Title: Honesty, Part 6 – Revelation.

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It had taken ten minutes for her to turn up. After apparently interrupting an intimate moment between her and Dr Martin, John had headed straight to the gate room, where he had encountered major Lorne. He had then proceeded to turn what had been a minor problem, which Lorne had been handling, into a major crisis that only he could deal with.

As he had darted about the control room barking orders in what must have obviously been in an out of character manor, he had refused to look at the entrance. There was little or no reason why she would come looking for him, was there? Regret and hurt swelled within him once more. Pushing it all down he had continued making the night shift's work a nightmare.

But, ten minutes into his impromptu crisis, she had appeared. He had been hyper aware of any one who had entered the area anyway. And then there she was weaving her way through the technicians. He barely acknowledged her, afraid to look up clearly into her eyes.

"John, may I speak with you a moment?" She asked politely.

"Sorry, now's not a good time, several systems have crashed." He headed over to a different console, but she followed him.

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

He looked up at her concerned face and regretted his expansion of the truth to her.

"No, no. It will be fine. I just want it all up and running properly as soon as possible. Don't want the Wraith sneaking up on us with our pants down." He regretted the comment immediately and felt a slight flush to his cheeks. He turned quickly and grabbed a report out of a surprised technician's hand.

"This looks alright." He said as he nodded sagely down at the gobbledegook, handed the report back and headed off towards another console.

"Would we not have detected any Wraith approaching long in advance?" She asked from behind him.

"Yes. But, I just don't like leaving us blind." It was partly true, which made him feel slightly better about lying to her.

"I just…needed to speak to you about something." Her words brought out a slight sweat on his skin. She had sounded almost nervous. "Could we speak privately for a moment?" It was her hesitant tone, so unusual for Teyla that stopped him. He turned to face her, ready to give in and go with her. But, he couldn't hear it now. His emotions were up and unguarded.

"Look I'm a little busy now, how about tomorrow?"

What looked like disappointment moved over her features before disappearing behind her usual polite mask. Deep inside he hated that he had made her feel like that for even a moment. Yet, he had to protect himself, protect his emotions, and protect his heart.

"Of course. I am sorry that I disturbed you." She stepped backwards away from him and he had to suppress the impulse to stop her. She turned to leave, but turned back towards him. "Only, I just needed to tell you something."

God, he was not going to get out of this. He moved towards the next console. If he kept busy with work, maybe she wouldn't see the disappointment of his own.

"Sure. What is it?"

She followed at his shoulder. "I have become aware that there have been some bets made concerning myself."

"Oh, don't worry about those. It's only harmless fun. But, if you want me to have a word with-"

"No." She cut him off. "It's not that. It's just that people seem to have the idea that I am seeing Dr Martin."

The slight sweat broke out on his skin again. Here we go.

"Oh, really?" He tried.

"Yes." He moved away again to stand at the dialling console. She moved to the other side opposite him, making it harder for him to not look at her. The technician seated there sat straighter as John stood beside him. Good, he felt stronger with people around him. Less of a scene could be made.

"Only, it is not true." She stated.

He had been studying the laptop in front of the technician. His brain registered what she had said finally and he looked up at her in surprise. Brain cells kicked into gear.

"But, I thought I saw you two..." The thought came out of his mouth before he could stop it.

"He is a friend nothing more." She stated emphatically.

"Damn it." Came the half whispered breath of the technician. John looked down at the man with a frown. "Sorry, Sir." He muttered and set back to work with obvious over-intent at the laptop.

"Seems there will be a lot of very unhappy gamblers in the city." John muttered as he watched the technician work.

"I just wanted you to know that." She said.

He returned his attention to Teyla, brain cells working overtime. The question almost formed on his lips, but this time he was able to stop the impulse to speak from his heart. Why did she want him to know? She had followed him here to make sure he understood that she was not seeing the Doctor. Why? Unless she…

Suddenly he regretted being surrounded by so many others. He was heavily aware of the technician sitting right beside him and the others set throughout the small control room.

On sudden impulse reached over the console and nudged her by the arm towards Weir's empty office. She came willingly so he let go of her arm.

Once inside the semi lit office John turned to her. He realised he had no idea what to say to her. Usually he was good talking to women, but lately his charm and wit had abandoned him around Teyla. It both terrified and slightly fascinated him. He looked down into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Why?" The question slipped from his lips.

She frowned, a question forming on her lips.

"I mean, why are you not seeing Dr Martin?" He knew the question was stupid, but in all truth he had to admit the guy had the goods. He had every woman in the city liking or loving him. And Martin had been right about one thing, they were quite similar, though the Dr was way more open than John. If Teyla wasn't interested in the Dr, what chance did he have?

Teyla looked out of the glass windows of the office as she considered her reply. John watched her with eagle eyes, looking for any clue to what she was thinking and feeling. He had always thought they were close friends, but in truth he had realised what did he really know about this woman? He had no idea what she dreamed of, what she wanted from life, what her childhood was really like. And he found he truly wanted to discover the answers to all those questions and more. If he got the chance. He waited as she turned back to him, looked up at him with a determined expression and answered him.

"My interest lies in another."

It took a moment to process her meaning around the formal words. Hope seemed to die as he realised she had turned down Dr Martin, because she wanted someone else. His mind moved with amazing speed through all the men in the city he could think of. Carson? Ronon? McKay – No.

"Someone else?" He pushed.

"Yes." She stated her eyes fixed on his.

Her eyes held his and he found he couldn't look away. Finally he realised what she meant. Hope flared suddenly to life and sparkled with joy inside him.

"Someone else." He echoed, but this time he laced his tone with meaning.

To his absolute joy she looked away suddenly a blush creeping over her cheekbones. Confidence suddenly reasserted itself, probably due to the overwhelming pride that was blossoming in his chest. Though, he still couldn't think of what to say to her. She liked him! He felt the desire to punch the air, tell someone. Something. Instead he looked down at her reddened cheeks as she turned back to look up at him. He couldn't help the smug smile that began to spread over his lips. She frowned at him, and he tried to reduce the smile, but it wasn't having any of it.

"I should let you get back to your work. It all looks very important." He thought he detected a slight hint of sarcasm in her tone. She was moving away from him, backwards towards the doorway.

"I just wanted to make sure you were aware of…the situation." She frowned. He hadn't seen her so ineloquent before and it only added to the smug happy feeling in his heart.

"Okay. Thank you for that." He replied trying to sound serious around the overwhelming smile.

"I'll see you tomorrow at the briefing." She offered before she turned and headed out of the door.

"Teyla?" He called. Nerves pushed his heart rate suddenly up. Come on, he had done this hundreds, well many, times before.

She stopped just outside the doorway and looked back at him.

"If you're not too busy, would you want to have dinner with me sometime?" He asked trying to keep his tone as light as possible, yet in truth he knew he couldn't hide the weight of the moment.

He saw what looked like relief cross over her face before she smiled broadly at him. "I would like that."

He nodded and openly smiled again at her. Electricity sparkled between them for a moment before she turned from him and headed away. He watched her through the glass as she moved through the control area. Would she look back? As she reached the stairs that would take her out of his view he saw her look back over her shoulder at him before she disappeared.

He resisted the urge to punch the air, remembering the glass walls. He would save it for later, when he was in the privacy of his own quarters. As he headed out of the office back towards the tense technicians, he thought it maybe a good idea to go buy Dr Martin a drink.


THE END – Might start writing the dating part, maybe…