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The weeks had rushed on by leaving an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach. The last few long months and the months leading up to this moment all felt so rushed.

So distant yet here she stood in the moment of something amazing. Something wonderful, it was her final moments in this ring. Trish Stratus had made a decision a long time ago that she would leave.

Leave behind wrestling and start something new. She looked around out at the crowd, the women's championship sung in her hands. Trish knew she had come far in this business, but in her life.

What had she gained? The tears welling in her hazel eyes this was her moment. A mere few weeks ago she was sitting in a SUV. With the man she had wished she loved, whom had cherished her with all his heart. But she had left him; she left Randy Orton back in another time.

Smiling brightly the cheers of the Air Canada Center echoed in her ears. Her love for this business wasn't the problem; it was her love for one John Cena.

That had to take her away from this she needed time away a lot of time away from him.

Restless tonight, cause I wasted the light. Between all these times I drew a really thin line. It's nothing I planned not that I can but you should be mine across that line. If I traded it all if I gave it all away for one thing. If I sorted it out if I knew all about this one thing wouldn't that be something?

She raised the title high in the air once more before quietly exiting the ring. She wiped away some tears heading up the ramp. It was time.

John had watched the match closely, still trying to grasp around the fact. He wouldn't be able to see her all the time anymore. He choked back some of his own sad tears watching as she headed up the ramp.

They had been through so much; they had touched the surface of love in a soft delicate way. Would that be enough to get her to stay awhile longer? He shook the thoughts no and it wouldn't matter.

It didn't matter anymore what she chose. John had made his own choice a great choice.

His choice "it's great to see her leave in such a wonderful way."

He turned his attention towards her smiling brightly "it is Trish has done a lot for this business." Mickie smiled softly at him as he wrapped his strong arms around her waist pulling her closely.

Yep he had made a choice.

"You did wonderful out there!" She smiled at Victoria and Torrie as they walked up towards her.

"It's just going to suck not having you around all the time girly." Trish chuckled at her two best friends.

"Don't worry about it you two can rule the ring." She smiled weakly seeing the tears starting to form in both sets of eyes in front of her.

"Come here group hug!"

Even though I know, I don't wanna know. Yeah I guess I know I just hate how it sounds.

Trish pulled from her two friends. "Go on now…get outta here!" Victoria whispered wiping away some of her tears.

"I love you guys."

"We know. Now go get! We don't need to be crying and carrying on around here." Trish nodded her head. She slung the title over her shoulder and headed down the long hallway.

After a few long strides, before turning down the hallway she felt a warm hand grasp touch her softly on the shoulder. She stopped breathing in lightly she turned around to face him.

"I just wanted to say…" Trish eyed his movements closely.

He titled his head up towards her "Good luck Trish. With whatever you decide in your life." She smiled weakly at him before hugging him tightly.

"Thank you Randy."

He smiled lightly before pulling away "I gotta go I have a match. But um… Stay safe Trish."

"You too." Trish sighed her heart almost breaking for a small moment she had hope it was John who had touched her shoulder.

"John Cena." She shook her head. Turning on her heels she walked right into his strong arms. He caught her before she slipped and fell.

I promise I might not walk on by. Maybe next time, but not this time even though I know, I don't wanna know. Yeah I guess I know I just hate how it sounds.

"Looks like I came at the right time." He whispered quietly into her ear. The title quietly hitting the cement ground she clung on tightly to his shirt. The tears could not be stopped this time around; they fell down the sides of her cheeks.

"It's okay." John whispered softly. Shaking her head her gaze fell upon his face.

"It's not." She spoke her voice breaking.

"I love you John." His blue eyes locked with hers in a quiet trance.

"I know sweetheart." He kissed her softly on the forehead she breathed in deeply taking in his scent.

"I know…" He pulled her close to his body wrapping his arms around her tightly. His hand slipped into hers and they stood there held close to one another.

"That's all I needed to hear Trish…it's all I ever needed to hear." John kissed her once more on the forehead. He lightly pulled away from her, their hands still entwined.

"But I'm not the one for you."

She nodded her head "goodbye Trish." He smiled weakly at her before pulling his hand gently from hers.

"Goodbye John." He headed off down the hallway; Trish quickly wiped her tears away before picking up the title.

"I love you too." He smiled weakly as he turned the corner.

Trish sucked in a deep breath before walking off, never looking back.

If I traded it all if I gave it all away for one thing. If I sorted it out if I knew all about this one thing wouldn't that be something? I promise I might not walk on by. Maybe next time, but not this time.

"Maybe in another lifetime." Trish quietly walked out of the arena. She thought of what tomorrow would bring.

The nights were always so cold, but the mornings always seemed so much brighter.

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