Secret Obsessions

Disclaimer: Yuugiou does not belong in my pockets, okay?

Okaay…Another JouAnzu ficcy! I had this circling my head about a week ago… Anywho, thanks for everyone who reviewed and faved "Just My Luck"! I really appreciate it! This is going to be in our beloved blonde's POV! On with the fic!

Exhausted, I enter my room. But soon enough, my eyes fix on the girl lying on my bed. She is flushed as she breathes heavily, with her chest rising and falling with each intake of air and beads of sweat decanting from her forehead. I also notice that the thin strap of her blouse hangs loosely across her shoulders—revealing a piece of bare, naked skin. I flop down on the bed beside her. Then her eyelids slowly open to divulge clear pools of cerulean eyes.

"Jou-nouchi…" She stutters. "I can't-do this anymore…"

My eyes widen.

"No." I object. "We can't stop now…"

"But—the guys should know about this!" She shrieks.

"Anzu, you can't tell the guys about this! They mustn't know about us—"

"We shouldn't lie to them!"

I freeze in my tracks.

"B-but you promised…" I remind her.

"Well it's over." Anzu firmly tells me.

"But we should finish everything we start…" I stammer. "And that includes this."

"I'm tired of sneaking into your room everyday and making excuses with Yugi and Honda—who wonder where I am! I know how they worry—and I see suspicion in their eyes whenever they look at me. When they look at us." She paused. "So I'm telling them everything—and you can't stop me."

I stare at her disbelievingly. Why is she acting like this? It's…not like her. This was the last thing I expect her to do—turn her back on me—when I need her the most. Her eyes tell me everything. Even things I don't want to know.

"No!" I wail loudly. "You can't tell the guys I do ballet!"

So maybe some of you don't get it…But Anzu is teaching Jou how to dance ballet! Jou? Ballet? I can just imagine… Jou in a tight leotard, twirling his arms in the air and walking in tiptoes… -snickers-I bet you were thinking of something dirty, weren't you? LOL.

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