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Chapter five

Poison pen persuasion.

After the not so pleasant reunion with her sisters, things had gotten a hell of a lot more complicated. Wasn't that always the way? One day everything was easy. Then the next day, everything changed simultaneously, and simplicity became nothing but a far off memory. A part of the yesterday that didn't exist anymore.

The final and last all defining change that had sent simplicity spiralling out of Piper's young life was the anonymous letter. It contained a detailed description of how Victor had severed three of a man called Sam Wilder's fingers with a letter opener, for flirting with his wife, Piper's mother, Patty. Like all good stories, it came complete with colour photographs of his bloody stumps, seemingly lifted straight from the police report. That was enough to shove one too many thoughts into anyone's head, despite how good at multi tasking they were. And not the good kind either.

Piper's head was already swimming with a million things. Her dads unexplained hatred of her. The windowless wall between her and her sisters. The guilt she felt for leaving her grandmother alone in Italy. And last but not least, the nameless 'thing' between her and Leo. Was she imagining it or was there something there? Either way, she was pretty sure her brain was very close to exploding with the added pressure. She definitely didn't have the mental energy to required to solve the mystery of the anonymous note sender. Nancy Drew wasn't home today, sorry.

She decided to keep it to herself, and not tell Leo. For all she knew there may be no truth it. Leo had said himself that the case was highly publicized. Absolutely anyone could have had the idiotic brain wave to send a poison pen letter. What was the point in worrying him? He'd only jump straight into lawyer mode, and go way over the top. Of course, it had absolutely nothing to do with her being in complete denial, and wanting to believe in the romanticized image of her father, that she'd somehow managed to hold onto for years. She didn't want her dad to be capable of doing something so horrible. That misguided, childish faith didn't last long. Because she knew indefinitely that he was. And the regular supply of letters only fuelled that truth, and the doubt she had been secretly harbouring about what she was doing, even before her sisters waded in with their full volume explicit version opinions.

Piper had hoped that the note would be a one off. Easy to sweep under the rug, if not forget about entirely. No such luck. After the first, she started to receive one most other days, and learned a lot of things about her dad that she never wanted to know, in the process. But she'd dug her hole. Made her bed. And now she had to deal with it.

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