I really love this parining and decided to give them a story. Shizune is so cute and Genmas is so cool...

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Eyes wide shut

Chapter One.

-One single hit-

Genma risked one last look, the victim was dead. One single senbon sticking in its neck…

His part of the mission was complete.

So he sneaked out of the building and went silently to the place where Raidou was waiting for them, securing their back.

The victim's house was at the edge of the little village, Shioto, where he, Raidou, Iwashi and Shizune currently were. They had to kill one of the minor landlords of the Raincountry who had been visiting his little summer residence in Shioto. His name was Hidori Sato and he was involved in some dark business. That was the reason why some of the landlords wanted his head and sent some of Konohas shinobis to assassinate Hidori and steal the scrolls where his dark dealings were written down in detail.

Shizune and Iwashi were stealing the scrolls at the moment and Genma had taken care of the landlord. They were supposed to meet at this place –somewhere behind the house- after their tasks were done.

Genma was, as expected, the first one to arrive.

Surprisingly there haven't been any problems. There weren't any bodyguards or other ninjas in or near the house. This had been unexpected but was not uncommon for a minor landlord.

But now Raidou was nowhere to be seen.

Genma jumped easily from a tree to the ground and revealed himself; he was sure Raidou must have seen him by now and give him signs, but there was nothing.

Genmas eyes scanned his surroundings.

It was dark. The moon was just a pale circle at the black sky and some clouds ghostly crossed before it. Wind blew through the trees and bushes, whispering a strange song. All colours had faded into a dark grey.

There wasn't any noise except from the wind.

Something was wrong.

Genma could sense it, but couldn't put it into place.

Raidou wasn't where he was supposed to be.

That was…

"´I can sense danger, no!" a sudden voice said in a mocking tone. "I would have expected more of Konohas Jounin!"

Genmas eyes widened in surprise.

"Yes, the enemy is right behind you!"