin brother. Johnny McGregor is Yuki's closest friend and Yukiko's boyfriend. End Summary

Kai Hiwatari frowned. It had been two weeks since the thief, Yoru-Kage(1), as some called him, made his last theft. It hadn't put him in a very good mood. He enjoyed chasing after the amber-eyed beauty- not that he would ever tell anyone. He'd probably be kicked off the case because his company would think he let the thief go on purpose- but he didn't.

"Hiwatari, you feeling okay?" Tyson Granger, the chief detective, asked. He was five years older then Kai (A/N: I know Tyson's younger than Kai in the manga/anime but live with me here!), who was seventeen (in case you don't want to do the math, Tyson's 22).

"Hn," Kai said.

"You want Yoru-Kage to appear, am I right?" Tyson said. Kai looked at his superior in surprise- had he been that obvious?

"You've been on this team since you were thirteen, Kai. Don't think I haven't learned some things about you," Tyson chuckled. Kai sighed. He had wanted to become a detective all his life and his wish had come true at the age of thirteen, when he was recognized for outstanding academics and athletic abilities a.k.a prodigy. Yoru-Kage became Tokyo's infamous thief the day Kai turned fourteen and had eagerly taken the case but now after almost three years of chasing the Yoru-Kage, he wasn't sure if he wanted the thief behind bars.

"So I've become that easy to read, huh?" Kai said, looking at his feat. He knew the older man knew of his terrible past but Tyson treated Kai as he would anyone else- a friend.

"For me, yes. Now go home, Kai. It's9:00 and you have school tomorrow,"

"Fine. See you tomorrow," Kai said.

"See you," Tyson waved, "take care!" Kai lifted his hand in response, not turning back. He passed the shops of Japan and then in an ally, he say a shimmer of gold.

"Hey, detective, on your way home?"

"Yoru-Kage? What're you doing-!" Kai was pulled into the ally and into the other's arms.

"I missed you. Is that a crime?" he asked, looking up. Kai shook his head.

"I could just capture you right here, right now, you know. I could expose you, slip off your mask..." Kai said, never taking his eyes off Yoru-Kage.

"But you won't... you know as well as I do. Yin and Yang, cat and mouse, where I am the mouse and you the cat," he said, leaning into Kai's chest. "We play the game of chase, only catching one another when the chase is on."

"I-I missed you... where were you... for two weeks?" Kai asked.

"Not what I can tell you, you know," he said. "You know I have never stole anything for myself, right?" he felt Kai nod. "Well tonight..." he lifted Kai's face up and brought their lips together. Kai let go of the boy in surprise and Yoru-Kage took the chance to jump onto the fence.

"Well tonight I steal the detective's first kiss!" Yoru-Kage smiled.

"As I stole yours! Yoru-Kage, when I unmask you, you will be mine!" Kai grinned.

"I look forward to it! Until then, detective!" he took off. Kai watched his beauty go into the distance. He wore a black cape and a shirt Chinese with silver trimmings. His mask was black and showed off golden orbs. The Yoru-Kage's hair was long and rapped in a white ribbon.

Kai didn't stop grinning until he reached his grandfather's mansion.

"Master Kai, your grandfather is sleeping and asks that you not disturb him for any reason."

"Fine then," Kai said, going to his room. His room was filled with pictures of headlines, the Yoru-Kage, his friends, and even the detective team. His shelves held trophies, ribbons, books of all sorts and all neat and tidy...well except the bed...

He smiled to himself and fell asleep on his bed after changing and a quick shower. For the first time in many years, he had a dream, a real dream.

(1)- Yoru-Kage Night Shadow

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