Rory sat on her bed listening to the All-American Rejects when he phone rang. It was Logan she decided to ignore it.

Then it rang agian this time it was Jess. She picked it up because she knew he would call back.

Rory: Hello

Jess: Rory can you come over please I want to talk to you

Rory: I don't know Jess I'm...studying

Jess: Fine Rory then I'm comeing over

Jess hung up.

Few Minutes Later

Rory heard a knock on the door. She started to open the door when she saw that she was wearing a tank top and

underwear but she coulden't do anything about it the door was already open. Logan looked at her with the look her use

to give her. Rory blushed and looked down.

Logan: Wow Ace you look

Rory: Don't even Logan

Logan: What is up with you Ace

Logan looked in to her eyes and tried to kiss her but Rory rejected it

Logan: Ace

Rory: Logan i just cant ok

Logan: Ok I just want to ask you something

Rory: Ok ask

Logan went on one nee and pulled out a box.

Logan: Rory... will you marry me

Rorys eyes grew bigger tears filled them. Just then Jess walked up and saw Rory crying. He grabed Logan's arm.

Logan droped the the ring case. Jess punched Logan and Logan fell on the ground. But Logan didn't get up.

Rory ran over to Logan and checked his pulse. She got back up and started to run back inside.

Jess: How can you still love him

Jess grabed her and looked into her eyes she was still crying.

Jess: Rory

Rory: Jess let me go

Jess let go and Rory called 911. After the ambulence came they asked Rory if she wanted to ride with him but before

she awsered Jess grabed her.

Jess: Rory you know i still Love you

Rory: Jess i have to go

Jess: Hold on Rory I have something to ask you

Rory looked at him with tears still in her eyes

Jess: And you know I would do any thing for you

Rory finally looked into his eyes. Her eyes glimered from her tears, she felt his hand on her side. She remembered

she had put pants on. Jess looked into her eyes

Jess: Rory will you marry me

Jess's eyes glimered in that hot kind of way. Rory got out of his arms and was crying more. She ran to the ambulence and got in.