Just to let you all know I don't have any movies or anything of The Gilmore Girls but I

Am getting one soon.

Chapter 1.

"Knock knock" Rory opened the door

Rory: JESS!" she suddenly slammed the door in his face.

Jess knocked again. Rory opened the door again.

"Hi are you going to slam the door in my Face again

Rory: Sorry

"Jess what are you doing back here"

Lorelei said with an angry look on her face.

In a flash Jess was gone.

An hour later

Rory was up in her room and grabbed her cell and called Logan

Rory: Hey guess who just came by.

She looked at a picture of Jess. She still loved him but she did want Logan to know

Because she was deeply in love with Logan.

Logan: Let me guess the obnoxious one Jess?

Rory: Yeah how did you know?

Logan: Just a guess.

Rory: Ok hey I'll see you in a little love you.

Logan: Ok love you too.

Just then Rory got a call it said Luke's. Rory answered it "Hello?"

Jess: Rory it's….

Rory cut him off "Jess I know who you are. What are you doing here? Why are you back?"

Jess: I miss you Rory!

Rory: Jess I do too but I'm with Logan now and…….I…I love him and Jess…

Jess: I know but I really miss you.

Rory: I know Jess but I have to tell you something.

Jess: What?

Rory: I'm getting married to Logan