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Disclaimer Notice: Another Fanfiction about Evangelion. If I owned the series, there would be a whole new season. In short, I don't own anything that could make me money… except my brain.

Author's Notes: Alright people. This is my second Fanfiction ever, have fun with it. It's another Asuka and Shinji fanfiction. I'll post this story in chapters (One every week or so.)

Special Thanks to:

Draknal – Thanks for helping me out with this fic. I appreciate your proofreading.

Mountain Dew - Thanks for keeping me up long enough to write this.

My English I Honors Teacher- Just kidding, you're an asshole!

"…" is spoken

'…' is thought or telepathically communicated

'…' is typed (I know it's confusing, but don't worry, there's not much typing)