Title: The Pets Chronicle part 7 – Happily Ever After… or maybe not
Author: Sorceress Fantasia
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Leon / Cloud
Theme: Sunset
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU, fluff, sap, humour, slightly crack-tistic in nature

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts or any of its characters, as much as I would like to.

Summary: Leon brings Cloud out for a date in the local park, but his plans are ruined when they run into a familiar-looking moogle.

Kidnap annoying black chocobos and make them spend a day at Fantasia Fried Chocobo in order to make said black chocobos become cute little critters that finally stops pecking at his boots, checked.

Lock younger cousin and boyfriend's annoying younger brother together in a bedroom to solve their sexual tensions, checked.

Wash bed sheets, not checked (because there was no need to).

Buy fresh bandages for boyfriend's annoying younger brother, checked.

Send younger cousin's baseball bat to the workshop for repairs, checked.

A date at the ice cream parlor with boyfriend, inclusive of feeding each other fabulous ice cream and eating off each other's spoon, checked.

A stroll by the river banks under the moonlight with boyfriend, inclusive of stopping in the bushes for a minute or two and making out, checked.

Watching the sunset together with boyfriend, inclusive of cuddling together on a park bench and whispering romantic crap to each other… …in the process of getting checked.

Leon peered down to where Cloud was currently spooned up in his arms. Ah, bliss. Now that Riku was all bandaged up like a mummy and always napping, Sora busy apologizing to Riku, and Zack too traumatized to actually bother him much, Leon was finding it much easier to spend all his spare time with Cloud. When the blond sighed contentedly and snuggled closer, Leon smiled. This was the life. After all that trouble in the beginning, all of his earlier efforts had paid off and things were finally looking up.

Playfully, Leon ran a hand down Cloud's side, touching where he knew his boyfriend was ticklish. Just as he had expected, Cloud giggled uncontrollably, the sound ringing like sweet melody in his ears. Still, he decided to be merciful and not make the blond giggle like crazy in public, so he skillfully moved his hand down a bit more. His hand finally settled on Cloud's slim waist, to which the blond purred like a contented kitten before returning the hug by looping both his arms around Leon.

Leon could almost see the kitten ears and whiskers sprouting out of his boyfriend, not to mention the tail, which Leon thought was curled up around his arm like a little bracelet.


Ever since Cloud had come clean with his stalker tendencies, he had become less of the seductive temptress he made himself to be so Leon would notice him (Cloud even confessed that after their first kiss, he had blushed so much Riku nearly sent him to the hospital for a blown vessel). Instead, in its place, Cloud was slowly becoming himself again, which Leon thought was cute as hell and just as seductive.

Leon would never look at kittens the same way again, not when he had a kitten living with him and always mewling or purring with delight. That reminded him: he still had yet to buy that collar for Cloud. And that tag too, which had to, no matter what, read: Property of Leon. If found, please return to Destiny Apartments, block F, apartment number #07-08. That was his address actually, but he didn't think Cloud would mind.

Sora said he was being overly possessive, acting just like a lion over his pride of lionesses.

Leon couldn't care less, even though he had to correct his cousin on the plurality for the word 'lioness' and that Cloud was a kitten, not a lioness. Besides, lions and kittens were both felines, so Leon didn't see any problems.

He lifted Cloud's head gently, smiling faintly at the affection sparkling in those blue eyes. Well, it could just be the setting sunlight reflecting off Cloud's eyes, but Leon would prefer to be a romantic and see it as a sparkle of affection. And it was the type of affection that cats wore when they were prissy and hungry and had shredded the scratching post into wood shavings, and it was also the type of affection that said, "Feed me right now, mister, or say goodbye to your new leather couch!" And who was Leon to deny his kitten?

So obediently, he swooped in like an eagle going for the kill, crushing their lips together with a raw, almost primal, force. The successive waves of sensations that washed over him sent streaks of thrills shooting down his body, and he groaned. The sound vibrated through Cloud's body, and he shuddered, a groan falling from his lips. It wasn't long before the blond melted into his boyfriend like butter in a microwave. Leon smirked. He absolutely adored how Cloud was putty in his hands.

And then, kick!

Leon winced lightly at the pain radiating from his left shin, but continued kissing his sweet kitten, who seemed completely unaware of the kick.

There was another kick, this one much harder than the last, followed by a loud, "Kupo!"

Annoyed, the brunet gingerly pushed Cloud away to glare down at the stupid thing that had dared kick him. And his eyes nearly popped out when he noticed the three moogles standing right in front of him. Two of them were standing at ease behind their leader, and their bodies were quite bare except for a black eye-patch on the moogle on the right. Leon had never seen them before. Their leader, though, was another matter altogether.

