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The girls wake in a puddle in Spencer's bed. Limbs and hair tangled and sweat adhering one to the other and neither is sure where one ends and the other begins. Spencer's eyes pop open when an errant hand collides haphazardly with her cheek. She hears a giggle as Ashley mumbles a sorry. Ashley wants to roll over because Spencer fell asleep on her arm and Ashley isn't sure she can feel it anymore. She wiggles her fingers to regain some sensation but only manages to tickle the small of Spencer's back. Spencer sits up with a start and looks a bit panicked.

"Oh, my God. Ash!" she says, turning wild eyes to Ashley's face. "You have to leave, like right now!"

"But, it's still early." Ashley turns on her side and pulls a pillow over her head to illustrate her point. "More sleep."

"No, Ashley. It's already late, you need to get out of here before you get caught. Before we get caught." Spencer pulls the pillow from Ashley's face and swats her with it. "Now, Ashley."

Ashley groans and pulls herself into a sitting position to face Spencer. It is far too early to argue, she thinks, and she's had far too little sleep. But then she remembers the reason for their utter lack of sleep and smiles goofily in spite of herself. Spencer already knows that look and swats Ashley with the pillow again, in an attempt to knock the stupid grin off her face. Ashley has to fight the urge to start a full-on pillow fight because someone would probably hear. So Ashley just throws herself back into the mass of bedding behind her and closes her eyes again.

"Ashley…" Spencer is fully prepared to whine but thinks better of it. Instead, she throws a leg over the other side of Ashley so she's straddling her legs. Spencer settles on top of Ashley and kisses a trail up her body from navel to nose. Ashley has to try hard to suppress a moan when Spencer presses a knee at the apex of her thighs. Spencer's mouth closes over hers and she catches Ashley's moan in her mouth. Once fully satisfied that Ashley is indeed awake, Spencer pulls her lips from Ashley with a small pop and sits up, still on top of a now fully aware Ashley.

Ashley voices her displeasure at the sudden loss of contact in a groan that's heavily laced with arousal. She sits up and Spencer stays in her lap. Arms circle bare shoulders and a waist as the two sit, unabashedly naked, and either girl knows they have never been more content. Spencer sighs again and repeats something about it being late.

"No…" Ashley murmurs, turning her face into the screen of blondish hair.

"Yes." Spencer nudges Ashley forward and points to the window where daylight is slowly creeping over the horizon. "You see that there? Yeah, that's the sun. It usually indicates morning. As in, it is now morning and you've got to go." Spencer says this last part gently because she needs Ashley to understand that she doesn't want her leave; the situation is just beyond her control.

Ashley just shakes her head again. She reaches behind Spencer and pulls the blanket up over both of them, surrounding them in darkness. "See? Still dark." Ashley wraps her arms around Spencer's neck and kisses her softly. Resting her forehead against Spencer's, she whispers almost inaudibly and there's pain in her voice.

"I don't want to leave you." And Spencer's heart breaks a little because this is hurting her too. With a heavy sigh and a heavier heart, Spencer tosses the blanket off of them. Ashley winces a bit at the light, it seems brighter than a moment ago. Spencer has to crawl out of Ashley's lap and find her clothes before she loses her nerve. She keeps her back to Ashley as she dresses because she can't face those eyes right now.

Spencer pulls a bra up over her arms a settles the cups into place when she feels hands on hers as she tries to buckle the clasp. She tries to keep her voice from cracking when she utters an "Ash, don't."

"But that one's mine." And Spencer looks down at the bra she's pulled on and Ashley's right. Spencer makes this kind of noise that's like a snort or a chuckle, or really just a burst of air, at her own stupidity but Ashley can hear the hurt in it. She slides small hands up Spencer's back and gently pushes the straps off her shoulders. Ashley follows the descent of the garment with her mouth, kissing down a tawny arm to a hand that's shaking a little.

Ashley scoots back on the bed, so her right thigh is alongside Spencer's and the two are facing each other. Spencer's hand is still cupping Ashley's face, and when the fingers come away wet Ashley realizes she's crying a little. Ashley presses her lips to Spencer's palm and Spencer has to shut her eyes because they're already welling. This only manages to free the tears Spencer's been trying to hold in and she's sadangryconfused because she didn't think it was possible for something to be this euphoric and still so unbelievably painful at the same time.

Spencer pulls her hand back from Ashley and stands up. She pulls on a discarded nightshirt and throws open her closet, locking the bedroom door as she goes past. She pulls out the biggest duffle bag she owns and throws it on the bed, just barely missing Ashley. Spencer moves to her bureau and starts pulling clothes out and throwing them haphazardly in the general direction of the open duffle. At this point, Ashley is partially dressed and thoroughly confused.

"Spence?" But Spencer doesn't stop what she's doing. "Spencer, what the hell are you doing?"

Spencer halts her movements long enough to throw Ashley an isn't-it-obvious? look. Ashley shakes her head no at the unasked question as Spencer returns to the task at hand, barely pausing to elaborate. Spencer starts mumbling, speaking more to the clothes in her hands than to Ashley, and Ashley only hears about half of it. She picks up an "it's this place." and a "we just need to leave." and a "then it'll be okay," when Ashley has to grasp Spencer's shoulders firmly with both hands to get her to stop moving.

"Baby, what are you saying to me?"

Spencer pulls out of Ashley's grip and snatches a pen from her desk. Returning to Ashley, Spencer uncaps the marker and grabs Ashley's hand. She begins scribbling ornate instructions across a lined and only slightly clammy palm. She finally meets Ashley's eyes and tells her simply, "I'm taking you away from here."