Okay, so it's not my other story, but I just thought of this cute little oneshot. It takes place during Miley, Get Your Gum, right where the little confession is...only I changed ita little bit.


"It's just that, I knew you were so in love with Hannah, that I was afraid you would..." I trailed off.

"Be in love with you?" Oliver guessed. I nodded.

"Do you think I am?" He asked me.

"You tell me...I mean, have you ever pictured yourself with Miley, your friend, the dork?"

"Miley, you are not a dork!" Oliver said to me.

"Yes, I am!"

"No, you're not!"

"Yes, I --" I was cut off be Oliver's lips on mine. I think my heart's exploding. Is this what Lilly means by "If you feel fireworks when someone kisses you, that person's your true love"?

Oliver pulled away. "Still think you're a dork?"

"If I say yes, will I get another kiss?" We laughed. Then we started walking to my house.

"Fine. We'll be dorks together," I said.

"How about...dorks that are together?" Oliver supplied. I smiled happily and nodded. He kissed me once more before we got within eyesight range of my house.

Before I stepped inside my house, I yelled Oliver's name.

"Yeah?" he said. I pointed to myself, then made a heart with my hands, then pointed to him. He smiled, then did the same thing.

And I knew for sure that this wasn't just some stupid teen infatuation.

It was true love.

I hope you guys liked that!

I thought it was majorly fluffy, but then again, all my romance oneshots are.