You Remind Me


By: Bellaluna

Disclaimer: I do not own Xiaolin Showdown or it characters. However, this fanfic plot is mine so please do not be copying or stealing it.

Author's Notes: And so "You Remind Me" comes to a close. This final part will be much shorter than the other chapters, since it is just acting as a way to happily wrap things up. I hope you enjoyed this fanfic, and please keep your eyes open for my next JackxKimiko fic which should be getting started soon! Oh, and just so you know this chapter takes place about…4 or 5 years after the last one.


Kimiko Tohomiko sat alone at the bus stop on a late Friday afternoon. She held a book in her hands and was reading intently, not paying any attention to the world around her. She was completely and utterly absorbed in what she was reading. So needless to say she didn't take notice of the young man approaching the bench, in an odd manner, which he probably thought was 'sneaky'.

He crept up behind the bench and reached out his arms, covering Kimiko's eyes with the palm of his hands.

"Guess who!" he said with a grin.

"J-Jack!" Kimiko gasped, shocked by Jack's sudden arrival. She dropped her book into her lap and grabbed at Jack's hands, pulling them away from her face. She turned and looked up at Jack who stood before her. "Just what do you think you're doing?" she snapped.

"Well I think I'm surprising you on your 18th birthday," Jack replied with a smirk. He pulled his hands away from Kimiko's and sat next to her on the bench.

"You remembered?" Kimiko asked, giving Jack a doubtful look.

"Weeeeell…I made a robot to remind me?" Jack replied with a small shrug. "Trust me, I learned my lesson after last years fiasco."

Kimiko stuck out her tongue at Jack. "It was not a fiasco."

"…You singed off my eyebrows Kimiko."

"Well in my defense you did try to pass off a paper clip as a birthday present."

"Hopefully this will make up for it then," Jack grinned as he pulled a package out of his coat pocket.

Kimiko smiled brightly with surprise as she took the wrapped package from him. "Can I open it?" she asked, her voice filled with anticipation.

"Oh course," Jack laughed. "It is why I bought it for you after all."

In a flash Kimiko had ripped through the wrapping paper to reveal the gift underneath. He grin only broadened when she saw what Jack had gotten for her.

"Goo Zombies 10!?" she exclaimed with a shrill, excited voice. She flung herself at Jack and wrapped her arms around his neck. "It's not even out yet! This is amazing Jack!"

Jack blushed at Kimiko's sudden closeness, but found himself wrapping his arms around her in order to return the hug. "I thought you might like it," he chuckled.

"Like it? I love it!" Kimiko pulled back just a bit and then sweetly placed a kiss on Jack's lips. He smiled against the kiss and pulled Kimiko closer to him, kissing her deeper than before. After a few moments, Kimiko pulled away and took a breath as she rested her forehead against his.

"I bet I can beat you," she grinned.

"You're on," Jack grinned right back.

With the flip of a switch Jack turned his helipack on and he lifted Kimiko up into the air with him. With one hand Kimiko held on to her book and her new game and with the other held on to Jack as they both flew towards Jack's house.

"Thank you Jack," Kimiko said, kissing him on the cheek.

"Happy birthday, Kimiko."

Kimiko smiled and snuggled closer to Jack. It was hard to believe that she'd be so happy in content in the arms of Jack Spicer, and yet at that very moment she couldn't have been happier. A part of her had been hoping and wishing for years that she'd be able to come to terms with her feelings with Jack, and that he would figure out what he really felt. For the first time she felt like that wish had finally come true.

"I'm glad that part of me believed in you," she said in a whisper.

"Me too," he replied, also whispering. "Me too."