A Lost Bond Found
- Chapter One - A Diary Entry -

Disclaimer: Not my characters, not my place, the only thing I own is the plot, unfortunately. But if I owned them all, boy would there be some good times :D (ahem) But anyway.

Yes, they may be a little OOC, especially Cloud and maybe Sephiroth, but hey, that's okay in my stories, 'cause the only one person I set out to impress with my stories is myself. :P No flames please, you have been warned. If you don't like it, don't read it. Oh and there may be some mixes with the places or times, or memories for that matter. But don't flame me, they go nicely with the story. Anyway, read on!

- - - - -

Dear Diary

I am going to die, whether I succeed or fail, and I know it. I choose it. I didn't choose the way things were going to happen, of course - never would I choose what is to come - but dying is my desired outcome. I am going to die... and that's that. My friends can't know yet... Tifa... Cid... Yuffie... Cait-Sith...Barret... Nanakai... they wouldn't understand anyway, no matter when they found out. They'd assume I was killed though, naturally, if I don't tell them the truth. Maybe it would be a coincidence that I succeeded and failed at the same time... but it could happen... and I could use his sword, too. Nobody would know. Nobody. But they deserve to know... I want to tell one, just one, so that... after I go... after fate has played it's wild card... they'll know the truth. I ... I could trust ...Vincent. Although he's... male... and... could very well take it the wrong way... no... perhaps Tifa would be more understanding... but... no... I trust Vincent with... everything. I want to talk to him... I'll tell him everything... of course. I'll tell him everything, and he can tell... Tifa... the others... after it's too late.

Vincent. I trust you with my diary. Don't let them read it, but let them know who I truly am when I'm gone. Tell them the truth... about myself, and about Sephiroth.

My last goodbyes
Cloud Strife

- - - - -