My thief chapter 11

The last chapter...

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"So Rei, who are you living with?" Miguel asked in front of an unfamiliar house to him but Kai and Rei knew it. (A/N: it was Rei's house)

"My parents," Rei answered before pausing. "So who is the person you left the organization for?"

"His name's Claude," Miguel smiled. "You'll meet him really soon- let's say tomorrow at twelve?"

"Tomorrow at twelve sounds good, onii-chan," Rei said.

"Hey, I can spend the night, right?" Kai asked.

"Yeah, sure," Rei said. "How are you getting home?"

"I may be an ex-theif Rei, but even Cladue couldn't keep me from running around," Miguel smirked. "Just like Kai won't be able to keep you grounded."

"I was going to try to?" Kai asked.

"Well, it was just for if you try to," Miguel grinned. "I got to get back to Claude, see ya." He took off after jumping on the roof.

"How can you jump that high?" Kai asked, shaking his head.

"We learned at a young age," Rei answered. "So what's Claude like? Hakanai nii-chan used to tell me stories but he never told me his name."

"Well he's..." Kai proceeded to tell Rei about Claude and Miguel and how he met them. Rei listened with interest as they walked into his room and fell asleep. Rei curled up into Kai's arms, purring softly. The moonlight basked them in her light.

"Hey Claude, wake up," Miguel whispered, shaking Claude gently.

"Mmm? Miguel?" he said sleepily. "Miguel!" he hugged Miguel tight. "So its over? Are they safe?"

"Everything's fine," Miguel smiled. "No more organization and no more Hakanai-"

"Don't Miguel," Claude said sternly. "I'm not asking you to seal Hakanai Kishi away completely. I'm just asking that you don't go as far as to steal things again. Go ahead and run around the country side or the city- just don't get caught, leave me a note or something if you're going out and...and stay true to me."

"Thankyou, Claude," Miguel smiled. "You have no idea how much that means to me." He smiled and kissed Claude on the lips, showing him all the passion he held for the silver haired man he fell in love with. He wanted to show Claude how much he cared and Claude kissed back with just as much love and passion, wanting to express his own feelings for the handsome blonde.

"Kier!" Yukiko smiled, wrapping her arms tightly around her twin. "Brooklyn?"

"Hey, Yukiko," he smiled.

"What are you doing here?" Kosuke asked, staring at Dong Young as he hesitated to come in. "Well don't just stand there like you're some kind of girl going into her boyfriend's place for the first time. Come in and say hello to everyone. And you, Hiei Jaganishi, you owe me one hellova explanation."

"Yeah..." Hiei muttered. "Haru, its fine. The twins are staying and Kosuke and I are going on a vacation in Korea for about a week."

"A vacation?" Kosuke said. "In Korea?"

"It turns out that my dad only wanted me to visit and not move there," Hiei said. "The messenger gave the message wrong. It turns out I was going to slam the door in his face because he was supposed to pour confetti all over me. They had to change messengers because the other one's wife and kid got into a car accident but they're doing fine now."

"So this whole thing was..." Kosuke said.

"One big mistake," Hiei nodded.

"Alright but that doesn't explain why he's here and Kier isn't trying to beat the hell outta him," Haru said, nodding at his uncle.

"It turns out he just wanted to 'rekindle' with us," Yuki said boredly.

"Oh, and Yuki what's in your pocket?" Hiei asked. (A/N: remember when Yuki's hand slipped into his pocket unbeknownst to Brooklyn?)

"Hm? This?" Yuki took out a party popper and faced Hiei. He pulled it and confetti landed on Hiei. "Happy birthday..." he then layed down and fell asleep.

"Well, at least he's goingto be sleeping at night now..." Hiei said. "Brooklyn, you wanna spend the night?"

"Sure, I'll take him to his room. Where is that?" Brooklyn asked.

"Upstairs and first door on the right," Kosuke said. Hiei lazily followed Kosuke up the stairs.

"So is it true?" Yukiko spoke up. "What Kier said? Is it true?"

"Yes, yes, it is," he said. "Min, I'm sor-"

"Its too late for apologies," she yawned. "Just forget about it. I'm not in the mood to deal with some sappy family apologies. Just start acting like a father would... the couch is open by the way." With that, she also trudged up the stairs. Haru chuckled and her father stared at her in disbelief.

"And here I always thought it was Kier with the back bone," Dong Young said.

"Well you thought wrong," Haru said. "Night," Dong Young didn't sleep, but instead looked at the pictures of his children and nephews pinned up on the wall and even some of their friends to accompany them.

"Max, tell them to call off the search for Kai Hiwatari," Tyson said. "He's already home."

"Okay," Max said.

"And dispose of that kidnapping tape," Tyson said. "There's no need for it now."

"Are you sure?"


