Disclaimer: I honestly own nothing

Disclaimer: I honestly own nothing. Except for the nothingness on the screen.

What Twilight Brings

It was Hermione's 7th and final year. She was Head Girl and had her own Dorm. Harry had killed Voldemort. Sirius was proven innocent and the new DADA teacher. Snape was happy and love sick over someone (poor soul). Ron was being an unusually big stupid jerk. (A/N: Sorry Ron fans) And Draco didn't turn out to be a Death Eater and damn he looked good in leather. It was almost graduation.

It was a warm night, but Hermione crawled under her soft, fluffy, warm down cover. The window was ajar letting a cool breeze pass her face. She was almost asleep when she heard a noise.

"Who, Who's there?" She stammered alarmed.

A male emerged from the shadows. She recognized him, but in the dark room she couldn't see too clearly.

"Hermione," The man said. "You are the single most beautiful thing on earth."

"Um…" Hermione asked realizing who it was. "What are you doing here?"

"There is only three days left till you are finished at Hogwarts and when will I see you again?" He replied woefully.

"Why are you in my room?"

"Hermione ever since I've seen you all grown-up it's been hard not to gawk."

"Really? I mean this is wrong."

"No. Not if I love you."

"Please, I don't want to get in trouble."

"Is love trouble to you?"

"No! Don't say that!"

"Then Hermione I love you," The man said coming closer and kissing her. She moaned longingly.

"Sirius, No. It's wrong."

"Yet it feels so right," Sirius said kissing her again.


"Why don't you just let go?"

"Okay…" And she fell oblivious to the world.

Sirius knelled over top of her kissing her deeply and passionately. One hand was behind her neck and the other one was pushing up her pajama top.

They broke the kiss for a moment to toss the shirt aside. Sirius's busy hands ran up and down the sides of Hermione's body. He went to work on her nipples and experimenting. When Hermione had too much she flipped Sirius on his back.

"Wha…?" Sirius was interrupted with a fiery kiss. Fireworks went off. Hermione slide Sirius's robes off and admired his impeccably perfect washboard abs. It was enough to make Fabio jealous. Her eyes drifted downward and she laughed.

"Uh… Sirius honey," Hermione giggled. "Really…"

"I happen to like ducks a hell of a lot," Sirius answered indignantly and offended.

"But, really. Ducky boxers? (a/n the age old question answered.)"

"Great you ruined the mood."

"Oh well. We probably would have gotten in trouble anyway."

"Since we are all laughing," Sirius said giving Hermione a dirty look. "Did you hear the joke about the Muggle in Hogsmeade?"

The two told jokes until Hermione fell asleep with her head on his chest. Sirius watched her sleeping. He watched how each breath made her bosom rise and fall. He really did love her so very much. He slipped her head off her chest and onto a pillow. He kissed her forehead and put on his robes.

As Sirius walked out the door, he paused. He looked back and saw Hermione softly snoring with angelic curls framing her face. Then he walked away.


I wrote this over a couple days, it was meant to be a smut, but I can't write it anymore I guess… Oh well R/R and please no flaming. If I need to make any repairs please tell me. If you want a sequel tell me.