DISCLAIMER: Dark Angel does not belong to me but to Cameron/Eglee.

A/N: My first dive into Zack's head. There was that something special to him that kept hitting me, but I kept overlooking throughout the series. I wanted to re-create the mythology of him.


I let her do it.

I let her go.

I turn my head one more time to look over my shoulder. She's still sitting there, tears streaming down her face. Her decision was no easier than mine, and I wish her luck. I finally turn around and face the world as the doors of the hospital slide apart to reveal the brilliant light from outside.

I blink and allow my transgenic eyes the second to adjust to the light. It will only take that single second for me to adjust to my new life.

I know exactly who I am. But for her, I would pretend to forget. To keep her safe, I would leave her alone. To make her happy, I would let her go. For her to live her life, I would gladly give my own. Easy.

The hardest things in life become the easiest decisions when it comes to Max.


Perhaps it was a genetic mistake. She is always in me. How could I ever forget a single thing about her? She is imprinted into me as much as my own identity. Torture, reindoctrination, death, resurrection, and reprogramming could not erase her from me.

Now is no different.

But I let her believe.

I let her go.

Because I already died for her once.

This time, I'm giving up the only thing I have left: who I am.

I smile sadly as I shuffle into a blue pick-up truck.

She now has my heart and soul.

But she's always had them since the beginning. We were made in a lab, you see, and they made her a part of me.

I love you, Maxie. Always.


A/N2: I remember now why I always loved Zack. LOL!