"Alright then..." Max said. "Who's in the body bag?" He was looking hard at the stretcher with the body bag passing by on it.

"We're not sure but I think that his name's Kaitou Hinegetsu," Tyson said. "If I'm right, I knew him in elementary school and then some of middle school before he moved away."

"Hey, Chief! We found a letter we think was written by the victim!"

"Give it here!" Tyson commanded. He took the letter from the his force team member and dismissed him. He read and smiled.

"What's it say?" Max asked.

"'My dear children of the organization, I am sorry for what I have put you through. I thought that if I treated you with rough love that when you found the strength to leave the organization you would do just fine in the real world. But I never realized that by doing this that I was merely making it harder for everyone to leave. I understand what I did was wrong and I apologize. I hope that you will find it in yourselves to forgive me one day. Dear detective who is reading this, I ask that you broadcats this whole letter world wide on the television and in the newspapers so that all my children may get to read this. If I am dead, it is because of the self defense of the person who had the misfortune of getting to know me. Sincerely, Yoru Chi. P.S. In the name of Kaitou Hinagetsu, I herby disband the Kaitou Shusai," Tyson read.

"Wow..." Max said.

"He always was a compassionate person," Tyson smiled. "But he cared to much and that was the problem."

"Shall we go home now? Max smiled back. Tyson nodded and took his hand, leading him into the car so they could go home.

"I can't believe I lost him..." Michael said to himself in the park the day after all the craziness was over. "Am I just that undesiarable?" He grunted and hit the ground hard. A dark hand was held out to him.

"Watch it! Oh, sorry about that, that you were someone else. You okay?" the older teen grunted. Michael nodded dumbly and accepted the help up. He began to walk away. "Hey, hold up!"

"Yeah?" he asked, taking a good look at the teen. He was basically tall, dark and handsome. And that sums it up.

"Look, you're obviously not feeling so good... you wanna talk about it over ice cream or something?"

"Sure... I'm Michael," he said.

"Name's Rick," he smiled.

Meanwhile, in the same park, Mariah had somehow gotten together with a mystery person named Mystel (A/N: had no alternative person to use) and had gotten over Rei. And yes, he convinced her to stop wearing so much pink.

"Can someone get the door?" Enrique asked sleepily.

"Enrique, get the door," Johnny said just as sleepily. Enrique muttered someone thing incoherant and got up.

"Oh hey, detective Tyson," he said. "Can we help you?"

"Thanks for the tape," he winked. "We got to investigate an organization we've been trying to track for years. He's safe now- they both are." Enrique stared after Tyson as he got back into the car with Max and drove away.

"Who was it?" Oliver asked.

"Detective Tyson," Enrique said. "He said thanks to us, they got to investigate an organization they'd been trying to track for years. And that Kai and Rei are both at home safe and sound now."

"That's great," Johnny said.

"Relax Rei," Kai said, his eye twitching.

"But what if he doesn't like me?!" Rei panicked. "What if Hakanai-" Kai grabbed Rei's shoulders and kissed him, since it seemed to be the only way to get him to shut up.

"Calm down," Kai said. "Let's just go meet him." he dragged Rei to Miguel and Claude's house. "Hey, we're here!"

"Hey, Kai, Rei," Miguel grinned. "We're just watching the teli-"

"Miguel, come here! Quick!" Claude shouted. The three boys made their way to the room where Claude was. They read and heard the letter that Yoru-Chi had left the organization. Miguel sighed and sat next to Claude, putting an arm around his shoulder. Rei cuddled in next to Kai.

"So this is Rei?" Claude smiled. "Why do you look so nervous-" and with that Rei broke down and hugged Claude. Claude looked stunned, looking at Kai and Miguel for an explanation.

"He was really nervous about meeting you," Kai explained.

"Well, he has always wanted to meet you," Miguel said. "Maybe it was a bad idea to tell him all those stories..."

"What kind of stories?" Kai asked.

"From when Claude was in the army," Miguel said. Claude laughed and ran his fingers through the parts of Rei's hair that weren't braided.

"It's alright," Claude said. "Everything's fine now." Rei smiled and Kai moved to sit on the ground with Rei.

"Fairytales do have happy endings," Kai said and Rei nodded.

"Whatever happened to your grandfather? I haven't heard you talk about him for quite some time..." Miguel said.

"Oh...he's probably writhing in anger right now," Kai said sheepishly.

"Isn't it 'writhing in agony'?" Miguel asked.

"Not in this case..." Kai said, smirking.

Voltaire stared in horror at his company. There was...a giant KITTEN WEARING A SHERLOCK HOLMES HAT on his wall! And it was in bright, bright PINK AND YELLOW! there was also a P.S. DON'T MESS WITH KAI ANYMORE SINCERELY, - Tala and Bryan-

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