A Lost Bond Found
-Chapter Six - A Life Saved -

"Dear Diary,

It isn't Cloud writing this time. My name is Vincent Valentine, I am a close friend of Cloud's, we share a room together.

A few days ago, Cloud came to me, confided in me, before he went off to defeat the world's enemy, his ex-lover whom he confessed to me that he still loved. He, on that day, defeated Sephiroth, as we all knew he would. Afterward, however, he attempted suicide. I knew his intent before it happened, but as much as I truly disliked it, being his closest friend ... I let him go. I knew it was his decision to make, and knowing all the pain he had been through I felt guilty about wanting to stop him – but it occurred to me that, as his friend, I felt horrible for even thinking about letting him go and do something like that to himself. I realised as I read Cloud's previous diary entries in this book that I couldn't just let him kill himself. I figure that once Sephiroth was gone for good, it will be much easier for Cloud to move onward, and find joy in his life again, instead of being plagued by someone who constantly reminded him of a troublesome past.

It was a terrible experience, not being there for him fast enough, and watching Cloud stab himself with Sephiroth's sword, as I ran towards him in the hope of catching him before it happened. As Cloud's closest friend, I almost felt like crying... something I don't do often (and I don't mean that lightly). I ran to Cloud's side and did whatever I could for him.

I am however happy to say that as I write, I am sitting next to Cloud, and I know that he will be fine. This morning, he started breathing on his own, without the help of the Life Support machine. The real trouble though will be healing him mentally, emotionally. Hopefully, he will understand why, as a friend of his, I did what I did, and hopefully, if he realises the feelings I have for him, he'll be convinced that he could lead a different life, and doesn't have to kill himself to be happy. I hope it's enough for him, because after this, if he chooses to really commit suicide ... as a friend, not wanting him to be in pain ... I might consider letting him go.

Vincent Valentine"

Cloud's head was throbbing. Why it was throbbing when he was supposed to be dead, Cloud didn't know, although he figured that it would make sense if he'd gone to hell. Why his head and his chest were the only things that throbbed were a mystery to him, though – if he were in hell, wouldn't everything hurt? He opened his eyes to check, although he'd already guessed he wasn't in hell, with a groan. His eyes took a little while to focus, but he soon adjusted to the light and the colour. He was in a room, on a bed by the look of it, with silver walls and a door with a big lock on it... similar to his own room, actually...

Cloud sat up quickly. He wasn't dead. "Damnit! Why?" The blood quickly drained from his head because of his fast movement, and he ended up back on the bed, his head on the pillow again, his head throbbing more now than before. He groaned again and put his right hand on his head – the hand had a bandage on it.

"You shouldn't move that fast, or you'll knock yourself out again."

Cloud looked over to his right to see Vincent Valentine sitting in a chair, his legs crossed, next to the bed. The man had Cloud's diary open, and a pen in hand, as though he'd been writing in it himself. Cloud instinctively went to snatch the little book out of Vincent's hands, but his sluggish movements were easily read by Vincent's calculating eyes, and the book was moved out of reach. Cloud winced slightly as he stretched out for the book, but he let his arm relax back on the bed again because the pain was too much for him at the moment.

"I'll explain later," Vincent said, watching Cloud's eyes flicker shut again.

Cloud nodded slowly, feeling darkness approaching again, and knowing that his body was too weak for any kind of movement for the time being. He let the silence come; he'll get his diary back later.

"Dear Diary,

Cloud woke up this afternoon. He seems to be recovering fast. He exerted himself trying to sit up and reach for this book. He seemed puzzled – I assumed he was wondering why he was still alive. He was only conscious for a few more seconds, so I told him I'd explain later, and he nodded and drifted back to sleep. It's good to know that he trusts me when I say that. Now the dilemma is what I'm going to say to him and whether or not he'll understand. I'm sure that he will, considering that he's asked me to do the same thing for him, but whether or not he'll be happy with my decision, just as I wasn't happy with his, will be another story.

Vincent Valentine"

(AN: Yeah it's been ages, I know. This is literally all I have though ... this fiction is kind of abandoned now. I haven't written anything but this since the last chapter was uploaded. I've been formulating plans in my head over the last few days though, I might actually get more written in the near future... "might" being the keyword. Anyway ... now you know that Cloud is alive! Yahoo! What next? Stay tuned ... or not, it doesn't matter 'cause I might not even write the rest lol. Just know that I have plans for this story! XD)