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"You were late."

Caught off-guard Mckay hit his head on the console he was working on. He grimaced and rubbed the bruise on his head, "It's not my fault that I'm called upon to fix every little problem that arises here."

Mckay continued to work under the console, pulling at various wires and checking connections, hoping the owner of the voice would get the hint.

Sheppard's boots appeared next to him, "I've been calling you on the radio for an hour. You could have answered Rodney."

"The radios don't work down here."

"How convenient," said Sheppard and Mckay could here him cough and clear his throat.

"The energy readings confirm that communications down here would be impossible with the generators below us. Electrical interference." He sighed, crawled out from his work and finally pushed himself up onto his feet.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked as soon as he looked at Sheppard.

Sheppard sighed and leant against the console, "Beckett cancelled the mission. He said I was ill. I told him I'm fine but-"

"You're ill?" Mckay took a step backwards, "With what?"
"I'm not ill," said Sheppard with a sigh, "I'm just a bit tired."

Sheppard was dripping with sweat and had dark circles under his eyes.

"And okay, I'm a little bit hot," he admitted tugging on his tactical vest.

Sheppard was barely standing. His tactical vest was hooked up incorrectly, his P90 was dangling loosely over his shoulder and he was pitching to the left drunkenly. How he had even managed to dress himself this morning was a mystery to Mckay. "Shouldn't you be in the infirmary?" he asked.
"I was on my way there. I just came down here to tell you we weren't going, and also next time be ready to go at the time I say to go," the effort of speaking forced him to breathe in heavily again.

"Well I'm so glad you bought your infected self down to these cramped musty disease breeding corridors to tell me that."

"I'm very thoughtful that way," said Sheppard with a small smile.

"The first symptom of illness and I'll blame you."

"Not ill," said Sheppard sitting on the edge of the console and rubbing his face.

"Not ill," mocked Mckay. "Get off the console you'll get germs on it." He swatted Sheppard off and he slowly eased himself up. When he swayed slightly Mckay instinctively reached out to steady him, but Sheppard twisted away from him.

"You should get up to the infirmary," said Mckay, his voice now tinged with concern.

Sheppard bent over and breathed in heavily against a wave of nausea, "I'm going. Just a bit dizzy right now," he admitted.

"Well don't pass out," said Mckay.

Sheppard looked up at him and gave him a raised eyebrow, "I'll try not to Rodney." On that note he coughed again and groaned.

"You have the flu or something," said Mckay taking a step back. "Who have you been in contact with?"

"Its not the flu."

"I know the flu Sheppard. Temperature, chills, dizziness, nausea. Was it that Lt Marks? He looked peaky the other day?"

Sheppard was shaking his head again and about to protest when he covered his mouth with his hand.

"I'm going to get Beckett, you stay here."

"I can walk with you," he said quietly.

"Stay here."

Sheppard raised a hand and straightened up a bit, "I'm fine," he said.

"I'll be right back," said Mckay.

When Mckay had left Sheppard closed his eyes and muttered, "I'm so ill."



Mckay tapped his earpiece in an attempt to get through to the infirmary but there was still a lot of interference.

"Hello, Hello, Helllooo."

Half way down the corridor and his ear piece crackled slightly.

"Hello?" he ventured and continued to walk.

The crackle came back briefly and this time he could hear a few scattered sounds which was obviously somebody trying to communicate with him. It resonated through his head constantly until-


"Beckett?" he said as he reached the first set of stairs and started to climb them. His boots clanged on the metal loudly and echoed through the hallways. The silence was beginning to unnerve him.


Mckay was starting to get frustrated and was about to tear his earpiece out when a few steps was enough to clear up the transmission. It wasn't Beckett however who was trying to get in touch with him.

It was Radek.

"Zelenka…what is it? I can't talk to you right now."

The frequency and urgency in Zelenka's voice alerted him to take notice and he found himself stopping dead in his tracks.

"Rodney, you must get out of there now!"

"What? Why?" Mckay asked feeling his stomach clench.

"There is a ship heading for your position right now, move."

"A ship?" He was bouncing now on his heels and looking nervously around the empty corridor.

"Its going to crash, get out of there."

"But Sheppard. I left-" The words died in his throat.

It was too late.

He felt the impact of the ship rather than heard it. The corridor shook under his feet and then there was the most horrific scraping noise. He was pretty certain he could hear the patter of glass as it struck concrete.

"Radek?" he called out bracing himself on one of the walls. The floor beneath him continued to groan., "Radek?"

"A medical team is on its way."

"Did it hit?"


Mckay let the words sink in.

A ship had crashed into the side of Atlantis.

Motivated by a mixture of fear and adrenaline he started to descend the steps he had previously climbed and sprinted back towards the room he had left Sheppard alone and unwell. Guilt washed over him in waves and his stomach roiled with sickness.

As soon as he neared the room he was assaulted by the dust. Various fittings had come loose from the impact, but still there was no evidence of a ship.

He could see the door to the room ahead of him and found himself sprinting the last few metres.

As he approached he could see that the door had taken some damage.

His first instinct was to establish whether Sheppard was injured and he tried in vain to open the door. His fingers couldn't get enough grip to pull the door open. Instead, it hurt his fingernails and near ripped one off with the force.

"Sheppard?" he called out banging the door with his fist.

He waited a beat to see if there was a reply. He pushed his ear against the door and tried to still his breathing. He didn't want to be noisily gulping down air if Sheppard was calling out to him.


"Sheppard!" he shouted again. His throat was getting raw and he was feeling frantic.

There was no answer and something behind the door hit the floor loudly. There was another exaggerated groan and he felt the vibrations as another object succumbed to gravity.

"Are you hurt?" he called out again, feeling stupid, ineffectual and helpless all at the same time.

As he kept his ear pressed against the wall, his eyes fixed ahead of him to notice a rod of metal penetrating the door. The force it would have taken for that rod to become lodged there made Mckay feel sick. He wondered if Sheppard had been subjected to those forces.

The fear returned on closer inspection of the rod.

There was blood on it.

He turned to the door and hit it again, "Sheppard!"


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