It was that stupid moogle that Zack had ganged up with to attack him all those weeks ago! Leon would recognize this moogle even if it had turned into ashes! That scar between its cold blue eyes was a dead giveaway.

"We are the disciplinary committee of this town! No getting all kissy in public, kupo!" the leader yelled, and its subordinates cheered in a myriad and variations of 'kupo'. And was that moogle with the eye patch kupo-ing in all uppercase letters?

Leon nudged the leader moogle with his boot, almost toppling the leader had its subordinates not been quick to hold it up.

"Kupo! What do you think you're doing, kupo!" it replied angrily. Suddenly, its eyes lit up in recognition. "Hey, you're that kid I beat up with that black chocobo a couple weeks ago, kupo! That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers." It smirked smugly, crossing its short pudgy arms.

Leon leaned down and made to flick the moogle's pom-pom, to which the moogles quickly took a few steps back and yelled in perfect unison, "Touch the pom-pom and die!"

That was when Cloud leaned down, awe and wonder glimmering in his eyes. A beautiful smile merely accentuated his amazement.

"You're so cute! Can I touch it? Can I touch it? The red thing above your head! Can I touch it? Please?" Cloud whined, doing his kitten thing again. Leon was, once more, just one step away from ravishing his boyfriend.

However, a flush as bright as the sun flared in his eyes when he noticed the little blush on the leader moogle's face.

"Kupo! Well, if it's you…" it replied shyly, quickly giving its fur a good pat and praying silently that it wasn't having a bad fur day before tottering up to Cloud.

Cloud squealed at the softness of the pom-pom, poking and rubbing the little red ball of fur. The moogle kupo-ed happily as it tried to stand on tiptoes and allow the blond easier access.

"What's your name? You do have a name, right?" Cloud asked, still playing with the pom-pom.

"Sei… Seifer, kupo. The two behind me are my subordinates, and we three make up the disciplinary committee for the town, kupo."

"My name's Cloud. Pleased to meet you! And this brunet beside me is my boyfriend. He's Leon. You know, 'cause he's my boyfriend and all, it would be really nice if you would stop bullying him, you get what I mean? That black chocobo's my pet, and he doesn't peck Leon anymore. So would you stop too, for my sake?" Cue for big blue Bambi eyes.

Leon would have torn Cloud's top off right there and then if he wasn't annoyed by the deep blush on Seifer's face. Stupid moogle! After showing that blasted chocobo who was boss, it seemed that he would have to teach the moogle a lesson for ogling his boyfriend too! He cracked his knuckles.

"…O-okay, as long as he doesn't annoy me again."

"Of course he won't. Right, Leon?"

Leon didn't want to lie to his kitten, so he merely took Cloud's hand and quickly ran off. Too bad those moogles were fast runners…

"Where are you taking him? Kupo! Kupo!"


"Kupo! Seifer! Wait for us!"

And so this fic ends on a happy note, with Cloud and Leon happily snogging each other whenever they feel like it, Zack latching onto his master's feet but avoiding Leon like the plague, Aeris cooing and still chasing after Zack about their soon-to-be-hatched babies, Sora and Riku happily playing their game of hard-to-get (Riku isn't so happy about it, actually), Roxas visiting occasionally with the awesome milk and Axel learning to speak his first words apart from 'Roxy' and 'food', which happens to be 'got it memorized?' though nobody understood where he had picked that up.

Seifer, Fuu and Rai occasionally turns up at Cloud's apartment, having found out the exact address by following Leon when he had grabbed Cloud and took off. Leon abhors it when they are around, because Seifer acts like an angel in front of Cloud but transforms into the devil when only Leon is around. Leon is currently looking for a Fantasia Fried Moogles so Seifer can learn not to mess with him, the exact same way Zack had learned his lesson.

The chocobo friends Zack made while escaping Fantasia Fried Chocobo also visits from time to time, when the four of them are not busy finding their mother, whatever that means. Leon also hates it when they visit, because they shed silver feathers like crazy, and also because the eldest silver chocobo likes to slide up to Cloud for a cuddle and hug. The other three chocobos like to follow Cloud around like baby ducklings following their mother.

Other than that, Leon and Cloud are living happily ever after.

…I think.


A/N: Alright, this is it! The last chapter for this fic that was wonderfully fun and crackish to write! I hope all of you have enjoyed it as much as I do, and please review if you loved it! Thank you very much for being on this journey with me!